Our polyamory life - part 1
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This is a true story.
My wife, Carol, and I met at work. We hit it off immediately. We worked in a large company. It was a technology company staffed with young people with eccentric ideas. Sex was everywhere. My wife loved to flirt with everyone. She wore scandalous clothes, short skirts, short dresses halter tops and sheer gauze blouses. When we got married she wore a mini dress and we spent our honeymoon in a sex motel complete with pornographic TV, stacks of sex magazines, tubes of oils and mirrors everywhere, including the ceiling .
One summer there was a risqué game played at work. Single men would take married women on a lunch date. My wife went to lunch with a particularly good looking young man, John. She had a great time. That fueled some semi innocent sex talking fantasies. While we were making love I would whisper to her "Would you like to fuck him?" This would get us excited and we'd have wild sex.
We invited John to dinner at our place. Carol wore a gauze halter top that was completely transparent. She found numerous reasons to touch him and lean into him. We were making small talk and I mentioned to John that I had a photography project titled "Carol 29." The point of the project was to take pictures of her while she was at her physical peak.
I showed John some of the pictures I had already taken. One picture in particular was of Carol in a silky strapless nightgown. Her nipples were prominent in that picture. I asked John if he wanted to help with the project. Of course he said yes.
Over the next couple of weeks he and I took numerous pictures of Carol. Some were sexually overt. This put a lot of sexual tension in the air. It got Carol and I hot and we'd have great sex.
Soon we were spending evenings at his apartment, at restaurants, movies and out dancing. The sexual tension grew. Carol and I started going to his house right after work. She told John she didn't want to get her work clothes all wrinkled. John lent her a T shirt to wear. She wore it like a very short dress over her skimpy underwear. Carol would sit on his couch cross legged, knees spread wide. He sat in a chair looking at her and making small talk. I'd sit beside Carol and rub her legs. John had a stuffed dog on his couch. Carol would casually move it back and forth suggestively between her legs. We could see her sexy underpants.
At home we kept up our fantasy talk about her fucking him.
We often stayed very late at his place. Carol would still be wearing the T shirt and by now had taken her bra off. One early morning after we'd had some wine and smoked some pot, I said, "We all need to go to bed." We went into his bedroom. We got in bed, Carol in between us. I said to Carol "Go ahead and kiss him, you know you want to."
She turned to John and gave him a hot tongue kiss and a tight embrace. Without talking all of us got undressed. Carol looked incredible, Firm breasts, a great ass and a body built for sex. John was tall and thin. His cock was hard and pointing straight up. At first we didn't know what to do next. Carol broke the ice by first passionately tongue kissing me and rubbing her body on mine. Then she did the same to John. John and I shared an awkward cock to cock hug.
 John and I were at her sides and started caressing her breasts then running our hands all over her. He put his finger in her and I could hear the wetness. He finger fucked her until she was moaning. We were both rubbing our pricks on her body. She was soaking and aromatic. She rolled over on her side and rubbed her body on him then started humping his legs. I was behind her with my cock snuggled between her ass cheeks. He kissed her breasts and moved down her body until he was at her mound.
John looked over at me, as if seeking permission. Then he got up on his hands and knees over her outstretched naked body. He rubbed his cock on her mound. Carol reached out and started stroking his cock. She rubbed it on her cunt and then put it in her. He started slowly pushing it in and out, her wetness glistened on his cock.
Carol and John started making soft urgent sex sounds. I started caressing them. I couldn't take my eyes off of where they were joined. John started to plunge into her faster and faster. Carol's chest flushed and she put her legs over his shoulders. She was so excited I could hear and smell her sex. Soon they were both fucking frantically. She pushed her hips up at him trying to get all of his cock in her. Her toes curled. Then shuddering they both came.
The two of them shared a tender sexual afterglow. I should have been jealous instead I was excited, turned on and my cock was rock hard. I got up on my knees and was stroking my cock like mad. I came on both of them.
End of part 1.
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