Other Colors -- Ch. 18
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Part 2 – Blue (continued)
Chapter 18
“Penny?” he growled at me across an ocean.
I shuddered, and shut my eyes. I didn't dare answer him. I couldn't part my lips, for fear a telltale moan may escape, and slip its way into the receiver. I was close still—very close. He'd caught me, as it were, red-handed. My fingers were still pressed between my thighs. My hips still rocked, slowly, to-and-fro over the smooth, warm leather of his chair. Venus of Urbino. Rose petals in one hand. In the other?
“Penny,” he spoke again, more sternly, and I felt the free ends of my muscles begin to unravel, and fray. “I’m not playing games tonight. Speak.”
I tried. I opened my mouth, and that was all it took. I couldn't stop myself. A tetany spread through me; a gold, galvanic current that tingled into my bones, and singed the pale peripheries of my skin. I breathed a soft, agonal sigh into the receiver as the throbbing peaked, and evanesced. It will sound ridiculous, but there was an explosive urgency to it that I can only liken to unsuccessfully stifling a sneeze. The sound I made, however, begged him for no ‘God bless you’.
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