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"Wass up, Wass up?"
Katie heard the words before she noticed the tall, sexy, black man who said it. He was walking behind her towards the other side of the bar. Katie looked over in surprise. He had long dreds, a satin purple shirt on, and tight, tight jeans. Her eyes went straight for his package. When Katie finally raised her eyes, she met Marquis's big brown eyes and felt an instant connection between them. Oh yeah, this man was hot and deserved a little attention. Or maybe a lot.
Katie was not use to pursuing a man. They fell in her lap. So much so, that women would pull their men away if Katie came too close. She was a stunner with long, curly, red hair and a very curvy, Marilyn Monroe type figure. Her curves were full and voluptuous. The colorful dress she wore, accented them.
Katie couldn't keep her eyes off of Marquis. He licked his full, sensuous, lips and threw back his head haughtily, laughing at a joke the bartender told him.
"Alright! Alright!" she heard as Marquis turned and stared deeply into her eyes. His eyes didn't waver. His stare was intense and powerful.
The gesture created a small gush in her pussy.
Marquis looked over and decided he wanted the curvy slut that was looking at him with interest. His cock twitched at the thought of hittin that. Marquis contemplated whether to make her work for it, or to smooth her over with his natural charm. She looked ripe. He felt his sadistic streak raise its head. He would make the slut work for it.
After giving her a full on, sensuous stare, full of promise, Marquis walked outside. He didn't say anything to Katie or do anything to encourage her to join him. Not often passed over, Katie thought about her options. Did he leave? Would he be back? Her wet pussy urged her to follow and quickly.
When Katie walked out of the backdoor of the pub, Marquis was leaning against the wall. The dimly lit lantern above him accented his impressive biceps.
"Looking for someone?" he asked with a slow grin.
"No, I'm just a, I dunno, getting some air," Katie said looking over at him with a sudden shyness.
They stood there in silence. Katie wondered if Marquis was even interested. As she turned to go back inside, he put his arm around her waist and pulled Katie into him. His hard on pressed against her impressive cheeks, tucking her tight, party, dress in deep.
"Ohh, yes," Katie mouthed, unable to do anything but give in to the erotic emotion.
She wiggled in to his hard on and whimpered. Not being able to help herself Katie started gyrating against Marquis's big, hard, manhood. He was big. Nice and big. With one hand he turned her face and kissed her sweetly. Seductively. His hard cock ground into her gyrating ass, over and over again.
The door opened and some people came outside. They were laughing and smiling as they glanced over at the attractive couple.
A neon sign glittered down the block, casting a sensuous invitation. Marquis took Katie's hand and led her in the direction of the sign. Not a word was spoken. He paid and they went up to the room.
"I'm going to fuck you in every part of this room, you sexy bitch!"
"Oh, baby, please do," was Katie's eager reply.
One of the things that Marquis liked was fucking women when they were half clothed. This was one of those times. So when Katie started to take her dress off, he stopped her.
"Let me call the shots gorgeous."
They moved over to a chair facing a desk that had a large mirror behind it. Marquis pulled Katie close to him with one hand like he had before. He again started grinding his hard shaft against her ass.
"Look at you sexy, look how gorgeous you are!"
Marquis pulled Katie's tits up and over the confines of her dress. They were big and round with full, swollen, dark nipples that were very tight and hard.
He teased, toyed and played with them while she watched. Next he brought her luscious tits to her mouth.
"Suck on your nipples for me!"
"I'm not sure I can," Katie replied.
Marquis pushed Katie's tits up to her mouth and watched her lick and nibble on them.
"Oh yeah, that looks so hot gorgeous! Suck um good!"
Marquis took his big cock out of his pants and lifted the back of Katie's tight, pink dress so it sat around her waist. They were both still looking in the mirror.
"You've got one hell of a nice ass slut! And you're such a good girl!"
He flicked a switch and music filled the room. Marquis put his large, strong hands on Katie's amazing ass.
"Make that ass dance! Shake it for me! Show me what you got going on girl! Go faster! Bigger circles! That's it! Shake that hot sexy ass!"
Marquis slowly slid one hand underneath her.
