Afternoon Delights
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I ran home straight after school as usual; it was Tuesday and again for some reason Kevin was at our house and as usual he was just leaving as I got home.
He gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Hi Abby, had a good day at school?”
I placed my school bag down and said, “Yes, it was great Kev.”
I had always called him Kev. He was my dad’s best friend and everyone called him Kev. It just fell naturally.
Mum was in the kitchen; she had made me something to eat as a quick snack after school. I walked over to mum and gave her a kiss and said, “Hi Mum, thanks.”
Mum, although not my real mum, always treated me great. She spoilt me sometimes. I had been adopted when I was just a year old, and she treated me better than some of the other kids got treated by their real parents. I grabbed some milk from the fridge and sat at the table to eat.
Kev shouted out from the door, “Bye girls, see you later.”
As I said, for some reason Kevin seemed to be there more often, and I had worked out he was always there on a Tuesday. I asked Mum, “What did Kev want?”
Mum said, “He just came in to drop off some tools for your dad.”
I had my doubts. I should have asked to see them, but I didn’t; I played along with her story.
My mum was very pretty. She was fairly slim and had long red hair same as me. My name is Abby; I turned eighteen, three months ago. I loved going to the gym and spent a lot of time there. I lost my virginity there to an instructor.
Since then I’ve had another couple of lads who thought they were the best looking men on the planet. I can tell you they weren’t ‘Little pricks.’ Well, yes they were and also yes, they did have little pricks.
Not to brag, but none of them could satisfy me. I would always come home afterwards and get myself off on my rabbit, and I was always very wet when I had my orgasms.
I had my suspicions that Mum and Kev were up to no good. No good to anyone else that is; they were probably "doing" each other the world of good I’m sure.
Dad worked long hours and usually did not get home till late. I did hear them sometimes when they made love as you would call it. But very rarely, three possibly four times a month.
I wanted to see for myself what sort of tools Kev brought for my dad every Tuesday. I had a good idea and I needed to feed my curiosity.
So the following Tuesday, I made an excuse to leave an hour early from school. I had my own house key so could let myself in. I approached my house, and yes, Kev’s truck was there. Okay, my breathing became heavy and my pulse raced instantly. My walk became slow and noiseless.
I peered through the front window. No one was there. I went to the front door and put the key in very slowly; I felt every pin in the lock as the key went in. I opened the door just enough for me to squeeze through and then closed it behind me. It took ages for me just to get in the front door.
I looked around to make sure no one was down stairs. I slipped my shoes off and I walked very slowly towards the stairs.
As I approached the stairs, I knew it. Fuck I was right; I heard Mum’s voice. And it definitely sounded like she was being fucked. Her cries of, ‘Ah, ah, ah,’ were very clear and fairly loud. I never heard that from her when dad fucked her.
I reached the top landing and my room was first. I went in and dropped my bag, coat and shoes off.
I sneaked towards Mum’s room; her cries were more frequent and became louder. The door was fully open. I didn’t think they expected any spectators. I crouched down low and could see the bed very clearly. And there they were. Mum was on all fours being fucked from behind. She had piled up some pillows and leant on them. Kev had his hands on Mum's arse and banged away.
They were both fully naked; Kev’s clothes were neatly on a chair by the bed. So what they were doing right there obviously was not a spur of the moment thing. It was all planned and thought out. By the look of them and the very distinct smell in the room, they had already been fucking for a while.
Kev was a good looking man; he was much younger than my dad at thirty one. That meant he was fifteen years younger. He had short cropped blond hair, a trimmed beard, blue eyes and he did look fit. He slapped Mum’s arse every so often and I could clearly see Mum’s reddened arse. By the sound of her, she loved it. I could not see his cock as he had his back to me and was at a slight angle, but I did notice that he withdrew a long way to plunge back into Mum.
Mum cried, “Fuck yes, that’s it, I’m there, I’m there again.”
Kev kept fucking her and he seemed to plough in harder and with greater speed when Mum said that.
I could not believe Kev could make Mum have an orgasm by fucking her. All the boys I had fucked never gave me an orgasm while they fucked me. They usually fingered and sucked me just to get me wet, and then they’d stick their cock in, waggle it in and out a few times, then blow their loads very quickly.
I thought it must be an age thing. Mum must be cumming quickly because she's old, forty-four.
Mum’s hair was tied up in a ponytail; it swung from side to side as her head moved around. Kev banged away and slapped her again and said, “Come on, bitch, cum for me again.”
