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Sabrina is a sensuous mature lady I’d met on Lush a few weeks earlier. We’d chatted quite a bit over a number of visits to the site, soon realising that we had a number of similar interests, and our chats grew more and more interesting over time. Before long we’d become “Lush Friends”, discussing some of our more intimate interests and sexual fantasies.
She informed me that she was in a loveless marriage, but was so dependent on her husband in many ways, that she’d never consider walking away. She’d come to lush to meet interesting and articulate men for stimulating chat, and to find a substitute for the adult fun missing from her life. While recounting to her a recent local event, we accidentally discovered that we both not only lived in the same city, but were less than twenty minutes journey time apart.
I was immediately consumed by an urge, and became bold enough to suggest that we meet up for a chat, longing to see this sensuous lady ‘in the flesh’, so to speak. Thinking she’d not hear of it, I was shocked and surprised to read her reply, not only that she would like to meet, but that her husband was away for the evening and she’d like for me to call round to her house for a drink and a chat.
Suggesting 8pm, she then gave me her phone number, asking me to call her when I reached her neighborhood. As it was already past 7pm, I immediately ran to the shower to spruce up, as I needed to make a pit stop for a nice bottle of wine on the way. With the wine safely secured, I then called her for more detailed directions to her address. She informed me that she was working at her desk in the study at the back of her house and to come right on in as the rear patio doors were open due to the heat of the evening.
I arrived at her house a little after 8pm, quite eager, though somewhat apprehensive at the thought of me, a stranger, walking through the rear door totally unannounced, fearful that this may be just a lure to entrap me in some weird way. Making my way round the back of the house, I then spotted Sabrina through the large bay window of her study, the bright desk lamp creating a silhouette of her shapely figure for my eyes to feast on. Yes indeed she was an attractive woman, with the necessary assets to turn any man’s head.
Sabrina was writing at her desk and did not hear me come in. I quietly traversed the floor of her study; her first indication of my presence being my breath on the back of her neck just a moment before my tongue caressed her earlobe. I’d remembered how she’d confessed to such a fantasy. I heard Sabrina gasp to my touch, her eyes closed in deep sensual enjoyment of my caress. My eyes travelled down to her breasts, bulging through her low cut blouse, her nipples already hardening in response to my attention. My hands slipped down the front of her blouse and released her soft breasts from their restraint, my fingers gently caressing her hard nipples as I heard her moan softly. I felt Sabrina thrust her chest forward, wanting my hands to squeeze on her tits. Grasping her ample tits I squeezed on her nipples feeling them harden to my touch, my bulge beginning to grow in my pants, now pressing against her shoulder. She moaned deeply in her throat, and feeling my cock pressed against her, turned her head towards me, as my huge bulging cock almost brushed her nose. She watched it grow bigger, inside my pants as my hand began to glide up her stockinged thigh.
I felt Sabrina’s lips greet my cock through my pants, then heard her groan as she felt my fingers reach her bare thigh and sneak inside her already damp panties, sliding up her wet pussy lips, to tease her clit. She spread her legs wide as she reached to unbutton my pants. Sabrina was now becoming so wet, as my fingers teased open her pussy lips and played with her outer pussy. I heard her moan in pleasure, then unzip my fly, wanting to touch my cock as my lips reached her soft breasts, my mouth closing on her hardened nipple, sucking hard as her groans deepened. I took her nipple between my teeth and bit gently, feeling her shudder as my fingers drove deep into her pussy at the same time. Sabrina cried out, and shoved her hand inside my underwear, wrapping her fingers around my hard throbbing cock. Her other hand covered mine, forcing my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, she used my fingers like a dildo, sliding them deep inside her pussy then drawing them up and down her clit, applying just the correct pressure to deliver herself maximum pleasure. Her hips thrust up against my hand in time, while still stroking my swollen cock, as she moaned so loudly to my attentions.
I felt it was time to increase her pleasure, and then in one single movement I had her lying on her desk with her thighs spread wide. I ripped off her wet panties and looked down to observe my prize, her smooth oozing wet pussy, so appetising, but so wanting; longing for my tongue to be buried deep inside. She shrieked loudly as my tongue drove deep inside her juicy wetness. She now had her heels on the desk, her legs spread wide as she grasped my head and lifted her hips, wanting my tongue deeper, deeper still, inside her dripping wet pussy. My mouth found her clit and then closing my lips tightly, I began to suck hard on her hard swollen bud, then taking her clit between my teeth and biting on it gently, her pussy juices flowed down my face and trickled down my chin. My cock was so rock hard and throbbing as I heard her cry out,
“Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I can't hold back, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING.”
Hearing her scream out in wild orgasmic joy, her body first stiffened, and then trembled and shuddered, again and again, her eyes closed tightly as she slowly let her head fall back onto the desk.
Allowing her orgasm to slowly subside, I then leaned over her on the desk and whispered softly in her ear,
“I’m going to fuck you so hard Sabrina; your pussy juices taste so sweet on my tongue baby, I’ve just got to get my cock in your pussy baby.”
To which came her reply, “Oh yes Tiger; I've wanted that cock of yours deep in my pussy from the moment you walked in.”
I brought my hand to her mouth, and she immediately responded, sucking her juices from my fingers, tasting her cum juices, licking them clean. We kissed deeply and she also tasted her pussy on my tongue, our tongues entwined as I felt her soft tender body underneath me on her desk.
