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Glancing at the clock as she walked into the bathroom she realised she had more than an hour to get ready for her date with Rob. Rob was her boss, and he wanted to discuss a matter over a few drinks and maybe dinner.
A matter? Geesh! Did he think she was stupid? But it was an opportunity to get out for a few hours. Jamey was out with Dean anyway, and no telling what time they would get back.
Laura looked at herself in the mirror. Divorced for eight years and the mother of a leggy teenaged daughter, a good job that pays more than the bond and a nice Jeep in the driveway. ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘not bad for forty.’
She inspected her face for tell-tale signs of the number that will be up in a little less than a week. She regarded herself as quite lucky. No greys straying from her hairline, which meant she still had it. Letting her robe slip from her shoulders she cupped her 34C cups in both hands. She was comfortable with their feel. Still firm, albeit there was a bit of sag. She briefly considered the sunspots between the two lobes, the result of many days she and Jamey spent on the beach.
Her hand slid lower and she rubbed her abdomen lightly. No stretch marks. She was lucky. When she realised she was pregnant all those years ago she took it upon herself to take the best care possible for her body. Fortunately, due to early signs, she also took great care in not getting knocked up again.
‘The cunt,’ she reflected, ‘as soon as I was pregnant he decided to get some on the side. More than ten years he managed to keep it under wraps. Until, that is, the day he decided to fuck his secretary in the bed he shared with me.’
Laura pulled a face. Good riddance.
Not many weeks after she caught them red handed, the little redhead’s head bobbing up and down her husband’s almost-hard cock, they were divorced. Had they been careful and not opted for a second round, they might have gotten away with it. James was well under the impression that Laura was not going to be home for another two hours. But his greed, and the wet pussy his secretary so urgently needed to be lined with his next load of cum delayed the two, and Laura walked in on them.
She calmly informed the little slut to get dressed and to meet her in the living room.
When they walked in she was settled, her nerves calmed with a nice glass of Jack on the rocks. They were simply told to leave and to expect the paperwork. James knew it was fruitless to explain, so Laura did not have to wait for the lame old “it’s not what you think it is” phrase.
When Jamey, at the time barely a teen, walked in from school an hour after her dad’s departure, the crime scene was sanitised and Laura ready to explain. Jamey was like a bitch on cheap wine for a few weeks and then accepted that her dad made a choice only he was responsible for.
Laura took half of what James had and went west, where she and Jamey settled in a quiet suburb of Eureka, CA. With her qualification as Chartered Accountant, she managed to get a good job; just to balance the cheque book. Jamey was happy in her new school, and even after the move west managed to get a 3.7GPA. As beautiful as Jamey was, she was just as intelligent and grew into a lean, athletic young woman.
The only one who stayed behind was Laura. But Laura still had her looks, and this Jamey inherited. Laura stayed out of the dating scene as well, concentrating on building a future for her and Jamey. Don’t get it wrong, she had a lot of offers and the most recent was her boss… of all people!
Because Laura was an independent woman, she told him she would get herself there and back home. Rob understood that. She’d been working for him for almost five years and he knew her more than anybody else did.
But he wanted to know more about her. ‘And it is this body he wants to get to know so much,’ Laura reflected in the mirror, slowly circling her mons with curious fingers. ‘Good luck to you, Rob,’ she smiled in the mirror.
She circled the lush triangle and caught a tuft of pubic hair between strong fingers. Except for the bikini wax, she had not groomed in years and reached for a fresh razor on the shelf inside the vanity. Might just as well see how the evening goes. 'No harm in looking good down there,' was her thought, as she immersed herself in the steaming water of the tub.
An hour later Laura slipped her lean frame behind the wheel of her Jeep Cherokee, and after a brief glance in the mirror she left home for her date. She felt strong, powerful and confident in her attire she chose. She needed not shop for the occasion, as she looked after herself as well as after her wardrobe. Her black slacks sat snug over her buttocks and her silk blouse revealed just enough to leave something for the imagination. She wondered if he would imagine the lace bra she had underneath, or the matching thong that now fit like a second skin over her freshly groomed pussy. What would be a man’s expectation of what was hidden under that scant scrap of lace? Would they expect it to be a patch? Or perhaps a landing strip? She had taken care in shaping her patch to what she wanted - not to please any man, for that matter. She smiled to herself, considering the result.
Drinks were refreshing and dinner tasty. She had a leg o’ lamb with vegetables and Rob opted for a steak. Through dinner they talked like friends and Laura wished she could have a ‘someone’ in her life whose sole purpose was not getting into her pants. She needed a friend!
