Her Beautiful Breasts
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The mirror told her she had beautiful breasts, however she didn't need a mirror to tell her that. Both men and women loved to tease them with tongues and fingers; to lick all over her breast, to wrap soft lips around her nipple and suck, lightly then fiercely, flicking the tip of a tongue or the edge of teeth across the surface, nibbling gently or biting roughly sending shivers of delightful pain through her. Some chose only to caress them but she enjoyed that too.
She watched herself in the mirror as each hand cupped a perfectly curved, full and pert breast, lifting as if proffering them. Soft, smooth and silky breasts. Creamy white skin with the illusion of a light morning mist had settled over hers. They weren't overly large but looked to her to be in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. She was once told that "anything over a handful was trouble." She was definitely that.
Her areola were the perfect size. Approximately one inch diameter. They looked perfect to her which is all that mattered. She took each nipple between a finger and thumb and lightly twisted, bringing them to attention. Flicking her fingernail lightly over the surface of each nipple sent tingles from her breasts to her mound. This part of her body was extremely sensitive. She had cum many times from breast play alone.
She licked the top of both index fingers and rubbed them back and forth slowly across each teased nipple. A hard pinch of each brought her dark cream coloured nips to full attention. They were almost ready.
Pouring some Lavender scented massage oil on her palms, she again cupped each breast, this time letting them fall against her palms, coating her nipples with a thin layer of oil. She watched them bounce as her oily hands roamed, lifting, squeezing them together, massaging them. She loved the sensations so much she could do it all day and not get tired of it.
Picking up the oil bottle again, she drizzled a small amount onto her navel. She watched as it slowly dripped downwards to her clitoris.
The mirror was tilted to enable him to watch from the other room. He liked to watch. She liked to be watched.
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