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It was a night out, or a night in, depending on how you looked at it. Me and my boyfriend, Tom were going to a fancy dress house party at one of his friend’s houses. He was dressed as your quintessential pirate, and I was going as a burlesque dancer. This essentially entailed me wearing next to nothing; simply some black high heels, stockings and suspenders with a corset and some halfway down the leg, frilly shorts style knickers.
I was running late upstairs and was putting the finished touches to my hair, curling away with the straighteners when I heard Tom shouting.
“They’re here now!”
“Coming!” I shouted. Tom’s friend Caleb and his girlfriend Steph had ordered a taxi and had agreed to pick us up on the way, splitting the fare between the four of us. I hurried downstairs, out of the door and into the back of the six seater.
“Hey, good looking!” said Steph. “Wow, are you not feeling exposed?” she asked earnestly as the car pulled away.
“No!” I laughed, pretending to cover up my chest with both hands. “I do a bit! But there’d be no point if it wasn’t authentic would there, wonder woman?” I said joking with her as she laughed with me; she was dressed as wonder woman.
“Who’s going tonight?” Caleb asked Tom and they began engaging a conversation together.
“Err, loads of people. It’s a good job Callum’s house is as big as it is! I think his girlfriend will be there, well; I say girlfriend, I mean who ever he’s seeing this week!” They laughed. “Colin, Jack, Gemma, err… oh Rick is coming after he finishes work so I doubt that he’ll be dressing up to be honest”
“Why come if you’re not dressing up?!” Steph spouted.
“I agree Steph” I said nudging her arm and winking. “By the way what have you come as, Caleb? You look like you’ve just finished at the gym!”
“That’s kind of the point Aims! I’m Usain Bolt!”
“It’s a good job you’re black isn’t it Caleb, otherwise that would make no sense whatsoever!” Chuckled Tom, Caleb laughed and we turned a heavy corner, swinging Steph into me.
We pulled up to the house and could hear low thudding bass as soon as we stepped out of the car. Tom knocked and the grim reaper answered, or Callum as his friends knew him. He invited us in and it was already apparent that he was half cut. There must have been about twenty people already in the house, drinking. Callum gave me, Steph and Caleb a tour of the massive house as Tom went to get some drinks from the kitchen. This place had five bedrooms, four toilets and the biggest living/dining room area I’ve ever been in; and the kitchen was the same size as my houses entire ground floor. After I was acquainted with the place, I returned to Tom who handed me a double vodka and coke.
“It’s fucking enormous!” I shouted to him over the music. He bobbed his head to the music, in agreement with me before wandering off out the back of the kitchen for a cigarette.
I spent the next half an hour to forty-five minutes chatting to various people, some of whom I knew, some I didn’t. Some who were friendly and some who were clearly eyeing me up. At this point it was getting even more busy with all sorts of people turning up; by about half past eleven there must have been about forty-five people in the house, at one point I looked over and saw Callum being helped along in his quest for drunkenness by Caleb, who was holding a beer bong for him whilst Captain America and Beetlejuice poured two cans down the funnel. By this point I had lost Steph and had no idea where she was, I was stood drinking on my own.
There was a tap on my shoulder and I turned around.
“Hi Rick!” I shouted, he looked quite stressed and then I remembered that he must have just finished work.
“Hi Amy, have you seen Tom?”
“Your guess is as good as mine!” I sighed. Just then, Tom came out of a crowd of people through the threshold of the living room and waved at Rick.
“Alright mate?” Tom shouted, he sounded like he was getting pretty drunk; luckily I was on my way too.
“Yeah, not bad! Can we go outside? I can’t hear fuck all in here!”
“Yeah course, this way!”
“Can I come?” I asked.
“Course babes!” Tom shouted as he led us outside in the back garden.
Tom lit up another cigarette and offered one to Rick, who accepted. Even though I was cold and didn't smoke, I didn't want to be stood on my own for much longer with no one to talk to.
“Fuck me! Work was fucking shit!” Rick began to unload on Tom about his hard day at work. There were some other people in the garden who I spoke to, briefly having little conversations with the people who were only outside for a few minutes to smoke.
I turned around and watched Tom walk back into the house, Rick was still smoking what must have been his third cigarette. I stepped over and joined him.
“Alright?” he asked and nodded his head.
“Yeah I’m okay thanks, just cold!”
“I’m not surprised with what you’re wearing! Or, actually I mean, what you aren't wearing!” he laughed.
“I know! What was I thinking?!”
“…Dancer?” he asked.
“You guessed it! Well, actually I’m supposed to be a burlesque dancer so y’know… get it right! Jeez!” he laughed.
