Cancun Adventure - A Second Hookup
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It was Wednesday morning at Club Med and we were taking the all-day excursion tour to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. There was a 2-hour bus drive through the Yucatán Peninsula to the ruins, so we would get to see some of the small towns and the countryside of rural Mexico.
Sheila and I arrived at the bus early and got seats up front right behind the driver. Then lo and behold, Peter entered the bus. She kicked my foot when she saw him. He was to be our tour guide for the day. He gave Sheila his winning smile and didn’t seem to notice me sitting next to her. We both knew that we’d be uncomfortable all day with Peter sitting right across the aisle from us.
But he talked to both of us between his announcements to the whole party of tourists on the bus. He was quite knowledgeable about Mexico and about the tour. When we got to Chichen Itza, however, we had a Mexican tour guide.
Sheila looked scrumptious that day. She was wearing very short shorts and a brief top of some kind that left her perfect tummy very exposed. And I knew that she was not wearing any underwear at all. I couldn’t blame Peter for the lecherous looks I caught him giving her. I wanted to jump her bones, too, even though she had given me a great blowjob that morning before we left, “Just to hold you over until we get back,” she had said.
Chichen Itza was amazing! We’d heard a lot about it from a friend who had been to many of the Mayan ruins. The tour guide’s English was just okay, so we had to listen closely to understand him.
We all loaded on the bus and went to the nearby town for lunch. Everyone wanted “authentic” Mexican food, so we ordered and Peter talked to Sheila. Their conversation became whispers at one point and I grew suspicious. Sheila was sitting between me and Peter, so I couldn’t hear a thing they we saying.
Our meals arrived and it was delicious! Not at all like Mexican cuisine one gets in the States. Little was said while we ate, but I did notice Sheila and Peter glancing at one another several times, and he had a naughty smile on his face when he looked at her. He tried to hide it when he saw me looking, but it was too late. They were up to something and I could guess what it was. After lunch we all traveled back to the ruins to complete the tour.
At around two o’clock Sheila said, “Peter wants to show me something special. Do you mind if I go with him for a while?”
“Something special? Is he wanting to fuck you again?” I said, already knowing the answer.
Sheila looked embarrassed and her face turned red. “Yes honey. He feels bad about the other day, and I do too. Please?”
“Okay, but you HAVE to tell me every detail tonight. Okay?”
“Okay honey. I love you.” She kissed me and they walked away in the direction of the heavy woods that surround the ruins. Damn she looked so sexy with her long hair, her tanned body, and the best booty I’ve ever seen! Peter was going to have one fine piece of ass soon.
* * * * *
Sheila returned about an hour later. She was smiling, but her face was flushed. I could tell that she’d had an orgasm not long before.
“Well?” I asked.
She kissed me and said, “I’ll tell you tonight.”
“Did you have a good time?”
Her face turned even redder and she said, “Yes, of course. Don’t be mad. I’ll let you find a hot little teenager tomorrow. Okay?”
* * * * *
As we crawled into bed, I said, “Okay, tell me everything.”
“Well, Peter took me to a ruin deep in the woods that is just beginning to be cleared. It was a building with four walls and a lot of vines everywhere and a tree growing up out of the floor.
We went inside and Peter turned me around and pulled me to him. He kissed my neck and shoulders as he took off my shorts and pushed them to the ground. I heard him unzip his pants, so I put my hands on the wall to get ready.
Then he ran his cock up and down the crack of my ass and said, ‘Your ass is perfect, Sheila.’ It really turned me on with his heavy German accent.
Then he had me bend over a little more and he pushed it in slowly. God, his cock is so big! I wasn’t sure I was ready for it yet. But he was gentle and it slipped right in. Then he took my hips and fucked me slowly. I don’t know how he did it, but he fucked me until I had two wonderful orgasms.
Then he pulled me up into his arms and kissed my neck and nibbled my ear as he fucked me harder, lifting me off the ground with each thrust. He is so strong and so passionate! He was grunting and thrusting so hard that I had another mind-blowing orgasm.
