Twin Extra Long Part 4
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Hearing Mark's voice, Heather stopped and looked up at him and smiled.
"I don't know, we'll have to leave that up to Anna," she replies.
I can't say that I'm exactly pleased about Mark's surprise arrival in our bathroom. I was looking forward to Heather and I exploring some more on our own.
Heather leans in even closer to me and whispers in my ear. "Don't worry, we'll only do whatever you feel comfortable with. Now why don't you just let me finish washing you and taking care of your needs. Close your eyes and relax. I know what I'm doing and I know what you need."
I'm not sure I can do it. Heather's presence, fingers and mouth on me are not something I want to stop anytime soon. So I close my eyes and try to ignore the fact that Mark is watching us. 
Heather sticks her head out of the shower for a moment. Telling Mark, "Why don't you just make yourself comfortable. I'm just going to spend a little more time in the shower with Anna. We're not done just yet."
I can hear Mark come all the way into the bathroom and lean up against the sink. From there he has a perfect view into the shower. I open my eyes for a moment to look at him. I give him a sort of half smile and close my eyes again.
Leaving the shower curtain open, Heather asks me, "Now where was I?"
I turn around, my face pressed against the tile wall. Taking her hand I bring it back to my pussy. Needing her touch now more than ever. I hate to admit even to myself how aroused I am. Heather's touch and Mark's gaze are combining to make my pussy soaking wet.
Heather leans her head against the back of my neck, placing small moist kisses there. Moving her lips around my head to my ear, she begins nibbling on my earlobe gently. Kissing my neck and biting my ears are a sure way to get me wetter and make me moan. I need more.
I spread my legs further apart to allow her fingers more access. I feel her slide two fingers inside of me. Pushing them deep into my pussy, then curling them up and pulling them back out. Touching my g spot each time as she continues this rhythm. In and out, dragging her fingers across that oh so sensitive spot. Heather's lips turn to teeth as she bites the back of my neck. Sinking them in deeper the louder I moan.
Knowing Mark is watching has definitely had an effect on me. One I didn't expect, I'm even more excited knowing he's there. I open my eyes and turn my head for a quick glance at him. I'm startled to discover he has undone his pants and has his cock out and in his hand. It is already erect and hard. I can even see a glistening drop of pre cum leaking from its tip.
I turn my face back to the wall, trying to hide my smile and push my hips back against Heather's fingers. Grinding my pussy even harder on her, I want to feel her fingers deeper inside of me. I want Mark to be able to see them disappear.
The need to cum and have that release is almost unbearable now. I reach one hand down and start playing with my clit. I can feel Heather's fingers as they are moving inside of me. Heather must sense I'm near because suddenly she is moving her fingers faster and bites the back of my neck even harder. I take one last look over my shoulder at Mark. Watching him stroke his thick cock I cum, shouting Heather's name. My whole body shudders as I squeeze tightly onto Heather's fingers as moisture flows down over our hands.
Heather holds on tightly to me, slowly sliding her fingers out of me, as I finally am able to be still. She turns me to face her and tells me, "Good girl, I knew you'd like being watched."
Kissing me, letting our tongues gently swirl together, we hold each other.
"That was just step one," Heather declares. "I think you're ready for step two now."
She releases me and steps back. I try to reach out a hand to touch her but she pushes it aside.
"Not yet, lets rinse off and get out of the shower. There's not enough room in here."
I acquiesce to her and we finish washing and step out of the shower. Mark is still leaning against the sink, cock in hand, stroking it slowly. It is rock hard now and leaking even more. I can't seem to take my eyes off of it.
Heather grabs a towel and dries me off. I love the feel of her soft hands as she rubs the towel along body. Placing kisses here and there as she does. Finishing me she tosses the towel to Mark. He lets go of his cock and takes the towel and wraps Heather tightly up in it. He kisses her passionately on the mouth.
Whispering in her ear, he tells her, "I love it when you surprise me."
Mark quickly dries off Heather and smiling at me he suggests, "Why don't we all go into the bedroom."
Nodding my head, I leave the bathroom first. Knowing Mark is watching I do put a little more swing into my hips than usual. I enter the bedroom and take a seat on my bed.
Heather and Mark follow and she plops down next to me on the bed.
Standing in front of us, Mark inquires, "Now what, ladies?"
Heather looks at me and smiles mischievously and says, "Mark, I think Anna left something in the bathroom by the sink. Could you go fetch it for us?"
