The Last Flght. Chapter 29.
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Jemima stepped forwards and slipped the crisp cotton over my shoulders and I let her lower it over my arms, moving only enough to allow the short sleeves to pass over my hands.
She folded it carefully and lay it upon the stool on top of my skirt.
When she returned she went straight around behind me and began to release the three hooks that held the wide strap of my bra, from their corresponding eyes.
Once again I was struck down by my sense of insecurity and self-consciousness and, as the the thick material fell away from my small breasts, I quickly covered them with my arms. I never cared before who saw them but then, no-one else had mattered like she did.
She placed my bra with my blouse and then looked at me as I stood, covering my nakedness, painfully aware that all I was wearing now were my satin knickers, suspender belt and stockings.
“You have no need to be shy, Karen,” she whispered huskily, “But, if you prefer to cover yourself, I understand.”
I smiled weakly but I allowed my arms to fall slowly away to hang loosely at my sides. I was all too conscious of the fact that I must have been glowing brightly as my whole body felt aflame!
I heard Jemima gasp as my small firm breasts were revealed to her for the first time.
I had never felt so aroused as I did at that moment and my nipples made it visibly obvious as they strained and stiffened under her gaze. My breasts ached, almost painfully but the sensations were exquisite and my nipples pulsed and throbbed with excitement.
With just one forward step, she put her arms around me and held me tightly. My breasts pressed against the firm yet smooth silk of her underwear which yielded just a little as I put my arms around her waist and held her equally tightly.
“You are simply beautiful, Karen,” she breathed into my ear as her warm lips gently nipped my lobe.
I felt a sensation like tiny electrical impulses course through me as she gently kissed my neck and allowed her tongue to explore my ear. My nipples strained even more as they crushed against her own sweet breasts and the electricity seemed to concentrate in that sweet spot below my stomach and I was blissfully aware of the effect of what she was doing was having on me down there.
I was trembling uncontrollably now and I let my head roll backwards as she transferred her attentions along my jawline and downwards to my throat.
It felt even more intense than my first experience and I knew that this was it, this was the real thing. I was now feeling not just arousal but real love.
I was lost to her now, no longer in control of my body and my arms slowly released her waist, leaving me supported by just her own hands.
Her hot breath was at the base of my throat and she gently pressed her lips into the hollow there, kissing me softly.
I thought my heart must surely stop, the effort needed to breathe must surely be too much, but no, it continued to pound behind my ribs and still, her warm lips continued their exciting journey down my breastbone until they came to rest exactly upon my heart which I am certain skipped a beat or two.
My legs were beginning to fail, getting weaker as my strength began to desert me, my whole body lost to the most fantastic sensations this beautiful, raven haired woman was producing, using her lips alone.
“Mmm...” I couldn't hold it in as suddenly I felt her lips upon my painfully erect nipple then gently sucking it into her mouth. I placed my hands upon her head and held her against me and my head fell forwards, her scent filling my nostrils, adding to the sensory overload I was experiencing, especially when her teeth scraped along the coarse flesh, stretching and then releasing before being replaced once again by the exquisite suction of her lips, drawing me once again into her mouth and not stopping until part of my breast disappeared.
Mere words cannot describe how I was feeling, increased attention to my other breast caused my mind to scream out with absolute joy. Her fingers began to massage the other and manipulated the tissue, gently squeezing and and stroking, pinching my nipple between finger and thumb as I cried out silently in blissful agony and then... then she began to kiss me again, gentle little kisses, like the touch of a fairy's gossamer wings, fluttering and brushing my oh so sensitive body. Lower she went, reaching my navel, her hot tongue tracing a circle and dipping into the hollow causing a million butterflies to be released inside me and my muscles twitched involuntarily.
Finally, her tongue found the waistband of my knickers and tarried there for just a moment, following the line of elastic.
