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On a hot and humid summer weekend in small a Oklahoma city, Gen would get up and get ready for her court date. Being poor and having a short temper, Gen had managed to get in trouble at her job for punching a guy in the face. Gen worked as a stripper in the most popular strip club in the city and she was one of the most attractive women there. Even though Gen made some money working as a stripper, she also worked as a waitress and, at times, even an escort to make enough. Gen was a tall brunette of Italian descent who looked a lot like pornstar Angelica Costello; she had the exact same face and was practically her duplicate. Standing at five-foot-eight, Gen had a slim figure and the potential to model but there was no opportunity in her small Oklahoma city for her to do that.
Gen was not the nicest woman in the world. She grew up in an impoverished trailer park and came from a family that was poor, violent, and racist. Being twenty years old, Gen had a nice and slim body that managed to get her a few short cuts in life. Even though Gen had good looks, she was violent, temperamental, shallow, homophobic and a racist person. At the strip club Gen worked at, she had been in a few fights with her black co-workers for being openly racist. Gen would not give lap dances to any of the black or Hispanic customers and she was usually very rude to them. As an escort, Gen had it stated on her page that she will not see any customers of a minority background.
The court date came and Gen was asked to appear before the jury. As the process passed, Gen was eventually given an option on what she could have as her punishment. Being that this was Gen's first offense, the court was lenient. Gen had to choose between jail time and "therapy" as her punishment, a decision that puzzled her.
"Ya, I will take therapy," said Gen.
"You have to sign this paper putting you under the control of your therapist for six months. Your therapist will get information about you, your career, and your background. After six months if you have shown progress, you will have the charge dropped from your record. Your employer suggested it as an alternative," said the judge.
Gen signed the paper and headed home to her trailer park to enjoy the rest of the day. Eventually, Gen would receive word on where therapy would be held and how it would go. Gen would basically have to visit her therapist every weeknight for two months; she could not miss any nights or she wouldn't be clear. The following week, Gen drove to the house of her therapist. Gen drove about three miles away from the city to a more secluded and rural area. Upon arrival, Gen noticed that the house had two stories and was quite a large house. The brunette would knock on the door and have a black woman answer. At first, Gen was shocked but then relived that it was a woman.
"Are you the therapist?" asked Gen.
"No, I am just his sister. Come in, he'll be out in a few," said the woman.
A look of shock and horror came on to Gen's face as she realized what she had managed to get herself into. Gen started to have goosebumps and her heart would start to beat faster. The brunette was particularly racist towards black men as she had some grabbing her when she worked as a stripper. After five minutes, a tall dark skinned black man with dreads and large muscle came out of the shower wearing just a towel.
"So you must be Gen!" said the man, in a deep voice.
"Yup," said a shocked Gen.
"Well, the therapy room is downstairs, that way," said the man.
"Okay," said Gen.
"Name is Rod, by the way," said the man.
The scared brunette went down to the therapy room which was quite a large room. Gen entered a room that had a bed and two couches on it while the rest of it was empty. So far, Gen was still scared but she decided to sit down on one of the couches. Gen waited for Rod to come in and a few minutes later, he did but what Gen saw shocked her. The brunette saw a tall and muscular Rod come in naked with his hand on his massive penis which almost came down to his knees.
"What the fuck?" asked Gen, shocked.
"What? I like to create comfort with my patients and when you signed the papers you agreed to all of this," said Rod.
"No I didn't," said Gen.
"Yes you did," said Rod, stroking his penis.
"Well, why are you naked?" asked Gen.
"You said you were a stripper and look at you having all of your clothes on, you need to get in your work gear, let me see those goods," said Rod.
"I asked you why you were naked," said Gen, worried.
"Well, because I have a special kind of therapy I use," said Rod.
"What's so special about it?" asked Gen.
"Do you even know why they sent you here?" asked Rod.
"Yes, because I broke the fucking law but this is insane," said Gen.
"Not only that, your employer said you're racist and need some therapy on that as well," said Rod.
"What kind of therapy is that?!" said a shocked Gen.
"Well, whenever there are racist women who are causing problems in the work place, the employers send them to me. I get them in a room alone and we talk," said Rod.
"That's not all you do," said Gen, looking angry at Rod.
"Well they usually want to fuck me too sometimes," said Rod, smiling.
