Summer Camp - Year Three
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Well, I’m back for my third year as Head Counselor and Manager at Lake Otis, but this year may not be as much fun as the last two years. Tracy is now in college, so are Daniel and Amy, and my wife, Summer may not be able to come either. And Ashley didn’t return for some reason. So, I’ll just have to keep my eyes and ears open and check that gazebo occasionally. Maybe I’ll get lucky again.
Today after all the counselors and campers arrived, I made my standard welcome speech, then called all of the counselors together for a meeting to outline and emphasize the ground rules, including of course, the rules about not having sex. That gave me the chance to look over this year’s field of teenage honeys. Wow, there were a flock of sweet young things to choose from should I get the chance.
After the meeting, an adorable little thing came over, extended her hand, and introduced herself. “Hi, Mr. Baxter. I’m Jennifer.”
“Hello Jennifer. It’s good to have you with us this summer. Are you looking forward to it?” I hoped my eyes didn’t give away my lecherous thoughts. She had gorgeous long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a perfect body, and a smile that seemed to say, “Just wait until you see how good I am in bed.”
“I am. I think it’s going to be fun.”
“Great!” She didn’t walk away as I thought she would.
“Was there something else?” I asked.
“Well…. I just wanted to tell you that Tracy is a friend of mine and she encouraged me to apply for the job.” She seemed a little timid.
“Really! How is Tracy?”
“Oh, she’s knee deep in her studies at NYU.” Then she looked at her feet for a second.
“She told me about the affair she had with you and said that you might be interested in my taking her place.” She hesitated then looked at me with a smile and added, “I love sex more than she does.”
I almost fainted!! The thought of making it with this gorgeous little thing was almost more than I could stand. She was what I would call a “willowy blonde”…that indefinable quality a girl can have that makes a guy immediately horny and gives him irresistible urges of having sex with her.
I looked her up and down and said, “Do you really?” I tried to calm my quivering voice. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing her right then and forcing her to her knees.
“So…What do you think?” Having lost her timidity, she gave me a look that said, “I’ll suck you right now if you want.”
I took a quick look around the room and saw that it was now empty. So I reached out my hand and ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair. She smiled and moved closer.
“Is that a yes?” she said as she ran a delicate finger down my chest.
“That’s a hell yes!” I said as I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to me for a short, but passionate kiss.
“Mmm. That was nice. Tracy was right. You’re a good kisser.”
“I’m good at a lot of things Jennifer.”
“I know. She told me.”
“Why don’t you come to my cabin tonight after eleven? Be sure no one sees you.”
“Tracy told me the routine. See you then.”
* * * * *
Jennifer was thirty minutes late when she came through the door. She was wearing a dark blue hoodie and shorts with her hair pinned up in a bun.
“Sorry I’m late. The other girls just wouldn’t go to sleep! They’re all excited and talking and speculating about the male counselors.”
“That’s okay. I’d rather you be careful than caught.”
“Me too.”
She removed her hoodie, unpinned her hair and let it fall loosely around her shoulders. She smiled seductively and walked over to me, put her arms around my neck and we kissed hungrily.
After several minutes, she whispered, “How do you want me?”
“On your knees.” I didn’t have to think about it. I’d been thinking about it all day.
“Mmm. Okay,” she replied as she kneeled down, never breaking eye contact with me. She reached out and started to rub the bulge in my shorts and bit her lip. Then she unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and pushed them to the floor. I was not wearing my boxers as I normally would have been.
When my stiff erection popped up in her face, Jennifer giggled and took it in her delicate little hand and gently stroked it.
“Oh nice, Mr. Baxter. Tracy said your cock was just right.”
By then my cock and balls felt like they were going to explode. Jennifer was so gorgeous and there she was on her knees in front of me, ready to give me head. So I quickly took her head in my hands and pulled it to my cock.
“Mm!” she quietly protested, but let me have my way.
I pushed my hard cock deeper and deeper into Jennifer’s mouth until I felt it get tight in her throat. She gagged hard, but let me push further in. Her tongue was extended, so I went all the way in until her nose was pressed against my stomach and she could lick my balls.