I could hardly take much more. My knees were straining to hold me, my whole body was vibrating like the string of an archers bow, crying out for release and then I felt her slender fingers dip inside the shiny fabric and begin, slowly, to draw it down, over my hips, my bottom, until, after what seem an agonising age, revealed me. I was so hot now, soaking, convinced that my short, dark curls were surely be-dewed.
I was far too aroused now, to think any more and all thoughts of covering myself were lost, as, for the first time, I felt her warm breath between my legs.
“Ohhh...” I almost lost control as her lips brushed against my straining clitoris and her tongue began to move between my soft petals, parting them.
I was so close now, trying so hard to hold back my orgasm, to let her enjoy me as I was enjoying her but, when her hand snaked beneath me, cupping me from the rear, her finger in the crease between my buttocks as she pulled me closer to her, I exploded!
“Aaahhh...” the sound burst from deep within me as her tongue slipped into my soaking, burning entrance and my legs finally succumbed and buckled slowly, parting and opening me to her attentions..
Wave, upon wave, upon wave of exquisite sensations flowed through me, muscles tightened and contracted. My knees buckled and gave way, hitting the carpet either side of her head as she followed me down, falling backwards with me, never once releasing her grip on my bottom nor slowing the ministrations of her lips and tongue, almost as if she was drinking from me, slurping and licking until, finally I fell sideways away from her, shaking, twitching, crying.
I curled up on the floor, tears flowing freely as I brought my knees up to my chin.
Immediately, she was beside me, arms around me.
“Karen!” she exclaimed, “Whatever is the matter?”
I turned over and threw my arms around her and kissed her with a passion so intense it took her completely by surprise.
After a moment I allowed her to break free.
“Wow!” she said, gasping for breath.
“You are wonderful, Jemima,” I told her, “Simply wonderful!”
“I suppose I must had done something right, then,” she laughed.
“Something right? You have done everything right!” I answered, beginning to giggle myself. I couldn't help it, I was so happy now. Whatever the future would hold, this moment would remain with me forever.
I threw my arms around her and pressed my lips, once again, against hers, pushing her back onto the carpet, my tongue entering her mouth, exploring, dancing with her own in a frantic tango of pure love.
After several minutes she pushed me back again.
“Don't you think the bed might be more comfortable?” she asked breathlessly.
I paused for a moment. The bed. My mum's bed...
She must have guessed what I was thinking.
“Oh, erm, of course, if you prefer not to, erm...” 
I smiled at her, my mind freed. “No,” I said. “It is fine. I think my mum would be happy for me, for us.”
I stood up and took her hands, guiding her to her feet as she replied with a happy smile, “Yes, Karen. I think she would.”
Jemima's underwear was exquisite. Her white, mainly lace corselet fastened at the front with a row of hooks and eyes from top to bottom and I began to release each one from the top.
It didn't feel at all odd, as I wondered if it might. I had only ever unfastened shirt and trouser buttons before and this excited me beyond reason. As I released each one, I kissed the flesh beneath as it became free.
I was still trembling, both from my recent, intense orgasm and with sheer nerves. My hands shook and my fingers fumbled with the fastenings but each one released and, gradually, I worked my way down her chest, unhook, kiss, unhook, kiss until I reached the soft flesh of her belly and her navel.
I stayed a moment, exploring the indentation. I kissed it, circled it with my lips, touched my tongue into it, just as she had done for me but now it was her hands which were upon my head and her throat which was emitting a low sound and she who was breathing harshly!
Already, I was as excited as she was. The moisture building inside me once more and the sensation of her soft, warm, scented flesh beneath my tongue, the almost invisible fine hairs, so soft like down, under my lips made the most wonderful, sensual experience I had ever had.
As I toyed, my fingers continued with the final hooks until, at last, the pretty lace fell apart to reveal her full, round breasts. Her nipples too, straining outwards for attention.
