Waiting for Dessert
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Filling in her time sheet as quickly as she could, Holly tosses back her brunette hair and reaches for her cell. It’s Friday night, and she’s meeting her boyfriend for dinner, despite both of them having to work really late. Multi-tasking the best she can, searching her recent contacts on her cell, she finds Tony's name before pressing the dial icon. Completing her time sheet, and logging off her computer, she was now ready for date night to begin, all be it quite late.
The phone ring tone continues, till finally Tony picks up. Tony answers with, "Hey babe, you getting off?"
Without missing a beat, Holly shoots back, "Not yet, but hopefully later! Oh... You meant work. Yea, just logged off and about to head out the door."
"Okay feisty pants!" Tony quips back. "See you at the new place on fifth that we discussed earlier."
"Okay, but I'm not wearing any pants. See you there, Smokey." As she walks to the elevator and hits the button.
Once Holly reaches the Italian restaurant, she finds Tony waiting for her by the door. He reaches for her arm and pulls her in for a kiss, as his other hand slides down the back of her blouse and to her tight pencil skirt.
As they walk in he says, "Hopefully this place is better than the last."
"I'm sure it will be, and if not... well, I'm sure I can find you something that you will enjoy." smiling seductively at her boyfriend.
The hostess escorts the couple to their table, hands each of them a menu and walks off. Before they can open the menu, a young petite blonde woman in her early twenties approaches them. "Welcome, I'm Jessica, and I'll be your server tonight. Can I get you drinks?"
Tony draws a blank for a moment, as his eyes stray before snapping back and ordering a couple of drinks from the bar for the two of them.
"What was that?" Holly sarcastically asked. "I know the type of women you like. Mmmhmm."
"What?! I simply ordered us drinks from Jessica." He replies as if he's being accused of a crime.
The server returns with the martini for Holly and beer for Tony. Holly, looks the young petite blonde up and down, from her small perky breasts that were hidden behind the thick button up white collared shirt; to the firm ass hidden by the black slacks that made up Jessica's uniform. Still watching as she walks off, the waitress turns her head back and catches Holly's eyes and smiles politely.
Jokingly Holly says, "Oh my god, she totally caught me checking her out. But I completely get why you would as well. It's okay."
Still feeling accused, Tony replies, "I didn't even do anything." Shaking his head slightly in disagreement, but smilingly acknowledging that Holly was completely right.
Returning to the table, Jessica turns slightly to face Holly to take her order. While Tony takes the opportunity to get the look that his girlfriend had. The black pants were definitely flattering to the college age waitress's firm rear. The shoulder length blonde hair had just a tinge of hot pink on the tips in one area that was pulled back into a pony tail.
As Tony's eyes wandered, Jessica leaned into the table to write the order down. Leaning in caused her shirt to become slightly relaxed, and opening just enough between buttons to allow his eyes to dart in and see that she was wearing a black lacy bra that was very low cut on her breasts. He could only hope she would move a bit more and maybe a nipple might be exposed.
Putting her hand on Tony's hand, Jessica breaks his entranced state, not realizing that she was now looking at him. The touch of her hand not only shocked him, but sent a tingle up his arm at her gentle touch.
"What can I get you? Or would you like to just continue to try and see down my shirt?" Jessica says grinning from ear to ear.
Snapping out of it, he shakes his head a bit and quickly orders but then adds his own quip back, "Since I already look like a fool. Yes, I would like to continue to look down your shirt. Especially since my girlfriend here has been staring at your ass."
The expression on Holly was spectacular as her mouth just dropped open. "Hush! Tony! Can't take you anywhere."
Still smiling, Jessica writes down the order trying not to laugh, "I like honesty, and that’s the most honest thing I've heard today. Your order will be out shortly."
Soon as the waitress walked off, Holly quickly kicked Tony under the table. "Oh my god, I can't believe you said that. Such a pig!"
