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How i became a real cake for master's birthday
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This story is the real account of what happened on my birthday written by my pet.
I had received an instruction on Thursday evening to prepare myself to visit Sir on Saturday for his birthday. He had told me what to pack and not to forget my butt plug on Saturday or I would be punished. I made it a point to pack my travel back on Friday night before going to bed.
Saturday morning came and I was woken up by a phone call from Sir instructing me to insert the butt plug in before I left. I arrived by mid day and he was still busy as he was on call. He loves work with all of his being. Even on his birthday he was still working until 4pm. Finally we arrived at this beautiful hotel and as always my insecurities creped in. From the parking till the room I kept on asking myself; am I dressed well enough to get here with him? It surely cost him a fortune from the art on the walls and the kind of furniture. Wait a minute; what exactly am I here for?
First thing I was told when we walked into the room was to take off my clothes. I thought that was an invitation to take a nice warm bath with him. Hmm, he's not the type; back to business. He took few pictures with different items in different possessions. My bladder was full and I wanted to bathe before the next unknown agenda but I was denied all of that. As expected, he took the butt plug out and slightly opened me using the plug and his fingers. A great massage but not when my bladder is full.
He put a mask on my face, leather collar on my neck, cuffed my hands behind and made me look at myself in the mirror. His phone rang. I don’t know who was on the other end, but I heard him giving whoever that was, a room number; somehow I thought it was his personal call. Returning from the window he looked at me and said, “This is how you are going to be when our guest arrives." Ok, I thought that was a joke, but when he left me alone in the bathroom to rearrange the room I knew something was up. Who was that? How many were there? What is expected from me? And why wasn’t I told about this? I was not scared but the knock on the door almost killed me. I was told to remain were I was until I was given further instructions.
“This man is crazy. We talked about things like this and it's fun, but inviting someone for real is insane. I mean he knows how I feel about sharing and I know it’s his birthday but this... I’m not doing.” I was freaking out, numb and ready to say, “Look, I was just joking, unfasten me and I’ll find my way back home." Suddenly the door opened and my heart exploded. I bowed my head and noticed that 2 men were standing in front of me. I recognized one pair of shoes and the other unknown; so was his voice and perfume. I don’t know what they were saying but I was sweating and he said, “Hello." Without looking I said, “Hello.” I made sure that my eyes were closed to keep me from running away.
When they walked me back to the bedroom I got gleams of him. Not that tall, skinny and of course with a face mask. I think he was my age or 2 or maybe 3 years older, so he was not a threat. It was just a matter of time before I noticed that he was Master’s male student and I was for his assignment. He appeared to be a well behaved gentleman with no intimidating voice or eyes. What made it hard was the fact that it was my Master's birthday and I didn’t want to let him down in any way and not in front of a young man who respected him. I didn’t want to look like an immature brat no matter what.
I know the rules. I know them well, but I was not sure how to apply them. Again, I'm playful when expected to be serious, but that doesn't mean that I am not attentive. I didn’t know this man; I didn’t know what he knew about me. I didn't know what he expected from me and I simply didn't want to ask what was expected from me. All I had to remember was everything I was taught from 2012 and behave in a way Sir would be pleased. He summoned me towards him and I knelt in front of him at the instruction of Sir in the bedroom.
Naked in front of someone I never met and uncomfortable, sweating as if I was boiling, extremely uncomfortably. I wish I bathed before his arrival just to calm down and boost my inner confidence, but there I was, shamefully exposed with the sweat and all the results of the butt plug fucking me hard earlier.
My nipples were burning and he kept on brushing them. Those nipple rings should be used for punishment, not for pleasure. They tortured my nipples, but he kept on apologising when I jumped. Mmm! Now that I'm not used to it; I’m just a simple submissive girl in training. Just right there I noticed he was a gentle man with a gentle touch. He touched me between my legs, continued kissing me and I was then instructed to suck him. “Really!!!" I wondered if he shaved because the thought of a hairy dick does not sit well with me. I was surprised at how I was no longer nervous about offering my mouth for his pleasure, but about how clean he would be. I have to say, as hairy as his tummy was, his manhood was completely and cleanly shaved. Perfect length and well behaved Dick, of course he was taught how to control his excitement. Fortunately I was loosening up and on the other hand worried about my full bladder. Not in my wildest imagination had I pictured myself in a room with two males and going on with what I was instructed without protesting. Wait a minute. I was not even worried if Sir was jealous or uncomfortable. I guess I know now that he's not insecure in anyway, though I wish sometimes he would be a bit jealous. I was amazed at how well I sucked him. I guess from my nerves, devious confident and the need to fulfil my Sir’s birthday wish kept me going, unaware that I was relaxed and getting too excited. Time and then the two of them would say something complementary and that made feel I was doing a good job or a way of making me comfortable.
