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My phone rang at about 12:30am. It was my mom’s friend Kristine.
“Hey Pete, it’s Kristine. Can you come pick up your mom and I? She was supposed to be our DD but ended up getting drunk with the rest of us! I’ll give you $20!” Kristine kind of yelled into the phone over the noisy bar in the background.
I was home from college for the weekend and was looking forward to doing a little relaxing after a tough week of classes and exams. I decided to not go out with my friends and stay home so as luck would have it, I was home alone and completely sober when Kristine had called.
This was a new thing. My mom had divorced my father during my junior year of high school. It was nothing dramatic but things just were not working out so they decided to split. While I was still living at home, she rarely went out and seemed to just be happier around the house with the constant fights and tension that were always present before the divorce. After I left for college, she reconnected with some friends in the area and got her social life back.
I pulled into the parking lot about twenty minutes after the phone call and texted my mom: Hey, I’m here. Minutes later, she and Kristine stumbled out of the bar. I got out and opened the passenger side doors for them. Kristine climbed in the front and my mom got in the back and kind of laid down across the seat.
“Pete, you have to take me home right now. I don’t feel well at all,” my mom slurred from the back seat. “You can drop off Kristine after, but I have to be home A-S-A-P!”
I’d never seen my mom this drunk so I glanced at Kristine. “Do you mind?”
“No, not at all - she got into some kind of ‘who can take more shots’ with one of the other ladies. Believe it or not - she won! Ha!” Kristine replied.
“Alright, mom, just hang in there. I’ll take you home right now.”
I sped through our little town, hoping my mom would not get sick in the back seat. I got home in record time and helped my mom out of the back seat and into the house. After making sure she was fine, I went back out to the car and found Kristine looking through my center console.
“And what do we have here?” She said in a teasing voice, while holding up a glass pipe. She sniffed the end and closed her eyes - like she was trying to place the scent.
Shit, I’m busted. I had packed it shortly before leaving to pick them up and decided it would be best to wait until after I picked them up to smoke a little weed.
Kristine continues, “You know, I haven’t had any of this since I was in college myself. My husband still smokes every once and a while. He doesn't think I know but remember this, Pete - women know everything.” With that she started cracking up laughing. She continued rummaging around the console and found a lighter. “You mind?”
“Uh, no, of course not. Be my guest,” I replied as I pulled out of the driveway.
Over the next few minutes, nothing was said as Kristine lit and hit the pipe a few times, coughed every time she inhaled the pot. She passed it to me a couple times and soon it was gone.
“Does your girlfriend smoke with you?” Kristine broke the silence, in a very stoned voice.
“I don’t have a girlfriend. So, no,” I replied, “In fact, I’ve never had a girlfriend.” The pot was making me a little more honest and open than I normally would have been with a friend of my mom.
“What? Never?”
“Oh I get it. You’re in college so you can’t be tied down, huh? Just playing the field - no ‘girlfriends’” She put that last part in air quotes.
“No, I mean that I have never really had much luck with girls. I usually end up coming on to strong and chasing them away or missing the signals and missing my chance. Trust me - it’s a running joke with my friends - the stories of me failing to lose my virginity are more fun for them than their own stories of actually getting laid.” I told her, somewhat frustrated now that we were talking about this topic.
“What about that time your mom’s friend gave you a hand job? Don’t they like that story?” she asked.
“Huh? That has never happ…”
Before I could finish my sentence, she put her hand on my crotch. I was wearing mesh shorts so there was very little material between her hand and my cock.
“What are you doing?” I asked, shocked.
“Here’s the deal, Pete. I’m going to be very honest with you for a minute,” Kristine said, her hand still resting on my groin. “I’m really fucked up right now and my piece of shit husband hasn’t fucked me in months. Probably draining his balls in his slutty secretary before he leaves work. So as long as you don’t say a word, literally - do not speak for the rest of the car ride and do not tell a soul about this - I am going to jerk you off and release some of that pent up frustration. Now pull into that parking lot and turn off the car.”
Confused, but rapidly becoming erect, I pulled off the rode and killed the engine. Until this point her hand had only been resign on the front of my shorts. As soon as the car was off, she began rubbing the growing lump in my shorts. As she rubbed, she leaned across the seat to me and kissed and licked my neck below my right ear. She wasn’t wasting time and pulled down the elastic waistband of my shorts with her right hand and reached in with her left to free my cock.