"You were checking her out too. You even said it was ok, just not ok if I say it out loud? Plus, she said she likes honesty. So no harm, no foul." Tony stated firmly.
"Fair enough, I guess. Just can't believe you." Holly says smiling before sliding her chair in further. Her smile shifting to more of a devious grin now, as she slips her foot out of her heel and runs it up Tony's leg. Finding his crotch with the ball of her foot she rubs against him, teasing before pulling her foot back and slipping back into her heel.
"I'll be right back. Don't leave me for the waitress." Holly says flirtatiously.
Only a moment after Holly walks off to the ladies room, Jessica returns asking if they would like more drinks as both were mostly empty. Tony looks up only to notice that Jessica had unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt. As she leans over slightly, he could see down her shirt quite a bit. He could see not only the edges of her low cut black lace bra but also edges of her areola peeking out the top. Finally, he responds affirmative, as a slight rise in his slacks emerges.
Jessica stood there for a moment and said before winking at him, "I'm good at taking orders. I'll be right back."
Turning the corner from the ladies room, Holly seems to have an extra sway in her step as her pencil skirt hugged her hips and thighs. A bounce to her breasts tucked in her blouse that Tony hadn't noticed earlier. She walks over to him, leans in for a kiss and says, "I brought you a present." Dropping a black thong in his lap.
This only causes Tony to become more excited, as he had asked earlier in the day what panties she was wearing. Their lips meet and a longing desire grows between the two, before Holly finally sits back down.
On cue, Jessica returns with new drinks, with her shirt still unbuttoned. The waitress is sure to lean towards Holly this time, in hopes that she notices. As she hands Tony his drink, she notices not only the thong in his lap but also that he seems to be aroused. Turning back smiling at Holly, "My, what a lucky man this evening, with a gift like that."
Beaming, Holly responds, "Oh he will be soon enough." Then whispering, "I bet he even has a hard on with you unbuttoning your shirt like that, and my thong in his lap. I'm even willing to bet, he would like your panties as well."
Giggling, Jessica can only reply with, "I'll be right back with your food."
Quickly putting the thong in his pocket, Tony wavers between a state of unease and excitement. He seems unsure of where to take this. "So, what other surprises do you have in store for me?"
"Oh you know a bit of this, a bit of me. Maybe, even a bit of that waitress. She seems to like you." Holly says, as she slips her foot back out of her heel and into his crotch. She can feel that indeed his manhood has grown within his slacks. Slowly she pushes her foot up and back down against shaft, after he was forced to adjust himself.
Carrying a tray of food, Jessica returns once more, placing a dish in front of Holly as she winked. Whispering, "I hope you don't mind, I brought him something as well."
"It's Jessica right? Yea, I don't mind at all." Holly whispers back, with Tony looking confused as he can't quite make out what they are saying. Quickly she pulls her foot back before Jessica notices.
Setting the dish in front of Tony, Jessica quickly reaches into her pocket, then reaching just past the dish, and drops a pair of black lace panties in his lap. The panties land perfectly on Tony's stretched slacks, draping over his erect manhood. "Your partner here thought you might like my panties as well." Looking down at his stretched slacks, licking her lips slowly, "Enjoy your meal."
As Jessica walks off, Holly can’t help but giggle, as she watches Jessica's tight rear before looking back at Tony. "See I told you she likes us, well you, maybe me."
"You know, now, I want you both, right here. The thought of both of your bare pussies exposed and her panties with yours, has me rock hard." Tony says very steadfast.
"Is that a threat or a promise?" Holly responds as she twirls her brunette hair with a finger.
"It's a demand. Eat your dinner, then we will see about dessert." He says firmly as Holly nods in agreement, still twirling her hair seductively.
As they ate, Jessica continues to serve the few tables that she has left as closing time grew closer. They both take turns eyeing her, and occasionally the waitress would looks over and grins. The conversation stays on their prey for the whole meal. Discussing if others have noticed her slightly open shirt, and debating on if she was shaved or not. Tony insists the waitress was shaved just as he knew Holly was, and the thought of this keeps him quite stiff throughout the meal.