His big black hand was cupping her pussy now. Then Marquis started fingering Katie wildly.
"Yes, oh fuck yes, please," Katie called out.
Marquis slid two big fingers in her pussy and started pounding Katie, faster and faster with ever increasing speed and intensity. He finger fucked her hard and wild and fast.
"I'm cumming, oo mann, ahh, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh," Katie cried out.
Katie rode Marquis's fingers loudly, absorbing the full intensity of her orgasmic release. When she settled down, Marquis looked at the girl he picked up, with a satisfied grin.
"Are you ready for my big cock babe?"
Katie was more than ready to feel this sexy, gorgeous man's cock inside her.
"You need my big, fat, cock, don't you babe? You need to know what it's like to be fully, satisfied don't you babe, and I mean fully?"
He wrapped her long red hair in his fist as he spoke. When she didn't answer he gave his wrist a snap, jerking her head and said it again.
"You like my big, fat, cock, don't you slut. Answer me!"
"Great, because you're going to get fucked real good. Put your foot on the chair and spread those sexy legs."
Marquis's big cock loomed between them. When Katie looked in the mirror she noticed how hard her nipples were and how her sexy body arched in preparation for Marquis's big cock.
He pulled down Katie's panties and left them around her knees. While Katie watched, her lover positioned his hard cock between her legs and pushed inside Katie slowly. Their eyes locked in the mirror in front of them.
She felt his strength and moaned as Marquis went deeper and deeper. When she closed her eyes for a minute, he pulled on her hair roughly and said, "Watch slut! Watch me fuck you raw!"
Their movements soon became strong and wild. Katie's long, red, hair became a harness, emphasizing each passionate thrust. It didn't take long for Katie to gush around Marquis's big, black cock.
"Good girl. Sit on the chair and lick me clean, beauty."
Katie started sucking his cock with swift, rhythmic movements.
"Taste your sweet cunt on my cock!"
Marquis grew harder and harder in her mouth.
"Now kneel on the chair and stick that sexy ass right out. Arch baby."
Katie moved her sexy curves into position.
"Yeah, that's it slut. Show me your sexy round cheeks."
He picked up the chair and turned it sideways.
"Look in the mirror!"
Katie turned to look at the precise moment Marquis slid his big cock half deep in her ass.
"I've never," Katie said, with an innocent look on her face.
Marquis watched the expression on Katie's face as his fat cock started to fill her.
"Now you will baby," Marquis said as he kept pumping and pumping til he went deeper and deeper.
The pain and pleasureful look on Katie's face spurred him on. Finally Marquis popped in deep and started fucking the red head like a wild man. They fucked and fucked and fucked. The mirror picking up each movement was a total turn on for them both. She was so tight and so new. Marquis wanted to fuck her ass for hours. Suddenly his hot jizz seeped from his big shaft and filled her round cheeks.
Marquis pulled out and spread her cheeks. His load of wet, white, cum started dripping from her ass.
"Look how much you turn me on sexy," he said as they both watched his cum drip from her perfect ass.
"C'mon, let's go shower off. You're not going anywhere. I'm going to fuck you til you can't walk, in every single part of this room, and in ways you've never ever dreamed of."
In a lustful trance Katie followed Marquis to the big walk-in shower. This was going to be one wild ride.
He was true to his word. They fucked everywhere. When she woke up two days later every single part of her body hurt so good. He had used her, manipulated her, teased her and had driven her hard. Like an overpriced hooker. She loved it.
As Katie cuddled up with Marquis he turned to her and said, "Babe, I have appointments today. But I want to see you tonight. Be at my house at 9:00 pm. Wear something that will make my cock hard."
The stud handed Katie his address, kissed her passionately and off they went to their respective cars.
Katie hugged herself as she walked into the lingerie store. She was thrown off guard at how extremely attracted she was to the tall, black man that had rocked her world for two days straight.
She had purchased a few items, including a red halter baby doll with a low sweeping back and a designer netted see through lace teddy in black, when she spotted it.
The teddy was an erotic masterpiece. Katie held it up in front of her sexy curves while looking in the mirror. She decided that this dark pink, plunge teddy that outlined her gorgeous breasts and fit around her cheeks like a g string leaving her full round booty exposed was a perfect choice.
