Walking My Dog and Meeting Janet
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I think I’m different to most of my friends. My guy friends are all dating beautiful, young women and I’m just not comfortable dating those types of women. I really get turned on by older more mature women. The first time I realized this was when I was a teen. I was spending the week over my friend’s grandmother’s house and when I looked at her I just felt a stirring in my pants.
Looking at his grandmother actually got me very excited. Now, she wasn’t and old wrinkly type of a woman. She was probably sixty years old and in excellent shape. She wore designer clothes and always presented herself really well. The whole time I was there, I jerked off with thoughts of banging my friend's grandmother. I never did fuck her, but it started me on a path of fucking more mature women.
There’s just something so sexual about being with an older woman. They know exactly what they want and know what to do to you, to make you so excited. They usually give the best blow jobs ever. If you can meet one that is widowed, they’re usually the horniest of them all. Those bitches haven’t had sex in years and would love to have a nice stiff one up their cunts.
Let me tell you a story about how I met the lady that I’m banging right now. This still gets me very horny and hot to think about. Her name is Janet and this is what had happened.
It was a warm day in May and for the last month, I had noticed one of my neighbors on the next block taking her daily walk. She walked at the same time everyday and only missed a day when it rained. Sometimes, she would even walk with hand weights in her hands. You could tell she liked to exercise.
She would always wave to me even though we had never met. She was really attractive for an older woman. I think she was probably around seventy years old. She had short blond hair and she wore a cute jogging suit. She had a nice body for an old bird. I could tell that she had a nice rack on her. Most of the time, she was in a jogging suit with a sweatshirt, but other days she had just a tight fitting tee on and spandex pants.
“Wait up, do you mind if I walk with you?”
“Oh, that would be lovely dear. I see you every day walking your dog. My name is Janet.”
“It’s very nice to meet you Janet. My name is Bobby and this here is my dog, Max.”
“It’s so nice to meet the two of you. Would it be all right if I pet Max?”
“Sure, he’s very friendly.”
Janet bent down to pet Max. She gave him a nice pat on his head and Max gave her a nice sniff. I noticed when she was bent over that she definitely had a nice set of breasts. They were very firm in her bra and didn’t move around much. Perhaps, she had breast implants from long ago.
“What a lovely dog he is. Is he a Golden Retriever?”
“He is a Golden Retriever and the best companion I ever had. Have you lived in the neighborhood a while, Janet?”
“I’ll be in my house fifty years next year. I don’t know where all the time went.”
We both giggled and continued to walk. We walked around the development about two times. We had steady conversation the whole time.
“Bobby, I would love for you to come over for some coffee sometime. Perhaps, tomorrow you’d like to come over?”
“I have some time now. Would you like to do it now? I just need to bring Max back home. I could meet you there in about twenty minutes.”
“Okay, that sounds lovely.”
We walked a little further around the block and then reached Janet’s house.
“When you put Max away just come back. See you in a little while.”
Janet walked into her house and I continued with my walk and then dropped Max off at my house. I then took a quick shower and changed my clothes, because I didn’t want to be all sweaty, when I went to her house. I was planning on having sex with Janet. But, I’d see what she had in mind.
Once I was all finished, I drove to the corner market and bought a bouquet of flowers and then drove back over to Janet’s house. I figured she’d really appreciate the flowers. Once I got over to her house, I parked my car and rang the bell.
“Bobby, come inside. Please come in and sit down. I thought we’d have coffee on the porch.”
I presented her with the bouquet of flowers. She looked so happy and excited when I gave them to her.
“You’re so sweet! Thank you so much for these lovely flowers. I love flowers so much. I haven’t gotten a bouquet in a while. My husband used to buy me flowers all the time, but he passed away about eleven years ago.”
“You’re welcome. My mama always told me you should never go over to somebody’s house empty handed. I’m very sorry to hear about your husband.”
“It’s been so many years now. I have a very full life with lots of friends. I’m very busy with my lady friends. I’m not a lesbian or anything, I just have lots of women friends.”
We both giggled at her lesbian comment. I never dreamed she was a lesbian. I guess that was the first little signal that she might be interested in something with me.
“Would you like milk and sugar in your coffee? I also have an apple pie. Would you like a slice with a little ice cream?”
“Milk and sugar would be great in the coffee. Yes, I'd love some pie a la mode.”
Janet poured the coffee and put in the milk and sugar. She cut the pie and put a dollop of ice cream on the pie. She then handed me both of the things with a napkin. I took a sip of the coffee and then a forkful of the pie.
