Meeting Joan for the first time
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Hi I'm Tom. I've written several stories about my wife Joan and her voracious sexual appetite. I thought I'd write about our first meeting and our early dates.
I met Joan in college. We were at a frat party and it was getting pretty wild. This wasn't my scene, so I was easing toward the front door. At the door there was a beautiful girl also sneaking out. I paused on the porch and said hello. She smiled shyly and said, "Hello to you too."
I said, "Pretty wild in there?"
She shrugged and headed down the front stairs. I thought, "What a beauty."
A few days latter I was sitting in the triangle with some friends just lazing an Autumn day away. The trees were blazing with fall colors and there was the sweet smell of dying leaves. I saw the girl from the party walking across the triangle in a plaid skirt, white blouse and carrying a full green canvas book bag. I waved to her and she gave me a tentative wave.
I said to one of my friends, "Who is that girl?" My friend Bill said, "She's Joan something or other. The guys she's dated say she's very cold."
A few weeks went by and I saw Joan in the Library. I walked over to the table where she was sitting and said, "Hi again. What are you reading? " She blushed and showed me the book "Human Sexuality." I said, "Pretty deep stuff." She shrugged, blushed and went back to her book, pretty much freezing me out.
I continued to run into Joan around campus but made no headway in getting to know her and her getting to know me. The next semester I was taking a psychology course and Joan was in the same class as me. One of the mandatory books was "Human Sexuality." We had to read it and post our thoughts on the instructor's web page.
I read it and posted my thoughts, "Nature versus Nurture, Freud, Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, The sexual response cycle." I was browsing through my classmates postings when I came across Joan's. I couldn't stop reading it. She had numerous thoughts on the various subjects. One of her more striking comments was on the sexuality of women. Joan argued that women were by their very nature, loyal to a lifelong partner and at the same time able to enjoy multiple sexual experiences.
I thought, "Wow", this is a very smart and sexual woman. The next time we were in class, the instructor pointed out the outstanding work that Joan had done with her posting. I looked over at her and she was blushing.
After class I approached her and said, "Hi. I just thought I would say the instructor was absolutely right, your post was brilliant. By the way, I'm Tom." She looked me in the eye and said, "The other students who had commented on her post were either intimidated or thought she was promiscuous."
I took the leap, "Would you like to have coffee with me?"
We went to the cafeteria, got coffee and sat at a table and talked and talked. Joan was brilliant. She could talk about any subject. We kept talking not noticing that night time had fallen. Around 9:00 pm we stopped and just looked at each other. I said, "Joan what a great time I've had talking to you."
Joan said, "Me too. Let's do it again."
We both needed to go to our rooms. When she left she pecked me on the cheek.
My heart leaped.
We had coffee nearly every day for the next few weeks. I was falling in love. I hoped she was too.
We finally went on a real date. We had dinner and went dancing. When I held her in my arms I thought please don't let this end. At the end of the night we shared our first real kiss. It was soft and gentle. We hugged and then she went back to her room.
After several dates it was obvious that we were in love. One night we went dancing and I could feel Joan getting excited while I held her tight. She started giving me little hickey kisses on the dance floor. We were in a hotel nightclub. One guy started heckling us, "Get a Room." I looked at Joan and she smiled. I went to the front desk and got us a room.
When we got to our room, we stared at each other, and she said, "We're going to have sex. Let's see how we match up against the book."
I said, "Well that seems a little stilted, but I'll try. Most of all I want to make love to you."
Joan said, "This is the excitement phase. Our heart rate and breathing rate will increase. Our blood pressure will go up and parts of our bodies will get flushed. In my case my clitoris will darken and the walls of my vagina will expand."
I said to Joan, "I've got to feel you to make sure." We took off our clothes. I held her tightly, kissed her and caressed her breasts.
Joan said, "We're both experiencing all of those symptoms." I took my hand and caressed her vagina with it. It was warm and her labia pouted.
Joan held my penis as it became partially erect. My testicles were drawn up and I felt tension in my scrotum.
I fingered Joan and her clitoris and vagina expanded. Her muscles around her vagina tightened. I felt some lubrication start and her breasts and nipples were firm.
We pulled each other to the bed. Joan moaned, "Lets do the rest. Fuck me."
Joan lay back and pulled me on top of her. She grasped my penis and rubbed it along her slit then put it in.
We both moaned. The muscles around the base of my penis contracted and I started secreting pre ejaculation fluid.
Joan's vaginal muscles contracted hugging my engorged penis.
We stopped measuring by the book. Joan wrapped her legs around my back and rose to meet every thrust. I could feel the wetness pouring out of Joan.
I started plunging deeper into Joan.
Joan was breathing hard. She moaned, "Oh Tom, Oh Tom. I love you and I love sex."
I was on the verge of ejaculation. I paused and looked deeply into her eyes. Joan was stimulating her clitoris.
We both came explosively. My penis slowly deflated. Joan looked sated and was vibrating with her orgasm. I knew she was capable of many more orgasms. We held each other and murmured words of love.
We made love three times that night. It was the best night of my life.
In the morning I said to Joan, "I love you so much. Will you marry me?"
Joan said, "Of course. We're off on our own Journey.
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