As nervous as I was with my eyes closed, most of the time I tried to be observant, especial when Sir completely offered me to him so he could do anything he wanted. By then I knew I was in good hands as he was gentler than Sir. His first penetration was good enough to raise my excitement and expectations. He was penetrating me gently when Master instructed him to go all the way in with one thrust. I let out a bittersweet moan as he fucked me from behind. Sir was taking photos at this time before undressing and joining us. I think there was a time they both penetrated me in my pussy at the same time and that was pleasurable, yet a little painful. I don't know how that happened, but it did there. I was with two men who took me as they pleased. As expected, Sir decided to fuck me in the ass while the unnamed guest fucked my pussy. They were both good at it and I in turn was very excited. What more could I ask for? The funny thing is as much as I know that I have to ask for permission to cum, I accidentally came several times without permission. When I was given the platform, I couldn't cum because I held it too long before and that was painful. Again, some part of me was still shy regardless of the fact that our guests gave me a full massage and one of them even played with his tongue in my ass, causing me to scream.
I was exhausted and still not sure if this was real. I was given time to rest at 6pm, while they went out. I don't know where they went or what business they had to do. I rested for a while and went to bathe. I was tired and still shocked, asking myself what really happened. The thought of that guy sank in and surely I didn't see it coming but I enjoyed it. I wondered what kind of a guy he was, where he stayed, what kind of life activities he enjoyed and what thoughts he’d be left with after this? I didn't study his face so even if I met him, I wouldn't know for a fact if was him; the beauty of no strings attached.
Sir’s words echoed in my ears: "The night is still young." I heard Sir saying that a few times but didn't ask what that meant. After 3 hours of being left alone in the hotel room I decided to sleep because it was already late and I had a long exhausting day. As I tried to sleep, I received a call to get ready for supper and then I remembered that I hadn’t eaten the entire day. This explained why I was so exhausted. I was fucked for 2 hours nonstop by two strong men in an empty stomach. Our guest waited for me at the entrance of the hotel and ushered me into the car where Sir had parked. He had no face mask on this time and he joined Sir on the front seat. We had supper and parked at the petrol station where Sir left us to go inside the shop alone. He came out with bottled water and some soft drinks with two boxes of condoms. We went back to where we started and I was more relaxed and playful. I knew what I was dealing with and what was expected from me and we had fun. Attention from these men was great but they got a bit rough and merciless to the point that I couldn't handle everything. What I don't understand is how I got turned upside down and dragged from place to place in a second. I don't know how they made me touch my toes and honestly I don't know what was happening to me when I ended up fucking them both at the same time. Sir was sitting on the chair opposite the open window when he made me impale him. He filled my already open and used up pussy and I could feel his Masterly penis hurting my womb. While trying to adjust to my overfilled pussy I felt my ass being penetrated and damn! His student went all in as I screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Good girls don't do that but it happened and it was like flying on the clouds. I loved every moment of it.
They took me to the bed and fucked me deeper, harder, and rough with no mercy for what seemed like forever. I was a hot mess. I was not thinking. I was high, screaming and who could blame me? It was my first time and I was served as a meal for Master’s birthday. Yes; my first time to submit without hesitating, without being reminded of the rules and without thinking of how uncomfortable it was. I had fun to the point that I was completely comfortable and came so bad that my bed got soaked. They made me do all of that and having to do it over again was pleasurable, yet painful. They thoroughly used all of me and knocked me down; I didn't feel some parts of my body and was exhausted. When they left just after midnight, my pillow was my best friend that within few minutes I passed out. Somehow I woke up to go to the loo because I was still dripping, and to switch off the lights. When I woke up in the morning I had to clean myself again as I was dripping like I had been fucked while sleeping. I was hungry like a horse so I bathed then had some coffee and a muffin before attempting to sleep naked again. I had an early breakfast, coffee and went back to bed. I slept but not completely so I woke up and watched tv. After some time I got out of bed and packed with a hope of bathing after. My body was sore. I nearly cried the first time I went to the loo and had to wipe myself. I examined my used body to see if there was blood and there wasn't; I was just sore. My neck was tight, nipples burning, my back heavy, my anus was so painful that sitting down was hard and my pussy was beyond sore. I think my womb was displaced and it was painful. I just wondered how are the guys were feeling. Sir arrived earlier then expected while I was busy packing and despite the way I was feeling he claimed his property back in most hurting way. He fucked me with no mercy at all. It was now only the two of us and I honestly cried myself out as he ravaged my sore, used body. I had been turned into all positions the previous night and I had muscle cramps all over, discomfort, internal and external pains. The skin in the cleft of my butt was cracked and I felt the pain when I sat down, even when I walking. When he took me in the ass the pain felt like fire but he fucked me numb before taking me to bathe while massaging my sore body. This way I was reminded that I belonged to him alone.
A day later I wrote all this as instructed and emailed it to him.
I hope you enjoyed your birthday. Thanks for inviting me and I will always smile whenever I pass this South African hotel.
Sub, Nana. Pretoria, ZA
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