I had my hand down my knickers and played with my clit. The other thing was I loved to pull on my pussy lips, but I could not do that with my knickers on, so just played with my clit. When I used my rabbit I would stick it in on full vibration mode and pull my pussy lips out till I felt a slight pain, which made it so fucking nice.
Mum cried out, “Fuckin’ hell Kev, pull back a bit you bastard.”
But it seemed like that drove him on as he rammed into Mum harder.
Mum said, “Fuck you Kev,” Mum said, and she fell forwards off Kev’s cock.
I still could not see his cock; Mum turned around and grabbed his cock and sucked him off. I heard her slobbering and sucky sounds as she took him out and back in. Mum looked like a real whore, a slut.
Mum jerked his cock hard, really hard.
Fuck, he must be cumming soon.
I had unconsciously while I watched rubbed away at my clit harder. I felt great and I was sure Mum must have felt better. I watched Mum suck Kev off for ages; she was so fierce with his cock and then there it was. He grabbed Mum's head and must have shot his load into her mouth, down her throat.
I sneaked back to my room. I picked up my shoes, coat and bag and made my way back downstairs. I went out of the house and ran around the corner. It was close to my normal time to come home. I looked at my watch and timed my entrance to the house. And as usual as I entered, Mum was in the kitchen and Kev was at the table with a glass of soda.
I placed my bag down and took off my shoes. I went round and gave mum a hug and a kiss and said, “Hi Mum, love you.”
Kev stood up and said, “Well, where’s mine?”
I went round and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “There, happy?”
He finished his drink and said, “Okay, I’ll be off. I’ll come and see the old man later.”
I asked, “Did you want something?”
He kept walking towards the front door and said with his head turned back, “Nah, I just popped in on the off chance he may have been home.”
I ate my snack which Mum had prepared for me; I looked up and asked her, “Kev didn’t stay then?”
Mum washed some dishes and without looking round to me, she said, “He said he had to run, he just came five minutes before you.”
I thought to myself, yeah, I know he had cum five minutes ago.
The next two weeks I was on school leave so I did not think Kev would be around. I also knew that Mum and Dad had planned to go away from Monday to Wednesday. I was on my own. I used my rabbit a hell of a lot and I also asked a boy back one night from the gym. I did let him fuck me. Typical bloke fucked me till he had cum and left half an hour later.
It was Wednesday afternoon and as I watched telly, a phone rang. It was my mum’s phone. She had forgotten it and before I found where it was and got to answer it, it rang off. It was in her bedroom, under her bed; I brought it down and continued to watch the telly. Ten minutes later it rang again, but that time it was a text message. I did not have to open it as the quick synopsis said ‘I’ll be there Thursday 2pm.’
It was a message from a Gary. Strange, I did not know anyone by that name. I had never heard Mum mention anyone by that name before.
I had put the phone back in Mum’s room and Mum and Dad came back later that evening and we all chatted before we went to bed.
The following day Dad went to work as usual. I knew Mum would have read the text message from Gary. Mum looked very nervous all morning. I knew why, ‘Gary.’ I thought I should put her out of her misery and later that morning I made an excuse to go out shopping. I said that I’d be home around four or so. I knew that Gary was due around two.
I wasted some time at the mall. The time passed so slowly, I kept looking at my watch. It would take me fifteen minutes to get home so I thought I would leave the mall at two, which would give them time to get started in doing whatever they were going to do.
As I walked to my house I noticed a white sports car parked outside. I walked slowly towards the front window; I looked through and could not see anyone in there. It was safe for me to make my entrance.
I made my quiet entrance again and Mum’s sounds greeted me as I made my way up the stairs.
Her bedroom door was open again as I approached and crouched down. I peered through and, holy shit, Mum had her back to me. She was naked. She had her red hair plaited and a black ribbon tied at the bottom. She sat on the edge of the bed and a naked black man stood in front of her, his massive black cock being sucked off by Mum.
She sucked quite hard; she had both her hands on his cock as she jerked him off. She slobbered all over that cock and the sounds were quite loud. She pulled him out with a hard sucking kiss on his knob-end. The man, who must have been Gary, had both his hands on his hips and egged Mum on as he said, “That’s my gal, been a while since I was last here. I’ve missed this.”
