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I watched her walk back up the stairs and my eyes were glued to that perfect ass. As her feet met the final step, she turned back at me.
She blew me a kiss. "Come on, Tony. We both know you want to have sex with me and the football zombies are gonna be stuck watching the game for at least another hour," she told me, bringing her fingers to her slit.
She played with it as I just sat back and watched. Her fingers slipped in between her pussy lips with her mouth wide open.
"Wander over into my room and stick your dick inside some barely legal pussy, Tony," she moaned, bringing her drenched fingers to her mouth.
She stuck them right in there and closed her eyes. Her head slanted back and forth as if she was sucking on a cock.
She opened her mouth with her fingers still in there. "Oh, yes, Tony. What are you waiting for? Come get the young woman you desire, even though your boss may literally kill you," she muttered, before her fingers slipped out. "Are you tempted?" she asked, just before she walked to her room.
As she was out of sight, I brought myself up and pulled up my pants. I leaned down and picked up my shirt.
"Fuck this," I said, before I put it on and went back downstairs.
I made it down to the bottom of the staircase. "My lust for her is undeniable, but I can't have sex with her, even if she is legal. If I make love to her, then I'm all in and she'll own me," I whispered, just before my phone rang.
I pulled it out and saw it was Autumn's number. "Son of a big, fat, mother fucking bitch," I whispered, before I reluctantly answered. "Hello."
"What is taking so long? Don't you want to have sex with me? I promise I won't tell anyone if you come to my room."
My eyelids fell down, my free hand came to my forehead and my teeth bit onto my top lip. "And you'll send your dad that picture if I don't?"
"Yes, to avoid that, all you have to do is fuck me, it is not that hard. I know you want to, just listen to your cock and not your head. Why else did you let me suck your cock for so long just now? I know you loved cumming on my face too, so why don't you come in here and see where else I can get you to shoot your load?"
I remained silent for a minute and then I just hung up the phone. "Holy shit, what the fuck am I supposed to do now?"
My phone went off again and I looked to see I received a text picture.
"Damn, Autumn, you are so sexy, but you suck so much," I mumbled, looking a picture of her naked boobs and face with the caption: 'I'm waiting for you.'
"Fuck!" I heard my boss, Jack, yell from the living room.
"Shit, did she send the picture?" I distressed, as my feet led me back to the living room.
I arrived at the doorway to the living room and saw the TV was off.
"Oh, yes, show me those tits," Jack muttered.
"Did I hear that right?" I whispered, peeking into the living room.
I saw my boss's wife, Christa, with her back to me in just a matching blue bra and thong, doing a strip tease as Jack sat down on the couch right in front of her. They were about ten feet away from me as she was moving slowly and had her arms up in the air. I saw her long blonde hair, smooth legs and nice ass too.
"Oh, let me see those breasts already," Jack requested.
Then I saw Christa bring her fingers to her bra clasp and then she undid it just for it to hit the floor. Jack smiled with all of his teeth showing and then Christa fell to her knees. She came to him and her hands found their place on his crotch. She undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees. His cock sprung right out and she immediately grabbed onto it.
"Oh, Jack, you still like to get kinky with your lady?"
My eyes focused on Christa's left tit, but it was only inches away from Jack's cock with was a decent size at about eight inches.
"I love you, baby," Christa said, just before she bent down and took his cock in her mouth.
"Oh, I love you too, sexy lady," Jack moaned, as his hands found their place atop of her head.
My eyes couldn't see her mouth, but could see her head going up and down at a decent pace, making her tits shake in the process. 
"Did you two just forget I was here, or do you know what I did with Autumn?"
His face looked flustered as he seemed to be having trouble breathing. "Yes, just like that, Christa. Use that tongue and those lips."
"Fuck, you two couldn't just be cuddling watching P.S. I Love You or something? Why did you two have to be having sex?" I muttered, bringing my hand to my cock.
Christa choked a bit and his cock slipped out of her mouth. "Oh, shit, I can't deep throat you anymore, sweetheart," she said, stroking his cock.
"It is okay, baby, you know how much I love you and that mouth. You can disappoint me."
She leaned over to him to kiss him, as I brought myself back behind the wall and put my right hand into my pants.
I closed my eyes. "Oh, yes, Autumn, make me cum again. I love those smooth lips," I moaned, stroking my cock.
My temple felt drops of sweat streaming down it again, my tongue slithered between my lips and my other hand reached the basement door knob that was a few feet in front of me.
"Shit, my hand is getting tired, but that hot chick got me going and I can't stop," I whispered.
A couple tears fell out onto my cheeks, my heart transitioned into 'Full blown pumping mode' with scorching hot blood, but my cock was on fire.
"Oh, yes, Christa, I'm gonna cum," Jack moaned.
I maintained my place and continued masturbating, as I kept hearing loud moans exiting Jack's mouth.
"Oh, that was good, babe," Jack muttered.
"I know, I can still make you cum like a fucking fire hydrant even after twenty years of marriage."
"I love you."
"I love you too, where did Tony go anyway?" Christa wondered.
Before any cum escaped my cock, I opened my eyes, yanked my hand out and walked in fast motions as quietly as possible to the bathroom. I just walked in, turned on the light and shut the door.
"At least they didn't catch me," I whispered, putting my right hand onto my heart and feeling rapid heartbeats.
I sat on the toilet to catch my breath and my cellphone went off again.
I looked down to see another nude picture from Autumn where the view was right over her pussy. "Oh, you are killing me, evil witch," I whispered.
