Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 7
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Ever since Cheryl began to walk, she had wanted to become a soldier. Throughout her childhood, the other girls her age treated her differently as she would roll around in the dirt and hold a stick as if it was a firearm instead of playing with dolls and talking about makeup. As she blossomed into a young woman, the dream began to become a reality as she enrolled in training for the local militia.
Many of the men there couldn’t believe their eyes when a stunning blonde woman, with the clearest blue eyes and perfect hourglass figure joined them at the firing range for the first time. After a while the novelty wore off and at the age of twenty-one Cheryl became a fierce frontline warrior.
The bells rang around the compound as a squad of elite soldiers approached the gates. A few of the guards readied their weapons as slowly, the cogs begun to turn and the metal gateway opened. The guards slowly approached the leader of the group.
“Name and business?” One of the guards asked.
“Captain Cheryl Grimshaw,” she responded as she removed her helmet. “I’m here to see Commander Smith.”
“Yes ma’am,” he said as they all stood firmly at attention.
Cheryl walked into the compound, followed closely by her squad and the guards. As the gates began to close behind them, she started to look around at the makeshift city. For an outpost, they had worked hard to create a suitable environment. It had everything, a bar, living quarters and even a brothel for the soldiers to try their luck. Dead in the middle of the compound was the most spectacular sight, a re-imagined Big Ben tower with former remnants of the old Big Ben. Cheryl was speechless as she gazed at the clock face.
“The Commander’s office is just to the right, Captain,” the head guard said as he started to show the rest of the soldiers where they were staying.
She stared at the clock for a few more moments before taking a better look around. Intrigued by the brothel, she approached there first. As the door swung open, she immediately saw through the curtains of the booth opposite. She couldn’t help but stare as a small black woman straddled a big white cock. For a few minutes she just watched and listened to the sex happening all around her. Each passing moment began to make her feel more and more aroused. She watched as the prostitute went down the pulsating cock one last time before she made her exit.
The next stop was the bar. She walked up the rusted, metal steps and into the old trailer which now accommodated a long wooden surface with some red velvet covered stools. It was incredible to see how much liquor this bar had considering it was a military outpost. Bottles of gin, whiskey, vodka, brandy seemed to be the most common on the back. She then looked at the lost souls that were drinking themselves to death as well as the one soldier who was passed out in the corner. With the faint stench of old vomit beginning to enter her nostrils she left the bar.
She wanted to see more of the settlement but all she could think about was how turned on she was by witnessing the prostitutes pleasuring her fellow soldiers. She carried on reliving the moment as her teeth bit her lower lip and without hesitation she returned to the brothel. She stood near the door watching the black woman from before work her way onto another client. Cum seeped from her pussy and onto the floor as she started to suck him off. Cheryl’s twat was soaked as she watched the cock disappear into the woman’s throat.
“Captain?” The guard from earlier questioned as he entered. “What are you doing?”
“I was just checking out the place,” Cheryl cleared her throat. “I’m going to see the Commander now.”
The guard didn’t seem too convinced as he noticed the crack in the curtains. Cheryl hurried outside and towards the offices. The fresh evening air brushed against her blushing cheeks and the moon began to peak over the watch towers. Floodlights started to douse the outpost in light as the sun disappeared from sight. Once again, she cleared her throat and straightened herself up before knocking on the Colonel’s door.
“Come in,” A gravelly voice yelled.
Cheryl opened the door and set her eyes on a middle aged man. His short black hair started to grey slightly around the sides and his pale blue eyes were almost identical to hers. He was nothing like she was expecting. She was expecting an old man who could barely stand but Colonel Smith seemed to be quite the opposite, middle aged and very athletic for his age.
“Ahh Captain Grimshaw, I was wondering when I’d be meeting you,” he said.
“I was just looking around the area sir,” she responded.
“I know, I saw you were taking an interest in the whore house.” He laughed. “We have cameras around the area, just to keep a lid on things.”
“I-I was curious sir,” Cheryl stumbled.
“I’m not judging you Ms. Grimshaw,” he reassured. “I myself have been in there a few times.”
Cheryl seemed shocked at first but then began to remember the reason she was here. She closed the door and moved towards Commander Smith’s desk.
“We have enemies moving in on Thamesby sir,” she started. “If we don’t act quickly, they will have it by the end of the week.”
“My word, pretty and a mind for war.” Smith responded as he stood up. “Tell me; whilst you were in the whore house, did you like what you saw?”
“Sir?” Cheryl questioned.
“Don’t be shy,” he laughed again. “What did you like?”
“I saw a black woman riding and sucking cock whilst cum leaked from her.” Cheryl said reluctantly.
“And? You liked it?” Smith said as he came face to face with her.
Cheryl remained quiet as her cheeks began to blush again.
“Lacey is an amazing girl, she has that effect on everyone. We found her at a brothel in Old Croydon and decided to offer her twice as much money here.” He said.
