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My friend Jane used to work at a beauty school. Occasionally one or two of the students would rent rooms from her in her four bedroom apartment. One day she called and asked if I could help her newest roommate, Sarah, move in. Sarah had just caught her live-in boyfriend in bed with another woman and needed to move out immediately. I worked out avidly at the time, and a major drawback of having that body type is people ask you to all the time to help them move.
I agreed to help and got the location from Jane. Putting on my work jeans and a tank top, I jumped in my car and headed their way. When I arrived, the two ladies were moving bags of clothes into the back of a truck. I walked toward them and Jane put down her bag to introduce me to Sarah. Sarah was in her mid-twenties, a few years younger than Jane. She had ravishing red hair and the whitest skin. Her eyes were puffy from crying, but she was still incredibly sexy in her cut off sweatpants and Red Sox shirt.
I asked them how I could help and for the next couple of hours I moved Sarah's bags, boxes and furniture into Jane's apartment.
Finally. around six in the evening we were done. They thanked me for my help and I drove off.
The following day I received a text message from a number I didn't know. It was Sarah, asking if she could take me to dinner for helping her move. I agreed to meet her, hoping that dinner would lead to something else.
I got to the restaurant first and sat in a booth in the corner. When Sarah arrived, she was much more primped than the day before. Her red hair was styled in curls, and she wore blood-red lipstick to match. Draped over her body was a green summer dress that highlighted her curvy breasts and hips as she walked toward the table.
The dinner conversation was pretty tame. She talked about why she chose beauty school and that she had been with her ex-boyfriend for over three years. Toward the end of the conversation, she angrily murmured something about having forgotten what sex with a real man was like. Half-joking I told her that I could help her with that if she wanted. Surprisingly, she replied that she'd take me up on the offer and within minutes we paid the tab and headed to the parking lot.
Driving in separate cars, I rushed to meet her again at the apartment. Jan and the other roommates were not home yet. Still, we spent very little time getting to her bedroom, which was still in shambles and boxes.
We turned on some music and moved items off her bed to make a space for what was about to come. In one move she discarded her summer dress, exposing a milky white body covered only in a black g-string. Her nipples looked like brown Hersey kisses prodding out of firm, B cup breasts. Very impressive.
I took off my shirt to expose my relatively clean shaven and hard-worked chest. By her smile I could tell she was also impressed with me as well. We closed in with our hands ravishingly touching each other. Her hand slid down the front of my jeans and started to run her fingers up and down my quickly growing cock.
I told her she needed to take off her panties and get on the mattress. As she followed my request, I ditched my jeans and flip flops, standing in front of her at full attention.
She laid on her stomach with her head perched in her hands, smiling.
As I meandered near, she mentioned that she wanted my cock in her mouth, and I told her to lay on her back so I could play with her pussy while she blew me. Helping her, I moved her on her back with her head hanging a little off the mattress.
I slowly pointed my cock toward her jaw until I could feel her tongue against my erection. Reaching over her body, I caressed her dark-red landing strip of hair that was styled near her well-trimmed pussy. I slowly entered my fingers, feeling the dryness of her outer skin disappear as my finger tips entered her wet pussy.
The way she was laying left me in control of how much she could really take of my cock in her mouth at once. Moving my hips in and out, I slowly fed my cock into her mouth as her body squirmed from my fingers on her other end. Occasionally, I moved my hips in close, seeing how much she could take, stayed there for a second or two and then withdrew as she gasped for air.
Finally I told her it was my turn and I wanted to taste my first red-head pussy. Laughing, she spun around as I crawled on the bed and used my muscular arms to spread her legs wide. With one finger I put pressure above her mound, exposing her swollen clit. Turning my head a little to the right, I started licking her clit and pussy, taking her lead on if I should go faster, slower, harder, or softer.
Based on the songs playing, I enjoyed eating her pussy for about ten minutes. Toward the end her groans turned to words, and as she grinded her pussy into my face, Sarah let me know that it had been a long time since she came from oral. With that said, she started to shiver and released herself within a great orgasm.
That was my cue to replace my mouth with my cock in her pussy. I crawled up over her body, put on a condom, and put the tip of my dick between her pussy lips. Slowly I entered her. Groaning, she tore her fingernails into my back driving me into her deeper. I started my rhythm, raising my hips as high as I could without exiting her pussy and then diving in and arching my abs toward her for maximum penetration. Again and again we did this, loving the moment as our hands explored each other. I reached my hands forward to grab the edge of the mattress for better stability, which caused us both to grunt louder.
In time I told her I needed to take her from behind, so she needed to get on her hands and knees toward the end of the bed. Seeing her lovely white ass made me even harder, which at this point I thought was impossible.
Grabbing her hips, I slid to the hilt into her super wet pussy. She kept pushing back to meet me with each thrust, savagely engaging in the sexual act.
I moved one hand off her sweaty hips so my thumb could start exploring her ass. Surprisingly, she grabbed my hand to move it back to her hip. Remembering that she mentioned earlier she wanted to be fucked by a real man, I swatted her hand away and slapped her ass leaving an imprint of my palm. I then placed my thumb on her asshole and pushed down while shifting my weight forward, forcing her to collapse off her hands and knees flat onto her belly and chest. As my thumb entered her ass to the first digit, I started pumping into her pussy with a reckless abandon. She gasped, a little taken aback, then started breathing hard and fast. I kept pounding into her body to the point where the mattress felt like it might give in.
Sarah started to speak and then loudly screamed for me to go hard and not to stop; she was cumming hard and didn't want me to slow down.
I also couldn't last anymore and quickly asked where she wanted me to cum. She said she wanted to watch me do it, so I got off of her and flipped her over. Crawling over her to about her knees, I ripped off the condom and shot my load on her belly, one shot toward her breasts, and the rest around her hips. Exhausted, I collapsed on her meeting her mouth with a big kiss.
Sarah and I met up a few more times, but the excitement from the first time makes it a story to remember.
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