Sarah, The Submissive Co-Worker Gets Punished
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Sarah sat down gingerly at her desk, pondering what had just happened with her mistress. Every time she moved in her chair, her butt plug moved ever so slightly and sent chills throughout her body. The pleasure and the conscious effort not to cum were driving her crazy. She was having a difficult time concentrating on work. All she could think about was that butt plug. It seemed like it had a direct connection to her clit and nipples. They both were so hard and craving to be touched.
Sarah was still trying to figure out how to survive this week of being a slave. She was so conflicted in her feelings. On one hand, she felt so degraded when she was with her mistress but also so alive and turned on. She really couldn’t figure it out. The ring of her phone brought her back to the present.
“Yes, Mr. O’Rourke, I will be right there.”
Sarah had forgotten about her meeting with her mistress and her boss, Mr. O’Rourke, to review the status of the their project with him. She got up, grabbed her files and walked to his office.
As she walked in, Yvonne’s back was facing her, leaning over Mr. O’Rourke’s desk. Yvonne’s shapely ass in the body hugging red dress took her breath away. Sarah could also see the tops of Yvonne’s black hold ups and for a moment, Sarah just wanted to crawl over to her and lick that tantalizing ass.
“Sarah, so happy you could make it,” Mr. O’Rourke said curtly.
“Sorry, Mr. O’Rourke, the day has been such a blur.”
Sarah couldn't help but notice a faint smirk on her mistress’s face as she responded to Mr. O’Rourke. She felt herself turning red.
Sarah stood next to her mistress and leaned over Mr. O’Rourke’s desk as they were all reviewing the results of the project. Mr. O’Rourke was discussing the next steps as her mistress discretely squeezed Sarah’s ass, which moved the butt plug and sent another pleasure wave through Sarah’s body.
Sarah couldn’t help it and let out a low moan. Mr. O’Rourke looked up with concern and maybe a bit of confusion.
“Anything wrong, Sarah?” he asked.
“Nothing, sorry,” Sarah quickly replied.
The rest of the meeting was a blur. Sarah could barely concentrate with her mistress standing next to her. Occasionally, she would catch glimpses of the top of Yvonne’s large breasts practically begging to pop out of Yvonne’s dress. She had to stifle a lusty moan and tried to stay focused on discussing the project with Mr. O’Rourke. On top of that, Yvonne’s sweet perfume was filling her nostrils with desire and every time she moved, the butt plug would perform it’s evil magic of arousing her body.
* * * *
Later that day Sarah walked with trepidation to Yvonne’s office. So far, Sarah had been able to survive the day without having an orgasm or embarrassing herself further even though it got more difficult as the day progressed. Her body was wound tightly and as she got closer to Yvonne’s office, she started getting scared thinking about what would happen next.
Earlier in the day, she called her husband and told him that she would be working late with Yvonne to finish the project. She hated lying to her husband but she didn’t think he would understand.
No one seemed to be around in the office. She purposely waited well past quitting time hoping everyone would be gone. She certainly didn’t like being a slave to Yvonne. It was even worse doing these kinky things in the office with the knowledge that she could get caught at any moment.
Sarah knocked on Yvonne’s closed office door. She tried to stand tall as she was waiting for her mistress to summon her to come in. She could hear her mistress laughing and talking but she wasn’t sure if some one else was the office or if her mistress was on the phone.
Sarah was incredibly aroused and nervous. The butt plug had been sending shivers throughout her body the whole day. Numerous times, other co-workers asked whether she was okay and said that she appeared distracted, if they only knew, thought Sarah. She didn’t know what her mistress had planned for her. She was also worried that other people in the office or her husband would find out about her sexual desires.
Finally, she heard her mistress telling her to come in. Sarah walked into the office with trepidation and saw Ali, one of the company’s college interns, that was working with her mistress on a couple of other projects. Ali was a young thin girl with an olive complexion. Sarah thought she was of Indian descent. She had a bright white smile and many people were impressed with her drive and the way she looked and dressed.
Today, Ali wore a loose fitting light blue blouse showing a glimpse of her breasts with a grey mid-thigh dark skirt with a slit in the front. She had on black stockings and black high heels. She was sitting comfortably in one of the two office chairs facing her mistress’s desk.