Katie prepare for her man with devotion. She went to the gym, had a massage, a steam and then had her hair styled at a salon.
The limo picked her up at 8:15. She sat quietly in the back, deeply enjoying her lustful thoughts of the man who had thrilled her. Her short, polka dotted fitted jacket covered her stunning lingerie and showed off her shapely long legs.
When the limo stopped at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Katie was surprised. She was greeted at the door by a cute, small, blonde, girl with double ds and a 23 inch waist wearing a sheer, purple, halter babydoll.
"Um, is Marquis home?"
"I'm right here doll."
Marquis came from behind the petite blonde and gave Katie a deep sensuous kiss.
"Oh this is Candy," he said dismissively.
They walked into the massive sunken living room. A very large, fit black man was sitting on the sofa with a petite asian beauty draped over him. He was wearing boxers and she wore a very sexy, black, sheer babydoll, similar to the one Katie had just bought. Tyrone was a very big man, with a moustache and a goatee. He head was hairless and it suited him well. Everything about Tyrone was smooth and sexual. His movements, his look and his manners were very relaxed and sensual. Both men had a beautiful set of white teeth that were on full display every time they smiled.
"This is Cashmere. Cashmere say hi to our guest."
The stunning asian beauty's body was revealed in the lace see through babydoll when she got off the sofa. Her exposed nipples were hard and looked ready to be sucked and nibbled on.
Cashmere stood up and kissed Katie full on the lips, then traced her tongue along her lips.
"Hi!" she said shyly sitting back down and reattaching herself to Tyrone.
"So, you've met all my roommates now. Tyrone, Candy and Cashmere are great people. The more you get to know them, the more you'll like them."
Katie wondered how close the roommates actually were. She sat down with her coat on, feeling suddenly shy. She had thought it would be just her and him.
"Candy. Help Katie off with her coat."
"Sure babe," Candy said sitting beside Katie on the sofa.
They watched as Candy untied the knot on the coat and revealed the stunning lingerie that Katie was wearing. Both men whistled as her sexiness was revealed.
"Ewww, weee, you are so gorgeous babe, I want you all to myself."
Marquis stood up and walked over to Katie offering her his hand.
He looked at his roommates and said, "Excuse us please, we have some catching up to do."
With those words he put his arm around Katie and led her away. They walked down a long hallway and entered the second last room on the right. The room was pure white.
"Wow, what is this all about," Katie asked taking in the stark white features of the room. It held a white mini bed and a narrow lucite table. All around her was a screen.
"This is my holodeck room gorgeous. I'm very proud of it. The screens are angled to a 45 degree angle for the full 3D effect. A hundred and fifty speakers along with specialty lights are wired into this room to make it an amazing playroom. Would you like me to give you a demonstration?"
Marquis started turning dials and switches. Hard rock, soulful jazz, blues, hip hop and other various tunes filled the room. Then colours and swirls of designs captivated the space, followed by nature scenes, all in a 360 degree surround sound 3-D format.
"For a full 3D effect try these contacts on and I will too."
Katie, ever impressed by the erotically stimulating turn of events, submissively followed Marquis's lead.
The supply station was inside a caveat off the main room. When the door closed and Katie emerged with her new contacts on she was totally immersed and cyber loafing in a vibrant, exotic space where she had nothing to do, but enjoy. The changing colorful swirls vibrated and shifted to the beat of the music. It was all around her; in and out of every part of her. The continuous bursts of light swirling doodles and vibrating sounds were all consuming and heady. Dreamy! And definitely not reality as we know it.
Together on the sofa Marquis gathered Katie in his arms and kissed her deep and tenderly. The bursts of color and sound allowed the couple to immerse deeper and deeper into each other's sexuality.
"You can be so sweet and yet so wild my sexy lover," Katie said softly between their loving, tender kisses.
"Wanna get wild babe? Set the pace! Or do you want to make sweet tender love, or maybe both?" Marquis asked showing off his brilliant smile and amazing white teeth. His eyes sparkled as light and sound flashed across his handsome features.