As I started to pump her mouth, she gagged occasionally, but let me keep going. It took me only a couple of minutes before I started to fill her throat with cum. My cock spurted its load for what seemed like a minute until I was spent. As I pulled out, she sucked hard to get every drop of my cum.
“Mmm,” she moaned. “I love your cock and your cum. Can I have more tomorrow night?”
“How about every night?”
“That will be fine with me,” she whispered as she stood up and put her arms around my neck. We kissed again as I pushed her shorts off so that she was wearing only her loose-fitting tank top.
I put my arms around her tiny waist, picked her up, and took her to my bed and laid her down. She had wrapped her legs around me, so I was pulled down with her.
“Fuck me, Mr. Baxter. It’s been a long time and from what Tracy told me, I’ve been horny for you all day.”
I wanted to fuck her brains out, but she needed a good pussy-eating first. So I worked my way down her lean, toned little body, kissing and sucking as I went, until I arrived at her swollen labia. Everything was shaven clean and soft as I plunged my tongue into her wet slit.
“Mmm! God that’s so good!” Jennifer whispered as she took my head in her hands.
As I ran my tongue around her hole, she ground and thrust her hips up against my tongue. She moaned and groaned as her sexual tension built. Her first of many orgasms was not far away now. Her breathing became quick and her moaning louder.
“Oh fuck,” she whispered. “Fuck me now, before I cum. I want you inside me when I cum.”
So I moved up and we kissed as she reached down, took my cock in her tiny fingers, and guided it into her wet pussy. I thrust slowly as she moaned and thrust back. My cock sank deeper into her body as we both pushed and she pulled with her feet. Jennifer knew how to fuck. She had a lot of experience for a seventeen year-old girl.
Once I was deep inside her, we began to fuck slowly and steadily. I grabbed a handful of blonde hair on top of her head and slid one hand under her ass so I could lift it as I thrust deep.
“Mmm. You fuck me really good, Mr. Baxter,” she whispered in my ear as she pulled me close, groaned, and started to cum.
“FUCK! I’m cumming. Fuck me harder! Fuck me!”
Jennifer’s darling little body went into a spasm as she locked her legs tight around my waist and her arms around my neck. She groaned loudly as it ravished her body. When it finally was over, it left her sweaty and gasping for air. The fine little hairs along her hairline were soaking wet and so cute as I ran my tongue along them to taste her sweat.
I kept thrusting for several minutes as she held on, waiting for me to cum. I made a fist with her hair, arched my back to push my cock as deep into her body as possible, then started to shoot my load.
“Ooh! You’re cumming so hard! I love it! Keep cumming baby.”
I was finally able to roll off of little Jennifer and she cuddle up to me with her little blonde head on my shoulder.
“I love your lovemaking Mr. Baxter. The next three months are going to be memorable.”
Panting to catch my breath, I said, “I know. I may not be able to keep you satisfied. You’re such a hot little thing!”
“Awww. Don’t worry about that. You’re all I need or want.”
We cuddled and went to sleep until two when my alarm woke us up and Jennifer reluctantly when back to her cabin. We wanted to spend the night in each other’s arms, but we couldn’t risk it.
* * * * *
For the next week, Jennifer came to my cabin every night. We couldn’t get enough of each other and our sex together was fantastic.
Then one night she said, “I overheard a couple of counselors talking today. They didn’t know I could hear them.”
“What did they say?”
“One girl, Alexis, said she had met a guy and wanted to make it with him, but didn’t know where to go that would be safe from prying eyes.”
“Alexis? She’s a hot little thing!”
“I know. I’m not surprised that she’s found someone. She’s horny all the time and doesn’t care who she tells.”
“Really?! You should tell her that the first gazebo on the trail around the lake is a wonderful spot and a very safe place at night.”
“You think I should? I know that’s where you caught Tracy.”
“You should…and I’ll catch them.”
“Oh wow! You are so naughty, Mr. Baxter!”
“Yep. I am. And you love it.”
Jennifer giggled and said, “Yes I do!”