I did not keep them waiting but returned back along the path my tongue and lips had traced and then, taking one breast in the palm of my hand, I pressed my lips to the other and, for the very first time, took her erect teat between my lips and drew it into my mouth.
I didn't worry anymore about what to do, everything felt so natural that I stopped trembling and began to relax and enjoy the moment.
Whilst I suckled and massaged her, she had quickly released the fasteners holding up her stockings and I slipped the corselet from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind her, never once relaxing the attention I was paying to her breasts.
Having never touched anyone's breasts but my own, I marvelled at how her nipple strained against my palm whilst the other quivered between my lips.
I could sense, more than feel, her pleasure. Her warm flesh moulded under my touch, Her chest rose and fell as her breaths became ragged and coarse and I could feel the pounding of her heart.
Suddenly, I stopped and straightened up, placing the palm of my hand directly over her heart and, for a moment I stood, feeling each firm beat. Was it my imagination or was her heartbeat getting faster and stronger?
I gazed directly into her eyes and she remained silent, staring back at me and in those deep brown windows I could see the love she had for me.
Gently, I increased the pressure between her breasts. She didn't resist but allowed me to push backwards onto the bed behind her.
The springs creaked a little under he sudden weight and I stood, legs either side of hers as she lay across my mother's bed wearing nothing but her silk pants and stockings, the latter having been released, had fallen slightly, creasing a little around her perfectly smooth thighs.
She waited patiently as I studied her.
Breasts with painfully erect nipples, still firm and beautiful, her beautiful tanned face with those big almond eyes looking longingly back at me.
She smiled happily up at me and I stirred from my reverie.
I knelt between her knees and tantalizingly slowly, pulled the rich silk away from her. She raised her hips to aid me and I slid them easily over her perfect buttocks and down her legs, kissing each ankle as she lifted her feet to allow me to remove them completely.
Once freed I returned my attention to her sweet vagina. It was, as I remembered from before the crash, completely hairless and was like the prettiest flower I could imagine, her straining clitoris just barely visible above her perfectly formed labia. I was awestruck. I had seen my own many times but this was different entirely, this was someone else and, for a moment I compared her to all the men I had ever slept with and knew that no man could ever be as beautiful nor ever make my heart race in the way it did at that idyllic moment.
As I watched I noticed the tiniest bead of moisture appear and I bent forwards and took it from her with the tip of my tongue. She gasped and shuddered gently, tensing slightly as I drew it into my mouth.
It had a taste I could compare with nothing I had ever known. Vaguely metallic and so very slightly salty but with a taste and texture that was beyond compare.
I touched her with my finger tip, parting those sweet petals and, running it carefully down her groove, parting them to reveal her perfectly pink opening, shining with moisture.
Holding her open I leaned forwards and once again kissed her entrance, the creamy liquid coating my lips.
Once again, she gasped with pleasure and began to moan quietly. Her hips shifting slightly, tilting upwards against my curious tongue.
I pressed against her, tasting her nectar and her hot scent of desire filled my nostrils, intoxicating me, taking me to a place I had never been and never wanted to leave.
As my tongue lapped loving around her pretty rose, my thumb stroked upwards and over her clitoris, teasing it and caressing it, causing it to expand even further from its soft sheath.
Jemima's breaths were quickening, panting and rasping. She began making little noises, mewing like a small kitten calling for its mother. Even her hands were active now, arms stiff against the blankets and fingers digging into the warm coverlet, gripping then releasing.
“Oh Lord, Karen...” she whispered, her voice hissing through dry lips, “I never... I never...”
She didn't finish the sentence, gasping again and groaning under the gentle movements of my tongue and thumb, both stroking her tenderly as though she might break.
I allowed my tongue to explore, cautiously pressing into her hot opening which, now, had widened as though a portal to welcome me into her deepest secret.
I extended it carefully, pushing through and inside, tasting the increasing moisture coating my tongue and lips.
I kissed her there, as I would kiss her mouth, with all the love I had, flowing through my tongue and deep into her.
