Tony Takes Me Home
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"Well, that's me done for another day. Coming, Diane?"
I looked at Cindy with a vacant expression, lost in my indecision. The double-entendre of her last remark was not lost on me. And in a way, it kind of helped me make up my mind.
"Soon, I hope. See you tomorrow."
She grabbed her coat and bag and left while I pretended to busy myself with something on my screen. Then I switched off the computer and slowly made my way out into the forecourt, just in time to see Tony coming out of the entrance to the Parts Department. He smiled when he saw me, and signalled me to follow him to his car. Like a moth to a flame, I moved instinctively, unaware of my surroundings. My heart beat like a drum inside my chest, but the stirrings in my knickerless loins drove me onwards.
He unlocked his Jaguar, and nodded to me to get in. I made a quick sweep of the car park to see if anyone was looking, then opened the door and quickly sunk into the luxurious leather seats. The coolness of the leather came as a shock to my naked nethers, and I involuntarily gasped. Tony looked at me with a mixture of confidence and a wry grin of satisfaction.
We exchanged some small talk as we buckled in, and then he pulled out into the main road. Traffic was annoyingly busy, and we stopped in a queue about a mile from work. Tony took the opportunity to look me up and down before he spoke.
"Before we get to my place, are you sure you want to go through with this, Diane? I will understand if you've changed your mind."
I turned towards him, taking a sly glance at his crotch as my eyes moved to his face. I appreciated his concern, but I knew that I just had to find out for real. After all, I didn't want to have have thrown away a perfectly good pair of knickers if it wasn't! Plus, if he really was as big as Cindy said, then I would never forgive myself for not jumping at this chance to find out once and for all.
"Yes, Tony, I'm sure. I just want to see if what I've been told is true."
Although I spoke with confidence, I could feel my face reddening.
"And what have you been told?" he asked, a sly smile on his face.
"Well, my friend tells me that you're well endowed, and what you said in the rest room has made me curious. So yes, I want to know if it's true. That's all."
I was amazed at myself with this little speech, but I felt empowered. Yes, I was in his Jag. Yes, I was curious to see if he had a big cock, but now the onus was on him to prove it. I felt myself go a little moist as I realised the 'naughtiness' of what we were doing.
He smiled as he turned back to drive. The traffic moved maddeningly slowly, and it seemed to take forever to get to his place. As he drove, he asked me if I'd seen many 'well-endowed' men before, and I said I hadn't. He questioned me further, asking what the biggest I'd seen, and so on. I replied candidly, and I felt the seat below my bare cunny start to warm up even more. I thought I'd shock him by saying the word 'cock' first, but it didn't even ruffle him. Eventually he announced that we had arrived.
He lived in a nice detached house in a small village a few miles out of town. His was the last one in a cul-de-sac, and after it there was nothing but fields for miles. He parked in the garage and then led me through the side door into his kitchen. I looked over the décor, and I have to say that, for a single man, he certainly seemed to have a good sense of taste. The kitchen was well fitted and the pictures were tasteful and simple.
Tony threw his keys on the worktop and then showed me through to the lounge. My heart pounded as he sat down on the sofa, patting the seat next to him. Nervously, I sat down beside him, breathing in his cologne. He seemed quite calm, as if he'd done this kind of thing before. Which, in truth, he probably had. He asked if I wanted a drink, and I said yes, so he opened a bottle of wine and put on some quiet music.
We sat and chatted for a while, and before I knew it, I'd had two large glasses of wine and was feeling a little squiffy. Tony had also got a lot closer, and I could feel the heat from his body. Occasionally, he would touch my arm, and I didn't make anything of it. I felt myself relaxing, and I found that his company was actually quite nice. He had a great sense of humour, and I warmed to him as the late afternoon slowly slipped into evening. My eyes couldn't help but keep wandering to his crotch, and I noticed that he was starting to bulge again. This time it seemed even bigger than earlier at work.
We seemed to get to a natural space in the conversation, and then he surprised me by looking me squarely in the eyes and telling me that I was really very attractive. I blushed and looked down, partly in embarrassment and partly in satisfaction. I felt his hand caress my chin as he turned my face to meet his. Slowly, he leaned in and kissed me, gently. I responded in kind, and a moment later I tasted his tongue as it made its way across the divide, seeking out mine. He put his arms around me and I welcomed them as I melted into him.