The restaurant empties as they finish, with Holly's foot once again returning to tease Tony's manhood. Jessica walks by quickly taking their dishes, but not without noticing Holly's foot pressed against Tony. She put her hand on Holly's hand and asked if she enjoyed the dinner. Holly nodded and smiled devilishly, concentrating on her other activity, as Jessica continued to take the dishes to the back.
Returning quickly, Jessica having unbuttoned yet another button from her shirt, leaving her bra now exposed slightly to anyone looking asks, "And would you two like anything for dessert?"
Enjoying the foot rubbing from Holly, Tony looks up, "Jessica, my girlfriend Holly and I would like to order you for dessert."
"Well aren't you straight to the point. I think I can take that order right here." As Jessica looks around to see who else was in the restaurant. "My manager is gone, and most of the staff that’s left is in the back."
Twirling her hair again, Holly asks, "Open your shirt so we can see those perky tits you keep teasing us with."
Pulling the shirt out from her black slacks, Jessica unbuttons the collared shirt fully and slowly opens it before letting it fall to the floor. Showing the couple that black lace bra that did just barely cover her nipples. Reaching behind her and unclasping her bra, she slowly lets it slide off of her and onto the table. With Jessica's pink nipples now exposed and already erect from the teasing she says, "Is this to your liking? All this walking around without panties has made me quite moist also."
"Oh is that so? And what about you Holly?" Tony now fully in his element of desire.
As Jessica nods, Holly gets up and slowly unbuttons her red blouse and shows that she too is wearing a black bra. "Tony, you know I'm always wet for you, and now for Jessica too." Holly stands next to Jessica leaning in and kissing her soft lips, while her hand cups Jessica's breast.
Kissing back with the same desire, Jessica lets her hands wander over to Holly's breasts. Pushing down the front of Holly's bra with her fingers so that she could play with Holly's nipples, as Holly did with hers. "Is this what you ordered, sir?" Jessica asked of Tony in a playful manner.
Taking a moment watching the two of them, Tony finally says, "Well not exactly, but this is rather enjoyable. We ordered you for dessert, take your pants off and have a seat on the table. We want to taste your sweet pussy."
"Mmm, well I guess you really did want dessert. Just one moment." Jessica enthusiastically walks off with her tits still fully exposed to the few remaining customers.
"This restaurant is turning out to be a really hot." Holly insists, as she fondles her own breasts over her bra, while watching Jessica walk off.
As Jessica returns, the few people left in the restaurant are watching intently, not knowing what to think, as they talk amongst themselves. No one seems to be complaining as the perky breasted waitress walks by them while holding a can of whip cream. A bus boy near the kitchen, can't keep his eyes off of her as he just stops cold in what he was doing.
Standing next to Holly again, Jessica grins ear to ear, "Sir, you're dessert has arrived." She places the can of whip cream on the table, pushing out her tits as she reaches for the zipper on her slacks. She unbuttons then slowly unzips, shifting from side to side, revealing a small patch of blonde hair neatly trimmed. Turning around from Tony, she slowly bends at the waist sliding her slacks off along with her socks and shoes.
Before Jessica can stand back up, Holly moves her hand over Jessica's firm ass that she had been staring at most of the night. Holly's hand caresses for a moment then lets her fingers slip down to Jessica's exposed pussy lips. Both women let out a soft gasp as the touching causes a tingle for Jessica and a release of tension for Holly.
With a perfect view of Holly's fingers along Jessica's already wet lips, Tony insists, "Now Holly, don't get too carried away just yet. Jessica, have a seat up on the table, and spread those fine legs of yours. We want to see the full presentation of dessert."
