Beth and Reid - Chapter One
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Beth loved her husband very much. Coming up on almost ten years of marriage, she often found herself wondering how she had been so lucky to find such an incredible man. Along with her two beautiful children she often thought that she hadn’t deserved to be so happy and yet could not help but smile and laugh at the friendship and love she enjoyed with her family.
In her early thirties, Beth was a successful artist and specialised in using old, unused furniture and junk to create funky, upcycled decor. It had started as a hobby a few years earlier but thanks to a popular blog and social media presence, she was now having her items bought by international customers and wealthy celebrities. She made a more than modest living and the success of her art practice meant that she was now able to hire some art graduates to help out in her studio and also giving her the chance to spend more time at home - more time with Reid.
A tall man of six foot four, she had always found him very attractive. His height towering over her had always made her feel safe rather than intimidated; along with his well-muscled arms, she would always feel the tensions and stress of the day melt away when he held her. In their younger years of dating he had been tall but lean, but now he had grown into his height, his broad shoulders and back firm to the touch with understated muscle. He had also grown a beard in the last few years and while Beth first thought she would not like it, she had found the opposite to be true. The neatly trimmed beard speckled with grey and ginger gave him a manly, rugged essence that she found surprisingly sexy.
Their sex life had always been good. There had been lulls, as anyone who has been in a long term relationship would know. During both pregnancies, breastfeeding and the early years of her children, their sex life had been put on the back burner, as most new parents would attest. They had, however, kept a close physical connection through that time. Hugs, massages and shared showers saw them both through the stress and sleepless nights that parenthood brought; and while there had been sex, it had felt a little routine. It was only recently that Beth felt things were getting back to normal. With her son beginning school and her daughter out of her toddler years, Beth was finally feeling like a woman again and not just a mother.
“Are you coming to bed?” Reid prompted, switching off the TV and beginning the nightly ritual of locking up the house. Beth nodded and put down the book she had been reading, a small flutter sparking in her belly.
She mused idly that it had been a book that had started it all; what she had gotten into the habit of calling her awakening. She was ashamed and embarrassed to admit it but during all the hype, she had jumped on the band wagon after being lent the now cult novel 50 Shades of Grey, and by her own mother no less!
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