* * * * *
As I approached the gazebo, I could hear them. She was moaning and he was grunting. They both were obviously lost in the moment and didn’t see me walk up. I had to watch for a while. Alexis was bent over, holding the back of the bench just like Tracy had been the night I caught her. She is a gorgeous girl with long light brown hair and blue eyes. She’s hot and she knows it, and she flaunts her sexiness at every guy she can.
But tonight she had played into my hands and I was going to fuck her. The two of them were going to be surprised, so I waited until I thought Alexis was nearing her orgasm, then I made my presence known.
“What the HELL is going on here?” I yelled as I stepped up into the gazebo.
The guy immediately pulled out and whimpered, “Oh my god! Mr. Baxter!” He was pulling up his pants and his hard cock was making it difficult.
Alexis was slower to realize what had happened. I guess she was so lost in the feelings of her fucking that my yelling didn’t register at first. She remained bent over, her hips still thrusting like the guy’s cock was still in her.
The guy said, “Alexis! Mr. Baxter is here!”
Finally she realized what was happening and quickly pulled up her shorts. Her sweet, round ass looked so good that I kept my eyes on it until she was dressed.
“Mr. Baxter, I’m so sorry. This is my fault,” the guy said, trying to take all the blame.
“What’s your name son?” I said with disgust.
“Philip sir. Philip Collins. I know this was wrong and what the consequences are. I’m just so sorry.”
Alexis chimed in, “I’m sorry, too, Mr. Baxter. We shouldn’t have done this. Please don’t tell my parents. They’ll kill me.”
“Philip, you go back to your cabin right now. And don’t say a word to anyone about this. I’ll deal with you tomorrow morning. You’ll be going home on the first bus.”
“I understand,” Philip replied, truly remorseful. He immediately left, disappearing quickly into the darkness.
“Alexis, I’ll deal with you here and now.”
“Okay, Mr. Baxter. I’m so sorry,” she said as she started to cry.
“You know what I have to do now don’t you?”
“Yes sir.”
”But you can fix this. There is a way you can fix this.”
“You’ll have to put out for me all summer…as often as I want…any way I want.”
“WHAT?” she said in disbelief.
“That shouldn’t be too hard for you since you obviously like sex a lot.”
“I won’t be your whore!! No way!” She gave me a hateful look and started to walk away.
I grabbed her by the arm and said, “You can say no if you want to, and I’ll call your parents first thing tomorrow morning.”
She stopped and looked down and started to cry again. She was tugging at my heart strings. She was so gorgeous and her tears just added to her beauty, so I took her in my arms and pulled her close. She clung to me and sobbed. Her soft hair was against my cheek and her small body was shaking as she sobbed. My cock was getting harder every second, so I turned her around and hugged her from behind, pressing my erection hard against her ass. Slowly she stopped crying and pushed back against me. She was getting aroused again. I had her!
As we humped each other, I slid my hand down the front of her shorts and rubbed her wet clit. She moaned and laid her head back on my shoulder. Alexis was ready to fuck now.
“Have you decided yet Alexis?”
“Mmm. Yes. I’ll do what you want,” she moaned as she humped against my finger.
So I unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them to the floor where she quickly stepped out of them. Then I pushed down her thong panties and she kicked them off. She was so ready that I knew I could have her anyway I wanted.
“Why don’t you bend over like you were when I got here?”
“Okay,” she whispered, her voice quivering with arousal.
I pushed my shorts off and pulled my cock out of my boxers. It was hard and throbbing as I easily slipped it into Alexis’ wet pussy.
“Oh god! Mmm! Fuck me!”
I grabbed her hips tightly and started to thrust into the gorgeous seventeen year-old. She was wiggling her ass and pushing back against me, trying to get every inch of my cock.
“Oh you feel so GOOD! Fuck me good, Mr. Baxter! I’m your slut for the summer. Fuck me good.”
I took one hand and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.
“Yes! Take me! Make me your slut!”
Suddenly her orgasm hit her hard. She groaned loudly and her legs quivered uncontrollably. I took her shoulders and pulled her up so I could hold her as it ravished her little body. She let me cuddle her as it moved through her, making her legs spasm.