Smith moved towards the door, chuckling slightly as he locked it. He then moved behind Cheryl and begun to release her armour from her body. Cheryl gasped slightly as the big, clunky armour dropped from her body and onto the floor.
“Sorry Captain but I feel as though soldiers are much more open when they’re not being anchored by these massive metal plates.” He said.
Cheryl stood there in a dirty white t-shirt and skimpy pair of boy shorts as Smith sat on the edge of his desk in front of her. His eyes roamed up and down her body noticing a distinctive wet patch around her crotch.
“So you did like it,” he said as he hinted at the patch. “Not to worry, I can take care of it if you’d like?”
She stood there, slightly embarrassed to do or say anything. In an attempt to make her feel more comfortable, Smith began to remove his clothes. First his jacket and shirt, allowing his muscular torso to feel the cool draft of air and then without warning in one swoop, his trousers and briefs were at his ankles. Cheryl couldn’t help but look as he kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his trousers. His very big and very hard cock started to bobble slightly as he did so.
“Don’t be afraid Cheryl,” he said calmly.
“I’m not afraid,” Cheryl replied as his cock brushed against her arm.
In an instant, she pulled her t-shirt off revealing her big 32D bust. Her pink nipples were still as hard as a rock and aching for attention. She then pulled her boy shorts down allowing Smith to see a triangular tuft of black hair above her sweet honey pot. Her juices were already leaking down her thighs in anticipation for a good, hard cock.
Smith started to touch her body, his lips pressed against her neck and his cock head rubbed against her juicy pussy. Her nectar immediately coated his helmet, lubricating him for entrance however; Smith disagreed with her aching pussy.
“I’ve always wanted a blonde,” Smith moaned as he pressed his lips on her collarbone and then finally on her breasts.
He started to lick around her areolas slowly as he felt the nipple grow even harder with his delicate tongue. Without warning, he planted it between his lips and began to suck viscously causing Cheryl to moan with ecstasy. His eight inch cock carried on rubbing on her labia as he pleasured her chest. Quickly, he alternated and began to suck the other breast whilst he squeezed with his hands. Saliva dripped from her nipple and before long, he wanted her to give him a favour.
“Time to put yourself in Lacey’s shoes,” Smith said smugly as he hinted at his penis soaked in her juices.
Cheryl slumped to her knees in front of him. The eye of his cock met her eyes for the first time and as he placed his hands on the back of her head, she opened her mouth. He pushed her head gently onto his crotch, groaning as he felt his helmet surrounded by the warm wetness of her mouth. She could taste the sweet tang of her pussy mix with the saltiness of his precum as she went down his shaft. Just as quickly she brought her lips back up his cock.
Placing both of her hands on his thighs, she started to rock her head back and forth as he pushed and pulled with her. His helmet bulged her cheek a few times before sliding deep into her mouth and almost down her throat. Cheryl gagged on his cock as he fucked her mouth for a few minutes. Her spit ran down his shaft like a river before finally, he was ready to feel himself inside of her sweet, juicy pussy.
Smith helped her back to her feet and started to guide her towards his chair. Quickly he sat back on the cold leather and held his cock up like a spear. Cheryl wiped the dribble off her chin and approached him slowly. Remembering how Lacey had straddled cock, she placed her hands on his shoulders and gently lowered her pussy onto his waiting shaft. Her lips separated as his helmet plummeted deeper into her hole. Cheryl moaned loudly as the tip rubbed her cervix.
She started to push her hips up and down, allowing his cock to loosen her twat as much as possible as she rode. Smith placed his hands on her tight toned ass and began to circle her asshole with his finger as she fucked his cock. She paused and leant forward slightly as he pierced his finger deep into her ass before resuming her actions. Up and down her body went, her cervix getting the pounding of a lifetime as her tits bounced uncontrollably on her chest. Smith worked his finger in and out of her tight asshole in rhythm with his cock and her pussy.
Moans filled the air and for a split second, Cheryl felt as though she was there, in the brothel like the other women as she pleasured his cock. She just wanted one last thing to top the night off, a pussy leaking with cum. Her moans started to soften and her breaths deepened as she thrust her hips up and down his shaft. She started to slide faster on his pole, her ass slapping loudly against his thighs as she attempted to milk him. Smith however was reluctant to release his seed into her.
She carried on fucking him just like she had seen Lacey do it. She raised her heels slightly whilst her hips drove down harder and harder. Her pussy seemed mangled as it continued to take his shaft and her juices began to drip onto his testicles. Her tits continued to bounce as sweat built up in her cleavage and before long, he was done.
His cock started to spasm and pulsate inside her twat. His balls tightened and clenched together as sperm started to rush through his pipe and into her uterus. Immediately, his cum had filled her hole and began to leak down the sides of his now softening shaft. Cheryl looked over her shoulder and watched as excess sperm fell to the floor below her.
She then turned back to Smith and began to passionately kiss him. Their tongues entwined as his cum swam around her pussy. Over and over their tongues rolled with one another before he broke the kiss.
“I guess I should introduce you to Lacey,” he laughed.
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