"Yes Sir." Jessica complies standing back up, letting Holly's hand slide back along the curvature of her ass. As Tony moves the whip cream can, Jessica pushes her body up onto the table. The table appears to be quite sturdy as she easily positions her petite body center in the table. Once in place with one arm holding her up, she reaches for the whip cream.
Slowly opening her legs once more, Jessica lets the nozzle of the whip cream press into her wet pussy lips. Letting her eyes roll back in her head for a moment, as she lets the nozzle rub against her lips before looking back down and spraying the whip cream over her pussy. "I promise it’s sweet and wet." She says almost shyly, despite her display being anything but.
Having watched Jessica climb on the table, Holly takes her blouse off, and pulls down the front of her bra exposing her very ample sized tits to the restaurant. Pinching her nipples as to tease Jessica, she licks her lips and say, "Now, that does look delicious."
Tony pushes back his chair, standing up now that things have gotten interesting. His hardness very apparent as the thin slacks seem to be having difficulty hiding the outline of his manhood. As one hand moves over his manhood, his other moves to Holly's face, pulling it to his for a passionate kiss. As their lips meet his hand finds Jessica's thigh, before moving back to Holly's face.
Looking back at Jessica, Tony asks, "Jessica, would you like Holly to lick that whip cream off?"
Jessica feels a tingling sensation as Tony's hand touches her thigh, and could feel herself getting even wetter under the whip cream. Looking around momentarily, she notices the restaurant is watching every move at the table. She could even see the bus boy, that she had flirted with a few times before just for laughs, is now visibly hard. A couple sitting next to each other in the corner of the restaurant are also enthralled by her display, and had a hand in each other's lap.
Realizing just how far this had gone, Jessica says very innocently, "Yes sir I would, if that please her."
Holly smiles enthusiastically at Jessica as she positions herself at the table’s edge. Her hands slide up from Jessica's ankles to her bent knees. Bending at the waist, Holly leans in to kiss Jessica's thigh just above her knee, while her hands slowly push Jessica's thighs further apart. Holly's finger tips glide along the waitress's smooth inner thigh before moving to her hips. Growing closer to the whip cream, Holly's tongue travels the waitress's inner thigh.
Looking down, watching Holly reach the whip cream, Jessica lets out a sigh of pleasure as the touch of Holly's tongue arrives on her pussy lips. "Oh, that’s it." She says, looking into Holly's eyes as the whip cream dissipates with the licking. Watching Holly lap her tongue over and over again, tasting the sweet cream and juices from her pussy. She also notices that Holly is becoming quite excited by this as well, shaking her hips side to side slowly. Jessica can’t help but wonder just how wet Holly was getting.
Seeing this same rocking of Holly's hips, Tony moves behind Holly and runs his hand up the side of her skirt and over her ass. Finding the zipper to Holly's pencil skirt, he unzips it as if he was savoring a fine wine. Leaning over Holly, his hands move up her sides and underneath, grasping her exposed tits. Pinching Holly's nipples as he smiles and winks at Jessica, causing Holly to moan softly as she licks.
"Now Holly, leave some for me." Tony insists.
The other patrons, still without complaint watch patiently but increasingly aroused, as evident to the couple in the corner. The woman at the table, now slowly rubbing the man's manhood through his slacks. While the bus boy hadn't budged in the slightest.
Standing straight up, with her tits pushed out, Holly protests, "But Smokey she tastes so good." She wiggles her hips just a bit and slides her pencil skirt down and onto the floor. As she bends over, Jessica sits up enough so she can see just how wet Holly's slit had become. Before coming back up though, Holly stops for a moment face to face with Tony's manhood still firmly pressed against his slacks.
"Tony, how is it you have two wet pussy's dripping for your attention and yet you're fully clothed." Holly asks.
"Well let’s remedy that, why don't we." Tony say's with a smirk, with his eyes steadfast on Jessica's spread legs. He reaches down and unzips his slacks, and pulls out his cock, with a bend of the waist. Seven and a half of inches of thick cock bounce in front of Holly's face.