As her orgasm subsided, I continued to hold her and thrust into her slowly. She had become very dear to me during that orgasm, and I think she felt the same way. She turned her face up and we kissed passionately.
“Oh Mr. Baxter,” she whispered after the long kiss. “I love the way you fuck me. Your cock feels so good inside me.”
We kissed again as I let my cock slip out and turned her around. She put her arms around my neck and we continued to kiss as she rubbed her stomach against my cock.
“Why don’t you get on your knees? I want to fuck your mouth.”
Obediently, Alexis knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. She held it steady at the base with her thumb and forefinger as she started to bob her head on it. Deeper and deeper she pushed it. I didn’t have to do anything, but I did hold her head in my hands to set a rhythm that would make me cum quickly. Her lips were closed tightly around my shaft, rubbing over the veins and ripples, her tongue slithering underneath. The sucking sounds she made were driving me crazy.
Little Alexis was exhausted from that devastating orgasm and I felt sorry for her having to spend too much time giving me a blowjob. So as I looked down at her in the dark and felt her soft hair in my fingers and her head pumping on my cock, I started to shoot off, sending spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed, moaning with each gulp. God she was good!!
When I was finished, Alexis squeezed my cock from its base to its head to milk two additional drops of cum. Smiling up at me she said, “I loved that, Mr. Baxter. Was it okay?”
“You are fantastic, Alexis. I look forward to our next meeting.”
“Me too. When will that be?” she said as she stood up and slid her arms around my neck.
“How does Tuesday night sound?”
“Sounds great!”
“You should get back now.”
“Right. See you Tuesday. What time?”
“After eleven so the other girls will be asleep.”
“Okay,” she kissed me intimately and walked away into the darkness.
* * * * *
I met with Jennifer Monday night. When she walked in, she looked willowy as always.
“Mmm. How did it go with Alexis?” she asked after a loving kiss.
“Great! I caught them in the act. After that Alexis was easy. She’s quite a hot little thing!”
“Really! I wish I could have been hiding somewhere to watch. I think that would be so hot, watching you fuck her.”
“You’d want to watch us?” I asked in astonishment.
“Sure. That would be a real turn on, watching you force her into having sex.”
“Maybe we should try to make that happen.”
With that, Jennifer giggled and kissed me hard. “Oh you’re just so wonderful. I can’t wait.”
After the kiss, she said, “Make me do what you did to her. Force me to have sex with you like you did with her.”
So as we kissed, I pulled her hips against my crotch so she could feel my bulge. Then I abruptly turn her around and pulled her ass against me. She moaned and turned her face to kiss me.
“Is this what you did to Alexis?” she whispered.
“Yes. She became very aroused.”
Then I slid my hand into Jennifer’s shorts and felt her wet pussy. Her labia were swollen and her nice little clit was hard. I started to rub it with a finger as she pushed her crotch against it.
“Oh, baby, I’m so ready for you,” she moaned and reached up to run her fingers through my hair.
I unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them to the floor, followed by her panties.
“Bend over and grab the footboard,” I instructed.
“Mmm. You did this?”
“Yes. I fucked Alexis just like this.”
I slipped my hard cock into Jennifer and she moaned loudly. She started to push back against my thrusts as I held her hips. I could just imagine that she was trying to visualize me and Alexis.
I fucked her until she was moaning with every thrust. She looked back at my hands holding her hips, then looked up at me.
“Oh FUCK! I’m going to cum!”
So I pulled her up and held her tight in my arms as she had an Earth-shattering orgasm. She moaned and groaned and shook until it was finally over.
“Mmm. Mmm. Did you hold her like this?”
“Yes. She could hardly stand up after her orgasm, so I told her to kneel down.”
So Jennifer knelt down and started to suck my cock. I held her blonde little head in my hands and fucked her face for only a few minutes. The lighting was much better in my cabin than it had been in the gazebo, so her blonde hair was super shiny as I looked down at the top of her head.
Jennifer’s throat felt tighter than Alexis’ did, so that every time my cock went down, my cock got a lot of stimulation. And Jennifer gagged several times when I pushed all the way down. This set me off into a climax that shot my cum down her throat in hot, forceful spurts. I held her head against my stomach for what seemed like a full minute as my balls emptied.