“You make the best coffee, Janet. The pie is so flaky and delicious. You must give me your recipe someday.”
I was wanting to give her as many compliments as I could. I wanted her to feel at ease with me. I really wanted to have sex with her. She really was very attractive for her age and in addition to her good looks, she had a lovely way about her.
“I've been making this pie for over thirty years. If you’re nice to me, perhaps I'll share my recipe.”
We both giggled and she just kept smiling at me. Then she started to rub her neck and moved her head from side to side.
“Oh, my neck has been bothering me a lot lately. I think I have a kink in it.”
“I’ve been told I give great massages. If you like, I could rub your neck.”
“I'd really like that. Let me take off my sweatshirt."
Janet took off her sweatshirt and was just wearing her tight tee shirt. She really did have a nice set of breasts. I was pretty sure she had breast implants, because they didn’t move around very much.
I stood behind her and moved my hands all around her neck, massaging her deep, taking all the knots away.
“Bobby, you have the strongest hands. My neck feels absolutely amazing.”
“If you like, I could give you a whole body massage. I think you'll enjoy my strong hands.”
“Wow! I'd really enjoy something like that. I haven’t had a massage in a very long time.”
“Do you have any baby oil? It will make the massage so much better."
“Yes, come upstairs to my bedroom and I'll get the oil. Do you want me to take my clothes off?”
“Yes, you should definitely do that. This way I can give you a total body massage.”
I followed Janet upstairs to her room and she handed me the baby oil.
“Let me get undressed and I’ll call you when I’m ready.”
Janet went into her bedroom and shut the door and undressed. I just waited for her to say she was ready. I was really happy that she went along with this. I knew I'd turn her on by massage and then she’d want to fuck. My plan was working out perfectly.
“I’m ready, Bobby.”
I walked into the bedroom and Janet was naked on her bed. She was on her stomach. I approached the bed and poured the oil on her back and on her shoulders. I started to knead her shoulders with my hands. First the left side and then the right side. She was very tight there and I tried my best to work out the knots.
“Oh, this does feel really good. You have magical hands, Bobby.”
“Just relax and close your eyes. Just enjoy my hands and think about something soothing."
I then moved my hands up and down her back, moving my fingers up and down her spine. She was moaning out a little. I knew she was enjoying my efforts. I then poured the oil all over her buttocks and legs. I moved my hands up and down both of her legs and then on each of her feet, spending time on each of her toes.
Her body was really responding to my hands and I could feel all the stress leaving her body. I moved my hands up and down both of her buttocks and my hand brushed up against her pussy and she didn’t even flinch. She seemed very relaxed. I continued to massage her buttocks and continued to softly brush up against her pussy. She let out some more moans.
“Bobby, your hands feel amazing. I haven’t been touched like this in many years.”
“Why don’t you turn over, Janet. A lot of stress can be found in your breasts. Let me take away all of your stress.”
“Okay, that sounds delightful.”
Janet turned over and I was just amazed with her breasts. She definitely had breast implants. She was a bit wrinkly, but for the most part, she really looked like a very sexy seventy year old. I was hard in my shorts. My cock was straining and needed to come out. I knew after I massaged her breasts, she'd be begging for me to fuck her. I was just waiting for her to say the words.
I poured the oil over her breasts and her stomach. I stood behind her and worked my hands all over her stomach and then all the way up to her neck. I spent time on each one of her breasts. Kneading them, squeezing them together and then back down to her stomach.
“Bobby, that feels so good. I’m feeling things I haven’t felt in years. You have the best hands.”
I continued to massage her breasts and her breast bone. She was moaning and groaning and loving the attention. I couldn’t stand it anymore and then unzipped my shorts and took them off. I pulled my shirt off of my body and continued to massage her in my silk boxer shorts. She was getting closer to telling me that she wanted me.
Her eyes were closed and I moved to the other side of the bed to massage her legs and her feet. I worked my hands up and down her thighs and her calves, giving attention to her pedicured toes.
“I could give you an erotic massage. I think you might like it, but I'd need to touch your vagina.”
“I haven’t been touched there in eleven years by another man. I would really like that.”
I then poured the oil on her pussy and spread her legs. I moved my fingers up and down her pussy lips and rubbed my finger on her clit.
“Bobby, your fingers feel amazing. I’m very aroused.”
“I could lick your pussy, Janet. Would you like that?”
“Yes, I haven’t done that in over eleven years.”
