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It was an ordinary day. Ordinary-being the keyword. It was Thursday, and I was at the local deli ordering my usual - a turkey sandwich with cheese and lettuce, a treat for myself since it was payday.
"No tomato or mayo, JD?"
I looked at Chuck, the owner, who always teased me. I smiled at him.
"No, thank you."
He finished my order, and I paid him. I sat down and unwrapped heaven. Well, plain heaven, but still it was heaven to me. I lifted it to my mouth to take a bite and noticed a man beside me. I tried not to stare, but I got an uneasy feeling. I discreetly wrapped the sandwich and tried to make a quiet exit. I could always eat in the car. I'm was about to get up and walk out, and my ears were pierced with the words.
"Nobody move. This is a holdup!"
The place went quiet and I groaned. Not out of fear, but more out of annoyance; it was my lunchtime, I was starving, and the mystery guy with the sunglasses and baseball cap was ruining my hour.
He walked over to Chuck and demanded that he open the register. He obliged and stuffed the money into the bag that was handed to him. I looked on in disbelief. I was in a dream. I'm would wake up to my alarm, and this was all going to end. I realized it wasn't when I felt a hand grab my arm. It was his hand, and I struggled.
"What are you doing?" I demanded, but he was insistent as he pulled me towards him.
"Keep quiet and you won't get hurt."
He forced me out of the door. I desperately reached for my sandwich that was left on the table, but no luck. Outside I was more angry than afraid. He led me to a black SUV and pushed me inside. He looked at me surprised when I rant on how he ruined my lunch. Any sane person would be begging for their life. I was lusting for a sandwich. I was still complaining as he started the car, turned up the radio-I assumed to drown me out, and drove away.
We finally arrived at his destination. An apartment complex. I was still complaining about my sandwich. He turned the key off, then took off his sunglasses and looked at me with annoyance.
"You done yet?"
I stared at his intense blue eyes and sighed. "You know you ruined my lunch."
"And I'm supposed to be concerned?" He got out of the SUV, walked over to my side and opened the door. "Get out."
"I think I'll stay here."
"It wasn't a request. I was ordering you. Now get out." He grabbed my arm and pulled me out towards him. "Walk with me if you don't want nothing to happen."
I decided it was best to pay attention if I ever expected to see another turkey sandwich again.
I walked with him to the door. He took out his key and unlocked it. He pulled me inside. He walked over to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He took out some items and threw them on the counter.
"Here, maybe this will shut you up for a few minutes."
I walked over and took a closer look. Turkey breast, American cheese and a head of lettuce. I glare at him.
"The bread is behind you."
"This isn't from Chuck's Deli."
He mocked me. "This isn't from Chucks. Will you just be quiet and eat? You should be thanking me that I'm permitting you to live in the first place."
I took out the bread and began slapping pieces of meat on it. I made my sandwich and took a bite. With a mouth full of food, I asked, "You got anything to drink?"
He opened the refrigerator again and threw me a can of diet soda.
"Diet?" I asked.
"Drink it or die of thirst."
I opened the can and took a gulp. I finished my lunch. He waited patiently. As soon as I took the last bite, he grabbed my plate and placed it in the sink. He pointed to a chair in the living room.
"Sit down."
"I like to stand."
"It wasn't a request."
I sighed, walked over and sat. He took a rope out of the kitchen drawer and walked over. I jumped up.
"Oh no. You are not tying me up."
"I need to go out and you need to stay here."
"No, you need to let me go so I can get back to work. You know what a job is, don't you, or is this what you do for a living?"
"You don't need to worry about what I do. All you need to worry is about staying alive."
He took my hand and led me to the window. "See that car out there?"
I nodded
"Well, they are after me and anyone associated with me."
I was too exhausted to get upset. "Great, so that means..." I plopped down in the chair. He took out the rope.
"You know you don't have to do that. I'm not going anywhere."
I heard him snicker and he smiled.
"I wasn't trying to be funny."
I didn't realize that he was tying me to the chair as the conversation was continuing.
He finished and walked to the door.
"Wait a minute. What if I have to go to the bathroom?"
"Cross your legs." He walked out and locked the door behind him.
I sat there for what seemed like hours and began to think. It was the only thing I could do since I was tied up. His face was embedded in my mind, especially his eyes. I knew I had seen him before. The deli? No. On the street? I didn't think so, and then it finally dawned on me. He was a customer that came in the store I worked at. I thought more about the snicker and smile he gave me earlier. I remembered him, and I knew now he took me for a reason. I waited for him to walk through the door so I could reveal what I knew. I was far from being afraid. I was annoyed more than anything. He finally walked in and smiled at me. I glared at him as he walked over and untied me. I sat there motionless.
"I thought you might have to go." He nodded towards the bathroom.
"You were in the store last week," I blurted out.
"I'm in a lot of stores."
"Cut the crap. You know what I mean."
He ignored me and pulled me up.
"Hey, what are you doing?"
He pushed me toward the bathroom. "Do your business and we'll talk."
I stood there for a minute. I was dying. I had to go. But I didn't like being told what to do. He placed his hands on my shoulders and whispered, "Go, or I will talk about everything water related."
That was all I needed to hear as I hurried inside and slammed the door.
"Make sure you wash your hands," I heard him call from behind it.
I finished and walked out.
"Sit." He ordered as he pointed to the couch. I walked over and sat down, and he sat beside me. Complete silence.
I turned to him and asked, "So are you going to tell me?"
"What do you want to know?"
"Who are you and why am I here?" I asked, frustrated.
"You know that car outside?"
"The one from earlier?"
"Yes. Well, I am in some trouble with them. Let's just say it was a business deal that went wrong."
He shook his head. "Not that. Will you please listen?"
I looked at him.
"The only way I can survive is if I'm married or pretend to be in my case."
I stared in disbelief.
"So you're saying you took me so you could pretend I was your wife?"
He looked at me.
I was still in shock trying to process what I just heard.
"I've been watching you a lot, JD.
My ears stung hearing him say my name. He took off his shirt, and I stared at his chest. I cleared my throat.
He noticed the tension. "I'm sorry. It's a little stuffy in here. I'll put it back on."
"It's fine," I stammered.
He changed the subject.
"So, what does JD stand for?"
"You really want to know?"
"Yes I do."
"It stands for Jacqueline Danielle."
He smiled at me. I was not amused.
"I hate my name, so I've always gone by JD.
"Well, Jacqueline Danielle, I think you have a beautiful name."
He then did something that took me by surprise. He pulled me towards him and kissed me. He let go, got up and walked into his bedroom. I heard the door shut as I sat on the couch, feeling unsure of what to do.
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