The Dance, Part 2
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He sat there in the chair, still one hand cuffed to it. There was a mess on his lap, a mess that he had created. Where was Officer Sarah? Suddenly the light went out. He could see nothing. His pulse quickened as he wondered what was going on. Listening very closely it sounded like someone breathing, not too far away. In fact he heard what sounded like several footsteps. They were coming from a distance in front of him... closer still. Now they sounded right like they were right beside him.
Who was it? What was going on? There were footsteps that were coming from behind him, too. He reached out all around him but felt nothing. "Who is there?" He finally asked aloud, trying not to sound nervous. She let his confusion go on for only a minute longer. Then she began laughing. At first her laugh was almost a whisper, but then the laugh grew louder.
He heard the laugh grow louder. It was coming from behind him, he knew that for sure. Realizing he was only restrained by one hand, he began to stand up.
She stopped laughing. It was time to get moving. She turned the light back on above him and commanded, "Sit back down, sweetie. This isn't over." After he obeyed, she put her hands on his head, one spread above each ear. As she ran her fingers through his hair she whispered, "I've got something else in mind for you."
He instantly recognized the voice as Officer Sarah. What did she mean? What was her plan? Questions stirred in his mind while he let her hands wander around in his hair, pressing gently against his skull.
Officer Sarah finally let go of his head and walked around to face him. She was dressed in a blue bikini top, a blue thong, a belt, and her leather high heeled boots.
For a minute he forgot the state he was in. He looked her up and down. Could he take any more from her? What would happen next? Should he leave now? Since she was standing over him, blocking his way he decided to stay. She stood in front of him and took something from her belt. It was a crop. She grabbed something from behind him and tossed it to him. "Clean yourself up. You can't be all sloppy for company."
He grabbed the towel with his free hand and began to clean up. As he was, Officer Sarah stepped behind him and released him from the other cuff, making cleanup easier. He then felt the crop touch his neck.
"Don't be thinking about leaving. You have a special treat since you behaved." Officer Sarah came back around to the front of his chair, the crop in one hand and what appeared to be a rope of some kind in the other.
His gazed fixed upon the rope. It draped from her hand to the floor. But it didn't stop there. He followed it along the floor and saw that it went behind him into the dark.
"You'll get your reward soon enough, but you must be ready." Officer Sarah stepped right over to him. She winked at him, poked his thigh with the crop, and whispered, "Ya might wanna get stroking, I'm not letting your reward do it for ya."
So he had been good. He was getting a reward. What was the reward going to be? He wondered.
Officer Sarah smiled and began to pull on the rope. She kept pulling until a woman appeared, wearing a metal spiked red collar. The woman was on all fours and wore a red gag ball fastened with a black strap. Her hair was in a long ponytail. Officer Sarah spoke, "This is Roxy. She is your reward."
He looked Roxy up and down. She wore no clothing, so he could see every part of her. He had been stroking lightly but there was no need now. The sight of Roxy made his cock hard and ready.
"Lay down on your back, Roxy." Officer Sarah pulled on the rope until Roxy obeyed. Then she laid her back, spread her legs, and grabbed Roxy's hands. "I think you need to prepare her for a good fuck. Go down and lick her pussy."
He got down from the chair and went to work licking Roxy's sweet pussy. He used short strokes of his tongue, taking his time to admire her deliciously pink lips.
Officer Sarah slapped him on his back with the crop. "Spread her lips apart and get that tongue in there, she needs a good fucking and your tongue needs to get her ready."
He quickly obeyed and began to deeply probe Roxy internally. He could taste her sweet juices as they ran down his chin. He continued his tonguing of Roxy until he felt the crop touching his shoulder and stopped.
"You can stop now, she's ready." Officer Sarah commanded as she let go of Roxy's hands. "Roxy get up on all fours, show him your ass." Roxy did as instructed.
His cock twitched as he saw Roxy's ass. He couldn't wait to take her.
"Spread her ass and get that cock in her pussy," Officer Sarah demanded.
He wasted no time mounting her. Roxy's pussy was warm, wet and tight. Without further instruction he began pushing deeper and deeper with each stroke. He could her Roxy making noises behind the gag, but his cock told him to go faster. He held Roxy's hips as he saw Officer Sarah stand up.
Officer Sarah smacked him in the ass with the crop. "Fuck her harder. She needs fucking hard."
His ass hurt where she smacked him but he did what he was told. He banged into Roxy harder, fucking her as hard as he dare. His hips were slapping her ass with each stroke.
"Pull her hair, it makes her wetter." Officer Sarah instructed. She watched as he followed her directions. "You like your reward, don't you?" She laughed.
He was getting out of breath, so he huffed, "Yes."
She smacked him again with the crop. "That didn't seem like the right answer." She told him.
He pumped harder with the pain and remembered, "Yes..... Officer..... Sarah."
"You're gonna come inside her when I count to three." Officer Sarah announced as she saw how fast and hard he was pumping. ""
He was glad to be able to release. He pumped several times into Roxy before he was done. Then he pulled out and collapsed on the floor, not worrying about Officer Sarah. When he looked up he saw Roxy and Officer Sarah standing together. Roxy had no collar, no gag.
Officer Sarah laughed, turned to Roxy, and asked, "Wasn't that fun, baby girl?"
This time he watched them walk off and was left puzzled once again.
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