They were on the sofa. Katie was underneath him. Their kisses became more intense; an expression of their lust for each other. Their pelvises ground together. Katie craved to feel Marquis inside of her again. She felt the emptiness and wanted him so bad.
"I'm going to peel that extremely sexy lingerie right off of your hot, gorgeous, body, beautiful!"
Katie turned around showing of her toned, tanned, exposed cheeks. She felt it tighten when Marquis pulled on the thin material between the crack of her ass, making it move deeply into her ass and pussy.
"Ooohhhh, yeahh," Katie said, surprised at how a small gesture could illicit such excitement.
He unraveled the sheer fabric from the belt and pulled it down. Her handsome lover then turned Katie around. He slid one side of the halter covering her breasts slightly to the side to reveal a plump nipple ready to be plucked.
"Marquis, fuck me hard. Give me that big, hard cock of yours. I want it so bad honey."
His mouth ravaged her tits roughly; his facial hair scraping her. The both got up. Amid the lights and sounds Marquis guided Katie to the lucite table. It was vibrating color to the beat of the music.
"Lay down on here beautiful and I'll take you for a ride," Marquis encouraged.
"Let's see what else you have here," Katie said, moving quickly over to the console.
Marquis was caught unawares.
Katie started flicking switches, in turn creating wild visual effects, until she landed on one where a massive orgy was enfolding around her. Soulful sexy beats took up the background. She stood mesmerized looking at the images all around her. The lucite table was still flashing beats of color. The orgy was spectacular.
"Leave it there, and lay that hot, sexy, body down on the table," Marquis commanded.
The room was echoing with sound and color to the beat of the music. The colors kept changing underneath her. Around them attractive bodies were adoring each another. Their mouths, and hands and wild need filled every space and appeared in 3D everywhere the couple looked.
The lucite felt cold against her firm cheeks as it flashed colors in response to the music. Katie felt vulnerable, yet beautiful as she lay there. The effects were so dreamy and added so much excitement.
Their fuckathon had reached new heights.
"Get on all fours, scooch that sexy ass to the end of the table. I'm gonna fuck you so deep you scream babe."
Marquis did exactly that. He satisfied Katie by filling her full of hot meat. He fucked her on all fours, for a long time, then turned her over so Katie had one leg over his shoulder while he penetrated her. They gazed deep into each others eyes as Katie moaned her release over and over again.
"You look very appetizing," Marquis said after her third climax. He grabbed her legs and swung them over his shoulder driving her clit wild as he brought her to yet another orgasm.
Then he tilted her legs behind Katie's head. Her toned, tight, ass pointed straight to the sky. Katie's head tilted to the side. She saw people fucking all around her. With an intent look on his face Marquis moved above her and penetrated her raised, tight, ass deep, while half standing and kneeling on the table. The table shook and the vibrations changed and adjusted to the steady hard pounding her ass was taking. Katie loved the new feelings and thrills.
Then to her surprise, Katie began to see images flashing before her, intermittent, between the orgy scenes. These images weren't in 3D though. The images were of Marquis's roommates in the next room. The last room in the hallway. The images flickered with the pounding thumps of Marquis's relentless hard thrusts. He was watching her ass shake as he pounded into it. Yes, it was definitely Tyrone, Candy and Cashmere acknowledged Katie.
Katie was unnerved when she found the girls were looking directly at her, in staccato, to the pounding of Marquis owning her sexy ass. She didn't know if she felt turned on, or violated. Katie was too high on emotion to deal with it then, so she relaxed and enjoyed the moment of wild ecstasy.
The image she saw was of Tyrone leaning over a table and eating Candy's pussy with his gorgeous big lips and very long tongue. Behind him was Cashmere with a long, neon red, strap on attached to her sexy, petite frame.
Katie was even more turned on by the images, than she was of the orgy around her. When Cashmere entered Tyrone's ass, Katie creamed, gushing moisture all around Marquis's cock. He came a few strokes later, turned his head and finally noticed the flashing images of his roommates. Tyrone was just exiting the room.
When Marquis pulled out of Katie the images of his roommates was no longer visible. Smiling Katie guided Marquis to the console.
"She me how to turn this off," she whispered quietly. He turned it off for her and the room returned to its original white landscape.