“Sorry! Either way… good job!” Rick stuck his thumb up and smirked. He was nearly finished with smoking.
“So what was the problem with work then?” I asked.
“Ahh, I can’t even be bothered thinking about it now to be honest! It was just, just a pain in the balls!”
“Yeah, Not to be rude or anything but I’d rather forget about it. I’m pretty tired!” He said almost yawning. “Let’s just say, I wish a certain someone I work with is fired by Monday morning!”
“Wow! That bad?”
“Yeah… completely useless. Meant I had to stay an extra two hours and sort out there mess, hence why I’m here so late!”
“Ahh right! That sounds like a ball ache.” I was sympathetic towards Rick, he was a nice guy; even if I didn’t know him too well. Tom steeped outside again, somehow drunker.
“Alright mate?” Asked Rick.
“Yeah man! Why don’t you get a drink?”
“Actually I think I’m going to go and find a room a sleep in it, I’m knackered.”
“Ohhh no, really?”
“Yeah, I’ll try and snag a bed before anyone else gets in there! I’m not paying for a taxi now past midnight, they’ll be charging silly money!”
“That’s fair enough” I said.
“Yeah alright then, I’ll see you later” Tom shook Ricks hand and stepped aside as he made his way back through the kitchen and disappeared into the noise coming from within the house.
For the next hour or so Tom paid more attention to me and I actually began to enjoy myself after having felt pissed off at him for leaving me.
Inside we spoke for a while, albeit over loud music. Caleb wandered over looking a little worse for wear.
“Have you seen Steph anywhere?” he asked us both.
“No, sorry. I haven’t seen her since about forty-five minutes after we got here actually!”
“Me neither!” said Tom.
“Yeah, I last saw her… must have been about two hours ago now! We had a bit of a falling out.”
“Oh dear.”
We stood chatting with Caleb for a while. As him and Tom were chatting I felt a hand slide onto my ass cheek and gently squeeze, then the squeezing got harder and the hand moved downwards and curved around the inside of my thigh. I glanced at Tom who had his arm around me and was subtly groping at my body as he spoke with his friend. I was getting turned on, quickly. In part I think it was mainly down to the alcohol in my system and the fact that I had next to nothing on in a room of what were mostly strangers.
As his hand began touching my bare skin I knew we had to fuck. I gasped slightly and breathed in heavily, my tummy regressing into my stomach as his hand got dangerously close to my lady part. It was then that I turned to Tom and stopped them mid conversation.
“Can you come to the toilet with me hun?” I asked. Caleb pausing. Tom smirked wryly.
“Yeah of course, I’ll see you in a bit mate!” And with that I led him towards the hallway where he stopped me before we got to the stairs.
“We’re not actually going to the bathroom, are we?” he asked. I gave a wink and began laughing.
I held his hand and led the way up the stairs. I had completely forgotten where I was going, the upstairs bedrooms were split across two floors, two on the second floor and three on the third. I bypassed the first two rooms and carried on up the next flight of stairs. The third floor had a small boxed corridor where either door was situated on either wall. One of the doors was left ajar, I stepped up to the door and gently pushed it forward, hoping the room would be vacant. It wasn’t.
The room was in pitch black, but I could see through the light entering from the hallway that there were people in there, on the bed. I couldn’t make out any faces, but I could hear murmurs, murmurs which I quickly realized were moans of pleasure. They were having sex. Almost fully in the room, I jumped backwards, almost bumping Tom off his feet and closed the door briskly before giggling. I grabbed Tom’s hand, and we jolted into the nearest room.
Tom and I stumbled into the bedroom. The door slammed against the wall and flew back towards us, hitting me in the arm on the way in, I let out a slight moan; the pain quickly subsided and I realized that Rick was asleep in the same bed we were about to get in to. I stopped and turned around to face Tom.
“Rick’s in here!” I said in a raised whisper, being drunk I couldn’t tell if I were being quiet or not.
“Ahh…” Tom stood puzzled and bemused for a second. “I’ll get in first then and I’ll separate you from him?” he said.
Without really thinking I went along with it and stood to one side as Tom took his shoes and pants off, his terrible pirate outfit was quickly strewn across the floor by the bed. I slid my heels off as he crept in and followed him. Luckily this bed was a king size and managed to comfortably hold all three of us without there being a problem. I was still fully clothed, or as fully clothed as you can get when you’re dressed as a ‘burlesque dancer.’