“Sit down, my slave,” her mistress commanded.
Sarah was taken aback by the use of the word “slave” in front of Ali.
Her mistress smiled as if she was reading Sarah’s thoughts.
“You might wonder why Ali is here,” her mistress began. “Ali is a very bright and ambitious young girl. She and I have been working very closely together on a number of projects and she has asked me to be her mentor. I was honored since I am very fond of her and her willingness to do whatever is needed to get ahead.”
Yvonne emphasized “the willingness to do whatever is needed” as she spoke to Sarah and Ali.
Yvonne continued, “Ali, also shared some personal details with me and mentioned she was having boyfriend issues. She felt he was taking her for granted and didn’t like that he bossed her around.”
Ali turned toward Sarah and smiled nervously while her mistress spoke.
“I was honored when Ali asked me to be her mentor and shared with me her personal story. It got me to thinking. How could I help her really learn how to be in control and more forceful? That is when I told her about you. Frankly, she was a little shocked but I also noticed that she seemed to be eager to watch and learn.”
“Isn’t that true, Ali?”
Sarah noticed Ali squirm in her seat and also noticed that her skirt had ridden up her legs and the tops of her stockings were showing. Sarah felt a slight tremor surge through her body at the sight of Ali's stocking tops.
“Yes, Ms. Winters,” Ali eagerly replied.
“Today, Ali is going to witness your punishment and maybe even participate. All in the interest of learning to be a better person, of course,” Yvonne coyly replied and smiled.
Sarah sat there and tried to take this all in. Not only was she going to be punished by her mistress but also someone else was going to watch her be humiliated. This was worse than she could ever imagine.
“Now, stand up and take off your skirt and blouse, my slave,” her mistress commanded.
Sarah was embarrassed but reluctantly got up and slowly took off her skirt and blouse. She now stood in front of her mistress and Ali with her bra, her crotch less black mesh panties, her hold ups and her heels. Sarah could already sense how aroused she was at the thought of being humiliated.
“Ali notice how wet she is already,” her mistress commented. “Some people just crave to be directed and serve. You just need to learn how to find them and use them to help you with your own needs.”
“Go ahead, touch her, feel her desire.”
Ali reached out with her hand and brushed her fingertips across Sarah’s breasts. Her nipples instantly hardened against her sheer bra. Ali then traced her fingers down Sarah’s stomach and slowly rubbed Sarah’s crotch. Sarah trembled and let out a low sigh.
“Please don’t,” Sarah moaned, she couldn’t even finish her thought as Ali’s finger touched her exposed pussy lips.
“See, my pet desires to serve,” Yvonne said and laughed. 
“Now face me my toy, so Ali can feel your butt and see why you have been so distracted today.”
Sarah turned around, her ass now directly in front of Ali’s face. She felt Ali’s hands, now more confidently moving across her panties. She even gave Sarah’s ass a little pinch.
“Pull those panties down, Ali, see what this little slut has been hiding.”
Ali pulled down Sarah’s panties and gasped. “So this is why she was so distracted. ” Ali touched the butt plug and twisted it sharply. Sarah gasped with a mixture of pain and pleasure.
“You sure you have never done anything like this before?” Yvonne asked Ali with wonder.
Yvonne then walked over and removed Sarah's bra. Sarah shivered as her mistress's fingers pinched and twisted her nipples. Yvonne continued touching Sarah's breasts and nipples. Sarah was growing weak in the knees and could feel an orgasm building. Then Yvonne smiled and abruptly stopped.
“Now, slave, clean off my desk while I have Ali help me with a few things.”
Sarah heard the heavy clinking sounds of the chains before she saw them. It was an ominous sound. Then she saw the source of the noise. Yvonne had four chains in her hands, each attached to leather cuffs. Ali then got up and attached them to each leg of Yvonne’s desk while Sarah cleared the top of the desk.
“Lie down my slave, time for your punishment. You are never allowed to cum without my permission. Twenty slaps on your bare butt for having sex with your husband and having an orgasm.”
“Oh, did you cum today my slave? Was the butt plug too much for you to handle?” asked her mistress.
