An Artful Dance of Seduction
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Lucia looked around at the happy smiling faces of the rich and beautiful. They were here to see and be seen. Her Sunday outdoor ritual had been going on for two months now. There was only one more month to go, and her genealogy study for the government would take her to a new place, a new set of surroundings, offering the same empty and unfulfilling experiences that dragged her down now. Lucia had grown up in a negative home environment and that was the filter she wore.
Lucia had exemplary marks and was intrigued by the job the headhunters had offered her. After many years of university, Lucia thought it would be an answer to her boredom, to her unfilled life. What she really needed was a new filter to help her enjoy her life.
She liked to blend in and go unnoticed. The undercover siren was naturally quiet, and purposefully underplayed her beauty. No one noticed her, or approached her. Or so she thought. Across the busy outdoor café, through dozens of people, an attractive set of eyes watched her.
It was a typical Sunday afternoon, and as usual, Lucia hid her beauty behind dark glasses and drab clothing. Lucia did this because she didn’t want to become involved. People were trouble. People were abusive and annoying. People were boring. Small talk eroded an average person’s life to a multitude of platitudes that were repeatedly endured by the recipients. She wanted none of it. People always had their own agenda. Being in her mid-forties, Lucia had witnessed too many injustices. The architecture and history in each new country were powerful and beautiful, worth pursuing, but the nameless crowd held no interest.
George had witnessed a lot. He had traveled the world and had appreciated the fulfillment of accomplishing many dreams and goals. Now in his mid-fifties, he wondered what was left to enjoy. What would inspire him to enjoy the upcoming days?
Every Sunday for the past six months he sat at the same table watching the tourists and travelers in Berlin. Their excited, animated conversations were like music that nourished his soul.
Then one Sunday, his dream girl arrived. She hid her charms well, but that only intrigued George even more. She projected a unique style and demonstrated mannerisms that indicated she was definitely 'all that'.
The beautiful woman’s long blond hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, but her features were exquisite. Like some models, she had high cheek bones set on a pretty heart shaped face. George had never seen her eyes, since her sunglasses were a staple. But in his heart he knew she would be beautiful.
George wanted to coax the smoldering seductress inside of her to emerge. Her beauty was well hidden but unmistakable. Over the past few months George found himself thinking about the mysterious woman in the café, more and more, to the point of obsession. George rarely let his obsessive behaviour get the better of him, but he could feel his psyche eroding out of control. He had to meet her. George had to find out what the potential seductress needed to make a smile form on her pretty little lips. But how to approach her without getting rejected plagued his mind.
George had started going to sleep imagining his potential babe slowly taking off her clothes in front of him then climbing on top of his big, thick cock. He would let her ease down on him slowly, taking his girth in at her leisure. Her pussy juices would pull him in deeper with every thrust, until he was impaled totally inside the beautiful babe that he was starting to crave more and more.
The more he observed, the more George noticed her persistent mood. She was a woman bored with life. He could fix that.
One day George decided to take the leap. It was late in the afternoon. He knew from habit, that she was just about to leave and this was his opportunity. Fueled by a double cognac, he made his move. His dick would not take no for an answer. After watching her week after week George knew he had to try something. Who knew how long she would participate in her Sunday ritual.
His dreams of her were becoming more and more intoxicating. Every night he dreamed of fucking her in different positions in different locations. At times he imagined fucking her like a jackrabbit. Other times he would gag her with his cock and deposit his hot seed at the back of her throat. Just thinking of it now made his cock twitch.
“Go!” it said.
Lucia started to feel intrigued when the handsome stranger strode purposefully over to her table and sat down after offering a confident, “May I?”
Lucia felt a stirring in her pelvis and her skin started to flush slightly. Whoever he was he had an electric effect. He turned her on instantly. As soon as she looked deep into George’s kind, seductive eyes, Lucia felt an unmistakable surge of wanton lust.
She felt her cheeks flush. After some light hearted conversation Lucia discovered the attractive stranger that turned on her libido so amazingly, was also funny and smart. Breaking the rules, Lucia took off her sunglasses.
She was glad she had put on her eye makeup this morning. Lucia wanted the man in front of her to fuck her. She needed a good fucking. It was undeniable. Traveling around the world sounded exotic, but without someone to share it with, it had become mundane.
When Lucia took off her sunglasses and looked at him with her beautiful green eyes and long eyelashes, George melted. Their eyes connected. The electricity flowed. He didn’t want to fuck this up. Afraid of coming on too strong, but needing to be inside the morsel before him, like he’d never felt before, George treaded lightly and was determined to be her perfect break from a boring existence.
“I couldn’t help but notice that you would be a perfect partner for a television show skit.”