I lay on my back; we both knew what was coming. This was the reason we had come upstairs in the first place. Tom’s hand slipped down underneath the covers and caressed my legs, covered by the stockings I still had on. I was wet. My breathing deepened and he smacked his lips onto mine, we kissed for a long time, slipping in our tongues and making our mouths moist and wet. His hand fumbled below and I felt his penis nudge against my bare waist, his pre-cum gelled and slipped on my skin. I really wanted it.
He felt my pussy, my lips were pouting against the fabric of my frilly knickers, and my wetness had seeped through. His hand swiftly delved underneath the underwear and he was soon two fingers deep inside my slit. I let out a silent groan and dug the back of my head into the pillows as his thumb worked circles around my sopping clit. I looked over Tom’s head to check on Rick, who was still asleep.
“Fuck!” I whispered.
I widened my legs apart to let him play around to his heart’s content. It wasn’t before long however that his cock began to jilt against my skin and he was ready for fucking. He mounted me and I realized that my knickers were still on, I would be unable to remove them without taking off my suspender straps.
“Tom…” I was about to let him know, when he reached down at my crotch and ripped at the fabric, tearing it from the crotch to the seam. My underwear wasn’t fully torn apart at this point but was enough to show my vagina and puckered lips.
Before I could say another word he had slid himself entirely inside me and thrust his member to the back of my cunt. I squealed and held on to his hips, looking down to see his cock slipping in and out of me; my lips hugging onto his shaft. I turned to look at Rick, who had moved over onto his back, he was still asleep; or so I initially thought. With another slight glance, I saw that he had one eye slightly open and was staring down towards where the action was, his eye darted upwards almost catching mine. I rapidly swiveled them back towards Tom’s thrusting cock, he didn’t see me looking; but I saw him.
The bed rocked gently as we fucked. Tom would take out his cock and tease me with his head, nuzzling the pumping helmet down into my clit and then back into my hole before I had the chance to beg him for more. I was very close to cumming, but he was closer.
He pinned my arms up over my head and moved himself closer to me as his thrusts became manic. His face lay buried in the pillows as I groaned lightly, not able to contain myself. The knowledge that Rick was lying there getting off on me have sex was overwhelmingly arousing. Tom grunted one final time as his penis rammed tightly into me, he released himself; filling me. I had not arrived.
I lay there collecting my breath as did Tom, whose breathing slowed down immediately. His cock began to withdraw on its own accord and slipped from my vagina, some cum trickled out with it down my ass cheeks. He still lay there. I quickly realized he had fallen asleep and so I eased him off me and put him on his back, he was out for the count.
I was still particularly horny and disappointed that I hadn’t had the chance to arrive. I licked my lips in a most deviant fashion and felt an irresistible urge arise. My face burned and a jolt ran through my brain. I reached under the covers staring upwards at the darkened ceiling without looking and felt my way towards Rick. I had hoped he was still on his back, and I was right.
My hand met his hip, he was still wearing his boxers. My fingers rippled quickly up to his crotch and I could feel the taught fabric, his cock was erect. Still without looking, I closed my eyes and gave a slight grin as my hand went on further and reached the top of the mountainous range that was pitched under his pants; I felt a dabble of wetness and stroked it gently with my finger tip. My eyes remained closed, and I could only imagine the look on his face. I searched carefully for the buttons of his boxers and upon finding them, swiftly unfastened them; digging out his massive and very erect cock. I let one finger trail up the front of him and found the peak of his un-circumcised head. My finger tip orbited him, I felt a hefty volume of pre-cum sticking to it.
With that I withdrew my hand and stuck the finger in my mouth, sucking down on his taste I rolled the finger over my tongue. I turned to face him, grinning naughtily. He was gob smacked, his mouth was wide open. I giggled lightly and stuck my head under the covers, moving quickly down the bed. I gripped his stiff cock and licked his head cautiously, removing the rest of his juices. He lifted the covers to get a better view,
I looked at him through the corner of my eye and ruffled my nose as another giggle laughed its way out of my mouth. Rick’s hand emerged from the darkness and beckoned my behind towards him. His hand firmly gripped my ass cheek and began to squeeze. I swept my hair back over my ear, widened my mouth and pouted my lips as I slid his cock down my throat. He was huge, I couldn’t fit him all in; he must have been at least nine inches. He groaned deeply, not expecting the move to happen to suddenly. I held him there for a period, wrapping my tongue around his thick shaft.
I moved between his legs for a better mouthful. He still held the cover up to watch as I masterfully slopped away over him. My cunt was burning with desire for it. I loved the knowledge that I was cramming another guy’s cock through my sopping lips and throat as he lay next to us asleep. I had begun to really work on his shaft now, he was dripping with my saliva and I had even given his balls a nice sucking too. He gripped my head and began to pull me up towards him.