"Oh there's my Smokey! Mmm" Holly says joyfully, as she reaches for his manhood. Kneeling she slowly rubs the shaft of his cock with the palms of her hands.
Having moved to take Holly's place by the table, Tony bends at the waist as his arms slide under Jessica's thighs. Pulling the waitress closer to the edge, his tongue takes a similar path that Holly's had. Reaching Jessica's sweetness, Tony can still taste the whip cream trapped in the waitress's pussy.
His tongue slips up and down Jessica's very wet slit, before plunging into her hole. Initially with his eyes closed, he opens them to Jessica staring down with a mouth wide open.
Holly having moved with Tony was kneeling in front of him, massaging his cock. Her legs spread allowing her other hand to rub her own pussy that was definitely in need of attention. She wants to lick the waitress's pussy almost as much as she wants Tony's cock and it was evident by her constant words of encouragement. "Lick her pussy... Taste how sweet her pussy is Tony...” She continues.
With Tony's tongue firmly planted in her pussy, Jessica started having a difficult time focusing on anything, much less the other people around. As she was being tongue fucked, she made eye contact with the twentyish year old bus boy, who didn't look away. Jessica bit her lower lip hard as she watched the bus boy, before finally mouthing the words, "I want your cock."
The bus boy frozen till this point, couldn't contain himself any longer. He undoes the front of his work slacks and lets his very hard cock out, mouthing the words back, "Like what you see?"
Jessica's hips rock into Tony's tongue, causes her to moan and say quite loudly, "Fuck yes!" as she looks towards the bus boy. Causing the bus boy to start stroking his cock as the scene further unfolded.
With his tongue plunging in and out of the waitress tight little pussy hole, his hand finds its way over her mound. As Jessica moans more, his fingers begin rubbing her clit. His tongue slips from her hole and up to her clit and his hand comes back under her thigh and finds its way back to her pussy. His actions becoming more aggressive as his own hardness pulses.
With Jessica's eyes refocused on Tony's, he pushes two fingers deep into her, causing her to scream with pleasure. She also notices that now Holly was not only sucking Tony's very hard cock, but she was violently fingering her pussy. Only a short time ago, she was simply flirting with a customer, hoping for a higher tip. Now she was completely naked, on a table having her pussy eaten out by two strangers while in full view of anyone wanting to watch. This thought only turns her on more, as she squirms on the table in anticipation of release.
Sucking and licking Tony's long cock, Holly can't help but finger herself. Her very wet pussy accepts her middle finger each time she thrusts it in, but begs for more. Holly's tongue slides along the veins of his hardness, before pulling his length deep into her mouth. As her head bobs on his cock, he can hear the waitress moaning and occasionally screaming in the heat of passion.
Clearly living in the moment, Tony flicks his tongue against Jessica's clit that is now fully in his control. His hips moving back and forth instinctively with Holly's warm mouth surrounding his cock. Pushing two fingers harder into Jessica's pussy, he looks up and demands, "I would like for you to cum for me and Holly."
"Uh huh... Yes sir" Jessica says between deep breaths as her heart raced.
Looking down to Holly, "Why don’t you come up here and help me. Lick her clit, while I finger her pussy."
Letting Tony's cock out of her mouth, a string of precum stretches long from his now throbbing head to Holly's bottom lip. As requested she stands and smiles widely at the sight of the bus boy quickly stroking his cock. The couple in the corner, still watching but now clearly participating in their own way. The man had pulled the woman's dress up and was now fingering her as she rubbed his slacks. "Tony, we have an audience watching us. We better give them a good show."
Noticing the onlookers, he can't help to smile, "Jessica, see the pleasure you are bringing to all. Just imagine the dreams the bus boy over there will have, as he mentally fucks you over and over. Or that couple, they will go home and fuck for hours to the thought of you having your pussy on display and eaten right here on the table. Hell, they will probably be back tomorrow and ask for your table."