As I pulled my cock out of her mouth, Jennifer sucked hard and stroked it to get every drop of my cum.
“Mmm. Is that what happened? Did you cum in Alexis’ mouth like that?”
“Yes. She was good, but I think you’re better. I love blondes better.”
She stood up, smiled and said, “Really? I’m better than Alexis?”
“You are! Your little throat is so tight that it made me cum quickly.”
“Oh I love that!”
We kissed for a long time, then went to bed and to sleep until two o’clock when my alarm woke us up and she had to leave.
* * * * *
For the next month, I alternated nights with Jennifer and Alexis. They both couldn’t seem to get enough sex with me. And, I think that they both had fallen in love with me. They both would say, “I love you” when they left my cabin. And I was finding it difficult to not say it as well. They were both so lovely, and loving, and gorgeous, and sensuous, and adorable! I began to think that maybe I had created a problem for myself.
Jennifer came to my cabin tonight, all excited about a girl she had found.
“Honey, I was talking to one of the other counselors today, Cathy, and she thinks you’re really hot and said she would love to make it with you. I played dumb and asked what she was willing to do to make that happen, and she said, “Anything. I would do whatever it takes to get him between my legs.”
“Oh wow! Cathy is really cute! I would never have guessed!”
“But she said that. What should I do?”
“Hmm. Let’s see. Tell her that you believe I take a walk out to the first gazebo every night around nine…after dark. Tell her that she could be waiting in the gazebo and will probably be able to seduce me there.”
“Okay. When should I tell her to do this?”
“Let’s say…Sunday night.”
“Okay. Can I be there to watch? I’ll go earlier and hide behind a tree.” She was all excited with the prospect of watching me fuck Cathy.
“Okay, but just be sure that she doesn’t see you.”
“I will,” she said with a smile. “This is going to be so much fun! Then I’ll be so horny that you’ll have to fuck me all night.”
* * * * *
Sunday night rolled around and I started my walk to the gazebo around eight-forty-five. I had been thinking about Cathy all week. I had noticed her a few weeks earlier and thought how cute she was, but also thought that she looked very innocent and unapproachable. I have to be careful when finding girls here at the camp. Although the age of consent in New York State is seventeen, a civil court could find me guilty of taking advantage of these girls. That could land me in prison or at the very least, cost me my job as a school teacher and more.
As I walked in the dark toward the gazebo, I had a mental picture of Cathy. She is a gorgeous little thing with long red hair and green eyes. And she has the most adorable smile I’ve ever seen. It seemed to say, “I’m easy. Just tell me what you want.” So my cock was already anticipating a good time as I approached the gazebo.
“Hi Mr. Baxter,” came a small voice out of the darkness as I turned around to go back.
I peered into the dark gazebo and saw her sitting there on a bench. “Cathy? What are you doing out here in the dark all alone?”
“Waiting for you,” she said as I walked up to her.
She stood up and put her arms around my neck and said, “Because I’ve been thinking about you all summer and I think you’re really hot!”
Then she kissed me softly and ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed her back, but had to act a little bit reluctant.
“Don’t you ever see a girl that you want and try to do something about it?”
She pressed her slim body against me as I slipped my arms around her waist.
“I do, but I have to ignore my urges. I could get into a lot of trouble.”
“Well, I would never say anything, Mr. Baxter. I’m the one that want you.” Then we kissed passionately, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.
“Mmm. I think you want me too,” she whispered when she felt my bulge against her crotch.
I put one hand on her round little ass and the other on the back of her head so I could grab a handful of hair and scrunch it in my fist. Her hair was so soft and silky that I almost came right there.
Cathy started to moan as she got turned on. I broke our kiss and gently pushed her to her knees. She looked up at me with a smile that said, “This is what I’ve been wanting.”
She unzipped my shorts and pushed them to my feet, pulled my cock out of my boxers, and licked the head of my cock as she stroked it slowly, then lapped up a stream of pre-cum that oozed out and moaned. She knew what she was doing and was going to enjoy every second of it.