"I am not fucking anyone," said Gen.
"You don't have to but I require my patients to be naked in the room with me," said Rod.
"No way I am doing that," said Gen.
"Well fine then, looks like I can't clear you," said Rod.
"Oh fine then!" said Gen, taking off her clothes as she felt tingling sensations in-between her legs.
The naked brunette sat down on the couch as Rod was standing up, stroking his large penis. Gen looked away from Rod's dick but couldn't help looking back at it. The brunette was somewhat freaked out by Rod smiling at her while he stroked his penis. Eventually, the talk between both Gen and Rod started.
"So, I heard you like to cause troubles with the sistas you work with," said Rod.
"Oh they are so violent and trashy," said Gen.
"Some can be like that, some aren't," said Rod.
"So, what are some past cases you've had Rod," said Gen, in a rude manner.
"Well let me tell you about this one time when I had to deal with this racist school teacher who was caught on tape yelling the N word to refer to some of her black students. I gave her the similar therapy I am giving you. We talked and talked, but then she started playing with my dick," said Rod, laughing.
"Get your hand off that thing!" said Gen.
"It's my dick," said Rod.
"It's so dark, thick, and long," said Gen, staring at it.
"It isn't that thick," said Rod, smiling.
"It is the biggest one I have seen," said Gen, laughing.
"You can play with it," said Rod.
"Okay, but it is only an experiment," said Gen, laughing.
The naked brunette stood up and started to stroke Rob's dick, she used both of her hands yet still couldn't cover all of it. Gen could not help but think about putting all of the dick inside of her mouth, she had never been with a black guy before. Rod decided to put his hands over Gen's shaved pussy as the brunette massaged his dick. The brunette felt a powerful and tingling sensation in-between her legs as Rod's thick skinned hands made contact with her soft white skin. Eventually, Gen knew that she wanted to do more than stroke Rod's dick.
"Tell me how many white women that thing has been inside of," said Gen, laughing.
"Many, and it's about to be many more I see," said Rod, smacking Gen on the ass.
"This white girl is getting a taste for sure," said Gen, getting down on both knees.
Gen would get down on both knees and for the first time in her life, she stuck a black cock inside of her mouth. The brunette tried to fit as much of Rod's penis she could inside of her mouth but eventually, she could only fit about half of it in there. Rod moaned from the pleasure of having Gen suck him off. The brunette used her hands to massage Rod's testicles while her saliva and tongue tried to pleasure him. After a few minutes, Gen spit Rod's dick out and took a long breath.
While Gen was on her knees, Rod put the naked brunette over his shoulder and carried her to the bed. Gen laid in bed and noticed that Rod was trying to wrestle with her so the brunette played along. Rod would use his powerful arms to grab Gen toss her around on the bed. Gen was face down on the bed with Rod's powerful arms coiled around her body and covering her perky breasts. Rod licked the area behind Gen's ears which turned her on and then started to kiss her around the neck.
"Gonna fuck that racism right out of you, Gen," said Rod, kissing Gen.
"Do it, kill that racism inside of me, I want it gone, do your therapy," said Gen, breathing hard as the dick pounded her.
"Gonna make you into my white bitch for six months and then you are going to keep coming back for more of this kind of dick," said Rod, kissing Gen around the neck.
"Damn, you're good, do it baby, kill the racism inside of this white bitch," said Gen.
Gen's heart rate would beat faster than before as her blood boiled from the romance she was getting from Rod. The brunette's soft and sweaty skinned started to grind against Rod's rough skin as she was turned on from the pleasure. Never in her life had Gen been so turned on from sex with a man, especially not the kind of man that was laying on top of her. Seconds later, Gen felt Rod's large and thick penis go inside of her tight pussy. Rod managed to get eight inches of his penis inside of Gen but had a couple more to go. Gen screamed.
The naked brunette laid face down on the bed with the muscular Rod on top of her and screamed as Rod started to fuck her. At first, Rod started slowly but then he picked up the pace. Gen could hardly move with the heavier Rod on her and the tight hold he had on Gen made it hard for her to get out. Rod moaned in pleasure as his dick went in and out of Gen's tight pussy which was getting stretched lose from the deep penetration. The brunette noticed that Rod wasn't even wearing a condom, but she didn't care. Rod slowed down and while he had his penis stuck inside of Gen, he still laid on top of her and had a nice hold on her.