My tongue still managed to come out and make a full lap around my lips. "Holy shit, she is red-hot."
Then there was a knock on the door.
"Tony, are you in there?" Christa asked.
"Yes," I replied, breathing heavily.
"Are you feeling okay?" she asked, after waiting a couple seconds.
"I'm a little under the weather, but I'll be okay."
"Already than, the game is in the third quarter, so come back soon."
"Okay," I answered, wiping my head.
I heard footsteps and then they faded.
I looked down at my crotch and there still a bulge there. "I can't masturbate and I can't just fuck her. What if she wants it again and threatens me again?"
My hands came to my head and covered my eyes. All I could see again was the image of Autumn flaunting herself in the hallway.
"Damn, her body is fine, I could shoot my load all over her," I moaned, sticking my hand back in my pants.
My lungs felt to be dying and my entire body vibrated. My feet were tapping on the floor rapidly as my head leaned back. I rubbed my cock again and felt my cum sizzling.
"No, stop," I said, opening my eyes and bringing my hand back out of my pants again.
I got up, hit my hip several times and bit my lips again.
"Son of a bitch!"
With a beating heart, I grabbed the door knob and twisted it.
I opened the door with my eyes closed and took in a deep breath. "Just tell her no and leave. It is not that hard."
Then as my eyes opened up, they received another dose of Autumn's smoking hot naked body. My mouth immediately opened and poured drool out,
"You know, your reluctance only makes me want you more. Are you gonna come upstairs with me?" she asked, with her right hand on the doorway trim and the other on her hip.
I felt dazed as my eyes took another tour of her body. My tongue slipped out onto my lips and she just stared at me.
"Your parents could come out and see you."
"Then we'll be busted, but I still have this picture," she warned me, holding up her phone. "Am I gonna have to send it?"
I glared at her in silence for a moment. "You are one overpowering hussy, Autumn," I let out, just before I snatched her hand and pulled her in with me.
I pulled her towards the toilet which was at the back of the bathroom and put my lips right onto hers. She put her phone onto the sink and the both of us had our arms slither onto each other's back.
We made out for about five full minutes and she gradually pulled her lips off mine. "You can't resist me anymore, can you?"
"No, I can't, but you already knew that. I also do love your boobs pressing on my chest," I answered, undoing my pants.
They fell to the ground and I took them off completely.
"There is that cock," she said, eyeballing it.
I pulled her right to me with her hands in mine and I sat down on the toilet.
She got right in front of me and cheesed. "I said in my room, but this will do," she let me know, as she lifted her right leg up and positioned it over my left leg.
I put my arms around her as she put her other leg onto mine. She positioned her hands onto my upper back and slowly had her body go down with my cock gently going up into her slit.
"Oh, yes, even better than I imagined," she moaned, with her eyes closed.
She wrapped her arms around me completely and stuck her head right next to mine. I began thrusting my cock very nonchalantly, letting her bounce slightly as I felt her chest rubbing against me.
"You have a tight pussy, but it feels so pleasurable on my cock, Autumn," I moaned, with my eyes closed.
"And you tried to turn me down," she laughed, looking down at me with her boobs at my eye level.
I put my hands down onto her butt and made her bounce a little more. Both of us took several deep inhales and exhales as we made the toilet move slightly. I put my head back and it leaned onto the wall. It pressed onto it and then she slipped her hands down to my shoulders.
"I'm gonna ride you like a bull," she told me, just before she really began bouncing up and down. "And have the time of my life doing it."
I felt the pressure as she had me wiggling around too.
I opened my eyes to see her beautiful boobs moving around. "Holy shit, this moving image should be a screen saver," I muttered, as I felt my body become drenched in perspiration.
"Damn straight, I know much you love my boobs, I've caught you looking at them many times before, you horny devil. Now I won't have to bust you."
My heart rate jacked up, my eyes remained on her boobs and she seemed to get feistier. She began bouncing up and down so my cock nearly came out of her slit.
"Oh, they are bouncing around now. They are glorious, Autumn and you are paralyzing me."
As all the work was done by her, the toilet shook a bit and forced the lid to make noise.
I actually saw her eyeballing me, as if everything else was nonexistent. "You have no fear, do you?"
She just kept going as her eyes stayed on me. "No, now tell me you love this, Tony. I wanna hear how much you have been wanting to fuck me. Tell me now or I'll blow the whistle," she moaned through her teeth.
"I've been wanting to fuck ever since I met you on your seventeen birthday. You were absolutely ravishing and you were showboating that crack on your chest nonstop. You are obviously a good fucker too," I let her know through my teeth.
She laughed and brought her tits closer to my face. They bounced onto my face many times and felt the cool air they were pushing onto me.
"Take those titty slaps as compliments," she laughed, still gyrating around.
"Damn, doesn't your tight pussy hurt?" I asked, as my eyes drifted to her face.
"No, not for you, Tony. I couldn't be more riled up for you and your big cock. I want you and no one else. I'll take the pain gladly as you stretch out my pussy walls. Just loosen them up for the next time you fuck me."
I just smiled again and brought her back to me. A passionate make out session launched, as her squishy boobs pushed onto my chest once again.
After about seven minutes, I took my lips off hers. "I should have fucked you a year ago," I made clear, getting up, carrying her with my cock maintaining it's position. "We could have had countless sex sessions by now."
"You could have knocked me up by now too."
"Maybe," I replied, before my hands made the trip to her butt and her hands held onto my neck.
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