She had an idea what he wanted to discuss. And, no matter how hungry she sometime got, she would simply tell him over dinner and drinks that she appreciated it thanks, but no thanks! He was a married man, and although she yearned for the intimacy of a sexual partner so many nights, she was simply not going to lower her standards and become a slut for a married man.
Throughout the meal she watched him closely; no, she observed… no, she studied him. She was not sure what she wanted to see but she realised, up close he was damn handsome! 
His face had a classic Sean Connery look but with a stubble. His shoulders were broad, and she wondered how it would feel to hold unto them as she circled his waist with her legs as he fucked her hard and deep. His lips were full and seemed moist as he spoke. How would it feel if he kissed her? Suddenly she also wondered how it would feel if those lips fused to her hungry cunt, licking her labia slowly and with purpose before greedily sucking her sensitive nub.
Laura could feel herself getting wet. If she was not careful, she might just fall for this man. And he had not even addressed the “matter” at hand? She wondered what his cock looked like, the texture, the softness of the skin around it. How big was he? Was he curved or straight and did he at least groom “down there” were some questions running through her mind.
While Rob was doing most of the talking she listened intently to what he was saying. The conversation turned domestic and he started asking about her and Jamey. Laura saw the opening, and after briefly touching here and there, fired from the hip.
“How is your wife doing?” Laura knew she was away for long periods at a time due to her specialisation in her work. She was a lecturer in Business Economics, and sometimes lectured on invitation. This took her even as far away as the UK.
“She’s doing fine, thanks for asking,” he answered. “Just the times she’s away from home sometimes get to me. So, I have a lot of time on my hands.”
Laura waited for him to continue.
Rob was deep in thought for a few moments before he continued.
“That is what I wanted to discuss with you.”
Laura feigned ignorance and allowed Rob to continue.
“I was looking at having somebody around when times get lonely and was thinking about you being the perfect one. You know, we look after each other’s needs and so on..." he trailed off.
Laura had expected this, but the way he put it was so casual that her expectation turned into surprise. It fit well with the conversation and Rob looked at her with a questioning expression in his eyes.
Laura folded her hands under her chin and took a deep breath.
“Rob, I am not sure I understand completely what you mean,” she said curiously.
She wanted him to lay it on the table and lay it on thick. Thus far it was obvious to her that he was getting a bit uncomfortable with the way the conversation was turning out.
He continued, “I want us to take our friendship to another level, you know? Get involved in more than just what we have at the moment,” he said carefully.
“So, what I understand from what you are saying is, you want us to have an affair? Have sex and cuddle while your wife is not here? Your fuck doll when you need me?”
“Yes,” was his straight answer.
Laura though about her last words for a few moments.
“Is your wife aware of this idea of yours?”
Rob was silent for a few moments, his eyes averted to the table. Then he simply answered, “No.”
Laura reached across the table and with her index finger gently lifted his chin so his face was level and they could look into each other’s eyes.
Laura was quiet for a few moments then smiled sweetly at him. Rob smiled as well, probably tasting the fruits of their forbidden future already.
“No, Rob!” she said gently. “We might be good friends, and I am sure your wife knew about our dinner reservation tonight. But I am sure she was not enlightened as to your purpose for this dinner with me.”
Rob looked at her directly, the defeat and the rage laying shallow in his dark eyes, and Laura saw it as her cue to continue.
“I am not somebody’s whore. Not yours, and not to the next guy with a cock on the rampage that needs a willing cunt to spill his seed in. I am not that desperate, I never was, and I never will be.”
Laura realised she was shaking inside. She'd expected the turn in the conversation but nevertheless lost her cool when she started speaking. She was not willing to be same thing to Rob as the little redhead bobbing her mouth up and down her ex-husband’s cheating cock, a thought that made her burn with rage all over again.
She knew Rob’s wife well. She was not going to chance a romp and not be able to look her in the eyes again. And, she had a reputation to think about.
She called for the cheque and picked up her purse to pay. Rob wanted to intervene but she blew him off. “It’s okay. I will pay, just so you know I am not even a whore for dinner!” she said without emotion.
After she left the restaurant Laura drove a few blocks before stopping and turning off the engine. She needed time to compose herself. She needed to rid herself of the bad vibes now in full control of her being before returning home. After a good fifteen minutes of staring into the darkness covering a small park, she felt better. She felt powerful and strong. She felt like a Woman!
