Steph's Descent Ch.06
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Steph decided that she wanted more tattoos. She talked to Fitz about it and he said he’d love to do them for her. She was undecided about what she wanted but Fitz said he had some ideas he’d like to try. Steph decided to trust him and become his canvas.
Her next visit to his tattoo parlour resulted in two new tattoos, around the huge areolae on each breast. The left breast had a sun around it. The flames reached outwards and just about covered the whole FF breast. The right one had a crescent moon around about four fifths of the areolae. Steph loved them.
Fitz said he had a great idea for her back. He’d created a design that he loved but no one had been game enough to have it inked to him or her. He said he’d love to tattoo it onto her. It was a dragon, which began on one shoulder, crossed her whole back, and ended up with its tail wrapped around the opposite leg.
It was a beautiful creation. Steph fell in love with it and decided to let Fitz ink it onto her body. They made a date to begin the following week.
With Steph half naked as a result of her new tattoos Fitz couldn’t help himself. He grabbed her and kissed her with passion. Steph responded with passion of her own. Before long they were naked on the table and Fitz had his huge cock fully inside her cunt.
Steph loved the feeling it gave her. The initial thrust felt wonderful and as Fitz pumped she could feel the gradual build up of sexual energy throughout her body. She had the most magnificent orgasms with him and this time was no exception.
As Fitz thrust Steph got closer and closer until finally she was pushed over the edge. Her whole body shook with pleasure. Fitz responded by dumping his load deep inside her. They were both exhausted by their animalistic sex even though it had only lasted a few minutes. They lay together enjoying the feel of each other’s body.
As she drove home Steph decided that her husband Phil was going to be completely sissified. It gave her a thrill to think that he was going to be transformed into a pretty girl whether he wanted to or not.
She called Amanda to come over. Amanda said she would bring her needles and her piercing gear for some fun. As soon as she arrived Steph had her top off to show off her new tattoos.
Amanda loved them. She ran her fingers over them and gradually moved onto Steph’s nipples. They responded by standing erect. Amanda then said she would pierce them vertically. She got her piercing needles out and without further ado, pierced both of Steph’s nipples. Steph moaned in delight.
She felt the pain of the needle through her very core. It seemed that, finally, her nipples were becoming sensitive. ‘It must be the pain,’ she thought. She told Amanda this and Amanda decided she would test that theory.
She produced a package of needles thin enough for play. “I’m gonna make you scream, sweetie, and then I’ll have you begging for more.”
Steph shivered in anticipation. Amanda took out the first needle and showed it to Steph. “Look at it Steph. Soon it will be poked into your lovely breasts. In fact I’ll push it through your areolae.”
And she did just that. The needle, slowly but surely, entered Steph’s right areolae just next to the nipple. Amanda kept the pressure up until it re-emerged about a centimetre below the initial entry. Steph was mesmerised. She felt the exquisite pain right throughout her body, ending in her clit. She experienced a mini orgasm.
“Ooh, you liked that didn’t you, Steph. You are a real pain slut, aren’t you?”
“Mmm, yes, more please, don’t stop.”
Amanda took out the next needle. It went into her left breast, a mirror image of the first. Steph mewled like a cat and her mini orgasm continued. Another one went on the other side of her nipple, and yet another to mirror that one on her other breast.
Steph’s moaning got louder and more insistent. Her mini orgasm was building into something huge. Amanda kept pushing her needles through Steph’s areolae, one by one. Each piercing had a mirror on the opposite breast.
Steph’s eyes were closed and she was shaking with passion. As a final act Amanda pushed a slightly thicker needle directly into the tip of each nipple. They went in quite deep and they sent Steph completely over the edge. She collapsed into Amanda’s arms.
Amanda lay her down onto the couch. She stripped and helped Steph take off her bottom half. Amanda went straight for Steph’s cunt with her tongue. Steph kept cumming. She was a writhing mess of orgasm.
When she could think straight again Steph grabbed Amanda and brought her head up to her own. Steph kissed her with a passion so great that both women could think only of the pleasure they were seeking both for themselves and their partner.
Steph slunk down and attacked Amanda’s pussy with her own tongue. Amanda was so turned on that she came almost immediately. Steph didn’t let up. She thought she owed Amanda at least another orgasm or two. She kept licking and sucking until Amanda couldn’t stand it any more.
She had to push Steph off. The two lovers just lay there in post-orgasmic bliss happily sharing the moment with each other.
By the time Phil got home from work Steph and Amanda had recovered. They followed Phil to the bedroom where he was going to change out of his work clothes into something more comfortable.
Steph decided that today was the day she would insist upon Phil wearing girly underwear. She told him to strip down completely and that she had something for him to put on.
Amanda taunted, “How’s it going, cage boy?”
Phil didn’t reply. Amanda just laughed and left the room.
Steph said, “Now, Phil, here’s what I want you to wear.”
She showed him a bra and panty set. There was a matching garter belt and some stockings too.
“Put all of these on, Phil. From now on this is the only type of underwear you’ll put on. I’m going to throw out all of your male underwear and replace them with some more suitable things. Since you’ve only got a dicklet that’s barely bigger than a clit, you need to wear women’s things.”
Phil stared in horror at what he was to wear and what Steph had said. But he didn’t argue. He knew that if he ever wanted to get out of his cage he would need to obey her.
“Before you get dressed, though, Amanda wants to give you something.”
Amanda had come back with her piercing kit. She got Phil to lie on a towel on the bed. She looked at his cage and made a decision.
“I’ll be able to do it with the cage on, Steph.”
She took out her piercing forceps and a large needle. She grasped his dicklet and used the forceps to grab the tip of it, pushing one arm of the instrument into his urethra.
“I’d advise you to stay still, Phil. You can never be too careful. It would be a tragedy if I pierced something I shouldn’t.”
As she grabbed his penis with the forceps she threaded the needle through the opening and through the urethra and out underneath the penis. Quickly she threaded a large ring through the new hole she had made. And, just like that, Phil had a Prince Albert piercing.
Before Phil could complain, Amanda used her forceps to pinch some skin behind his testicles. She quickly pierced that as well and put a smaller ring there.
Phil now had his dicklet pierced as well as the skin behind his balls. Steph reached for them and fiddled a bit. When she let go Phil realised that she had secured the two piercings together. His dicklet was now in a cage and secured flat against his torso.
“Now when you put on your panties you won’t have an ugly bulge in them,” she said. “You’ll look much more feminine in tight clothes.”
Steph and Amanda demanded that he put his ensemble on. He looked cute, and quite natural without his male bulge.
They forced him to lie down again and Steph produced a set of handcuffs. She secured his wrists to the bedhead. Then she told him that she and Amanda had been invited to a party where they were the only two women attending.
“I might be home tonight, Phil. If not, be sure you don’t have an accident!”
The two women laughed as they left. Phil felt strange. Logically he knew he should hate being left like this, but he didn’t. He felt a sense of calm. He didn’t have to worry about being the ‘man’ for Steph any more. His little dicklet was safely tucked away and Steph was in control of it.
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