Dee's Naughty Descent: Chapter 07
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Dee's Naughty Descent: Chapter 07
by MrDeep ©
Dee's friend, Anne-Marie, was a slender, athletic blonde. After that night in the maternity waiting room, her whole life changed. She wanted what she witnessed and heard in that room. The white women she met were young adults who were having fun and were black-owned.
She got to know all of them. She made love with them. She got to know the black men, too! The sensual pleasure was exhilarating! They fucked her and changed her life. She considered herself still with her husband, but she stayed with Dee, Mel, Lisa, Nate, and Vic.
Anne-Marie had become very attached to Nate in the six months since they met. Nate changed her dress style. She wore more revealing clothes that showed her smooth, white skin, tight ass, and long, slender legs. She wore sexy elevator shoes with micro stiletto "fuck me" heels. She wore tops that were either filmy or showed her 33C's and pink areolae which were enhanced by cosmetic tattooing. Her clothing revealed her breasts. Her skirts were low riding or hip hugging and always the hemline was even with her bleached, slick cunt. She let her long blonde hair hang straight down her back in a twist. Anne-Marie had become a slut.
She adored Dee.
Dee settled down as a black man's baby momma. Both possible baby daddies, Kobe and Marcus, claimed ownership of baby and momma. That was to gain access to Dee's hot cunt. That was fine with Dee, but she felt that Vic was her master, although she was submissive to all black men.
Dee sat down at the sidewalk café and ordered a glass of white wine. Anne-Marie wanted to talk to Dee and Lisa about black submission. That was a subject Dee and Lisa loved to talk about. They talked about how Dee met Vic and went on to be a dancer and sell her love to black men.
"If you have it, then make 'em pay for it," Dee said as she took a sip of wine and looked over the glass. "You have seen my new car and sexy clothes. Black men paid for it. All I did was lie back and enjoy myself," Dee said. She lit up a joint and drew it in deeply and when she exhaled slowly, handed it to Ann-Marie. Anne-Marie's full, red lips closed around the joint. Her cheeks sunk in as she toked. She held the smoke, feeling the sensation. It was almost like an orgasm.
"I want to feel it. These past weeks have been like a dream," Anne-Marie said.
"You have not seen everything," Lisa assured her.
As they chatted three black men came up. They began chatting. Immediately, the subject became sexual.
"Can we buy you a drink? Zeke, a tall man with tattoos and dreadlocks, asked Dee.
"Sure," said the hot momma.
"Let's go to my favorite place. It's a short way from here." Zeke said.
"I'm OK with that," Dee said. Will this be a freebie? I think they are hot. I want to fuck them!" Anne-Marie whispered to Lisa.
"Let's see," Lisa said rolling her eyes.
They piled in a black Lincoln with Dee and Zeke in the front and Lisa with Kevin and Anne-Marie with Gavin. The Lincoln had a bench-style front seat that allowed Dee to move over next to the driver. As they pulled out of the parking lot, Dee reached over and pulled Zeke's cock out. It sprang to life. As she stroked it, it started growing. In the back, Anne-Marie pulled out Gavin's cunt stretcher. She put her tongue on the large drop of pre-cum and tasted it.
"Hmmm! That's good," she said and started sucking on it. Lisa started kissing Kevin as he fondled her breasts. Lisa was wearing large loop nipple rings and spider-web shields.
He pulled into a parking lot and everyone got out. Dee's cunt was soaked. Zeke opened the door for Dee. She got out and bent over pretending to adjust her shoe. This let everyone see her hot, bleached cunt with rings. They walked in the Harlot Club. Zeke was seated in a lonely dark corner in a booth. Once seated, Zeke removed Dee's breast from her dress. Her deep plunging neckline with cowl collar made Dee's hot breast easy to access.
"Wait up! Let me remove the jewellery," Dee said. She removed the nipple ring and shield. She pinched her nipple to show Zeke she was with milk.
"Hot momma! I want some of that," Zeke said.
"Go ahead," Dee said in a sultry voice.
Zeke started sucking. Dee's body began to tremble. Her head dropped back as she began to writhe in pleasure. She loved the feeling of milk passing through her nipple.