"Hello racism inside of Gen, are you there?" asked Rod.
"Oh, you're gonna kill it!" said Gen, with her eyes closed, barely able to get a word out of her mouth.
"Knock knock, racism inside of Gen, are you there?" asked Rod.
"It's scared of ya," said the sweaty Gen, laughing.
"It better be, because I am gonna pound it away," said Rod, kissing Gen again.
Rod started to furiously fuck the helpless brunette who moaned at the top of her lungs as his penis started to slide in and out of her vagina. Gen was helpless as the pounding started to destroy her pussy, she could not move at all. Rod's powerful arms had a tight hold on the brunette who felt Rod's penis go deep inside of her body. For the first time ever, Gen had a major orgasm but Rod continued to pound away. The brunette would start to get cross-eyed as Rod continued to pound away at her until he finally stopped. As soon as Rod let go, Gen collapsed on the bed and laid there helpless. Wasting no time, Rod decided to cum all over her sweaty face as Gen laid down on the bed exhausted, unable to move. The cum covered all of Gen's face, some of which she licked off and the rest which she let stay on.
"Whew, that's some of the anti-racism juice on your face right there baby. I'll give you a few hours to recover and we'll get back to therapy," said Rod.
Gen could not even say a word; she felt like she might have lost her voice from all the moaning and screaming. The temperature in the room was turned up to eighty degrees and Gen was covered in sweat and cum from all the sex. Hours passed as the naked brunette laid in bed, unable to move much or even say a word. For the first time in her life, Gen had been completely dominated as the cum on her face dried up. Eventually, Gen could finally get up and start moving. The naked brunette rubbed her face to get some of the dried up cum off of it, she noticed a water bottle and towel had been left in the room so she decided to use those to get the cum off. A half an hour after Gen had managed to get all of the cum off of her face, Rod walked in naked with a notepad in his hand.
"Lay down right there on the bed my little white slam piece," said Rod, as Gen obeyed.
"So, how are we?" asked Rod.
"Doing good," said Gen, smiling.
"How is that?" asked Rod, putting his hands over Gen's crotch.
"Well, it got the workout of a lifetime," said Gen, laughing.
"You see, we can beat all the hate and racism in the world with just some loving, am I right?" asked Rod.
"Oh yes, as a matter of fact, you beat some out of me," said Gen, smiling.
"Well, I have you for six months, I need to beat it all out of you," said Rod, laughing.
"You do it like you just did, I am sticking around after six months," said the brunette, laughing hard.
"I will, but you need to come to all of the therapy sessions," said Rod.
"Oh this is the best I've had in forever, I ain't missing this!" said Gen.
"Well, now it's time for you to head to work and come back again at night," said Rod.
Gen put on her clothes and limped out of Rod's house to get back home; she had never done that after sex. The time flew by for Gen who was enjoying the therapy a good bit but she only had hardcore anal sex with Rod twice a week on random days. Except for the two days of hardcore sex, Gen and Rod mainly engaged in activities such as laying in bed naked, cuddling, and talking about life. On some days of therapy, Gen would shower naked with Rod which she loved a lot. The best days for Rod were Sundays, nicknamed happy endings day. On Sundays, Gen and Rod would oil each other up as Gen gave Rod all sorts of comfortable massages, riding his dick at the end and letting him cum inside of her. The best part was when Gen would get to grind her soft naked white skin against Rod's tough hard black skin. Four months of sex, pleasure, and intimacy had flown by for Gen who was loving her therapy.
The brunette loved all of the therapy activities that Rod made her engage in, all of which led to her being naked with him. Gen didn't mind Rod's refusal to wear condoms; the brunette preferred it that way. Rod would engage Gen in various activities that kept her mind happy and made her enjoy life more. One activity that Gen and Rod engaged in was playing table tennis naked; if Gen lost she had to suck Rod's dick while if Rod lost he had to eat Gen out. Gen would lose on purpose at times because she wanted to suck Rod's dick. The brunette was quite happy about it. At times, Gen would refuse to go home and instead lay naked in bed all night with Rod as she was covered in sweat with a black dick inside of her soft white pussy.