"Sir, I want to cum for you and Holly so bad. Please lick my clit and finger fuck my pussy hard. Fuck I need to cum." The waitress was now demanding, ignoring Tony’s comment.
Leaning over as Tony moved for a better angle, Holly let the precum still on her lip mix with the very juicy pussy of Jessica. She kisses the waitress clit that was completely out of hiding, causing the waitress to moan loudly. Holly's tongue flicked quickly over Jessica's clit, tasting everything from Tony's precum to Jessica's juices mixing together.
Feeling a wave moving over her body, Jessica tenses as she moans. Breathing quickly as her pulse quickens even further. She could feel it was time, just as Tony could feel her Kegel muscles tighten around his fingers. Her hips now forcing her pussy towards his fingers and her clit pressing into Holly's mouth. Her body tenses all over as her need builds to a climax.
The waitress's hips jerk violently pausing momentarily before jerking again. Jessica's whole body was in full on orgasm as crashing wave after wave enveloped her. With eyes closed, she screams without restraint, "Oh... Ohhh... Ohhhhhh" as each wave came and went.
As Jessica was cumming, Tony couldn't help but reach down with his other hand and stroke his cock to the sight of Holly sucking on the clit of their waitress. All he could think about now was how much he wanted his cock in both of them. "That's it, cum for us! Make that pussy cum for everyone in here."
Holding on through each wave of Jessica's orgasm, Holly grew so wet that she wasn't sure if she even needed to touch herself in order to reach orgasm. As Jessica’s waves slow, Holly climbs up on the table, licking her way up. Now on the table with her ass high in the air, Holly licks Jessica's perky little tits, sucking her nipples the way she had sucked on her clit.
Tony having held the table, as if unsure of its sturdiness, realized that it was more than adequate while staring at Holly's wiggling ass. "Well would you look at that! Two for the price of one. Holly, lay on top of her and spread your legs for me."
Doing as requested, Holly lowered herself down on Jessica. Kissing the waitress as their breasts pressed into one another. Her legs slide open, straddling Jessica so that their pelvis’s were even and near the edge of the table.
Still feeling small waves of pleasure passing through her body, Jessica lets her lips express her gratitude to Holly. Tasting her own juices on Holly’s lips, though she could still taste a bit of the whip cream sweetness.
Looking down at his seven and half inch long cock, Tony knew exactly what he wanted to do next. Moving his waist near the edge of table, he takes the head of his manhood and pushes against the very wet lips of Holly’s pussy.
“Oh god! Yes push it in!” Holly exclaims.
Teasing her further, Tony rubs his head along her lips, before smacking her on the ass. To the moans of Holly, “I’m definitely going to push it in, but I’m also going to push it into our hot little waitress’s pussy.”
Without any warning, he pulls his dick away from Holly’s opening and moves it lower to Jessica’s waiting pussy below. Rubbing against the waitress’s lips, he uses the wetness of Holly to lubricate Jessica’s lips. Slowly pushing his length in, to the muffled moan of Jessica as she kisses Holly. Tony sighs in relief as the warmth of the waitress’s pussy surrounds his cock.
“Jessica, you’re so tight. Mmm, you feel great.” Tony says, now firmly lost in the moment.
Holly, looks into Jessica’s widening eyes, “How does his cock feel?”
Gasping for air, Jessica says “He’s so big. Feels so good.”
“Tony, I want your cock in me. Please fuck me.” Holly demands, looking back as he pushes in and out of the waitress slowly.
Pulling out of Jessica, he immediately press himself against Holly’s dripping wet lips. “Is this what you want?” Tony asks as he quickly forces his cock deep into Holly’s pussy.
“Fuck… Yes! That’s it fuck me!” Holly says quite loudly as she feels her body pulse immediately with the insertion of his manhood.