We kissed for what seemed like forever until we both came up for air. Tony smiled at me, then looked down at the clear outline of his cock, which seemed to be threatening to tear its way out of his trousers. I stared at it for second, then tentatively reached towards it. Gently, I rubbed his bulge through the material, amazed at the way it felt to have such a huge piece of meat beneath my fingers. Tony gave a satisfied moan as I rubbed him, and I saw a small damp spot appear next to his zipper.
Without thinking, I reached forward and started to unbuckle his belt, then undid his trousers. Tony lay back on the sofa, letting me get on with the task of freeing his cock. He lifted his hips as I pulled down his trousers and boxer shorts, watching my face all the time. Finally, I was going to know if it was true or not!
However, what sprang from his underwear was beyond comprehension. I could tell from rubbing him through his trousers that he was fairly large, but nothing could prepare me for the huge cock that came into view. Fucking hell! No kidding, it was bigger than twelve inches. And thick. So very, very thick.
For the first time in ages, I was totally speechless. I could feel Tony grinning like a Cheshire cat at my expression as I stared at his massive meat. No way. No fucking way! I just knew that looking wouldn't be enough: I had to take this chance to enjoy the monster that I'd fantasised about when it was just inches away!
Instinctively, I took the shaft in my hand and stroked it as best as I could. I was barely able to get my hand around it, and I was mesmerised by the feel of it in my fingers. It felt heavy, warm and very smooth as it was finally able to extend to its full size. I ran my hand up and down its length, marvelling at it. I couldn't help but notice the large amount of precum oozing from the slit, so I rubbed it round the head with my thumb. I think I must have done the right thing, because Tony gave a small, contented moan as my thumb traced little circles with his moistened foreskin around the plum head.
I slipped down to the floor in front of Tony, and as he lay back and unbuttoned his shirt, I knelt and pulled his heavy meat up to my lips. It was so big, I wasn't sure if I could even get it in my mouth, but I was going to damn well try! I started by licking the head, tasting his precum. It was quite sweet, and I enjoyed licking it up. As I mouthed the head, he seemed to produce more, so much so that I was nearly drinking it. I let one of my hands drop to cup his balls, and was only half-surprised by their size. They were heavy and swollen, and full of lovely, hot juice.
I had to make him cum, to see that wonder-cock explode in front of me. I stretched my mouth and managed to get the head past my teeth. Pleased with myself, I sucked on the head, breathing heavily through my nose as the size of his cock made my saliva glands work overtime. I relaxed and worked slowly, inching him deeper into my mouth until I could feel the head reach my throat. Saliva started to trickle onto my chin as I held him there, and then I sucked just the first part of his cock with long, slow strokes until the head nudged my throat and back again. Instinctively, my hand grabbed his meat and spread my juices along it, so it felt like I was taking more than I actually was.
All the time, Tony was encouraging me, moaning with small pleasures as I took him deeper. My back started to ache as I knelt over him, but I was determined to take him as far as I could. After all, I never knew when I might ever get the chance to be alone with a cock like this again! I knew I had to push myself as I became lost in giving him a blow job. It was time to go further.
Relaxing as much as I could, on the next suck, I pushed him into my throat. I felt it expand to accommodate his flesh, getting tighter, making me gag. Tears formed in my eyes and the choking sensation was incredible, but I was determined to take more. I fought through it and pushed down further and further until I felt I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled back, releasing his cock with a loud slurp as I gasped for air.
I looked down at my handiwork. According to the wet line on his dick, I'd only managed to take half his cock! Oh my God, what was I going to do?! There was no way I was going to be able to take it all. Tony must have realised my predicament.
"It's okay," he said encouragingly. "Not many girls can take it all the first time. Just keep doing what you're doing. It feels great. But you might want to take off your blouse if you don't want it to get messed up."
It seemed good advice. Besides, I kind of felt overdressed with him almost naked and me still with most of my clothes on, so I slipped off my blouse. Then I thought, 'what the hell!' and took off my bra as well before slipping my skirt down, leaving me in just my stockings and two inch heels. Now that I was more comfortable, I turned my attention back to Tony's wonderful cock. Tony told me to hang on, and stood up so that his meat was hanging invitingly in front of my face.
