Tuesday Morning 3 AM
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It was early last Tuesday. I am not sure what roused me out of my slumber that time of the night. It was seemingly becoming a habit. What concerned me was the time. A quick peek at the iphone on the bedside table revealed it being just short of three am. Fuck, only an hour before I had to drag my sorry ass out of bed anyway.
I took a long drink of the water next to my bed and slumped back against the pillows. Had it been earlier, as I was becoming accustomed to wake up, one am or an hour later maybe, I would have considered my next action.
Listening to my left, deep relaxed breathing seemed to come form that side of the bed. I briefly considered slowly slipping my hand up those shapely legs. Lightly move it upward to the panty-clad juncture and start a slow stimulation of the sex of the most gorgeous goddess sharing my bed.
Shaking my head I decided against it. If the notion turned tits up, it will leave me frustrated anyway. Slipping from the covers, I stuck my feet inside my slops and head out to the patio. My mind was made up; a cigarette was what I needed. Feeling around for my shit, I slipped the key in the sliding door and as I touch the pack of cigarettes, the lock turned and I slid the door open. A step or two had me exposed to the cool March air.
Though it being three am, it was not really cold. A slight movement of air reminded me I was only in my boxers. It was pleasant and with the moon being three-quarter, it was thrilling to be outside. I slipped a cigarette in between my lips and seconds later the flame touched the tip, allowing me to drag the soothing smoke into my lungs.
My mind turned to my sweetheart lying in bed, sleeping. She almost had me at the point of finally giving up. I turned around when she stepped into my meagre existence. Fuck, it’s been almost six months. Yet, I still indulged in a good old “spliff” every now and then. Yeah, call it a spliff. It’s almost illegal already for me to smoke that close I am to putting it down for good.
Stepping unto the lawn, I looked up toward the moon. It was still bright enough with no clouds or humidity to almost allow you to read a book outside.
The thought of being outside, smoking and the serene conditions had an almost naughty feel to it. I slipped my left hand behind the elastic of my boxers and with a small effort removed my semi hard cock from its confines. Now it felt sexy and jerking myself a few times, I relished the fact that I am doing something illegal.
The rustle of something behind me, and the call came at almost the same time.
“Hmmm?” I whispered back, slightly turning toward her. She was probably going to scold me for smoking. Guiltily I also removed my hand out of my pants; fuck, semi hard.
“You ok?” She questioned in the half-light, her bare arms slipping around my waist. “I woke up and you weren’t in bed so I got worried something might be wrong.”
“I am ok, Sweetness, just woke up for some reason,” I returned, blowing smoke into the moonlight.
Her body slipped halfway around me and caught the offending hand on it‘s way to my mouth, gently removing the butt from between my fingers.
Shooting it into the flowerbed, she admonished me with a soft voice, “You should not do it, you know it’s not good for you.”
Tilting my head on hers now leaning on my shoulder, I smiled and, slipping my left hand around her, I pulled her small frame into my larger one. Her small soft hands zoned in on the sensitive patch just below my neck, softly caressing me with slight fingertips. The featherlike touches caused the hair on my back and arms to stand to attention, the attention this woman suddenly demanded of my body.
We remained standing like that for a few moments, bathed in moonlight, our hearts connecting in a joint rhythmic beat. Along the side of her neck, I witnessed the moonlight reflecting of her soft supple skin, exuding warmth and the soft odour of a woman just returned from her slumber.
I felt my cock swell at the awareness of the sensations flooding my body and us both, as if by joint decision, tilted out faces toward each other. Her soft lips met mine with heated sensations transferring between the respective sets, hers moist and mine urgent. Both seeking, testing, urging, demanding, fighting, admitting, tasting… both victorious the moment allowed ourselves to be consumed by tenderness, want and even as far as greed.
Slipping my arms beneath the sheet wrapped around her, seeking with knowing hands, I realised her naked vulnerability. Folding my hand around her butt, she gasped into my mouth, her breathing suddenly sped up, racing against the sensations travelling up her spine and laterally around her hips to the furnace lighting up between her legs.
I was hungry, she was coming into heat. We both knew what would be happening soon. Her lips broke of mine and our eyes met; her consent clear, no fear, just determination and lust.
With both of us semi naked, the time, the atmosphere set by nature, we both realise, unwittingly, we have come to the entrance to a fantasy the need for long since expressed by us both.
Pulling her close, her thumbs immediately forced entry inside the elastic of my shorts, wriggling it down. As the garment slipped down, she followed it, holding my eyes with sheer determination. The ribbing of the shorts stretched around my hardness, then it slipped free. The sudden exposure made my cock twitch, had it standing proud, daring touch and enjoyment.