I held her head in my hands and started to slowly fuck her mouth. She moaned as I got deeper and tried to pull away, but I held her tight and kept pushing. When my cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged hard and I let her go, thinking she was going to throw up her dinner.
“Agh! I’m sorry, Mr. Baxter. I can’t take it all. My throat’s too small.”
“That’s okay, Cathy. You’re doing fine. I’m ready to cum anyway.”
“Okay,” she said as she took my cock back into her mouth and started to suck and stroke it with earnest. She wanted to get me off ASAP and she knew how to do it. Her sucking was like a vacuum and when she spit on my cock to lather it up, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It took only a minute of that and I started to shoot off in her cute little mouth. When she felt me start cumming, she moaned and slowed her stroking to match my spurts. God, she really knew how to give head!
She swallowed my cum and continued to stroke me until she had milked the final drops. Then she stood up, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me.
“I think you liked that.”
“How can you tell,” I said with a smile. “But now I want to see how well you fuck.”
“Mmm! I love to fuck. How do you want me?”
“Turn around and bend over.”
“Okay,” she whispered with a smile.
As Cathy turned around, she dropped her shorts to reveal that she was not wearing panties, AND she was completely shaved.
“Oh Cathy! I love a nude pussy!”
“I thought you might.”
I dropped to my knees and started to lick her wet pussy. Her labia were swollen and protruding between her legs, ready to lick as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and tasted its sweet nectar. Then I moved my tongue down to her prominent clit and she moaned loudly.
“Mmm. You’re going to make me cum.”
So I flicked her clit a few more times and stood up and pushed cock deep into sweet little Cathy’s sensitive hole.
“Mmmm. Fuck!” Cathy moaned when she felt the girth of my cock.
I continued to push my cock slowly into Cathy’s body while holding her hips tightly. When I reached her cervix, she gasped and moaned.
“Oh fuck you feel SO GOOD! Fuck me hard. I’m ready to cum,” she begged as she started to push back against me, wanting me to thrust.
I moved my hands to her shoulder and grabbed her silky blonde hair in one, then started to pump into her. Harder and harder I ravished her tiny body, wondering how it could take such a pounding.
“Oh FUCK!! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder!”
Harder? I thought I already was! Just how hard does she normally get fucked? So I grabbed both shoulders and rammed my cock into Cathy so hard that the slap sound seemed to echo through the trees.
Slap, slap, slap! My stomach slapped against her ass. Then a long, loud moan escaped her lips as an orgasm moved through her body.
“Mmm FUCK! FUCK!” Cathy screamed loudly.
I was afraid that her screams would be heard in the camp across the lake, so I put my hand over her mouth and pulled her against me as her orgasm continued to assault her tiny body. It was so violent that she started to cry.
When it was finally over, Cathy almost collapsed in my arms. She was gasping to catch her breath and crying to boot.
“Oh Mr. Baxter! I’ve never had such a devastating orgasm before! I was wanting you so bad that my body just seemed to let everything out at once. That was amazing!”
“I’ve never known a girl to have an orgasm like that.”
“To be honest, that was my first orgasm and only my second time to have sex.”
“You’re kidding?!”
“No,” she replied, still trying to catch her breath.
“But you gave me the impression that you were very experienced.”
“Yeah. I watch a lot of porn and have a good imagination. My only real experience is giving blowjobs. Back home I’m well known for giving good head.”
“Well, you sure are good at that,” I said and hugged her close. She cuddled to me and let me hold her until her breathing was normal.
She turned around, looked into my eyes and whispered, “I feel like you were my first; like I just gave you my virginity,” and we kissed tenderly.
“That’s really special, Cathy.”
“The one time my boyfriend fucked me he came so quickly that I didn’t get anything out of it. But you actually made love to me; you made me cum; and it was so amazing and so special.” She started to cry again.
“Don’t cry sweetie,” I whispered and held her tight. Oh hell! Was I falling for this little girl? She was so innocent and so virginal, to say nothing about how gorgeous she was! I felt like I could hold her in my arms all night, just so I could feel her breathing; just so I could feel her hair between my fingers.