"Muthafucka! That's hot!" Kevin said. "Do you have some of that?" he asked Lisa and Anne-Marie. They shook their heads. There was no doubt that Dee's nursing her lover was very hot.
Zeke pulled out a hit of molly. Dee took it. She felt sexy. Her cunt began to get wetter. Zeke asked her to dance. One the floor Dee's body began to turn and twist to the music. Dee was completely African-ized and showed all the movements to match. Zeke turned her around and bent her over. He inserted his cock in her hot cunt and pushed. Dee's cunt released. In the six months since her baby, Dee had tightened her cunt with special exercises.
"Follow me," Zeke said. Dee followed Zeke to a small room in the back. He turned and they fell into each other's arms. Their lips met. He pushed his tongue into her mouth. When he broke, Dee sank to her knees and removed his cock from his pants. She put her mouth over the glans and started stroking with her hand. Her eyes were glued to his face. His cock quickly became wet with his profuse pre-cum and her saliva. As Dee withdrew the cock from her mouth, she left a sheen of wetness along his shaft.
Zeke pointed his cock at the inside of Dee's cheek and pushed, forcing her cheek out. Then he did the same with her right cheek. He was probing her love orifice. Dee was thrilled to allow him. He pushed Dee onto her back. Dee didn't have to be told to spread her silky smooth white thighs. Zeke lay down on Dee and started kissing her lips. Dee reached down and guided his cock into her pleasure tunnel. It was very thick. Dee gasped as it entered her vagina.
"Oh, Daddy! I love it!" Dee cooed.
Dee squeezed down as hard as she could on Zeke's cock. She felt good when she heard Zeke moan.
"You one hot momma!" he moaned. He pushed and sent his cock in balls deep. Then Zeke began the sensual rhythm of love. Dee met his thrusts with her hips. Each time he pushed in, she squeezed his cock with her cunt muscles. A shockwave shot through Dee like a lightning bolt.
"Oh baby! Fuck me, Zeke. Make me your baby momma!" Dee moaned. Since Dee's delivery, her body had been craving another pregnancy. This only heightened her pleasure. First, she wanted to give pleasure. Giving pleasure was to Dee pleasure itself! They fucked for two hours before Zeke dumped a load in her cunt.
Lisa and Anne-Marie left and were driven to an apartment. On the way, Kevin made a phone call. When they opened the door, they were greeted by six hot black men. They started kissing and groping the hot white women as they removed their clothing. Lisa was placed on a bed with her head hanging off. One man fucked her while she took another cock down her throat.
Anne-Marie was stacked in an Oreo. It was new to her, but she knew about it. She climbed on top of one man. He inserted his hoe trainer in her cunt. Another dude placed his cock against her cunt and pushed. In two thrusts, he was balls deep in her cunt for a double pussy penetration. He removed his love tool and pushed into her rectum. Then they started the rhythm of love. Anne-Marie felt one cock going in as the other was pulling out. Then a third love-tool was presented to her mouth. She took it and sucked.
She was fucked twice in every fuck-hole. Lisa took cum in all of her orifices. They were driven back to the club where they met Dee, and all three drove back to the coffee shop.
Anne-Marie worked out two hours a day. She weighed 103 but she packed a lot of love in that tiny body. She had become very attached to Nate. She would do anything Nate told her to do. She told her husband, Eugene, everything. She described it to the last detail. She told him about fucking Nate that night and going to a club where he sold her cunt for money. That night Nate split $1,000 with the young woman. Anne-Marie flashed the cash to her husband, who started jerking off.
"I never believed how sensual it is to sell my love to black men," she told Eugene.
"You're right! This is more than I ever imagined it would be," he said.
As Anne-Marie would describe her African-ization, Eugene would jerk off frantically. One night she came home and let her husband clean out her cum-filled cunt.
Eugene asked her about protection.
"I don't use any, and I am not going to use any," she said flatly. Eugene began frantically jerking off. "One of the most sensual acts a woman can do is to open herself up for her black lover. That means her womb," she said.
"You may get pregnant," Eugene said.