I then got into position, between her thighs and licked at her pussy lips. I moved my tongue up and down her sweet slit. She was very excited and wrapped her legs around my neck, while I adored her pussy. She had a landing strip over her pussy that she did keep nicely trimmed. I was surprised how nicely groomed she was.
My nose got a little tickle on her pubic hair, while I continued to lick her pussy. I pushed my tongue right inside of her cunt and tongue fucked her deep. She was squirming and thrashing all over the bed. She was playing with her firm breasts, while I licked her cunt like a crazed dog.
“Bobby, I’m going to have an orgasm. I haven’t had one in so many years. Fuck!”
Janet had an orgasm and her juices were flowing onto my tongue. Her nectar was very sweet. She must eat a lot of fruit, because her come tasted like sugar. I slurped and drank her pussy juices enjoying all her nectar that was flowing steadily out of her pussy.
I then took my boxer shorts off and moved to her bed. I held Janet and gave her a passionate kiss. We kissed for a little while. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. My hands were on her firm breasts, while we made out.
“I really want to give you a blow job. You have made me feel like a woman again.”
I got comfortable on the bed and she put a pillow behind my head. She moved between my legs and stroked my cock from the base to the head. Her fingers felt amazing on my hard baton. She then licked my cock starting at the base and moved her tongue all the way up to my head and then all the way down the right side of my shaft.
She slapped my cock across her face. I was so hard and wanting to feel her mouth on my cock, however, I didn’t want to push her. I knew she was teasing me and getting me ready for the main event.
She then tongued at my pee hole and slowly put my wand into her mouth. She bobbed along my cock, while she rubbed and massaged my smooth balls. Her mouth felt amazing on my cock and she sucked me deeper and deeper down her throat. I could tell she loved to suck cock. She said she hadn’t been with anybody since her husband. She was very thorough with her attention to my knob.
“Janet, baby you’re amazing. Fucking Hell.”
I started to buck my hips and fucked her mouth. She kept pace with me and was making all kinds of wet, sucking noises. I couldn’t stand it anymore and needed to put my cock into her pussy.
“I want to make love to you, Janet. Lie on your back."
Janet took my cock out of her mouth and got comfortable on the bed. I got on top of her and we kissed deep and passionately. I played with her breasts, while I slid into her pussy. Her pussy was very tight as I pushed myself inside of her. She hadn’t had sex in a while, but her pussy opened right up. I pushed into her cunt and she moved with me.
Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth, while I pushed and moved my cock deeper and faster into her pussy. Her cunt felt amazing on my cock. I was so excited ,while I fucked her.
“Oh, God, I’m coming. I’m fucking coming.”
Janet had an amazing orgasm. Her pussy exploded with her juices. I got so excited and started to thrust into her harder.
“I need to come! Where do you want it?”
“Come in my vagina!”
I let out a growl and started to pump my hot cream into her pussy. I filled her with a load of my come.
“Bobby, that was amazing. Let me lick your cock clean.”
I pulled out of her pussy and I stood up. Janet got on her knees and licked my cock like an ice cream cone.
“You’re cock is amazing. I haven’t drank come since my husband. I forgot how much I love sex.”
“If you will have me, I would love to give you sex, whenever you need it. You’re quite a woman, Janet.”
Janet cleaned off all of my cream. She then stood up and we shared a kiss. I tasted my come that was on her lips. My hands were all over her amazingly fit body.
“Fuck, Janet you’re a very sexy lady. I think we will be having a lot of fun together.”
“You have rocked my world. I could get used to a boy toy like you.”
“Consider me your boy toy and I’ll consider you my fuck doll. You’re my very experienced fuck doll. You make me crazy with lust.”
Janet had her hands on my cock and stroked me and played with me, while I held her. It didn’t take long for her to make me hard again. Mature women really get me excited and hard quickly.
“I want to wrap my tits around your cock.”
Janet got on her knees and wrapped my cock with her amazing jugs. She slid her breasts up and down my cock. It was so fucking hot to watch. When she got to my mushroom head, she would lick it and then continue to go up and down with her amazing breasts.
“Fuck, you’re so fucking sexy.”
Janet then put my cock back into her mouth. She worked my cock up and down her warm mouth. I really felt like I died and went to heaven. She was the horniest fucker I ever met. I knew that life with her was going to get really good.
She sucked my cock for like an hour. I never had a woman that loved cock as much as she did. I blew another load down her throat and she continued to stroke me and get me hard. I fucked Janet for about four hours that day. I knew she was going to be everything I had hoped for. 
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