“No mistress, it was difficult and I wanted to play with myself but I didn’t,” replied Sarah hesitantly.
Ali began to bound Sarah’s hands to the cuffs while Yvonne bound Sarah’s feet. Her mistress ran her fingers up the inside of Sarah’s legs and Sarah trembled and moaned. Sarah pulled and jerked her arms and legs but she could not get free. She could feel the cool office air assault her swollen wet pussy.
Yvonne stood up and admired her handiwork. Sarah looked so delicious lying across her desk spread eagle. Yvonne smelled Sarah’s arousal or was it hers, she thought. Meanwhile, Ali stood at the other end of the desk, near Sarah’s head, which was sticking out over the edge of the desk. Yvonne had a wicked idea while stroking her clit with her finger.
“Ali mentioned to me that her boyfriend only liked receiving oral sex and not giving it. Since you are so good at licking pussy, I think you should lick Ali’s pussy while I spank you.”
Ali looked up with surprise but then moved closer to Sarah.
“Take off your skirt Ali. No, better yet, strip for my slave. I think she might want to suck on your tits first.”
Sarah looked up as Ali did a slow strip tease for both her and Yvonne. Ali backed up a bit so Sarah could see all of her. Ali began by taking off her blouse, exposing a delicate blue mesh bra underneath. Ali then looked Sarah directly in the eyes as Ali took off her bra. Ali had an amazing set of boobs that took Sarah by surprise. They were dark firm pointy breasts topped with puffy aureolas that begged to be sucked.
Her mistress watched Sarah take the sight in, then commented, “Wait until you see her large delicious pussy lips.”
Next Ali removed her skirt and a matching pair of blue panties. Ali’s pussy was now exposed to Sarah, almost at eye level. Ali had a thin jet-black landing strip leading to very large pussy lips; they almost looked like a flower. An edible flower, Sarah thought.
Sarah was shocked that her mistress had evidently seen Ali naked before.
Ali knelt down as Sarah involuntarily craned her head to get closer to Ali’s boobs. Then all of a sudden, Sarah felt the stinging pain from the first slap on her ass. Then another, and then another hard slap with her mistress’s hand before there was a pause. Sarah still had not sucked on Ali’s boobs even though they were just inches away.
Her mistress started walking around the desk and pulled Ali up. Yvonne then started sucking Ali’s breasts right in front of Sarah. Oh my, thought Sarah, so hot, she had never seen two women together before. She was also a little jealous; she wanted to be sucking Ali’s breasts as well.
Ali and Yvonne then started kissing as Sarah was helplessly tied to the desk watching them. The stinging on her ass was finally subsiding but the sexual yearning was just increasing.
Yvonne then pushed Ali’s ass against Sarah’s face.
“Make her cum, my slave. Rim her ass, I know she likes it.”
Sarah once again found herself licking another person’s rosebud. Just then, she felt another slap on her ass, followed by another. It was beginning to be very difficult to stay focused on pleasing Ali. The stinging on her butt was getting worse and the pain was spreading down her leg. The butt plug now felt like a hot iron rod burning in her ass. Her pussy was strangely aching with desire.
Sarah tried to speak but Ali’s spread butt cheeks covered her mouth and face. She could feel tears beginning to well up inside her as she felt another slap, this one even more painful. Meanwhile, she could hear Ali’s moans of pleasure as she continued to probe and tease Ali. Sarah also felt her juices starting to run down her leg.
Ali then bent over even more, exposing both her rosebud and her beautifully large labia to Sarah.
“Suck, lick, faster, now!” urged Ali as she spread her cheeks even more for Sarah's talented tongue.
Sarah increased her speed. She was so revolted but her own abundant juices gave away her desire. Ali reached down with her fingers and started rubbing her clit and occasionally plunging into her now wet pussy. Together Sarah and Ali worked Ali’s rosebud, pussy and clit while her mistress continued to spank her harder. Tears were coming down Sarah’s face as Ali got closer and closer to having an orgasm.
Sarah couldn’t take it any longer. Her butt was burning both from the hard slaps of her mistress’s hands and the butt plug. She flinched every time she received another blow to her ass. Her nipples felt raw from rubbing against the desk every time she received another blow to her ass. Then suddenly the spanking stopped.