"Try it like this," he suggested.
So I did. Pretty soon, I was back to taking him down the first part of my throat, and maybe a even a little bit more. Tony held the back of my head with one hand as I bobbed up and down on his heavy, gorgeous prick, occasionally moaning and whispering encouragement. I could feel him pulling me on to him, and, at first, resisted. After a while, my libido took over completely, and I let him work me as he wanted to, slowly making me take more and more of him in. Now and then I had to come up for air, and used my hand to wank him with my saliva as his cock glistened in the fading light. As soon as I got my breath back, I went back to sucking him, eager to have it between my lips and down my throat.
By now I'd released his balls and let my hand wander between my own legs. I was amazed at how wet I was, and soon my fingers were squelching in and out of my pussy as I pushed us both to orgasm. Tony was pulling me harder, and I didn't resist. I had to take it all, no matter what. My throat ached and my eyes were wet with tears but I didn't care. I was having the time of my life! After what seemed a lifetime of deep-throating him, I finally felt his pubic hair bristle against my lips. The realisation sent me into a mini-orgasm, and I moaned as best as I could.
Suddenly I felt Tony tense, and I knew he was close. I thrust myself onto his cock, my lips pushing against his belly as he gave out a loud yell. I felt like I couldn't breathe, my eyes stung and my throat was on fire as I gobbled his fantastic prick. He pulled me onto him harder, and then gave out a wild yell.
"Oh FUCK!!" he cried as he released a massive spurt of cum down my throat, making me choke. I managed to pull him out of me before a second, then a third large rope of semen erupted from his penis. The first one hit me squarely in the face, and the second one landed on my chin and throat. A few more quickly followed, and I was soon dripping with cum as it ran down my face and onto my tits. I moved forward, opening my mouth to catch as much as I could. I've always loved the taste of cum after my first boyfriend persuade me to give him oral sex, and I've experienced a wide variety in my time. Tony's was salty-sweet, with a heavy aroma, and there was plenty of it. I ran it round my mouth before greedily swallowing it, the creamy, thick fluid seemed to ease my aching throat.
When he'd finished, and the last of his cum dribbled from the end of his cock, I took him in my mouth again, licking him clean. I made sure I got every delicious drop before pushing the rest from my face and soaked breasts into my mouth. I must have looked like a real slut as I pushed the last warm globs between my lips before sucking my fingers dry. The taste of his cum mixed with my own juices was like nectar. I sat back on my haunches with a big grin of pleasure, satisfaction and pride on my face as Tony collapsed back onto the sofa.
"Fucking hell, that was fantastic!" he exclaimed. "Nobody's given me a blow job like that before!"
I smiled, and asked him where the bathroom was. He told me, and I nipped to spend a penny. When I got back, Tony was on his mobile, talking seriously to someone. I tried not to listen in, and I felt a little silly, sat virtually naked on his sofa. When the call ended, he sighed and told me he had to go out.
"Oh," I said, disappointed. I still wanted more of his fabulous cock, but it looked like it wasn't to be. Then I felt a little used, and more than a little ashamed and embarrassed at how I'd almost thrown myself at him.
He got up and started to get dressed and I followed suit. He told me he'd give me a lift into town, and twenty minutes later I was getting out of his car onto the High Street. He'd been fairly quiet during the journey, so I wondered if it was something I'd done that had upset him. Just as I was about to close the door he said my name.
"Look, I'm sorry it's ended like this tonight. But listen, I promise I'll make it up to you. Are you free on Saturday?"
I nodded.
"Good. Okay, I'll meet you in the Bull at seven o'clock on Saturday then. If you want me to?"
I considered it for a moment. I'd done what I wanted to. I'd seen and touched his monster cock, and that was really all I wanted. The blow job was a wonderful added extra, and watching him explode over me would ensure that my 'solo' time would be full remembering that, so I should be satisfied.
However, the taste of his cum was still fresh in my mouth, and the thought of a repeat performance was more than tempting. Maybe it would be fun to do that again. And then again, maybe I wanted more. Maybe, just maybe, I really wanted to see what it would be like to have that huge cock inside of me, fucking me until I screamed. The thought of it made me gush between my legs, and that was the exact moment when I knew I was hooked.
"Sure," I smiled. "I'll see you there."
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