He had a deep gravelly voice. He was young, must have been in his mid to late twenties. He looked fit, a well-defined six pack with big pec’s and big muscly arms. Mum was really heavy and hard on his cock; I was sure he was going to blow soon. But they kept on for at least another ten minutes. I was surprised.
Then Gary grabbed hold of Mum’s head, pulled her off and said, “Let’s fuck.”
Mum turned around and bent over the bed.
Fuck, I thought she saw me. I pulled my head away from the door very quickly. My heart beat out of my chest, I was overcome by a hot flush. Slowly I peeked back round after a few seconds. She hadn’t seen me.
Mum’s arms were folded under her tits; I could see she had her hands in fists under her chin. Gary took hold of his cock and guided it to Mum’s pussy. Mum looked behind and widened her stance; Gary rubbed his cock against her pussy, and then must have been ready to push his big black cock into Mum’s clean white pussy.
Mum looked forward and as Gary entered her, Mum's eyes closed and she said, “Fuckin’ hell, slowly for fuck sake, you know I’ll never get used to that thing.”
Gary pushed in and Mum’s eyes closed tight as she said, “Fuckin’ hell, I’m sure it gets bigger every time.”
I wondered how many times had Mum had Gary. How long had that been going on for? And I also thought the same questions applied to Kev. Mum was definitely a fucking slut. And then another thought, does Mum have any others? Bitch.
If the truth be known, I wanted a share of that. All the young dickheads I’d had were all useless. I wanted to be fucked with a big cock, black, white, brown, yellow… I didn’t care. I wanted to know how it felt.
Mum’s face looked like she was in pain, but I was sure she loved every second of it.
She did not look round, she said, “Spank me!”
Then Gary slapped her arse on both cheeks. They were hard, the sounds bounced off the walls, but even so, Mum said, “Fuck, that’s nice, harder!”
Gary pumped away and squeezed her arse with both hands and then slapped her again. Holy shit, I felt those from where I was crouched. I again played with my clit. I pulled my knickers off and wanted to pull on my pussy lips. I loved the pain that gave me.
I had to make sure I did not make a sound; I wanted to continue to watch my mum being fucked and I wanted to see if that cock could give my mum an orgasm while he fucked her. They carried on and on. Mum kept requesting slaps and Gary enjoyed providing them. And then holy shit it was true; Mum was loud when she said, “Jesus fuck, I’m cumming, I’m there, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meee!”
Gary pounded harder. He seemed to go deeper; he got hold of Mum's plaited hair and looped it around his hand. He pulled on it and Mum's head rose up. Her eyes were closed but opened wide as Gary pulled harder.
The bastard was cool; he smiled while my mum went through her orgasm. He ran his hand up and down Mum's back and slapped her arse again. Mum’s eyes closed as she shuddered by the slap.
I rubbed my clit so frantically I had to rush off to my room; I placed my head down into a pillow and yelled into it. Fuck I wanted a cock to give me an orgasm. I grabbed my rabbit and jumped onto the bed. I put it on max as usual and shoved it in. I let the rabbit do its work on my clit as I pulled and stretched on my pussy lips. God it felt great.
I heard Mum as she cried out. Fuck, I also had an orgasm; I wanted to cry out as well. It took a while for me to relax. I then made my way back to Mum’s room. Mum was on her back, holding her legs wide apart by the ankles, high up in the air. Gary was over her, his legs spread wide. His arms were stretched out, his hands placed on the bed by Mum’s shoulders.
Holy fucking shit, I saw the cock. What a fucking cock. It was fucking thick, a hell of a lot thicker than my rabbit. And holy fucking hell, his cock didn’t fully come out of Mum’s cunt, but of what came out of Mum was longer than my rabbit. My rabbit was seven inches. Bastard had a rolling pin that grew out of him.
Mum cried out, “Fuckin’ hell, not so much, I’ve told you, not all of it, Gary.” But I still thought she loved it as she cried out, “Ahh fuck yes, fuck yes, I’m there, ohh yes.”
Her eyes remained closed; she whipped her head from side to side. Her legs shook and Gary lowered his head to suck on Mum’s nipple. His black arse went up and down. His long, fat cock pistoned into mum’s pussy, balls slapped Mum’s arse. He took long strokes and plunged in hard and swiftly.
Mum’s cries never stopped. She let go of her ankles and placed her legs around Gary’s back and helped him drive his cock into her. I did not realise it, but I had started to play with my clit again. My pussy was so wet.