I sucked and probed, stroking upwards and rotating her now incredibly sensitive nub.
Suddenly, her hand grabbed my hair, pushing my head down and, at the same time, her hips rose, forcing my lips to press harder against her and my tongue to delve even deeper and she gripped me, crying out and flooding my mouth and chin with her sticky, sweet outpouring, her back arching and raising slightly.
For a moment she remained rigid, her muscles contracted as tight as a board. From the sound she was making I could tell her teeth were clamped tightly until, with a loud rasping cry of expelled breath, she sank back onto the covers and lay still.
I kissed her upon her mound and softly stroked her flesh with my finger tips and then moved slowly up and took her in my arms, holding her tightly as though restraining her, protecting her from goodness knows what.
Neither of us spoke. Jemima curled up into a ball and I moulded my body around her back, fitting into her as though we were a pair, made to fit exactly together, my knees pressed tightly behind hers, her buttocks neatly against my hips and my breasts pressed against her back.
After a moment, I felt her begin to twitch, just tiny movements but I could tell, she was crying.
“Jemima?” I whispered.
“Oh, I'm sorry. I am all right. Just a little overwhelmed,” she replied.
I pressed my face into her neck and kissed her.
“Do you know?” she sniffed, “I just realised.”
“What?” I asked, nuzzling her neck.
“That was my first time.”
“Well, it was mine too and I did suspect as much,” I said, kissing her again.
“Not with a woman,” she continued, “I mean, ever.”
I stopped mid kiss and frowned.
“You never had sex?” I exclaimed, incredulous, “Ever?”
Jemima broke from our coupled position and turned to face me, her nose almost touching mine, her tear stained face looking so vulnerable.
She smiled, the moisture in her eyes caused them to twinkle under the movement and those pretty little creases appeared at the edges.
“Yes, I have had sex before, silly,” she said, touching her nose to mine the gentlest touch tickling the tip and making me shudder, my nose wrinkling.
I frowned, not quite understanding what she meant.
“I mean...” she went on, “I have never, ever made love before. I didn't know it but now I do.”
“Jemima, I... I don't know what to say.”
“Then don't say anything, Karen,” she whispered, “I love you with all my heart, like I have never loved anyone in my life.”
“I think... think that...” I tripped over my words.
“Shhhh!” she whispered, “You don't have to say it, Karen. I can see it in your eyes and feel it in your touch.”
“No, Jemima, I do.” I looked into her eyes, darting back and forth.“I want to. I also feel it. With every look, every touch. I know that I love you too, in a way I have never felt for anyone else.”
She smiled, silent, another tear rolling from her eye and down her temple, disappearing into her hair.
“At this moment,” I told her, “I am happier than at any time I can remember in my whole life.”
She gave a little grunt of satisfaction.
“Me too,” she replied.
We lay quietly for a time, each of us deep in our own thoughts until Jemima broke the silence.
“I think, my love, that we should get some sleep. Look at the time!”
I looked at the little gold watch on her wrist.
“It's one o'clock!” I exclaimed. “Where did the time go?”
“Your car will be here in nine hours so let's just sleep as we are. We can clean up in the morning,” she said quickly and then added, “If that is all right with you?”
I nodded, blinking slowly.
“I told you, I am not used to sharing but you can do as you please without asking me first. All right?”
She laughed gently.
“Thank you,” she said. “I will never, ever let you down.”
“I know,” I replied. “If I thought you would, you would not be here now.”
Once again, Jemima turned her back to me and I curled up against her only this time, I pulled the blankets over us.
We lay that way for a while, contented, until a joyful and long awaited, deep sleep overwhelmed me.
When I next opened my eyes, it was still dark but the room was lit by a dim glow from the street lamp outside the window. I realised that we had not drawn the curtains!
My eyes adjusted immediately to the low level of light and I became aware of a figure standing at the foot of the bed. .
To be continued...
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