Then he made one big thrust up into me that lifted my feet way off the ground and started cumming. I could feel his cock jerking inside me and could feel his cum as it filled me. He really was amazing, honey. I was wishing the whole time that you could have been there to watch and somehow make a video.
Then we got dressed and came back. His cum was running down my legs when I came back to you. I guess you didn’t notice…thank god.”
I got really aroused listening to Sheila describe how Peter had fucked her, so I just rolled on top of her and we fucked for an hour as I visualized her moaning and cumming with Peter’s cock deep inside her.
* * * * *
I made Sheila keep her promise, so the next day I went to the snorkeling lesson alone. I was sure that there would be a lot of honeys there in their bikinis and I was wearing my new brief Speedo, which was the standard daytime attire at Club Med.
I was right. There were five unattached sweet young things in the class, all alone and without boyfriends. One of them I’d noticed at the pool and she had noticed me I think, so she was where I started.
“Hi, I’m Ken. I think I’ve seen you at the pool.”
“Hi. Kelly. Yes, I’m there every day. I’ve been wanting to learn to snorkel. Would you be my diving partner?” she asked.
“Sure! I’d love to.” I was thrilled that things got going so quickly.
Kelly was a darling little blonde with brown eyes and a captivating smile that seemed to say, “You can have me if you play your cards right.” Well, that’s what I thought it said. She was wearing a white and green t-shirt over her bikini with a large ‘Mexico 10’ across the front. She was an absolute doll and I had to have her! I could already visualize us together, her blonde little head bobbing up and down on my cock; her moans of pleasure as I pushed it into her.
When Kelly walked out of the water after the lesson, her wet t-shirt clung to her little body, showing every curve, her navel, and the contours in her flat tummy. She had the body of a goddess and I intended to fuck it. I never did ask her age, but I would guess that she was eighteen or nineteen. God forgive me, but I LOVE teenagers!
“Wow, that was more fun than I thought it would be,” she said as she lay down on her towel beside me.
“It was and you made it even more fun.”
She turned on her side and propped her head up on her hand. “What do you mean?”
“Well, your body is great and you’re gorgeous. In other words, I love looking at you.”
“Aww, that’s so sweet!” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
Before she could lean back, I put my hand behind her wet head and pulled it to me and kissed her on the lips. She immediately responded and kissed me back hungrily.
“Mmm,” she moaned. “Where’s your wife?”
“She and one of the GOs have a thing for each other, so she said I could find someone, too.”
She leaned in and we kissed again. “That’s awfully nice of her. Where is she now?”
“At the pool I think. She agreed that I could have our room all afternoon.”
We kissed again and she said, “That sounds wonderful. Do you want to go now?”
“Try to stop me.”
“I’d like to shower and dry my hair first. Okay?”
“Sure. I would too. Why don’t you come to my room and we can shower together.”
“Oh, I love the way you think.”
* * * * *
When Kelly pulled off her t-shirt and bikini, my knees almost buckled. Wow, what a perfect body she had…nice, firm boobs and a completely nude pussy! And she was about to shower with me and then we would fuck. OMG!
We got in the shower and I said, “Let me shampoo your hair.”
“Oh! Okay.”
As I lathered up her blonde hair, my cock started to grow and was poking her in the butt. She turned around, looked down with a smile and took it in her hand.
“What is this? I love a hard cock!” she said as she knelt down.
She stroked my cock several times as she looked lovingly at it. Then she looked up at me and slipped it into her mouth. Her hair felt so sensuous with the shampoo foam, so I held her head and fucked her mouth as she closed her lips tightly around it. Her tongue was slithering under it as I humped her face.
I was getting really aroused and was pushing my cock down Kelly’s throat without realizing it. She started to gag with each thrust, but didn’t stop me. She was a real trouper.