They had been going for around an hour and I thought it must have felt great to be fucked long and hard. I had never had that sort of experience or satisfaction.
Mum grabbed Gary’s face and said, “Hurry up, darling, my daughter may be home soon.”
Gary asked, “You want me to cum now?”
Mum let his face go and said, “Not really, but yes I think you had better.”
Gary picked up the pace and really banged hard very quickly. He fucked her faster and harder. Mum pushed up her hips to meet him and said, “Fuck yes, yes, blow it! Come on blow it! Ahhh.”
Mum’s legs dropped off Gary’s back but she still hugged him tightly. Gary seemed to slow and then rammed in deep and stayed there; he must have blown his load. He came out and plunged back in. He did that seven or eight times. I saw his cum as it dripped out of Mum’s pussy.
Mum grabbed his face again; she kissed him and said, “You really do blow a lot of cum. It takes me ages to clean myself up after you.”
Gary took his cock out and lay beside Mum. She patted him on the chest and said, “Thanks darling.”
Mum got up onto her elbows. She looked over to Gary and stroked the side of his face gently. “Sorry, I’m really sorry, next time I’ll let you fuck me for longer, the way you like it. Okay.”
Mum then looked down to her pussy and said, “Look at that, it’s still running out.”
She grabbed hold of his cock at the base and squeezed it up to his knob-head. Some cum came out and onto her hand. She brought her hand up to her lips and she licked it off.
She said, “Come on get your clothes on, get out of here.”
I scooted back to my room, grabbed my keys and as quickly and as quietly as I could, I got out the house. I stood down the street behind a van till I saw Gary leave. As I watched him get into his car the only thing that intrigued me was the fact that that man Gary could hold back and cum when he wanted to. Even with the sort of treatment Mum gave his cock while she blew him off. What control! What a master! What a cock master.
Then five minutes later I went home. Mum was in her room. I went up there to say ‘Hi.’ She was in the middle of changing the sheets on her bed.
She asked, “How was your afternoon, babe?”
I said, “Yeah, fine, saw some new stuff, how about you?”
Mum said, “Oh very tiring, I’m going to have a relaxing bath now.”
The house phone rang and Mum answered it. She was on it for a few minutes then I asked, “Who was that?”
Mum said, “It was Grandma, she’s not well. I told her that I’d go round and stay with her for a few days next week.”
As I was home next week I asked, “Would you like me to come with you?”
Mum said, “Oh, that’s very nice of you dear, but you’re off on study leave next week and I think you should do just that.”
Mum went off for her bath. I went into my room and got some books out. I read some of my tasks for next week and Mum's mobile rang. I rushed to answer it. It was Kev; I pushed the button and said, “Hello!”
He said, “You okay for next Tuesday?”
I coughed to disguise my voice and said, “I’m not too well but should be okay for then.” I coughed again loudly.
He said, “If you’re sure.”
I coughed again and said, “Yes.”
He said, “One okay?”
I sneezed and said, “Yes.”
I deleted the call. I knew Mum would not be at home.
On Sunday Mum packed her bag and Dad went to drop her off. Mum said as she left, “I’ll be back Wednesday, if you need anything call me.”
I said, “Yes okay, I’ll be fine, say hi to Grandma.”
I just hoped Kev didn't try and contact Mum before Tuesday.
I hoped to be more than fine; I hoped to get laid and properly fucked. If Kev was fine for Mum, then Kev would be fine for me, until I could find a way to get Gary. I never did see Kev’s cock, but Mum seemed to enjoy it. I wanted to test it; I wanted to see if it could make me cum. I wanted his cock to make me cum.
Monday I concentrated on my school work. It was difficult but I did manage to do something. But then on Tuesday I just could not wait until one o’clock. In the morning I shaved my pussy and took a long shower. I didn’t wear a bra; I never did out of school. I had nice firm tits, the kind that point upwards. I wore my red thong and a short skirt with a boob tube to show off my abs.
It was midday and I was ready. I did not really want anything but I had a bite to eat. I drank some water. My mouth felt so dry, I drank more. I kept looking at the clock on the wall. My heart raced; I could feel it in my chest as it thumped away. I looked out of the window and then back at the clock. It was ten past one. I thought, ‘Shit, he’s not coming. Fuck. He must have contacted Mum and found out she’s not at home. Fuck it.’
I went into the kitchen and drank more water. I had just put the mug down and the doorbell rang. My heart stopped ‘Fuck,’ he’s here. I tried to keep calm as I walked to the door. I opened it and there was Kev.