“You naughty fucking slut Amy…” he whispered in my ear. “You suck cock well don’t you? Do you like this cock?”
“Mmm, I do.” I replied. “I love it in my throat, so big and hard.”
“Oh Christ!” he exclaimed. “You not worried about Thomas waking up?” he asked.
“I don’t care, I want that cock in me.”
“God! You’re a complete slut. Why the special treatment?” he asked me.
“You've had a hard day at work haven’t you baby?… you want to fuck me with that big dick of yours? You want to slide yourself into my tight pussy?”
“Get down there and get those pussy lips around my cock!” he said, throwing the covers back from over the top of us. I moved back down between his thighs. “Turn around and let me see that gorgeous ass of yours!” he demanded of me.
I complied and straddled his chest, my back facing him. Grabbing his cock I swiftly rubbed it against my clit before sliding it in. I moaned loudly as all of him went into me. By this point my pussy was so wet it felt like I could have shoved anything in there. I leaned forwards and presented my ass to him, arching my back as his thrust his whole cock in and out of me, he had a perfect view.
His dick glided in and out of me effortlessly, my moans began to get louder and louder. I looked behind to make sure that Tom was still asleep. He was. I felt his hands caressing the sides of me until they reached my underwear, he gripped hold of one side and tugged harshly, ripping them apart from top to bottom. I gasped as he pulled them from around my waist and threw them off the bed. Rick dug his fingers into my ass cheeks and started to raise my hips up and down onto his pulsating member. I fell forwards and held onto his ankles as he dug his cock deeper and deeper into me, my groans were filling the room and were echoing off the walls; my hair drifted backwards and forwards with each thrust.
I was about to cum when Rick stopped and lifted me off him. I turned around, he was getting off the bed and pulled me off with him.
“Let’s get those tits out, I’ve wanted to see them for ages!” with that he grabbed at my corset and ripped it open. It fell off from around my chest, he dropped it to the ground. He turned me around and got me down on all fours by the foot of the bed. We were very quickly back to fucking. He had me from behind and was ramming all of himself inside me. I wanted to scream but I knew I would wake Tom up if I did, instead I groaned loudly through pursed lips.
Suddenly the room was much lighter, I looked up and saw Caleb standing in the doorway; the light outside penetrating the room.
“Holy shit…” I heard him mutter. Rick carried on fucking me from behind and I lowered my head, covering my face with my hair, slightly embarrassed; my tits swinging. Caleb stood there in amazement.
“You wanna get in on this? She’s got a nice tight cunt.” Rick murmured. “I’m sure Amy doesn’t mind, do you Amy?”
I swept my hair back over my head and looked up at Caleb from the floor, I could see his shorts already beginning to bulge. He took a look at Tom, passed out in the bed and then his eyes darted back to me and Rick.
“Definitely not…” I said. Without hesitation he closed the door behind him and put his drink down on the floor before unfastening his running shorts and dropping them to his ankles, revealing a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers. He took out his semi hard, chocolate looking cock and began to stroke it.
I raised my hand and beckoned him my way with one finger.
“I want that cock in my mouth…” I said, it jolted to attention. Caleb got down on his knees and fed his long dick towards my mouth. I extended my tongue and gave a few dirty licks on the underside of his brown head. I looked up at him as I tasted his sweet pre-cum. Winking, I dipped my dripping mouth over his member a few times.
I turned around and crawled on my hands and knees towards Rick, who was stroking his long cock gently, watching my curves as I wiggled towards him. I arched my back and raised my ass in the air, giving Caleb a lovely view of both holes as Rick grabbed the back of my head. He watched as I once again went down on him, my mouth open wide with pouting lips as he slipped easily to the back of my throat. I gobbled him gladly, twisting my head around his cock, looking up at to see the pleasure on his face; he gripped at my hair as Caleb teased my moist ass hole with his massive head before slipping in and out of my pussy.
I took Rick out of my mouth and held him at the base, extending my tongue to lick the underside of his pulsating head, gathering more of his pre-cum in my mouth and on my lips. Pouting, I rubbed him between my lips and licked at his shaft. I could feel Caleb slip himself slowly into my tender cunt until I felt his balls resting on my clit. He quickly retreated himself and rubbed his rock hard head over my ass cheek. As I took Rick into my mouth for a final time, I could feel Caleb teasing my ass with his massive knob, his head delicately slid into my anus. I could feel it pulsing. I had to moan. I squealed heavily, Ricks cock was lodged deep in my mouth.