Then almost without warning, my cock exploded, spewing hard squirts of cum down her throat. She coughed and gagged, but managed to swallow all of it without losing a drop.
While she continued to suck me, I took the shower wand and rinsed her gorgeous blonde hair. When it was squeaky clean, she stood up and put her arms around my neck.
“Mmm, I loved that,” she said as we kissed.
I watched her dry her hair and got horny again. Just as she finished, I grabbed her around the waist from behind and whispered in her ear, “Now it’s my turn.”
So I picked her up and took her to the bed, laid her down, then kissed my way down to her gorgeous boobs. They were so plump and firm; just the right size for her body. Her nipples were standing out hard as I sucked each one. She started to moan and thrust her hips against my stomach, so I moved slowly down to her navel and stuck my tongue deep into it, then sucked it.
When I arrived at her smooth pussy, she moaned and grabbed my head. I guess she was eager for me to fuck her, but I wanted to play with her a while first. I ran my tongue up and down her labia, spreading the juices, then found her prominent clit and twirled it with my tongue. That made Kelly groan loudly and pull my face against it.
“Oh god, don’t stop! I’m cumming! FUCK!” she moaned as I sucked her clit between my lips.
Then her legs started to quiver and her back arched. She yelled something like, “Oh fuck me!” I wasn’t sure what she said, but I could tell that her orgasm was ravishing her body mercilessly.
Just as she seemed to come back to Earth and moaned softly, I crawled up, put her legs on my shoulders, and thrust my cock into her all the way, hitting her cervix.
“Oh god,” she moaned as she took my face in her hands and we kissed. “Fuck me good. I need to be fucked long and hard.”
I fucked little Kelly for as long as I could hold out. She was so gorgeous and such a good fuck, that I had to count backwards from a hundred to keep from cumming in the first minute.
After a few minutes, I had myself under control and was able to fuck her through two more orgasms. Then I turned her over, rammed her from the back, and she had another one. She was groaning and moaning and grabbing the sheets for several minutes as I pounded her.
When I couldn’t hold back any longer, I shoved my cock so deep into her that she groaned in pain. My cock began to shoot off and jerk and spurt, filling her with my hot cum.
“Mmm!” Kelly whispered. “I can feel you cumming in me. It feels so sexy!”
I leaned over and kissed her neck and said, “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, Kelly. You are amazing!”
“Really? That’s sweet, but you are the one who’s amazing. I’ve never been fucked so good before. You’re the guy I’ve been looking for, but you’re taken.”
I rolled off of her and we cuddled and took a nap for about an hour. She sure did know how to cuddle, which I love to do after sex. Her little body fit mine perfectly and her soft hair against my face…it all put me right to sleep.
When we woke up, Kelly rolled over, kissed me and whispered, “I want to give you a nice blowjob before I go. Just lay there and let me do what I love to do.”
Then she moved down beside me as we lay on our sides. She took my limp cock into her warm mouth and it started to grow as she sucked it gently. Then she sucked it so hard that it felt like it would pop, but she let it go and sucked it again.
When my cock had grown to its full eight inches, she pushed it down her throat and gagged. I took her head in my hands and pushed deeper until she almost threw up.
“Damn. Sorry,” she said as she coughed and cleared her throat. Then she let me push into her throat again just I began to shoot off. She moaned and swallowed until all of my cum was gone, but she kept sucking me until I went soft.
When Kelly crawled up beside me, we hugged and kissed passionately. I didn’t want to let her go, but knew I had to.
“I sure am glad that I took that snorkeling class today,” she whispered.
“Me, too. I don’t want you to go.”
“Maybe we can get together again.”
“I think my wife will be okay with that. She has her Peter and I have you.”
We kissed again and she slipped out the door. We meet in her room the next day and back in our room for a quickie Saturday morning before we had to leave. Sheila had a quickie with Peter in his room.
Club Med at Cancun is a wonderful memory for me and for Sheila. We often share our sexual experiences there and they make us both so hot that we fuck for hours.
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