He looked surprised and he said, “Oh, hi Abby… err… you’re at home are you?”
I opened the door wider and said, “Hi Kev, come in.”
He stood there and asked, “Is… your dad… or your mum home?”
I said, “No just me, I’m on study leave.”
He just stood at the door and said, “Oh… never mind… I’ll come back later… some other day.”
I knew if I had let him go then he would have rang my mum and found out that it was me who had answered his call a few days ago. I couldn’t let him leave.
He turned halfway round, I said, “What did you want? Can I help?”
He turned back and said, “No it’s okay. I’ll call your dad later.”
I asked, “Did you have some tools to give him?”
He looked confused and said, “What, what tools?”
I said, “Never mind, it’s just that Mum said last week you had brought some tools round for Dad.”
He turned back to go and said, “No, no tools. I’ll call him later.”
I had to get him back; I couldn’t let him leave.
He took a step away and I said, “I saw you.”
He kept walking and I said a bit louder, “I saw you and Mum!”
He froze, turned around and stepped back and said, “What! You saw what?”
I said, “Come in and I’ll tell you.”
Although there was a panicked look in his eyes, I could tell he did not believe me. He said, “No I’m not coming in. I don’t know what you saw or what you think you saw!”
He stepped backwards, to go. I said, “Well let’s see what you make of this, you and Mum both naked, your cock in her mouth, you blow and she swallows it all down. Tell me what would you make of that?”
He stepped closer, almost in through the door, and said, “Look okay, it was a one off, you can’t tell your dad.”
I stepped backwards and said, “It’s not up to you to tell me who I can and can’t tell. And I know it was not a ‘One off.’ It could remain our little secret.”
He walked through and closed the door behind him. The panicked look disappeared and an angry look took over as he said, “Okay little girl, let’s not beat around the bush, tell me what you want for your silence?”
I tried to be coy. I lifted a finger to my lips and I said, “I don’t know.”
He said, “By the way you look, I think you’ve got a good idea of what you want.”
I walked up to him very close. I stroked the side of his face with a finger and said, “What sort of idea do you have to keep me quiet?”
He grabbed my wrist and said, “Let’s not play games, little girl, I haven’t the time nor the patience.”
I forcefully released my hand from his grip and said, “Don’t call me a little girl you mother fucker.”
He came forward and grabbed my whole lower jaw by the chin and said, “If I’m a mother fucker then what does that make you… little girl?”
I pulled my way out of his grip and said, “Fuck you, now I am going to tell Dad.”
He looked really angry. His face reddened, eyes bulged out and he took a couple of steps back. I thought he was about to leave as he said, “Fuck me! How about I fuck you?”
I thought, 'now we’re getting somewhere.'
I said, “I bet you would like that wouldn’t you, to fuck a fit young woman. I bet it’s got your cock going.”
I started to remove my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I removed my boob tube and threw it towards him. My firm young tits out for his hungry eyes, I walked forward and grabbed his crotch. He was not hard, but there was something there. I kissed him on the lips softly, moved back slightly, shook my tits and said, “How do these compare with my mum’s.”
I still had a hold of his cock; life had definitely awakened down there. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “You twisted little whore, where do you want it?”
His cock gained more and more stiffness; I kissed him again and said, “Mum’s bed.”
He smiled and said, “See I told you, you’re a twisted little shit.”
I squeezed his cock and stepped away and said, “You know the way, don’t you!”
I ran up to Mum's room. He was not far behind. He had already kicked off his shoes downstairs and I helped him undress with great urgency when he got up. He unbuttoned and took his shirt off, while I undid his belt and unzipped him. His cock sprang up as I lowered his pants and boxers in one to the floor. I was sat exactly where Mum was.
He kicked them to one side as I looked back up to his cock. And there it was, fucking, fucking hell. It was clean, no pubes. His whole shaft, it sort of glistened, very smooth and clean balls. Should complement my pussy very well. And thank you god he was thick. If there was one thing I wanted in a cock, it was a fucking tree trunk of a cock. The bonus came in its length.
He wasn’t as long as Gary, but the girth was just as good. I thought I shouldn’t mention Gary. Kev’s was at least nine inches, his knob-head hidden by the fore-skin.
As I grabbed it, I looked up and smiled and I said, “Big cock for a so called arse-hole friend.”