Rod's therapy also taught Gen a lesson about consequences and screwing up, during days when Gen was late, she got disciplined. The discipline involved Gen getting anally fucked doggystyle by Rod who didn't use anything to lubricate his dick. Gen would get disciplined a couple of times and have issues walking the next day, feeling the pain of her dry anus being penetrated by a large and thick dick. One time when Rod received a complaint about Gen arguing with a coworker, he had a word with Gen and disciplined her again. Rod would make the naked tall brunette stand against the wall and smack her hard on the buttocks for nearly an hour. Gen could not feel her ass for the entire day the next morning. The brunette loved Rod because of how easily he could control her and dominate her compared to other men in her life. Gen remembers the night Rod throat-fucked her for thirty minutes, cummed inside of her mouth, grabbed her by the neck, started to choke her, and told her a message she would never forget.
"Bitches like you need to fucked, controlled, and disciplined so they know their place, am I right bitch?" said Rod.
"Uh!" said Gen, nodding as her mouth was filled with cum.
"Swallow it!" said Rod, slapping Gen hard across the face.
"Uh!" said Gen, swallowing the cum as she was cross-eyed.
Most days did not contain any sort of abuse but the therapy was always carried out naked. Gen would walk into the house after a long hard day of work, take off her clothes, and start the therapy as her musky crotch awaited the treatment that Rod would give it. Before any of the activities started, the naked lovers would hug each other, kiss, and make out. One activity Gen remembered is when she had to wrestle Rod naked on the floor until she was so tired and sweaty that you could see her diaphragm expand. After a long hard wrestling session, Gen would suck Rod's dick and drink his cum. Eventually, the exhausted Gen would lay in bed naked with Rod as he kissed her, massaged her soft white skin with his dark hands, and turn the lights out. Most of the times, Rod would get up in the middle of the night to fuck Gen missionary style. Gen always took showers in the morning with Rod and it had become an addiction of hers.
At work, Gen was kind to all kinds of people and got to the point of giving lap dances to men of all races. On one late night at a strip club, Gen gave an Indian guy such a great lap dance that he cummed in his pants. The bosses were loving Gen's work and she was getting raises, all because of the therapy. With only two months to go in therapy, Gen knew she was going to miss it but she tried to enjoy every moment of it. As usual on most nights, Gen went to go visit Rod and took off her clothes as soon as she arrived. Rod had a special request for Gen this time, he grabbed her by the hand and asked her to come to his bedroom. The two naked lovers would head upstairs to Rod's bedroom which was nice, cool, and had dim lighting. Rod would put Gen down on his comfortable bed and lay on top of the naked brunette, kissing her on the neck and cheeks.
"Isn't life better this way, Gen?" asked Rod.
"Better what way?" asked Gen.
"Better when you spread the love instead of filling it with hate," said Rod, licking Gen behind the ears.
"Yes," said Gen, moaning.
"Better when you open your legs for opportunity instead and let it get inside of you," said Rod, kissing Gen and sticking his penis inside of her pussy.
"So much better," said Gen, moaning.
Rod would take in deep breaths and thrust his penis furiously into Gen as the brunette moaned in pleasure. As always, Rod refused to wear protection and Gen was more than okay with it. For some reason, the atmosphere of the room turned Gen on a lot and had her entire body tingling. Rod would kiss the sweaty brunette around the neck and cheeks while fucking her in a missionary position. After a few minutes, the muscular man cummed inside of Gen, which made the brunette feel a cool and moist sensation in-between her legs. Rod would let out another deep breath before laying on top of a naked Gen and kissing her.
"You see, my little white bitch, life is so much better with love," said Rod, kissing Gen on the cheeks.
"That is right, it is so much better with love," said Gen, feeling dizzy from the hard pounding she took.
"I regularly take racist white bitches like you and turn them into happy women," said Rod, licking Gen around the neck.
"White bitches are grateful for it too!" said Gen, breathing hard with the muscular man all over her.
"So bitch, have you found out where you are going or not?" asked Rod, still kissing the brunette.
"Well, I want to move to Vegas and in a month, I will have enough money for it," said Gen, smiling and horny from the naked man all over her.
"How you making so much money now?" asked Rod, kissing the sweaty brunette.
"I have some of this love in my life, doing better at work and everything," said Gen, smiling.
"Why, bitch?" asked Rod, sucking on the brunette's nipples.
"I have some chocolate in my life!" said Gen, breathing hard from the pleasure.