“I should go back. It’s getting late,” she said as she hugged me.
“Okay. I’ll walk with you.”
We planned to get together again the following night.
* * * * *
When I finally slipped into bed, totally exhausted, there was an urgent knocking on my door. So I got up and asked, “Who is it?”
“It’s Jennifer. Let me in!”
I opened the door and she came in and kissed me more aggressively than anyone has ever kissed me. She was obviously sexually aroused and was not going to settle for anything less than a good, hard fucking.
“Whoa, whoa Jennifer! What’s going on with you?”
“I was there watching you fuck Cathy. Oh my god I wanted to fuck her, too! I got so horny watching you!”
“You were?”
“Yes. Now you have to fuck me before my pussy explodes,” she said and started to take her clothes off. I was already down to my standard T-shirt and boxers.
“Jennifer, I don’t know if I can do much for you. I’m bushed.”
“Oh don’t worry. I’ll get you ready,” and she dropped to her knees as she rubbed my cock through my boxer shorts. She started to kiss it and stroke it and it grew hard in no time. Then she popped it out and took it straight into her mouth, pushing it all the way down her throat without gagging. She bobbed and rotated her head on my cock until I was close to cumming.
“I think you’re ready now. Fuck me hard. I’ll cum quickly because I watched you fuck Cathy so good.”
Then she crawled on the bed and held out her arms. She never looked as inviting as she did at the moment. She was probably the horniest girl in the state at that point and she wanted me, Bill Baxter, to fuck her hard.
So I crawled between her legs and she wrapped them around me as I eased my cock into her wet and swollen pussy. God she was so wet and ready! She locked her legs around me and pulled hard until my cock was all the way in.
“Mmm! You feel so big, honey. Fuck me good. Make me cum.”
It didn’t take long. I started to pound on Jennifer with all the strength I had left. She had her arms around my neck and was holding on tight as I banged her relentlessly.
“FUCK! I’m cumming baby! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”
Her orgasm must have lasted a full minute as she thrust her hips up against my cock, pushing it as deep as possible. She moaned loudly in my ear and kissed my neck and bit my shoulder.
“Sorry. I think I drew blood. But that was so intense! I was so horny for you I couldn’t stand it.”
I had collapsed on top of her, unable to thrust one more time if my life depended on it.
“You didn’t cum did you?”
“No, but that’s okay. I’m totally spent,” I said as I rolled off of her.
“Oh poor baby. Let me get you off,” she whispered as she gently stroked my cock.
She kissed me lovingly, then moved down between my legs and took me into her mouth. I just lay there with my hands full of her blonde hair as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Jeez! Jennifer was good at giving head, too! Which one was I going to fall in love with?
* * * * *
I found out today why Ashley didn’t come to camp this year. She’s pregnant! Furthermore, she is claiming that I am the father! I suppose I could be, but if I read her correctly, Ashley went back home last year and started fucking every guy she could find. She was that hot-to-trot .
The attorney that visited me said that the DNA tests would prove paternity and that if I wasn’t the father, then I had nothing to worry about.
I talked to Summer and she’s not worried. She said, “Ashley was a slut from the moment you popped her cherry. She probably screwed a dozen guys after she went home, so don’t worry about it, baby.”
“Maybe you should call our attorney and let him know what’s going on.”
“Already have. He said not to worry unless the DNA showed that you were the father.”
“Okay. Thanks Honey.”
* * * * *
A week later the DNA test proved that I was NOT the father of Ashley’s baby, so I could relax and enjoy the rest of the summer with Jennifer, Alexis, and Cathy. All three girls said that they had fallen in love with me, and I had to admit that I was in love with them also. It’s hard not to fall in love with such gorgeous, sexual, sensuous, little teenagers like them.
Jennifer and Alexis turned out to be quite bi-sexual and hooked up several times with me there to help. But they needed no help and were quite happy to satisfy each other all by themselves.
I think this summer will be my last at Lake Otis. I’ve got five girls lined up at home, all ready to visit me and fuck me whenever I call. This has been a great summer job!
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