I looked back down and pushed the fore-skin back to reveal his knob-head. It was a darker pink colour, with a wide sort of slit, I could see the eye of his cock from where it leaked pre-cum. He grabbed my head and pushed it onto his cock and said, “Come on get it down yah.”
I moved my hand down the shaft and took in his knob. I sucked and licked around the head. I stroked his shaft. From what I remembered when Mum had that thing in her mouth, she was very harsh and vigorous with Kev’s cock. I knew he could handle a bit of rough treatment. I wanted to see if there was a limit to what I could do with that cock. I sucked hard; I gripped tightly and stroked a length of about four inches up and down very quickly.
Kev had a hand on the back of my head and helped me along. He said, “I see you’ve learned how I like my cock sucked from your mum.” I was also loud. I pulled his cock out with a sucking kiss; I did that a few times and he said, “Come on suck it, squeeze it, pull it harder.”
He grabbed one of my tits with his other hand and squeezed it fucking hard and said, “Little girl’s got nice boulders.”
He pinched my nipple and I shouted out, “Fuckin’ hell you bastard, be careful!”
He gave it a slap and said, “If you want to play with the adults you’ll have to learn to handle a bit of pain. Little girl.”
I grabbed his cock with both hands and counter rotated my fists around his big cock. I’ll show him pain, the bastard. All he said was, “Little girl's learning. Keep doing that, I love it. It just makes me harder.”
I rotated both hands in opposite directions and looked up at him. He winked, then twisted and pulled on my other nipple. Fuck it hurt. I started to blow him off even harder than before. He shoved deeper. I kept going for about ten or twelve minutes. I thought he would have blown his load minutes ago. He grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock and made me look up at him and asked, “You’re not a virgin are you?”
My eyes watered, his face looked fuzzy, and I said, “Fuck you!”
He let go and said, “Didn’t think so.”
He grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands off his cock and said, “Get on the bed and take that stupid string off!”
As I crawled backwards I removed my thong and threw it at him. I made my way up to the pillows; he followed and he was in between my legs. He spread them wide and asked, “Do you want my cock up there?”
I presumed he meant we carried out a sixty nine. I’d had enough of his cock for now so said, “Nah, you do what you want down there.”
He gave out a big grin and said, “That’s my gal.”
First thing he did was spat on my pussy and then licked my slit. He sucked around my pussy then went to my clit. Bastard sucked so hard, I almost had an instant orgasm. He licked and sucked hard all round. He poked his tongue in my hole and waggled it around. He looked up and said, “I love these lips.”
He sucked on them and pulled them with his lips and then as if he knew what I loved, he grabbed hold of my pussy lips one between the fingers of each hand. He pulled them, not so hard to start with; he flicked my clit with his tongue.
He looked up as I watched him. And he pulled and stretched on my lips. Oh my god it felt fantastic, and even better than that was the fact I didn’t have to do myself. I closed my eyes and threw my head back and said, “I love that, fuck yeah.”
He licked my open pussy hole; he pulled harder and began to suck harder on my clit. Oh god that was absolutely what I could not do for myself. I looked down and he was having a feast down there, I loved it oh so much. He moved to the side of me and started to flick my clit with his tongue. I had my eyes closed and head thrown back. Fuck he was good. He shoved a couple of fingers up me and found my g-spot.
He massaged it and it felt out of this world. I had never felt anything like that from my previous fuckers.
As he continued I felt strange. A totally new sensation started to take over me and then it happened. Holy fucking hell, I exploded. I leant down to grab his hair but it was too short so I pushed him hard off my clit and I gushed something out of my pussy. It wasn’t an orgasm and I didn’t pee. It was totally a new experience. I looked down and shouted, “Fuckin’ hell what the hell was that? What did you do? What have you done to my pussy?”
It had sprayed all over my thighs, legs and the bed sheets. He had a massive grin on his face and said, “You’re a squirter. I’m going to love fucking you.”
I had never ever had that happen to me before, I’d seen it in porn movies but it had never happened to me. I did not know I was capable of that. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but thought if it happened again then there may be more of it. I said, “Fuck Kev, not in here not on Mum’s sheets. Go into my room.”
We moved to my room; I threw all my books, pens and papers that were on top to under the bed, onto the floor and I lay down. I wanted to feel it again and I wanted to explore whether I liked it or not. I opened my legs and said, “Do it again.”
He grinned from ear to ear and said, “You fuckin’ bet I’m going to do it again.”