Realising my cock was free, she let go of the garment to find its own way to around my ankles. Taking her time, studying the glimmer of the moon on my engorged flange, she leaned in and offered a tentative lick at the translucent drop perched on its top. The drop stuck, held onto her tongue, stretched with her as she leaned back and connecting her to me by a thin salty string. Her hands moved up, gently cupped my sack, squeezed gently, watching my reaction intently, drawing response, willing me to admit the glorious torture, willing me to succumb, to submit, to enjoy.
I gasped at her touch and she smiled softly, then leaned in to consume my hardness to within her being, pursing her lips around my girth, swallowing with pride and purpose. Her sole objective; to fulfil the deepest desires of the man towering above her.
She swallowed deep, without urging, without effort, but with only hunger to please and enjoy the opportunity to render utmost pleasure.
Squatting on her haunches, her hands held onto my buttocks flexing with each gulp she took of my hardness. Sliding me in and out between her lips slowly, she swallowed almost all of me without effort, helped herself deeply to her own enjoyment, looking up frequently to gauge the effect her ministrations had on me.
My abs flexed with each and every breath, stroke, and sensation. My buttocks flexing to offer more with every inward stroke, she took it all with no effort.
Slipping a hand to beneath the mass hanging below my cock she upped her efforts and slowly massaged my orbs, rolling it around in her hand. My head long since tilted back, my face up toward the moon, only the sounds of her effective efforts making me aware of what is transpiring, I realised her efforts were turning toward hasty and sloppy. She knew me so well and it indicated to me her determination to bring me to an explosive finish.
But I held back and grabbed her gently by her hair, removing reluctantly the source of almost unbearable ecstasy of my highly charged cock. She looked up with a guilty smile and in realising my intent, pulled herself up on my arms, turning her lips upward for me to taste myself on her lips.
The time had come to return the favour and I picked her up by her buttocks, her legs swinging around me. We stood like that for a few long moments, kissing softly before I bent my knees to let her down onto the cover.
Letting her down gently, we remained fused to each other lips, kissing passionately in the soft light of the three-quarter moon. Though not directly joined at the groin any more, I still sensed the urgent moving of her hips as if searching for my exposed cock.
With her back toward the moon, waiting expectantly, observing me awestruck, I sat back on my heels and observed her in return. The moon lit up each and every soft contour of her body, the twin mounds of her breasts, crowned in their own splendour with two dark areola’s from which protruded slightly puffed but nevertheless rock hard nipples begging to be suckled.
Touching her soft orbs gently, lightly pinching each nipple, my fingertips traveled down to her flat stomach. My gaze tilted down and followed my fingertips on their journey down south.
Down past her navel, my peripheral vision absorbed something, sending urgent messages to my brain. Way out of chronology, my eyes dropped toward her mound only to observe the area bathed in moonlight, void of any hair and shining as if polished. The message and the visual suddenly came together and I gasped, my cock twitching at the reality. I then realised the picture I paint for her as well, naked, cock jutting out, washed in the rays of the moon.
When meeting her eyes I realised she had long since gone past the part of reality and only need remained in her pleading eyes. Her legs could barely keep still and her body was wriggling slowly like a snake slowly uncoiling in restless anticipation. Her chest was heaving under the pressure of her own lust and it seemed as if her skin was turning slightly clammy in the exertion her body forced her to experience.
Refocussing on her mound, a lazy finger drifted down to the apex of her labia, lightly teasing the smooth surface, hesitant to dip down and search for the core of her lust. I realised then the slow sensual torture I was effecting on her as my finger threatened to enter the soft warm cleft of her mons.
I pulled my hands away and while lowering myself, used my hands to move her legs wide apart. Looking at her I saw her anticipation. Her breathing was becoming fast as the expectation of my next move took effect inside the chaotic confines of her brain. She knew what would happen next. She knew she would cum quickly, her orgasm would overpower her and she would be left in a state of delirium once my mouth fused to her wetness. She knew she would flow abundantly but she also knew how much I would enjoy absorbing her orgasmic secretions. She also knew, that at the height of her ecstasy, I would suddenly slip a finger inside her forbidden entrance, causing her to call unto the universe her powerful and glorious release.
In her eyes I also saw the realisation that her release will be powerful as only I could trigger it. She knew, and her eyes were telling me as much, that at the height of her release, I would take her quickly and mercilessly, hard and fast, deep and demanding till even I couldn’t take any more and, drench her overheating sheath in my own pent up release.
She knew the sheet would be drenched when I eventually bent down and kiss her deeply….
Blinking in the moonlight she inhaled slowly… my cue and then my mouth fused to her drenched loins and the journey began.
Much later, with her legs still soft clamps around my waist, the last firmness of my cock still inside her, her arms tightened their grip as I lifted myself and her from the sheet. Her eyes looked deep into mine, laden with emotion, never wavering from mine, questioning somehow, asking unspoken words, never pushing for answers.
Holding her tight after lifting us both into a standing position, I turned around and headed for the bedroom… Yes, our bedroom...
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