She held me tightly to her, sucking on my tongue, enjoying tasting herself on my tongue, before asking me to stand up. Her eyes travelled down my chest as I stood, continuing downwards, then stopping as she’d found what she wanted, my swollen cock standing tall. Almost immediately, she’d gotten to her knees, her tongue lost no time in reaching my throbbing crown, licking my salty precum from my purple knob, before I felt her lips close on my hard shaft, sliding her mouth all the way down, taking my cock deep into her throat. She grabbed my hips as she pumped my cock in and out, taking me so deep, driving me insane as I looked down, our eyes met as I watched my swollen shaft fuck her sensuous mouth.
My hands went to her head, holding her tightly as I rocked my hips, driving my pulsing shaft deep into her throat, my cock swelling so big as I felt her mouth sucking hungrily, milking my cock as my balls slapped against her chin. Reaching lower I grasped her hard nipples in my fingers, squeezing and rolling her nipples, feeling her mouth lock tighter on my throbbing shaft. I could see her hand between her thighs; her fingers working furiously on her pussy and teasing her clit as she worked my cock so brilliantly.
I was so totally lost in the moment, almost felt I was floating on a cloud, and then feeling my balls begin to tighten I suddenly thought, “I don’t want to Cum just yet, I so want to fuck this lady’s heavenly pussy.” Getting an instant urge to be deep inside Sabrina, fucking her hard and deep, right there on her desk. Grabbing her shoulders I quickly lifted Sabrina onto her desk, where she quickly read my thoughts, spreading her legs wide, grasping my rigid cock in her hand and sliding my throbbing knob up and down her wet pussy lips and teasing her clit, she looked up into my eyes as I heard her say,
“Oh Tiger, I want your cock, I want to feel your cock pushing in and out of me, fast and hard, fuck me now Tiger.”
Without hesitation I pushed forward, my cock opening her pussy wide, driving deep inside her tight wet pussy, I heard her scream out as my cock plunged deep inside her.
“That's it, fuck me, I want you hard and fast,” I heard her groan. My cock slid deeper and deeper on each thrust, feeling my balls slap against her as I fucked her hard, her wrapping her legs tightly around me, drawing my huge cock inside her, pulling me deeper and deeper as I pounded her pussy so hard.
“Yes…..Yes…..Oh fuck…..Yes,” I heard her moan, “Oh fuck, that's it, keep fucking me. I want to come on your cock, Tiger.”
I sensed her raise her hips, driving against me on each thrust as I looked deep into her eyes, witnessing the pleasure build on her face, and feeling my cock swell deep inside her pussy as I fucked her. I then felt her pussy tighten around my hard shaft and felt her body begin to tremble and a shudder, her moans becoming louder as her climax began to build deep inside her. I let out a groan as I uttered,
“Oh Sabrina, Oh baby your pussy is driving me so fucking wild, my cock is bursting, I feel it baby, my cum is ready for you baby, I’m so close baby, Cum baby, Cum on my cock as I fuck you baby, you want to baby, cum on my cock.”
I heard Sabrina scream out in pleasure as we fucked, the tempo of our fucking increased now, thrashing wildly at one another, pure lust taking over, wanting to please and be pleased, wanting to release.
And then another scream from Sabrina as her body stiffened for a moment, then shuddered and shook wildly as she came,
“I want it, I want it all – fill me with that cum, baby,“ I heard her as I felt my balls contract, and then my cock pulsed as my cum exploded deep inside her, sending thick ropes of hot cum deep into her pussy, filling her with my cum, spurting and squirting, as she locked her legs tightly, wanting my seed, feeling me fill her.
I collapsed on top of her on her desk, totally drained from our wild fucking. Laying there silently for a moment, then I began to feel Sabrina’s juices and my cum, leak from her pussy, flowing down my cock, wetting my balls as my cock began to subside, slipping out of her pussy, our juices then dripping onto the carpet.
The next sound I hear is Sabrina’s laughter, and as I look into her eyes once again I cannot refrain from laughing loudly with her, laughing with the thoughts of what we’d just done, fucked wildly on her work desk, right there in her study.
I kissed Sabrina deeply as we wrapped together in a warm embrace, our wrecked bodies hardly able to move after the exertion of the superbly glorious fuck we’d both just endured, fucking one another so wildly, both our bodies now drenched, sweating in the heat.
“Mmmm, I hope this hasn't ruined the papers on my desk,” Sabrina laughed, “I’ve got to present them to a client in the morning, Oh fuck, they’d better not smell of us,” but not really caring if we’d destroyed her work, thinking it was well worth whatever damage may have been done.
“You swept them aside,” I reminded her, “just as I lay you on the desk, you swept them off as I was about to eat your sweet pussy. Your pussy tasted so good on my lips baby. I so want to keep that taste forever. We’ve got to get together again Sabrina? At my place if you’d prefer, it’s quiet there most of the time, wouldn’t be a problem at all?”
“Sounds good to me,” she answered, “but for now, we need to clean up and get this looking the way it was before you arrived.”
We dragged ourselves from her desk and I began to recover my clothing from the floor, when I heard Sabrina again,
“Hurry, Oh fuck hurry, you’d better get yourself dressed and get the fuck outta here quickly, Oh no, fuck no; my husband will be home in exactly five minutes. He’s never fucking late, nor early for that matter, thankfully, and I don’t think he’d take very nicely to finding a young stud fucking his prize wifey either.”
We quickly said our goodbyes, and I struggled to step into my shoes as Sabrina pushed me out the back door of her house, promising to come visit me as soon as she got the opportunity…
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