“You have been hiding this your whole life?” she squealed and pulled out my rock-hard, nine-inch penis. “Oh my god, it’s huge. Probably twice the size of my husband’s! Look at this - two hands on it and the head is still poking out! Pete, I’m sorry - you don’t have a choice - this is going to be more than a hand job tonight.”
With that she dropped her head down and began licking the tip of my dick. I was in heaven. No jerk off session ever felt even close to this good. The head barely fit in her mouth but she seemed determined to get as much in as she could. She bobbed up and down, licking and sucking - stroking the four or five inches that didn't fit in her mouth. I never stood a chance. My virgin cock twitched after about two minutes of this treatment and let loose a torrent of cum. I think it surprised her and she choked a little bit on it. She swallowed a lot of it but some escaped and dripped down her chin and onto her shirt.
“Oh fuck. I got cum on my blouse!” She laughed and began unbuttoning her shirt.
I was really embarrassed I had cum so quickly but she seemed completely unphased. She peeled off her shirt and reached back to unhook her bra, freeing her small but still perky breasts. This was the first look I really got at her all night. She was very slim and in great shape. For a forty-five year old woman, she had a body most of the girls in my classes would kill for.
“Get in the back - hurry,” she commanded and hopped between the front two seats into the small back seat of my Honda Civic.
I followed her back and her hands were on my shorts before I could even get settled, pulled them down, along with my boxers. My head was spinning - where was this going? I couldn't believe what was happening but Kristine was in complete control. Her long black hair half-covered her face but the desire in her eyes was unable to be masked. She pushed me back against the passenger-side door and finished pulling my shorts off.
She leaned back against the opposite door, raising her hips and wriggled out of her jeans - leaving her in just some black thong panties. Her jeans bunched around her knees and that seemed to be good enough for her. She left them there and maneuvered herself so she was kneeling, facing me and went back to work on my cock. It had slightly softened after the blow job but she had it back to life in no time.
As she sucked, she went back to work on her jeans and managed to get out of them without losing contact with my dick.
“Alright, big boy, time for me to get mine.” She pulled away from my penis and leaned back in the seat, spreading her legs. “Get down here and lick my pussy. I know you’ve never done this - just give it a shot.”
I dove in, hoping my enthusiasm would make up for my lack of experience. I tongued her vagina with all my heart - licking every square inch, sucking and probing. She squirmed and moaned so I must have done a decent job. After about five minutes, she pulled my face to hers and gave me a deep kiss. Her juices were all over my mouth and she seemed to love it.
“Mmm, I taste so good. Don’t you think?” she said in the hottest tone I’d ever heard outside of a porno. “Alright, time for the main event. Lay back.”
I laid back and she grabbed my cock again. She gave it a few tugs, getting it back to peak hardness. With that, she straddled my hips and lined up the head of my prick with her dripping wet pussy. Slowly, she began her descent. She was tight. She must not have been lying about never getting fucked by her husband’s small cock.
“Oh my god - I feel so full!” she moaned. “I’ll be damned if I don’t get this entire thing inside me though!”
She kept working her pussy, grinding it down on my cock. Nothing had ever squeezed my dick like her pussy was. It was like a soft, wet, vice grip, tightening on every inch of my cock from all directions. Thank god she had blown me already or I would have already cum. There were still about three inches of my cock outside her when she began shaking.
“Oh fuck, Pete, I’m coming all over your big, hard, cock!”
She lost control for a few seconds and ground her pussy down hard, forcing those last few inches and consequently triggering another orgasm. I thought she was going to die she was hyperventilating and sweating so much. She was not adjusted to my size and began riding me. Up and down and in circles, she was a goddess when it came to riding cock.
“It’s your turn. Come inside me, you fucking stud.”
This dirty talk was all I could take. My balls tightened and I released my second load of the night - straight into her unprotected, married cunt. I felt myself shoot again and again, filling her up. She never stopped riding, squeezing me with her pussy muscles, milking every lat drop.
She laid on top of me, breathing heavily with my cock softening inside her cunt. After a few minutes, she sat up and scooted back, letting my cock pop out of her. A stream of cum ran out of her and onto the seat. I didn’t even care. This was a once in a life time opportunity and a little stain would be a worthy reminder.
“Alright, stud. Time to get me home. It’s 2:30am. My husband might start to wonder soon,” she said with a wink.
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