"That's OK! When a woman is fertile and allows a black man to fuck her, knowing she may be impregnated, that is the most sensual sex there is," Anne-Marie said. She pulled out a joint, lit it, and took a deep drag. Eugene's cock released a big glob of cum. Anne-Marie went down on him, clean it, and swallowed his cum. She kissed him, passing back to him a large part of his cum.
"It's OK if you get pregnant," Eugene said. "I would love to feel your baby kick in your pregnant belly, too," he added.
In the ensuing weeks, Anne-Marie showed to her husband Nate's beautiful skin illustrations. She showed him Nate's initials on each side of her neck. Nate had her tongue split and two rows three studs on each side. It changed her speech forever. Eugene came repeatedly the first night that Anne-Marie used her split tongue on his cock. She bought sexy clothes and a new convertible. She loved to wear sexy shoes with elevator soles and micro stiletto heels.
"Do you consider yourself Nate's woman?" Eugene asked.
"Yes! Nate is my master. I must do anything he wants me to do. You come second. I hope that does not hurt your feelings," she said.
"I can accept it because it is what you want," he said.
Vic arranged for Dee to take drama lessons. Then she passed an audition to for a special part in Vic's upcoming feature film. The cast assembled in Vic's warehouse-style loft apartment and began rehearsing and listening to Vic go over the storyline.
The story had cast Dee as the mistress to an English gentleman, played by a black man known professionally as Lord Harold. Dee learned that Lord Harold was a real lord who inherited his title when he married the lady of an estate in northern England. She died in a tragic accident, and the title passed to him. He played the role of landed gentry well.
Dee had little thought of Lord Harold as a lover. She was too engrossed in the part. That changed when she saw him fucking Melissa. He had Melissa on her back with her head hanging off of the bed. His black cock was in Mel's mouth. His balls were slapping against her forehead. The outline of Harold's cock could be clearly seen in Mel's neck. Mel was enjoying it immensely.
He pulled of her throat and turned her around. When he lay down on her, she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Harold's back. Her tiny arms wrapped around him. Their rhythm of love caused Dee to gasp. She was breathless. Instinctively, her hand went to her cunt as she sat nearby and watched the show. She could almost feel what Melissa was feeling. She wanted that long black cock in her body. She wanted to feel the sensation of his love tool. Most of all, she wanted to give him pleasure with every fiber of her body. She felt a tremble as an orgasm shot through her like electricity. She wanted Lord Harold with all of her being.
She was startled when she heard Melissa scream.
"Fuck me, daddy! Cum in me! Make me your baby momma!" Mel screamed. She was in the throes of an orgasm. Her pelvis tightened and thrust up to meet Lord Harold. At the same time, he rammed in Mel's body and froze. Dee watched as ripples of pleasure passed over Harold's ass. The root of his cock pulsed. He was injecting white hot baby batter in Dee's daughter! It took Dee's breath away! At that moment, Dee knew she must have Harold's cock and manly essence for her very own. She felt insanely jealous of Melissa's pleasure! Another wave of pleasure swept over Dee as she swooned.
In the coming weeks, she watched Harold and Melissa in the throes of love many times. Dee watched Mel's body against Harold. She wanted to be in Mel's place. She felt the need to be bred by Harold.
Then Vic announced that the cast would be traveling to London for four months of filming. Dee almost felt sorry for Mel, who had to stay to be near her black master, Nate. At the same time, Dee knew this was her opportunity to fuck Lord Harold ... and have Vic.
However, Dee had little time to fuck black men off the set. The schedule was horrendous. She hardly spoke to Vic outside of the takes before the camera. The final version of the screenplay was yet to be given to the cast. Dee had little idea what would happen to her part.
Dee's scenes with Lord Harold on screen were simulated sex. His on-screen kiss took her breath away. Besides being a slut in the bedroom, her part called for Dee to be a refined lady in the other scenes.
Dee was not in the final week of filming. She spent her time walking the south bank of the Thames and exploring the pubs.
After the last take, Vic called for a post-production party. It turned into an orgy. Still she failed to fuck Lord Harold. Then there was a round of media interviews on the BBC where Dee was billed as an up and coming new star. That pleased her.
Continued …
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