“Fuck!” I groaned as Caleb grabbed hold of my hips and tried to force himself even further into me. I could hear him grunting and panting heavily, he was over exited. His big cock was now at least halfway in my ass and he began thrusting hard into me. I could feel my pussy swelling into an orgasm and as quick as I could feel myself about to cum I was, I felt myself gushing from the inside as Caleb got himself into a sturdier position, gripping me tightly around my hips and thighs.
Rick took his cock from my mouth and wiped the head on my face. It was at this point that I felt Caleb jamming the entirety of his fat cock into my ass hole and explode inside, it was a tremendous felling and one that I wished had lasted longer.
Rick now had hold of either sides of my head and was forcing me down on his cock, my back was still arched and my ass was raised proudly, I hadn’t noticed at this point that Caleb was no longer in the room, I was engrossed in Rick’s massive cock; his seed must have been dribbling from my ass. Rick tightened his grip on my hair for a brief second, hurting me slightly before he grabbed both of my wrists and raised my arms over my head. My tits were now hanging freely as I lowered my mouth down fully until my bottom lip pressed against his balls, I extended my tongue and touched them with the tip. It was all so wet and moist I couldn’t tell the difference between my saliva and his natural lube. I groaned and gushed over his swollen member.
My eyes looked at his as best as I could hold my head up with my arms in restraints and begged for his cum. My perky mouth polished his rod and I heard him mumble under his breath.
“Fuck, I want to cum all over that hot little mouth!”
I let his cock fall from my lips.
“Cum on me baby… I want it!” I brought my legs forward and sat up on my knees as he pulled on himself, aiming his slippery cock directly at my face. My hands gripped his ass and I held my mouth open gladly waiting for his cum to land on my tongue. His cock spurted a shot of jizz onto my cheek and then another into my mouth, followed by another and another; he brought his cock forward and fed it into my mouth as he came over and over again, some of it seeped over my wet lips and dribbled onto my bare chest, I reached up and rubbed it into my tits.
He looked down at me as I slurped on the end of his ferocious cock and gladly swallowed his deliciously clumpy and salty load. I looked down to see a bead of cum slowly slipping towards my nipple and scooped it off with a finger before I took one last taste of him into my mouth. Grabbing the base of his cock I wrapped my lips around him to make sure I had every last drop of his semen inside me and then deep throated his gradually limping dick.
I stood up and crawled onto the bed, watching as Rick stood there in awe.
I woke up.
My eyes staring at the ceiling. The light was burning through the curtains, seeping into the room.
‘Was that real?’ I thought to myself of last night, I brought my hand under the covers and felt at my clothes, my chest was bare. I still had my garter and stockings on; no underwear. ‘It was real.’ I knew it at that moment.
I looked to my left, Tom was still asleep; my right, Rick was asleep. I didn’t know what to do. In the middle of my boyfriend and his friend, I had fucked them both. I sat up in the bed and looked around the bedroom, clothes were strewn about everywhere.
‘Oh Christ,’ I thought to myself. ‘Caleb too!’ laughing a little bit into the covers. I had no idea where he even was. He wasn’t in the room. Pulling the covers down I stood up in the bed and stepped lightly over Tom and walked to the end of the bed. I found my corset and took a look at the clasps. It was broken, completely fucked. The metal on most of the connectors had been ripped off and it was unwearable. As I stared at the broken corset, wondering what the hell I was going to do, Tom and Rick woke up almost simultaneously. Tom, was much groggier than Rick and sat up slowly hiding his eyes from the sunlight coming from a crack in the curtains. Rick sat up and rubbed his eyes before staring at me with a look of disbelief.
“Jesus Aims, what are you doing?!” Tom exclaimed as he realized I was stood there almost naked. I held one hand over both breasts and held my other hand over my crotch in a flimsy attempt to cover my assets. “Why aren’t you wearing clothes?” he asked.
“They came off last night Tom…” I said, Rick laughed.
“How come you’re naked Amy?” Rick asked sniggering.
“…My clothes were ripped last night and now I’ve got nothing to wear.”
“I don’t remember breaking your top, I remember breaking your under-“ Tom stopped mid-sentence and glanced over at Rick who sat staring at my bare body. “Errr, anyway.”
I sniggered, letting Rick get a cheeky glance of my nipple before I scurried around back to Tom’s side of the bed and jumped in, letting him cover me up. Rick got out of bed and put his pants on.
“Anyway, I’ll get out of here.” He stepped around to the front of the bed. “Hey, Tom! She’s a keeper right there. And she’s got a cracking body!” He said as he walked towards the door.
“Hey!” Tom shouted drearily with his eyes slowly closing, his arms wrapped around me.
Rick opened the door and looked over at me before he left. My eyes met his, I winked and watched as he left the room.
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