Long Distance Love
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The one hour flight to Coos Bay was uneventful. I really didn’t start getting nervous until it landed. I knew Hunter would be there to pick me up but the butterflies in my stomach had a will of their own and kept churning my fears of failure.
I’ve known Hunter for only a short time after meeting him online, but I couldn't shake the wondering and doubt that this could become another of those dismal failures or disappointments that look good on paper, but fail the reality test of a face to face meeting.
During the past two years since my divorce, my close friends have tried setting me up with ‘the perfect guy.’ They meant well, but they never seemed to meet my expectations. I knew what I wanted and Hunter sure felt right.
I grabbed my carry-on and made my way out of the plane to the baggage claim area; my nerves continued causing me to second guess my decision. Hunter was an extremely well mannered, confident and educated man.
The terminal of people waiting for my flight to arrive was extremely crowded. Making my way downstairs, through the sea of people, our eyes locked onto each other’s and all my apprehensions suddenly disappeared. It was him, no surprises or disappointment, it was Hunter, the man I met just a few weeks ago.
We walked to each other and he handed me a single rose. Staring, and searching each other's face, our lips finally met for our first kiss and in his arms I felt like I had somehow finally arrived home.
Hunter is a tall, handsome man with broad shoulders, green eyes and a very genuine smile. He is very charismatic and immediately I felt at ease. We held hands, and decided to get a bite to eat before leaving the airport; my hand felt child-like in his.

Dani and I met through our love of writing. We spent what seemed like a lifetime chatting and on the phone, so we decided to meet.
The trip to the airport was long, tedious and filled with expectations. I arrived early, parked the car and went to the baggage claim. I watched as the plane dropped and smoke appeared from the tires on the runway.
Naturally I knew what it was but still it left a sudden little fear that something could go wrong.
Finally, she came down the steps and we both froze. Standing there was the woman I knew would be the one. She was dressed in her modest skirt and heels with a smile so blinding it sent chills up my spine. This was a lady whose beauty was obvious, both inside and out.
We kissed lightly, gathered her bags and decided to eat before the long drive back home.
I felt like we both knew, it was love at first sight.

On the ride home we shared stories about our lives. He told me about his wife, who seemed like a wonderful woman. Probably someone I could have been friends with. He cared for her throughout her illness and that told me a lot about him. I told him about my failure of a marriage and he was very sympathetic. Now, with that all out of the way, the conversation just flowed so naturally, like we knew each other for years. Could this be love at first sight?

On the way home I thought she would talk my head off. The ride was filled with contentment and happiness. Dani was like I imagined and one hell of a woman. She was full of joy, smiles, and love. She was gentle and secure with herself.

When we arrived at his home in the mountains, I was just in awe. The home had floor to ceiling windows that gave you a panoramic view. I was so taken by the moment that I turned to Hunter and kissed him. We collapsed to the couch.

We finally arrived at my home in the mountains. She walked in, stood there looking and suddenly turned as our lips locked and we both melted into the couch.
He got up and quickly showed me to my room. I smiled at him as politely as I could. I figured at the age of 52 things were different. After talking for hours on the phone with Hunter, I knew what to expect. I was sure as hell spending my time with him in his bed.
I carried my bag to his room and he caught on pretty quickly what was on my mind. I jumped into his arms; he spun me around and danced with me. He gently placed me on his bed and started undressing. Without taking my eyes off him I stripped and we made beautiful and passionate love. I finally knew what love was.

I showed her to her room and she turned and looked at me with a smile that told me she had other plans. Without words or excuses, she picked up her night bag and went to my room saying, “I like this room better."
Suddenly a wave was drowning us in passion and desire like I haven’t felt in years
She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. We kissed and danced around the room until I gently laid Dani back on my bed.
She just watched me as I undressed and I knew I had met my match.
It was pure love, passion and lust that guided us now. There was no control or way to stop this tsunami we both created.
Our bodies and nature took over as she claimed her release of our lust and passion… passion of pure love just flowed.
We were now drowning in this sea of love.
It was done; our love was now consummated. We both drifted into our much-needed and deserved long night of sleep.
Damn, I laughed and smiled. “She snores.”
I knew I was in love.
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