He went straight down and inserted two fingers up me and sucked on my clit. I felt he had located my g-spot again and moved his fingers gently across it, but he sucked my clit extra hard. I placed a hand on his head and the other on my nipple. I pulled and twisted on it, wanted to train myself to endure the pain on my nipple. I moved to the other one. I pulled and twisted so hard it hurt, but I carried on.
I knew I probably needed him to work on my nipple, to get me to endure the real pain. But for the moment I wanted him to carry on down there. And it wasn’t long before I felt it again. My hips bucked and I pushed his head. He knew; he lifted his head but continued with his fingers. Holy fucking shit, I shouted, “Ahh, fuck.”
That time there was a lot more; it sprayed out over the end of the bed and a wide angle. It again covered my thighs and legs. It was over Kev’s fingers and hand. He looked up to me and slapped my clit. I sprayed more. Fuck, it felt like a massive release. It felt so different from an orgasm, milder not so body wrenching.
He rubbed his fingers across my clit and I sprayed again. He smiled and said, “You’re a dirty little cow.”
I looked around where I had sprayed and it was everywhere, just everywhere. Fuck that was quite enjoyable. I never thought I could ever have done that.
Kev got in between my legs and parted them. He placed a hand on each of my knees. He slowly ran them up my taut thighs. He looked at my well defined stomach muscles and ran his hands across them. He got to my tits; he could grasp a whole tit in one hand and he squeezed them.
He said, “You’re so firm, I love these.”
He pinched one of the nipples and it fucking hurt, but I said nothing. I looked up so that he did not see my grimaced face. He lined himself up and I felt his big knob as it prodded me. I widened my legs and there he was. He had just entered and I felt him spread me open. He entered very smoothly; I was so fucking wet. He pushed in and I felt every inch slide into me.
I said, “Fuck, you’re a fat bastard!”
I was sure he was not all in when he withdrew and started to pump me at a fairly nice fucking pace. He said, “Fuckin’ nice pussy you’ve got here.”
I said, “Should be, it hasn’t been used as much as Mum’s.”
He said, “Oh don’t you worry about that, I’ll make sure this little cunt gets its fair share.”
He then picked up the pace and I pushed my hips up and we fucked and banged each other. I had my legs wide apart and high in the air. I placed my hands onto his arse and squeezed his cheeks as he plunged into me. God it felt great. Much better, no, a hell of a lot better than my rabbit. It felt like having two rabbits in there. Fuck he was good with that thing.
He banged and banged and then I felt it again; I was going to gush out another pussy load, straight onto his cock if he kept in there. I shouted to him, “Get out! Get out!”
He kept pumping. I had to release and as I did he took his cock out just far enough, and I blew and sprayed straight onto his cock and stomach. It went everywhere; it dripped off him and back onto my stomach and rolled off the sides and onto the sheets.
He said, “Squirter bitch, I love it!”
He entered me as soon as I had stopped squirting and we started fucking again where we had left off. We fucked and fucked. There was no end to his energy and he kept on and on.
Then I felt it; it was not going to be a gush. It was an orgasm. My hips pushed up more violently by themselves. A tingle in my thighs and a wave of pure ecstasy ran up my back and through my whole body. I spasmed and I wrapped my arms and legs around him.
He knew what I was going through and said, “Go on girl, enjoy.”
He fucked me through it, a full minute and then it subsided, but I felt I was going to squirt and gush again. I said, “I’m going to squirt again, get out!”
He didn’t. He said, “Go for it; just let it go.”
I did. I blew another load and as we fucked, it splattered between our bodies. I felt it trickle down my hips, arse and back. My legs slipped off his back. He kept fucking away. Oh god it felt so good. I loved the way his cock felt in me. He drove it so well and the thing that bugged me was that I did not think he was fully in. I wanted him and I wanted that thing completely in me.
I said, “Get off… get fuckin’ off, Kev!”
He kept fucking away; he grabbed my face and said, “I’m going to fuck you rotten.”
I wanted him off, I said, “Get off, fuckin’ get out. I want to get on top.”
I pushed him away, he kept fucking. I put my arms around him and grabbed hold of him tight; I put my legs down and straightened them. I rolled us both over; bastard was heavy. I managed to get on top.
He was exhausted. He panted and said, “You’re a go getter, aren’t yah!”
He slapped the side of my hip and said, “Go on then, let’s see what you can do from up there.”
