Our polyamory life - part 3
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John, Carol and I loved to go out dancing. There was a nightclub near us that had a live band Friday and Saturday nights. There were three levels of tiered seating surrounding the dance floor and bar. We always got on the third tier. Dancing and nightclubbing brought out the extravagant exhibitionist in Carol. She always wore scandalous clothes for dancing. Her favorite was a clinging very short black dress with deep cleavage and no bra.
We would get there late in the evening. Sitting on the third tier gave Carol opportunities to flash her tits and underwear. She would sit facing the dance floor and keep crossing and uncrossing her legs and her dress would ride up higher and higher. When we ordered drinks she would lean forward and let her tits show.
When Carol fast danced with anyone she would straighten her shoulders to emphasize her tits and move her hips in an obviously sexual manner. When she moved her hips the dress would flip up and her underwear showed. When she slow danced with anyone she would cling to them, mold her body to them and rub her mound against them. I loved watching her dance, especially with John when it always looked like they were having sex on the dance floor. There was a big hit that year from England. A very sexy slow dance. It was a perfect song for hot sweaty tight slow dances. When she and John danced to it, her nipples were hard, her legs were around his and her chest flush with desire. I could see her pressing her body into his and her breasts onto his chest. John would press his erection into her. It always got me hard watching them dance.
When I danced with her I'd press my erection on her mound and whisper to her how I loved our sexy life. Carol was a favorite of the house band. She always made sure they got a good look at her body. One of the things we did when she wore that particular dress would be to ask her to take her underwear off. She did. She would come back to the booth and brazenly hand her wet underpants to us. She loved dancing with no underwear. In the booth John and I would run our hands up her legs and push the dress up further and further. She'd keep crossing and uncrossing her legs flashing her mound. The whole crowd could see she was dancing with only her dress and shoes on. By the time we were ready to go home we'd all be very horny and in a hurry to get there and fuck some more.
Sometimes on the way home Carol would pull the top of her dress down and John would grope her breasts from the rear seat. Other times she would get in the back seat with John and they'd make out and Carol would pull his prick out and give him a blowjob while I drove. A few times I couldn't stand just watching so I'd pull over on a quiet road, take Carol out of the car, bend her over the hood and fuck her. When that happened John would take out his prick and masturbate until he came on us. When we got home we'd go into the bedroom and hastily get undressed. Our favorite position on dance nights was Carol to get on top of me and ride my prick while John got behind her and put his prick in her cunt along with mine. I loved the feeling of her cunt hugging both of us and our pricks rubbing against each other. When John and I came, I could feel his cum running down my prick and Carol's trembling orgasm.
We often went out to Sunday Brunch. We would order French Beignet with chocolate sauce. One time when she was wearing her gauze top we "accidently" smeared some sauce on her chest and then felt her up as we were cleaning it up. After that incident we decided to go to a movie. The movie was "The Story of O" a popular French movie about a woman who was naked all the time and a sex slave to her boyfriend. In the movie we sat near the front row with Carol in the middle. We felt her up from both sides. Carol took our pricks out and stroked them. Then she bent down and took them in her mouth. We got caught and were kicked out for lewd behaviour.
After the incident in the movie we headed home. John and I still had erections from the unfinished blowjob. Carol still had some chocolate smeared on her chest. I said I knew a park where she could wash it off. When we got there the parking lot was empty. We walked a distance through some trees and dense shrubbery to a small lake. Carol took her top off, washed it in the lake and hung it on a branch to dry. Her breasts were firm and red with excitement. I playfully suggested that she had some chocolate on her shorts. John and I wrestled with Carol and took her shorts off. She stood there proudly naked and aroused. We looked around and saw no sign of anybody. John and I stripped. We jumped into the lake and tossed Carol around and groped her. One time I dove underwater and came up between her legs and I could see John's finger in her and she was humping his hand. I got a blanket out of the trunk of the car and we all lay down to dry in the sun. I started to feel horny. I started licking her toes one by one and moved up her legs to her thighs. Carol moaned. I kissed her cunt and started licking it. John got aroused and started caressing her breasts and kissing her neck and ears. He licked each breast then swirled his tongue around the nipples.
Carol told us to lay down in opposite directions with legs open and balls touching. Carol sat up and hovered over our erect pricks. Her cunt was dripping it was so wet. She took our pricks and held them together then lowered herself on both of them. Carol moved up and down on them. John and I couldn't move but felt her cunt hugging them together. Carol sat all the way down on both pricks and started making sex sounds - "Ohhh, Ahhhh, Pricks." We all started to come. John and I sat up and held Carol through a powerful orgasm. After a few minutes we went back down to the lake to wash ourselves off. We drove home happy.
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