Will I regret this, tomorrow? Part II
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Previously, Beverly, a young woman in her prime and trapped in a loveless marriage, made the decision to take a risk and reach out on the internet to find some companionship and much needed loving. Much to her surprise, DJ, her favorite author of erotic romance stories responded favorable to her offer of something beyond the tease of chat. Bev felt a flush on her face, a tightness in her sex and the hardening of her nipples. It was like hearing a long missed love song that had been associated with dream like passion. She felt him reaching into the heart of her while his soft lips were whispering into her ear saying, don't give up there is still deep desire and passion alive in the world. She ventured a soft jab, "Gawd, you sure know how to turn a girl's head." Notenoughlovin "I would rather you turn your neck so I could kiss it softly," DJ, came his quick reply. Involuntarily that sent Bev's heart racing. she brought her hands up to cup her breasts and found her swollen nipples jutting through the thin t she had put on for bed. How did he know her most sensual spot was her neck, right below her right ear? Taking a brave breath she released her ample breasts, caressed the keyboard and deliberately wrote back "Don't think me a slut, or easy, but DJ... would you please, please make passionate love to me?” Notenoughlovin Waiting for his reply Beverly found herself holding her breath as the seconds ticked by. Nervously she rubbed her nipples. She thought to herself You are a fool! as she typed, "Are you still there? Did I scare you away?” Notenoughlovin As time passed the lack of a reply made her feel foolish and she felt an involuntary need to cover herself. "DJ, really, I'm sorry for being so bold, please talk to me." Notenoughlovin As the seconds turned into minutes Beverly's early elation began to turn into sadness as she watched her chat screen remain unchanged. Then suddenly, "Hey, hold a sec, the server is kicking me off again." DJ Bev broke out in a broad smile as she replied "Take your time hon, I'm not going anywhere." Notenoughlovin Now she felt doubly foolish for have such a lack of confidence. She knew he had left to go look at her posted pictures. Adorned in her red heels and black corset she knew she looked sexy and, hopefully, fuckable! Now in a much happier mood she teased "Like what you see?" Notenoughlovin Quickly he shot back "How did you know I was looking? LOL." DJ "Good guess on my part. Don't you think I checked out that cute beard and solid cock you displayed before I offered myself to you?" Notenoughlovin "I was thinking about where to start. LOL. Just how open is your offer?" DJ This it, she thought to herself. Once you start down this path there is no going back, especially with this passionate man. "I'm not setting any boundaries, except pain. I don't find being hurt or bruised erotic." Notenoughlovin "I can work with that :)" DJ. His quick reply was there and Bev could sense his deep laugh. After several seconds, that seemed like long minutes his next message sent her heart racing, again. "What are you wearing today?" DJ Now, he wants to start with cybersex? Bev heard the panic inside of her own head. Glancing at the clock she knew she had a good hour before company, her daughter was coming home from school, and 2 hours before hubby arrived for his dinner. Glancing at the blinds to make sure they were closed tight she typed. "I have to warn you, I'm not very experienced at this..." Notenoughlovin "Thank you for the full disclosure, LOL, Now, what are you wearing??" DJ Beverly felt her nipples begin to swell again and the dampness in her sex sent a distinct scent of sex into the air. She felt the warm blush that came down her neck and flowed across her milk white breasts. "OK, well I'm wearing a grey Disney World T-shirt, white cotton panties and a pair of tennis socks. Not very sexy.... But I'm grinning ear to ear." Notenoughlovin "Well one of us is not dressed appropriately and I'm the one sitting here naked, LOL." DJ Beverly caught her breath at the visual that jumped into her head. She had seen his pictures, with his dark brown eyes, soft gray beard and sexy hairy chest. His picture from the webcam showed a thick semi-erect cock with all the hair neatly trimmed from the base and heavy balls. She remembered thinking how naughty it would be to seduce Santa and to take that cock into her hands and lick the head till the pre-cum began to flow. The soft white hair of his chest would contrast nicely with her red swollen nipples. "Shall I take off my right sock?” Notenoughlovin "That would be a good start. First tell me if you are wet deep inside or just around your nether lips?" DJ Enjoying the play already she replied, "But sir that would require me to remove my panties so I could slide my finger inside!" Notenoughlovin "That's the idea!" came his quick reply. Bev slid her arms down her right leg and slowly, as if he were watching her, removed her one sock. Standing before the monitor she pulled the right side of her panties down about three inches and then the left three inches. Right side down two inches and then again the left two inches. Only the curve of her shapely hips kept her white panties just above her slit as she typed, "One sock is gone and panties are about to fall. Are you sure would not rather use your teeth to pull them the rest of the way?" Notenoughlovin "What an excellent ides. Think of my taking your panties in-between my teeth. I’m only going to use my mouth. I hope you can feel my soft beard and then my lips on your tummy and slit as I pull them down the rest of the way." DJ Bev felt a shudder as she pulled her panties further down. As they fell to the floor she licked her fingers then pressed her palm against her shaved pubic region. She cupped her sex to simulate his lips passing down her slit. "How wet?" he asked of her again. Squatting slightly Bev pressed her hips down and forward to ease the access to her cunny. Spreading her fingers she slid them down her slit, fingers pinching her clit, to gain easy across the tight wet threshold of her seldom visited pussy. "Gawd DJ, I'm dripping wet. Are you getting hard watching me in your mind?" Notenoughlovin "Babe, my cock is swollen so hard I cannot get my hand fully around it. The pre-cum is dripping down over my bulging vein. Tell me how you taste, good I hope?" DJ Bev had never been one to taste her own sex, but this time she was intrigued especially if it prolonged her tease. Pulling her fingers back outside she took a minute to rub her juices around and over her now swollen clit. Each touch above the protruding hood made her legs buckle a bit. Lifting her finger to her lips, Bev drank in the heavy scent and tentatively extended her tongue to lick her fingers. "Mmm Baby, I taste really good. I would taste so much better if I was licking my juices off your lips and beard." Notenoughlovin Not waiting for his reply Bev reinserted her fingers and began to massage her clit in a circle with her palm as her fingers delved deep inside her pussy. "I want to cum so bad. Please DJ make me cum for you." Notenoughlovin "You will, you will, just think of me between your legs, my tongue licking your slit up and down as I rub your nipples between my fingers." DJ Pinching her right nipple hard Bev relished the pleasure from her pussy meeting the excited nerve of her nipple right inside her tummy. "Think of my nose against your clit as I press my tongue DEEP inside of you, my fingers teasing your little butt hole.” DJ Staring at the one picture of his she called up, Bev imagined those soft eyes fixed on her pussy and his lips wrapped around her clit sucking it softly urging her climax on. Her legs began shaking with uncommon pleasure as she tried to type "cumming now" Notenoughlovin
To be continued
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