Yet there was something bothering her. Before pulling away she let her right hand drop into her lap, to the sensation there. While wearing a pair of slacks it was difficult to just slip her hand under her clothes and feel herself. Her pants were damp between her legs and she realised one thing. Her observation of Rob did have a tantalising effect on her sex; even after losing her temper she was drenched!!
Laura smiled to herself and pulled into the road. She wanted to get home as soon as possible.
“Hallo the house?” she called when she shut the door behind her. She was greeted with silence and after a quick tour of the house realised she was alone.
Upstairs she closed the door to her bedroom, and having had a bath earlier, slipped her clothes off and got into bed with just her underwear. Reaching out she switched off her bedside lamp and lay silent in the darkness, thinking about the evening.
She could not believe that he had the nerve after all these years. But it did make her feel a bit giddy to think he wanted her. She imagined again his hands and how it would have felt on her bare skin, and a thrill of excitement rippled through her whole body. Small hairs were standing erect on her skin as she considered him biting lightly on her now-erect nipples.
She cupped her breasts in both hands, feeling the warmth radiating through the lace. With a small movement she released the clip between the cups and slowly dragged the lace off her distended nipples. It was almost too painful to endure the roughness of the lace, so hard and stimulated had they suddenly become. Cupping her breasts once again she pinched her nipples; gently first then, putting more pressure on them, pulled slightly until she felt she was going to lose control of her bladder. ‘Damn, it felt so nice,’ she thought, remembering her power over Rob’s suggestion.
Remembering how damp her slacks were earlier she moved a hand down to her pubis. Without immediately going for gold, she first slid her hand over her mound, making small circles on the lace with her fingertips. She could feel the dampness still there, the heat emanating from her sex.
She rubbed herself absentmindedly for a few more moments before the yearning for release started taking control of her. Gently moving the scrap of lingerie over her hips, she realised how sensuous she'd started feeling, a feeling that she had not experienced in a long while.
It was easy for her to feel horny and grab one of a few toys and do it to still the hunger within her loins. But she also needed to feel sensual. She needed to feel the sexual surge reach more than her frequently-moist pussy. She needed to be fulfilled to her very core!
This, she realised, was something different.
Once the thong was far enough down her legs for it to slide further with a mere opening and flexing of her legs, she let it go. Her hands turned around, and as they moved up to the juncture between her legs she suddenly felt scared to touch herself. She had not experienced her present condition in a long time. It was as if an external force had taken charge of her need to reach that so-much-desired orgasm.
Reminiscing about her conversation with Rob, she started stroking her sex with slow movements. ‘The fucking ass!’ she whispered to herself, ‘to just have the audacity.’ She felt the anger surge through her again and felt something stirring within her core. She felt it coming slowly and singled her little nub from the folds of her pussy. Her whole body arched as she touched the almost-erect miniature member protruding from between her labia.
Spreading her labia with the fingers of her right hand, she pinched her clitoris between the thumb and index finger of the other. She almost went through the roof with the effect. Releasing it, she continued slowly circling it, slipping her free hand down to her entrance. Rubbing around the cavity she realised she was oozing a sticky and steady flow of fluid… running down to her sphincter and the sheet below.
She had never been that wet and tentatively tested her opening with one interrogating finger. It slipped right in!
Slowly masturbating herself with one finger for a while she added another and slipped the two fingers deep inside her, curling it upward to stroke her g-spot. She felt the acceleration of the rush through her body and suddenly remembered why she was so wet. She remembered the object of her wetness and how what she'd observed of him had caused her to be so drenched.
“It’s because of you, Rob!” she said out loud into the darkness of her room. “It is all your fault! You caused all this, and you are not even here to witness my need for your cock! But I promise you Rob, I am not your fucking whore!”
Then, suddenly and totally unexpected, her insides burst and she came with streams of cum gushing from her overheated cunt. A short burst of a scream echoed in the darkness and then it was only her body spasming in her release.
For a few moments she was breathless, her heart was beating out of control and she struggled to contain herself. But gradually she relaxed and realised she had never in her life experienced what had happened to her. Bathing in the afterglow of her orgasm for a few more moments, she pulled the sheet to her chin and closed her eyes.
She was almost dozing off when she suddenly remembered Jamey and Dean still being out. She lifted her sated body from the bed and turned to her wardrobe. She was puzzled for a few moments when she felt her stride being restricted and then realised her thong was still wound around her ankles. She unceremoniously kicked it toward the bathroom before retrieving a night shirt from a shelf and returning to bed.
As soon as she hit the sheets and had the covers drawn up to her chin as she had intended a few moments before, Laure fell into a deep sleep.
She did not wake up until…
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