Naomi gets her birthday present - the evening before the fun
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It's Thursday afternoon and tonight we've been invited to go out for drinks with our friend, Naomi, for her birthday. With only have a few hours of work to go, I receive a text from my dark haired girlfriend, Simone.
"Hey sexy, can you help me, I'm not sure what I should wear tonight?
"Something sexy, but remember it's just in a bar."
 As I'm finishing work I get a text from Naomi.
"Still good for tonight Hun? Is Simone definitely coming? If so, can you ask her what she's wearing?"
"Yes, we'll be there. Simone is wearing something sexy but bar appropriate!" I text back.
"Awesome!" comes the reply, then another text beeps.
"I'll wear the same. Hope you're dressing the same? I'm looking forward to seeing you both dressed sexy."
"I always dress sexy when I come out with you," I text back.
Forty-five minutes later I'm home. Simone is already home and has grabbed us some food from the deli, just what I need to for the evening to come. Simone's already naked in the shower, freshening up, so I quickly undress and sneak in to the bathroom. My hand arches around the shower curtain and I grab a handful of sexy arse! It's such a nice arse, it even got voted rear of the year by a clubbing website we use a lot.
"Hey naughty, I heard you come in," she calmly says. "Are you getting in with me?"
No need to reply, as I've already got one foot in the bath and in one swift movement, I'm behind that lovely round arse. I place my arms around her, grabbing her perky c cups boobs, as my cock starts to grow and slip between her legs.
"Now now Mister! We don't have time for that. We have to meet Naomi in an hour and I still need to make myself look sexy."
I ignore the words and my hands move lower over her soapy soft skin, down between her legs and expertly find her clit, but after a couple of minutes of playing she grabs my hand.
"Chris I said we don't have time, now behave you horny little thing. I'm getting out now anyhow, and no wanking in here, so wash quickly as you need to make food."
Ten minutes later I'm still in the shower and still quite hard.
"Leave it alone Chris, we have to go soon." she shouts through the door. "And I want it when we get home later, so get out here!"
I do as I'm told, get out the shower, get dressed, slipping on my new tight jeans, a smart t-shirt and a splash of my special aftershave. I go to the kitchen and make some food.
Twenty minutes later and I'm sitting on the sofa when that sexy arse enters the room. Simone looks stunning in a simple summer dress, long hair down over one shoulder and a pair of sexy Jimmy Choo's pushing her round arse upwards! I sit there mouth open!
"Do I look okay?" she asks.
"No," I reply, "you look stunning, my dear."
"Am I over dressed? Should I change?"
"No!" I quickly reply, "Just perfect."
We eat the mini meal I have prepared, then the cab arrives and in no time we're at the bar, but can't see Naomi anywhere so hot foot it to the bar. Just as we order drinks at the bar, a pair of hands cover my eyes and a familiar scent hits my nose.
"Mrs Clause is that you? I cheekily ask. "No it can't be, I've not been a good boy!"
I turn around and to my surprise it's not Naomi! Well, not the one I was expecting. Standing in front of me is the picture of sexiness. Short short jean hot pants, legs that seem to go on forever and a skimpy tight top! Her nipples have nowhere to hide.
"Happy birthday, Hun," I greet her, as I move in for a cheek kiss.
"Where's Simone?" she interrupts my kiss, "oh my god! You look stunning babe."
"Me?" Simone asks. "Thanks, it's just an old dress"
"You're a lucky man," Naomi's attention still on Simone but talking to me. "If I was a guy I'd fight you for her"
I smile and think to myself, "If you were a guy you'd not have those great boobs."
An hour in to the night and it's clear that it's only a small party, just six of us there. Naomi's boyfriend isn't even there, which is a little strange. The drinks are flowing and lips are getting loose, so I find out that Naomi is currently single and to make it worse over half the people invited haven't made it, This has left her feeling a bit down. I tell Simone this and she decides we need to cheer her up and drags us all off to the dance floor.
The night continues and eventually there's just me and the girls dancing on the dance floor. There's some sexy dancing occurring and at times I just watch the girls. I have mini conversations with both girls as to how sexy the other is, I mainly just agree, but I hopefully wonder if this could lead to something more?!
"I just can't believe she's single. She's so hot, I'd take her home with us if I thought she'd be up for it." Simone whispers to me. "We owe her a present," she continues and then gives me a wink.
Again I don't say a word, I just smile to myself, and there's a familiar twitch in my boxers.
"Chris have I told you you're a lucky man?" Naomi now up close to my ear. "I'm jealous that you're taking Simone home."
These conversations carry on for the next hour, the dancing gets sexier and I try to get the girls to tell each other their feelings but neither do. Eventually it's time to leave, we say our goodbyes and I get a long cuddle but the girls embrace and have a full on kiss.
As me and Simone walk to grab a taxi I push the subject on the conversations of the evening and eventually Simone believes me and I convince her to call Naomi. Before I know it we're joined by Naomi in the taxi line. five minutes later we're back at our house. Simone pops to the toilet.
"Are you okay with this?" Naomi asks.
"Er yes... Totally," I confidently reply.
"We will still be friends after?"
"Of course we will," I reassure her.
The girls swap places and my chance to find the limits.
"What are the rules?" I ask.
"None. Other than you can't cum in her," Simone replies with a naughty smile. "Any rules for me?"
"Yes, don't let me cum in her!"
Naomi emerges from the bathroom walks up to Simone.
"I've been wanting to do this all night," Naomi says just before the girls engage in full on tongues out kissing.
Part 2 below.
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