I look over at Heather, my mouth hanging open. I can't believe she just asked her boyfriend to go get my dildo. Then I also realize she wants him to watch us play with it together. My cheeks are scarlet by now.
Mark returns from the bathroom with Pinky in his hand. "Is this what you were talking about?"
He damn well knows that is exactly what Heather wanted. He is just teasing and toying with me now.
I feel like mumbling something under my breath. Instead I hold my head up and look him in the eye.
"Yes that is what I wanted, it is one of my favorite toys."
Mark raises an eyebrow, "One of?" he asks. "That must mean you have others."
I nod, "I have several more and depending on how things go tonight, I might just let you see them."
I'm feeling emboldened the more time I spend with Mark and Heather. It probably has something to do with all the blood rushing out of my head to parts further south. I giggle inwardly, enjoying my new confidence.
Heather is sitting on the bed quietly watching our exchange. She looks at me and grins that evil little smirk I love so much.
"Anna why don't you show Mark how you like to play with your friend Pinky."
I close my eyes and think for a moment. What the hell, it's Friday night and I don't have to get up for classes in the morning. I might as well enjoy myself.
I lean back, lay my head in Heather's lap and swing my legs up onto the bed. Mark is standing in front of the bed with my dildo in his hand. I look at him and tell him, "I need to get it wet first."
Heather takes it from his hands and opens her mouth and slides it in. Slowly she pushes it in and out of her mouth, getting it wetter and wetter. Mark and I just stare transfixed as she gives Pinky head.
She finally pulls it out of her mouth and starts to hand it to me, but Mark grabs it away. "My turn," he says. " I want it really wet for you Anna. I want to see how wet it is when you slide it inside of you."
He mimics Heather's movements and soon my dildo is soaking wet covered with both of their saliva. Mark then hands my toy to me. Reaching for it with one hand, I use my other hand to rub along the outside of my lips. I can feel moisture dripping out between them and my nipples are so hard and erect it's almost painful. I never thought just watching my two friends lube up my dildo for me could have such an effect. It seems I'm learning so many new things in college.
Spreading my legs wide, I slide two fingers inside of my dripping pussy. They are instantly covered in my juices. I pull them out and Heather grabs my hand. Holding it up she asks Mark, "Want a taste?"
She doesn't have to ask him twice, he leans forward and takes my fingers in his mouth. Sucking and licking each finger, he tastes my juices. I can't stop watching my fingers disappear into his mouth.
"Delicious, just like I knew you would taste," Mark declares.
Meanwhile Heather has moved my head slightly, so she could begin fingering her own pussy. I can smell my own musky aroma as well as Heather's scent. The smell in the room is tantalizing.
Marks lets go of my hand and I use it to spread open my lips and slide Pinky inside of me. I can hear it slide in wetly, slick with my friend's saliva. I feel it slowly stretching me open and getting wetter adding my own moisture to the mix. As I begin to push it in further I feel Heather's fingers pushing into my mouth. Closing my eyes I savor the taste of her pussy on her fingers and begin to fuck myself harder with my favorite friend.
A little voice in the back of my head is still telling me I should be shocked by my behavior. I tell it to shut up and I let the physical sensations wash over me. I'm blocking out any lingering doubts I may have. Feeling only and not thinking right now.
I greedily suck on Heather's' fingers as I move my dildo faster and deeper inside of my pussy. Thrusting it in and out, I feel a sudden pressure on one of my nipples. My eyes open to see Mark with his hand on my nipple. slowly rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. At some point he has removed all of his clothes. He is standing before us naked, tugging at my nipple. While still rhythmically stroking that thick hard cock that I can't stop looking at.
For a moment, I imagine what we must look like to an outsider. My head in Heather's lap, sucking on her fingers. Fucking myself with a pink dildo and Mark naked, jerking his cock, playing with my nipples. I wish someone had a camera. I would love to see that picture.
I feel Heather pull her fingers out of my mouth and return to finger fucking her pussy. My eyes don't know where to look. I want to see everything and feel it all. I settle now watching Mark stroke his cock and twist and pinch my nipple. I can't help but think about what Mark's cock would feel like inside of me. It is thicker than Pinky and a bit longer. That last thought, picturing that cock inside of me pushes me over the edge and I cum again.
Drenching my hand and toy, I shout out Mark's name this time and scream, "I want you to fuck me now!"
Mark stops stroking his cock and looks at Heather. "What do think Sweetie, should we give Anna what she wants?"
Heather, still fingering her pussy looks up at Mark and smiles, nodding. "Absolutely, I think Anna should get whatever she wants tonight."
To be continued.
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