Tony rocks his hips, sliding in and out of Holly’s honey hole. With each thrust his balls slap against the labia of Jessica. Moaning as the sensitivity on his cock increases.
Now looking into Holly’s widened eyes, Jessica can feel not only Tony’s balls against her, but the thrusts of his cock into Holly. “Oh he’s fucking your pussy good, isn’t he? You like getting fucked on top of me?”
“Fuck yes! It feels so good. Oh fuck yes, I want him to make me cum right here.” Holly insists.
Moving faster and faster, Tony’s cock slams into Holly’s pussy. The table rocks and a slapping noise emanates from bodies coming together. Clearly growing closer, he can feel Holly tightening around his manhood with each thrust.
“I’m so close Smokey. Fuck my pussy!” Holly yells.
Grunting, Tony lets Holly have it, pulling both the girls legs as close to the edge of the table as he can while still trusting.
Jessica pulls Holly’s face to hers, kissing passionately as she knows Holly is growing close.
Small spasms growing larger every few moments as Holly’s eyes widen even further. Tensing every muscle in her body on top of the waitress’s hot body. The thrusting making it difficult to kiss Jessica as her body wants to break through the moment.
Just then, Holly’s body locks up, “Fuck! I’m cumming… I’m cumming… Fuck I’m cumming!”
“Oh yes, feel his cock deep in you,” Jessica encourages.
Holly’s body still tightened, she lets out a high pitched squeal of pleasure.
Firmly thrusting his very rigid cock in and out, Tony’s grunts grow louder.
Sighing as her pussy relaxes against Tony’s cock, Holly looks down at Jessica and says, “Tony put that big cock of yours in her pussy.”
Without hesitation, Tony does as asked, and quickly pushes his full hardness deep into Jessica.
Much to Jessica’s surprise, her mouth gapes open with eyes locked into Holly’s, as Tony’s cock fills her hole. She can feel his length is throbbing in her, “Oh god!”
Pushing in and out once again, Tony fucks the waitress’ tight pussy. Moaning and grunting as clearly he is growing closer, he lets his hand slide down Holly’s ass and pushes a finger in her pussy, while his other firmly gasping her ass.
Jessica’s hips rocking as much as they can despite being pinned under Holly, “Cum in me sir, you know you want to.”
“You have no idea. Your pussy is so tight!” Tony says before grunting again.
Moving his hips as fast as he can, Tony’s cock thrusts wildly in and out of the waitress. The grunting turns to a roar as he pushes in deep and holds. Pulsing through his shaft, cum fills his cock as it shoots his first burst. Pumping his cum into Jessica’s pussy, his balls tighten with each pulse.
“That’s it, put it in me, cum in my pussy.” Jessica says while staring into the eyes of a smiling Holly.
After a few more pushes, Tony pulls his relieved manhood from the waitress. Watching as his cum oozes from her hole, he stands in a bit of disbelief at what luck he has had this evening.
Pulling his cock back into his slacks and zipping back up. “Thank you for an amazing dinner ladies.”
Holly climbs down from the table and lets her hand caress down Jessica’s naked body. “Next time we will have to call for take out.”
“Oh that you should,” Jessica says smiling widely, as she moves a hand down to rub herself as cum still drips from her hole.
The bus boy that was stroking his cock while watching earlier, walks over and while clearly looking at Jessica, “May I help clear the table.”
“I think she wants more than help clearing the table, sweetie. We saw the equipment you were handling,” Holly says to the bus boy with a devilish grin as she slips her skirt back on.
Sitting up and sliding off the table, Jessica smiles, “She’s right. Do you like seeing me like this?” As the bus boy nods, still a bit shy about having watched, the waitress winks at him before turning back to Holly and Tony.
Placing more than enough money on the table for the bill, he puts his business card next to a very generous tip. “I think it’s safe to say, we have a new favorite place.” As Tony smiles down at the very naked waitress, who seems eager to help the bus boy.
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