I pushed myself up and realised that I could sit right down and would be able to get his whole nine inches in me. I bent my knees and that took me off his cock a bit. I then sat straight down and fully impaled myself onto his immensely thick long cock.
'Holy fucking hell... what the hell was that?' I felt another sensation of pain, like I was getting a cock into me for the first time, like a virgin. It felt out of this world. I sat there for ages and savoured the moment.
I never wanted to get off; I needed that and to actually have a live cock as it throbbed away in my pussy, felt… I don’t know, I couldn’t put it into words… absolutely amazing, wonderful, magnificent, fantastic! And any other superlatives that came to mind.
I reached round and took out the rubber band in my hair and let it loose. I flicked my head from side to side and combed my hair back with my fingers. I took hold of his hands and placed them onto my tits. I held his hands while he squeezed my tits. I closed my eyes and started to rise up off that beast. I rose about seven inches and then fell back onto it. God he was hard and it felt so fucking nice.
My pussy felt like an oven. It radiated heat to the rest of my body. His hot poker stoked the fire. I rose and fell onto it slowly for five or six minutes, while Kev mauled my tits and squeezed my nipples. Oh my god it was heaven. Then Kev placed his hands onto my hips and drove his cock quicker, harder and deeper into me. I had my eyes closed and head thrown back. I leant backwards and placed my hands onto his legs.
We started to fuck and moved just the right amount apart and back together. His cock felt like it was an extension of me. His smooth hairless cock was made for me and my pussy. We quickened the pace, the fire grew more intense and I felt that feeling again. I was going to blow. I didn’t announce it to him, I looked down and he stared back. I looked down to my pussy and smiled. He too looked down and he knew.
He said nothing; he winked and blew me a kiss. I leant back and stopped with his cock half in me and I let it go. I blew like a timely geyser; it ran down his cock and balls. Some of it sprayed across his stomach and chest. For me it was pure bliss, a magnificent pleasure, the best afternoon delight a girl could ask for.
And it was all thanks to Mum, ‘Thank you Mum, I love you.’
As soon as I had finished, which wasn’t long, just two or three seconds, I flopped forward and kissed him passionately. We started to fuck and I loved it. I fucked him back with great strength and renewed vigour.
I loved his strong tongue; I sucked on it and fucked him with the whole of my body, like he said, ‘Something rotten.’
After a short ten minutes, I had a fucking massive orgasm; it ripped through from my cunt to the top of my head. My whole body shook with involuntary waves of pleasure. How could that bastard’s cock be so fucking great?
He held me tight as he fucked me through until it subsided, but the cock and his pounding kept my orgasm alive for longer. I found more and more reasons for myself of why Mum loved that cock. Holy shit it felt so nice to have that thing straining against my cunt walls. He moved it so well; he would pick up the pace at exactly the right time and knew when to just slow things down to a nice slow fuck.
Most of the time he was rough. I got to enjoy that; it was fantastic. But even when he slowed down, it felt so… so sensual, almost like he cared, but I knew he didn’t, he just wanted to fuck. And I was oh so happy it was in my pussy, because all I wanted was to be fucked and fucked.
We must have been fucking for at least another twenty minutes. I had squirted another load and gone through another orgasm and when I was about to have another, I shouted, “Jesus fuckin’ Christ, I’m ahh, ahh, ahhh...”
And yes another blissful orgasm, body out of control and electric shocks fired through my cunt to my tits and lit up my nipples.
He slowed down and rammed his cock deep and I actually felt the massive blast of his cum load pass into me. Oh that felt so nice, I wanted more, and yes he withdrew and ploughed back in and another load. He blasted another three loads, when I jumped off him and took hold of his cock; he said he liked it rough, so I pumped his cock with long hard strokes.
He shot cum up in to the air, about three feet. He grabbed my wrist to make me stop. I brushed it away with my other hand and I made him shoot another few loads, milked his cock dry. I looked at his face and his eyes were shut tight, teeth clenched and stomach taut.
I leant down and took his cock and placed the head into my mouth and swivelled my tongue around it. I knew that would be sensitive. His hips jerked and he placed a hand on my head and combed through my hair.
I let his cock go and went and lay besides him. He looked at me and said, “You’re a dirty rotten cow. And when I get my strength back, we’re doing it all over again.”
And we did. He recovered in around an hour and we fucked again.
But I had a bigger plan in my head; I had to find a way to get to fuck Gary.
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