When Lucia smiled at George her eyes sparkled. He admired her features. They were amazing. There was a lot to be discovered behind those baggy jeans and her faded grey sweatshirt.
“You have my attention. Tell me more,” the gorgeous beauty in front of him said smiling at George encouragingly.
George was extremely attractive and a good distraction to her boring routine. The ten-year age difference didn’t faze her. This man was dynamic and confident. Everything about him was attractive and seductive. When his tongue slid between his lips while talking Lucia imagined his pink warm tongue slipping over her nipples and flicking over her clit. She leaned in closer as George talked. He was smart and funny and she was intrigued by him and what he had to say.
George described how, if she agreed, and was up for an adventure, they would video each other posing seductively in different positions for twenty seconds at a time behind people in public that didn’t know it was happening.
There was a shout out from a local late night talk show to gather that kind of video footage. Some nice monetary prizes were up for grabs, he explained.
They talked and flirted for a long time, enjoying the sunshine and their conversation as the busy streets changed and evolved around them.
“Berlin is a big city and there will be lots of opportunities,” the handsome stranger proposed.
“Sure, let’s enjoy an afternoon together,” Lucia agreed with a smile.
“I’ll change into something decent and be back in ten minutes,” Lucia replied seductively pulling her shoulders back, and feeling her breasts surge forward. Her nipples reacted with a burst of sensation as his eyes lingered on their hardness when Lucia got up to leave.
“Wear your bikini underneath,” George said winking at Lucia.
When Lucia arrived back it was like she was a totally different woman. Her thick mane of blond hair cascaded around her shoulders. She was wearing a tight t shirt and shorts.
George could have creamed, right then and there. What a treasure! Lucia’s body was model-perfect and her tits were amazing. People in the street smiled and nodded in her direction, appreciative of her attractive features. It was exactly the kind of attention she had always avoided. But her stud wanted her before he saw all the trimmings. George wanted Lucia for herself, and that was a turn on. He deserved her most. Lucia knew she looked extremely fuckable and noticed heads turning as she approached her usual spot in the café. All of a sudden the waiters and nearby men were all eyes. But it was only one set of eyes that held her thoughts. The man whose dick was going to circle her mouth. She couldn’t believe how long she had allowed her pussy to go without.
“Did you wear it?" George asked seductively.
Lucia moved over her shirt to reveal the tied strings.
The peach-colored string bikini Lucia chose barely covered the nipples of her voluptuous breasts. Her body was amazing in every detail and she knew it. Lucia threw some oil in her purse so she would glisten in the photos.
Life had been too boring for too long. It was time to shine. Lucia knew she would be gone in two days, so what did it matter. She deserved to lose herself in the intentions of a man with a nice big cock that needed satisfying. It had been a long time since Lucia had revealed her beauty in public, so if the videos made it to television, who cared. A masquerade mask would ensure her identifying features would be hidden. She didn’t have any tats or piercings. Soon she would be in a new country and her real name wouldn’t be used. Besides her work persona and appearance were a far cry from her party, fuck me now look.
When George first saw the well disguised beauty out of her shell, the stakes went up. He didn’t only want to fuck her. He needed to.
Gold chains adorned her breasts and wrists. Lucia’s low cut t shirt and booty shorts were seductively arousing. The outline of her barely there bikini revealed bigger breasts than he saw behind the sweat shirt.
“Change of heart, beautiful! Let’s position you at some monuments for some fun photos. You look amazing. Who knows maybe Spiegel or another magazine will be interested. We could photo shop your face a little to protect your identity.”
George took out some impressive photographic equipment.
“I have a different idea. I’ll be wearing this little masquerade mask,” Lucia said determinedly as she pulled the mask out of her purse.
It was small, elegant, gold and it sparkled. The mask covered her beautiful eyes and part of Lucia’s nose.
“Okay,” said George, agreeing reluctantly.
He kept a smile on his face and tried not to reveal his disappointment. George wanted to fuck this amazing creature and he didn’t want to blow it.
After a few stills, George urged Lucia to take off her shorts and t shirt. Within minutes she stood before the man she wanted to fuck her, in her string bikini. How she had become so uninhabited she didn’t know. It was like a total rebellion within her spirit. She had been hiding for too long.
“You can still wear the mask,” he said.
When Lucia revealed her stunning body, he just about shot his load. George reminded himself to stay focused on the seduction, not the prize. It was about the game and building sexual intensity as much as it was about fucking each other’s brains out.
Often George would come close and softly touch Lucia to position her just right. The sexual tension made her thoughts go wild. He was becoming increasingly seductive and intimate. It was a slow dance of seduction that made her skin tingle and ran shivers down her spine. When his mouth got close to her sex on one occasion, while he positioned her legs around the horse for a seductive pose, she wanted to beg him to lick her.