Yvonne stood for a moment and looked. Sarah’s ass cheeks were bright red and almost matched the color of the butt plug. Yvonne could see Sarah’s juices running down her leg and on to her hold ups.
Yvonne was aroused with power and lust. Her nipples were hard under her dress. Yvonne wished she had her strap-on with her now. She wanted to fuck her new found slave senseless but that will have to wait until the weekend, she thought.
“Make her cum, my slave, treat her well and I will let you cum as well,” whispered her mistress as she tenderly rubbed Sarah’s inner thighs making Sarah’s clit throb once again.
With renewed vigor, Sarah’s tongue dove deeper inside Ali’s rosebud and pussy. Then all of sudden, Ali cried out and pushed hard against Sarah’s face as Ali’s body shook and quivered from an intense orgasm. “Oh yes!” Ali cried as she shoved three fingers deep inside her own pussy. Yvonne then grabbed Ali and gave her a deep kiss while squeezing her breasts roughly. Ali pushed back against Sarah's face as the waves of pleasure continued to surge through her body. Ali cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm continued.
"Oh yes!" moaned Ali as her orgasm subsided.
Yvonne smiled. “Well done my slave, now your turn, but not until I let you,” her mistress again whispered.
Sarah then felt her mistress’s hands brush teasingly across her clit, then along her wet lips and finally dancing across her red cheeks. Sarah desperately wanted to cum but she was able to fight the tingles and spasms.
Then Sarah felt her mistress pulling at her butt plug. Her mistress began to pull the butt plug out while her other hands was spreading Sarah’s pussy lips.
“Oh please, mistress, please let me cum!” moaned Sarah. She was pulling and twisting at the ropes to get free. Her body felt like a bomb ready to explode.
“Not yet!”
Sarah’s plug was then pulled out with a pop. Again Sarah had to fight the urge to cum. She clenched her teeth to stifle herself from screaming.
“Ali, I think it is time you spank Sarah as well. It will be good practice as I tease her.”
“Now slave, you can cum but only while my fingers are in your cunt and Ali spanks you. Now beg Ali to spank you.”
"Please Ali, please spank me so I can cum," begged Sarah.
Ali aroused once again, got ready to spank Sarah as Yvonne’s fingers again teased Sarah’s clit and pussy.
“Five hard slaps, Ali,” commanded Yvonne. “Go ahead and start.”
Ali began to slap Sarah’s ass. Ali was enjoying being in charge and was thinking of spanking her husband as she continued to spank Sarah. Meanwhile, Yvonne’s fingers went deep inside Sarah to her g-spot and Sarah instantly had a mind-blowing orgasm. Her body shook and she felt bolts of pleasure and relief surge through her body. She cried out in pleasure even as she was receiving her last blow to her ass from Ali. She twisted and pulled against the restraints trying to get free as her body writhed with incredible pain and pleasure. Ali, then with her own hand fingering her pussy administered the final slap to Sarah’s red ass. Sarah cried out from the sting and then felt her mistress’s fingers rub her pussy and she exploded again with another orgasm. Sarah then blacked out from the intensity and the relief of finally being able to cum.
Sarah woke to a darkened office. Her body still sprawled over Yvonne’s desk. Her butt and pussy were aching. She was physically and mentally exhausted and she tried to gather her thoughts.
She heard the vacuum from the cleaning crew in the distance. Fear and uncertainty struck her; thankfully her hands and feet were unbound. She quickly found the light switch and surveyed the room. She found her skirt and blouse but could not find her underwear. The cleaning crew was getting closer.
She quickly got dressed without her underwear. She straightened out her wrinkled sweat covered blouse. She felt her still hard nipples under her blouse and for a moment she wanted to caress them. She then nervously looked at the big puddle of her juices on the desk. She quickly wiped the desk off with tissues right before the office door opened with the cleaning crew.
The cleaning crew was shocked to see her still at the office. Sarah quickly mumbled an apology for being there so late and began walking out of the office. The cleaning crew stopped her and then pointed to the red butt plug on the floor.
“Is that yours?” they asked with wicked looks.
Sarah quickly grabbed it while turning bright red. She put it in her purse and wondered what further embarrassment she would have to endure.
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