It became Katie's turn to become bossy.
"Go after Tyrone. They took advantage of me, now it's my turn," she said sternly.
"I saw you had ear buds at the contact station. Give one to Tyrone and take one for yourself. He's going to entertain us now. You want to see me again right? It's only fair. And I want to be on fair ground. We can laugh about it later. You do want a later don't you Marquis? Katie asked sexily showing off her luscious curves and amazing body with the brush of her fingertips.
Marquis decided she looked more amused than mad, but he had no doubt she would hightail it out of there if he didn't comply. This was a turning point, and his ass was now hers.
Marquis reluctantly agreed and caught Tyrone outside the room. He explained how Katie must have removed the watcher's room's privacy tab when she was flicking switches and had discovered their voyeur attention. The vibrations of their hard core fucking must have moved the switch. He would have to check it later, but for now Marquis needed Tyrone's help holding on to the hot babe that fucked his cock so damn, good.
Tyrone walked into the room and kissed both girls. The view to the holodeck room had vanished. The girls asked Tyrone what might have happened to the holodeck. Tyrone shrugged.
"They must have left, or put it on private."
"Never mind, I'm ready for more bitches," he said, mouthing the exact words Katie told Marquis to tell him.
The girls turned their head in surprise. Tyrone was their bitch. They commanded him and told him what they wanted. Didn't he enjoy being submissive? What changed?
Surprised, the girls nevertheless decided to follow Tyrone's lead. It would be an interesting variation.
"Lay down Cashmere!"
Tyrone proceeded to lick and kiss every inch of her sexy body, while Candy watched him.
"She looks soo good, doesn't she Candy? I want to watch you eat her. I want to see you taste her. You'll do this one thing for me, won't you babe?" urged Tyrone.
The girls were visibly turned on, and he could see they were considering the idea. They got along very well and neither wanted to hurt each other's feelings.
It was not something they had done before. Turned on by their stud's commanding, dominate change of attitude, the beauties reluctantly agreed. They told each other they would try it, just for fun. Before long both girls were getting right into it, moaning and orgasming while Tyrone played with their tits and asses, stimulating and working them through each orgasm. When they finally got up into sitting position the girls looked at each other sheepishly.
"I think I came non stop Candy!"
"That was wild. You licked me so good Cashmere. I'm still pulsing."
"This changes everything," the girls said in unison looking dreamily into each other's eyes. It was as if they were seeing each other for the very first time.
Tyrone kissed and hugged both girls.
Katie watched the unfolding scene with a smug look on her face. She was drunk with power.
"Tell Tyrone I want to see a nice creampie. First I want the girls to stimulate Tyrone's big, throbbing, cock, together. Then I want Tyrone to fuck Cashmere while Candy licks him and her. Get a good angle. I want a clear view of Candy gobbling up Tyrone's cum from Cashmere's pussy."
Marquis and Katie cuddled and played with each other as they watched. Katie kneeled on the table while Marquis stood behind her. They were in a position to be able to fuck and watch as Candy licked Cashmere's pussy and Tyrone's cock. It was an erotic sight.
"Tell Tyrone to cum now!" Katie said watching Marquis repeat the comment for Tyrone's ear bud.
Tyrone did what he was told. He was a good submissive. He could cum on command.
"Tell her to milk your cock with her pussy."
Katie waited until he was finished.
Katie told Marquis to tell Tyrone to pull out now.
"Keep some in your mouth," Tyrone instructed on command.
Candy felt Tyrone's warm, wet, cum gush out of Cashmere's pussy onto her face as she lapped up the liquid. He had dropped a big load of cum and she was able to keep some of it in her mouth.
On Tyrone's command, Candy dropped Tyrone's salty, sweet, mix from her mouth into Cashmere's mouth. The trail of liquid completed a two foot drop.
Marquis and Katie climaxed at the sight.
Later that evening when the five sexy friends lounged around in front of the fireplace, laughing and telling stories, Marquis had a question for Katie.
"You know, we have a spare bedroom, in case you, you know, do you wanna?" asked Marquis.
Katie turned to Marquis and said laughingly, "I thought you'd never ask."
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