George tried to still his growing erection for the twentieth time that afternoon. Lucia looked like she had control of the horse, that she was at one with it. A stallion of her own right.
After laughing and playing and teasing an entire day the attractive couple settled into his convertible for the drive back. Before he put the car in drive George leaned over and kissed the beautiful morsel that had made his day one erotic tease after the other.
Soft kisses of discovery started their adventure. Soon Lucia felt George’s tongue circle hers in what would begin a frenzy of sweet, wild desire. She tastes sweet, George thought as he twisted Lucia’s beautiful mane in his hands.
His tongue was long and swift. Their mutual lust was intoxicating. She needed him inside her, ripping into her with wild speed, shedding all her demons in one night of hot, wild, no holds barred, lustful sex.
An Embassy Suites was right around the corner. Unable to contain their mutual desire they kept touching and looking at each other seductively as the elevator approached to take them to their room.
The minute the door closed, George had Lucia pinned against the wall. He inserted a leg between Lucia’s legs as he kissed her neck down to her luscious breasts.
The elevator stopping corrected their behaviour. Hotel guests entered muttering about how they got on the wrong elevator and should have been going down. George and Lucia looked at each other. They would be going down all right; on each other.
When the door closed, they were on each other. There’s was a lust that had been savoured and cultivated all day long. George had imagined fucking his dream girl for months and here she was.
He started by kissing Lucia’s earlobe, while trailing his finger down the soft curve of her neck to the v of her cleavage, and around. Her mounds elevated his fingers and his cock.
“Oh, George,” came from between her lips in a slow surrender to passion.
He leaned over and took one nipple then the other in his mouth. He pulled and tugged and teased, while holding onto her bikini strings tight.
“You won’t need this,” George said lifting her t over her gorgeous tits.
“Or this,” he said pulling on the strings holding Lucia’s big, round tits.
He stripped for her, slowly revealing his fit physique. Lucia was impressed with George’s full-standing erection. Their bodies melded together. Her big tits pressed against his chest as their pelvis’s started a slow and seductive grind. The only barrier between them was her booty shorts. George slid his hand in her shorts, past her bikini bottom to feel her wet sexual desire. Lucia did not disappoint. His fingers were instantly soaked with her desire. He worked her clit like a magician, making her moan in many different ways before he boldly slid two fingers in Lucia’s wet pussy. Their kisses responded in intensity with every new erotic sensation. Looking in her eyes with a full erection, he pulled down her shorts and released the strings on her bikini bottom.
The bed wasn’t far away. Within a minute they were in position for Lucia to taste George’s big, fat, dick while he licked her slick, wet pussy. George’s laps were intense then soft. Lucia greedily bucked to the beat of his arousal techniques. When he slid two fingers inside her, she took his cock completely in her mouth by pushing hard on his tight buttocks. The effect brought about a mind blowing mutual orgasm that shook them both.
“C’mere, you,” George said pulling Lucia close to him so her head rested in the nook of his strong arm. He cuddled her softly and stroked her skin with gentle adoration.
“I’m going to put my need inside of you now, my beauty,” George said softly and tenderly.
“I want you to fuck me hard, George,” Lucia replied.
He circled her navel, feasting his eyes on the beautiful shape she kept her body in. How he adored women that took good care of themselves. He licked his finger and absentmindedly circled her navel, focusing on her strong abs. Her body was like an elegant piece of art. Lucia looked up at him and leaned upward. She tasted George’s admiration as their tongues circled with gentle abandon. As they kissed he slid a hand down the length of her sexy curves.
“Close your eyes,” George whispered.
His strong rough hands took charge massaging her luscious breasts on his way south. George grabbed Lucia’s lean thigh with a strong grip, then slowly inched his fingers up her thigh to cup her hot little pussy. Inserting his thumb in her pussy created a moan and a giggle. When he followed the move by inserting his middle finger in her tight anus, she started bucking. He watched her beautiful body ebb and fall with the impulses of his fingers at the helm. George moved his fingers together like a beak. Lucia went dizzy from the intense sensations. He was like the Captain of her body, making her moan on command with the intensity of his movements, like he had been every step of the way.
Now it was time to fuck his dream girl.
George moved over the top of Lucia and put her long legs over his shoulders. He slowly entered Lucia’s hot, wet, pussy knowing she would feel him very deeply. George looked at her beautiful body, and met her eyes as he pushed in deeper and deeper every stroke, massaging her breasts and tweaking Lucia’s nipples as he pushed inside her sweetness. She greeted each stroke with a power move that left them drifting in a spiral of pleasure. They fucked and they fucked. Then they fucked some more.
It was the beginning of a hot romance that lasted a lifetime.
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