The Elevator Girl
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My names is Michelle and my life was anything but normal growing up. I am the oldest of six and taught to be the good girl and set a good example for my siblings. So I was the good girl, always doing what's right what's proper. All my life was about pleasing others and I'd had all of it I could take. I needed a change, so a week after I graduated from high school I took off for L.A.
I had a job lined up. It wasn't glamorous but it paid well. I was on my own and I loved it. Being from a small town I was scared but thrilled at the same time. I was about to start my life as the new elevator girl in a new high rise in L.A called Raven Towers. That is where my life would change forever.
Part 1
I arrived in L.A two days before I was to start my new job. I headed to the high rise to get my work uniform which consisted of very white classy buttoned down tops that tapered at my waist and really made my breasts look great. There were also black pencil skirts that fit me like the were tailored to my body with a slit running up my right leg that looked great. If there was one thing that caught me off guard it was that the big boss, James Raven. The man who owned the building had made a few requests.
Charlie, my supervisor, was a very nice older man. He seemed a little reluctant to tell me the owner's request. He told me part of my uniform was also black silk stockings and all of your undergarments are to match at all times. At first I was a little freaked out. What the hell! why did the owner care what my panties and bra looked like? Then I thought this is a really classy place and full of very important people to whom appearance was everything.
Charlie showed me to the locker room and gave me my keys. I had keys for everything. Charlie took me to his office and we filled out all of my paper work. One paper was a discloser form stating that I was never to talk about anything that was said or done inside the building. That was odd, but oh well they're rich people that don't like people in there business.
Next we headed to the elevator. The elevator was like the old ones that had the gates and a switch. It also had a red velvet seat for me to sit on. It was beautiful like nothing I had ever seen. My job was to open and close the doors and to take the occupants to their floors. I couldn't believe what I was being paid to just do that. I got my building pass card and my employ I.D. I had two more days before I started work and I couldn't wait see the people who lived here.
We went back to the office and Charlie handed me an envelope. When I looked inside I was stunned. It had money in it. A lot of money.
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