"Well here bitch, have some chocolate," said Rod, picking Gen up, putting her against the wall, stuffing his cock in her mouth, and aggressively thrusting it in and out.
Rod would aggressively mouth-fuck the brunette and cum inside of her mouth as always. As Gen's entire body went dead and her face tired out, Rod would carry the naked brunette to bed and let her relax on his shoulder. Rod pulled out a cell phone and showed Gen a picture of a blonde with a pony tail that looked almost exactly like Maria Sharapova. The man would keep flipping photos and show Gen naked photos of the blonde and some of her with smiling with a big muscular black man in the picture. Rod would start to tell Gen the story of the blonde and let her know why he was showing her the picture.
"Gen, this beautiful bitch is Dina, my first patient ever. Dina came to the USA from Russia but she had some racial issues at work just like you. Now just like you, Dina was having some money problems too. One day she got into an argument with a woman at work and called the woman the N word. Dina's employer sent her to me and I asked her to sit in the room. I came out naked swinging my dick around, and she was hooked. Dina and I made sweet love so many times. She loved having black dick inside of her tight Russian pussy that I ended up cumming inside of. After therapy, she had to move to Miami but before she moved, I hooked her up," said Rod.
"What does that mean?" asked Gen, barely able to get the words out of her tired mouth.
"Well, spending that many months having sex with me, Dina developed an addiction for black men and asked me how she could find some big dicked ones in Miami. I decided to put in some calls and let Dina experiment around with a few black men in the area. After having slept with around four different ones, she picked one guy named Mike. Mike is the guy you see in the photos, he is a good friend of mine and an engineer. Dina worked as a nurse and model during the time. I was told that Mike fucked her so hard so good and the way he ate her pussy reminded her of me. Dina and Mike started to date and they loved each other, they got engaged, and married," said Rod.
"Wow," said Gen.
"Best part is, their marriage is going strong. Sometimes when Dina had had sex with Mike, she sends me naked photos of both herself. In this photo here you see some of Mike's cum around her mouth and in this photo, you see the naked blonde having her soft white arms around the muscular Mike. Dina tells me she still loves anal, gives Mike a blowjob every day, and the two have had sex every day since they got married," said Rod.
"Lucky Dina," said Gen, amazed.
"Yes, she said she is still addicted to Mike after all these years and they have had sex every single day but now she is pregnant," said Rod.
"Wow, I think I am going to move soon too, out of here and out of this poverty," said Gen.
"Well, good luck with that," said Rod, who had his hand inside of Gen's anus.
"When I do move, I want the same hookup Dina got," said Gen.
"Really?" asked Rod.
"Yup, I came to this therapy hating this but I am leaving this therapy only wanting this," said Gen, softly stroking Rod's huge dick.
"Well, your therapy is done now but if you want we can go through more pictures. When you move, let me know and we'll work something out," said Rod.
"Ya, but for now, I want more pics of some lucky women," said Gen, smiling.
Gen would lay naked in bed with Rod as he flipped through his phone, showing her various photos of his past patients who were all white females. One photo that made Gen laugh is of a tall ginger woman that married a short and muscular black man. The photo was the ginger posing naked with her black husband who was sucking on her nipples. Gen saw another photo of a dark-haired brunette who was riding her black boyfriend and had her eyes wide open from the fucking; she was amazed at how the brunette took the photo. Soon, Gen would go to bed with Rod and have sex with him in the middle of the night, her soft white skin grinding against his hard ebony skin. The brunette woke up in the morning and signed some papers, offering her release from therapy.
A month later, Gen would return to work and thank her employers for recommending her to Rod. The brunette got along well with her coworkers at the strip club and regularly gave lap dances to her black customers. Along the way, Gen would meet a tall and muscular black man at the strip club that she went home with one night. The brunette loved stroking the man's long and thick penis and ended up dating him; she had amazing sex with him that reminded her of the sex she had with Rod. One night, Gen was having sex with her boyfriend who cummed all over her face. A few minutes later, her boyfriend would go to sleep and Gen posed right next to him with the cum over her face. The brunette would take a pic, smile, and send it to Rod who received it. Rod would send Gen a pic of a naked blonde that was laying on bed face down with Rod's cum all over her back. Gen smiled and then went to sleep with her boyfriend.
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