A trucker has some wicked fun.
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For the last ten years, I’ve been a long haul trucker. I’ve always enjoyed my job, because I’m by myself and I don’t have any bosses breathing down my neck. The hardest part is being away from my wife. Sometimes, I can be gone up to a month. The money is really good and I get bonuses, if I get my load delivered on time.
My wife gets very lonely and misses me. I have bought my wife lots of sex toys to play with when I’m gone. I even spent a small fortune and bought her a Sybian riding machine. There’s no reason why she can’t have orgasms without me. We usually will have Skype dates, when I stay at a motel and she’ll play with all her toys and come for me. It keeps us together sexually, when I’m gone. Recently, she has taken a female lover name Sasha.
Darla, my wife is a real looker. She’s forty and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5’7” tall with 38D breasts and a nice ass. She takes aerobic classes and has a tight body. She keeps her pussy shaved for me. I love a nice smooth pussy. She's the love of my life. We’ve been married for the last ten years.
We try to have our Skype dates at least twice a week. My wife will fix herself all pretty and will wear a sheer tan teddy. She’ll turn her computer on and we’ll say "hello" and then she gets started.
She starts with a sexy dance in front of the camera. She moves her hips and gyrates her sexy ass. She holds and cups her breasts in her teddy. She teases me and takes her teddy off slowly. She has huge breasts and will hold her breast right up to her mouth. She sucks on her own nipple. She does it to each breast. It’s hot as fuck to watch. I'm hard as a rock when she sucks on her tits.
While we’re on our date, I sit in front of the computer naked. I hold my cock in my hand and jerk off while my sexy wife dances and masturbates for me. I get off a handful of times during our dates.
Darla puts her long leg on top of the couch. She holds on to the couch with her one hand and grabs her vibrator. She licks the head and slides it into her bald cunt. She fucks herself hard with the toy. My wife moans and groans while she plays with her cunt. She screams and has an intense orgasm.
She takes the vibrator out of her pussy and then licks the cream off of it. She slowly brings the vibrator into her throat. I watch her and blow my load into my palm. It’s always very arousing to watch my wife fuck herself and orgasm. We do a little chit chatting after she comes and then we go to bed.
We’ve been doing this for the last year. We both get really excited to have our Skype dates. It really keeps us connected sexually in some kind of a way. She also makes me videos of her masturbating and emails them to me. We both do a lot of sexting when I'm on the road.
Darla informed me that on our next Skype date, she and Sasha will be making love. I'm the lucky bastard who will get to watch. I'm pretty excited to see them together. My wife has always had a female lover. I encourage her to have brief affairs while I'm away.
I’ve been driving for the last ten hours and have finally pulled into a motel. I get out of the truck and walk towards the office. Just as I’m about to walk in, I see the hotel girl sitting at the desk with her legs spread fucking herself with a vibrator. I couldn’t believe my luck to find this little whore fucking her cunt. Now, I have on occasion cheated on my wife. We don’t talk about my affairs, but she’s not stupid and knows I have them.
I walked into the office.
“I’m so sorry, Mister. I can’t believe you just saw me masturbating. I haven’t had a customer in hours and I got bored.”
“It was the hottest fucking thing, I’ve seen in a while. I bet your pussy would like a nice stiff cock up there?”
The girl was very embarrassed as she pulled her white panties up and fixed her skirt. Her nipples were hard and poking through her tube top. I could feel my cock getting hard in my jeans. She was a very sexy and cute teenage girl.
“I’m so sorry. I feel like such a slut.”
There’s nothing wrong with being a slut. In fact, you probably just love sex. Nothing wrong with that darling. I’m pretty good at oral sex. I bet, I could make you come really good if you like?”
“You won’t think I’m a slut, if I do that? I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a while. He recently joined the army. I’ve just been so horny lately and can’t keep my fingers out of my cunt.”
“There’s nothing wrong with that. Do you have a back room? I could lick your pussy and we could fuck if you want too?”
“Actually, the hotel is now booked. I can lock up and we could go to your room. We could have fun for a little while.”
“Darling, that sounds wonderful.”
“My name is Angel.”
“Nice to meet you Angel. I’m Gary.”
Angel grabbed the key and she locked up the office. We walked to the room that she had rented me. She opened the door and we both walked in.
Angel was a pretty girl. She was young, probably around eighteen. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She had small perky tits and was thin.
“I just feel so slutty.”
“Come over here.”
Angel walked up to me and we shared a passionate kiss. I shoved my tongue deep down her throat. I hadn’t had sex in a while and was hungry for it. Angel had on a red tube top which I helped take off of her. Her breasts were small, but perky. I unzipped her skirt and she got out of it.
This was like winning the lottery. These kinds of things don't happen too often. So when they do happen, you have to go for it. I'm fifty years old. I have salt and pepper short hair and blue eyes. I'm 6'2" and work out and have a nice body. I also have a seven inch cock when I'm hard.
“Get yourself comfortable on the bed."
Angel then got on the bed and I stood before her and took off all my clothes. I was already sporting a really nice hard on. I got between her legs and sniffed at her girly panties. Her pussy smelled divine in the material. I licked her panties up and down and sucked on her pussy bump. Her panties were wet from her earlier playing. I could taste her sweetness.
I pulled her panties down her legs and kissed the center of her pussy. She was moaning on the bed. I moved my tongue up and down her sweet cunt. I sucked on her flimsy lips and found her clitoris. I sucked on her clitoris which was now hard and sticking out. She was moaning while I teased her.
“Could you finger me?"
I then slid my finger into her pussy and finger fucked her. Her juices were pouring out of her pussy. She was thrashing on the bed while I played with her swollen lips. She was enjoying my finger, I then pushed more of my fingers inside of her. She was pulling at her perky breasts.
"Mister, can you fist me? I really get excited with that."
I pushed my fist into Angel's wet cunt and fucked her hard with my fist. I couldn't believe she liked getting fisted. I was enjoying having my fist deep inside of her. I was pushing it in and out of her cunt.
“Fuck. Please will you tongue fuck me?”
I then pulled my fist out of her pussy and pushed my tongue right up her sweet cunt. The girl wrapped her legs around my neck and was grinding her cunt up against my face. I was licking and slurping on her juices. She was rubbing her clitoris while I enjoyed her sweet nectar.
“Will you please fuck me?”
I didn’t need another invitation. I got on top of her and slid my cock up inside of her cunt. Her pussy was really tight and very wet while I moved in and out of her cunt. Her perky breasts were up against my chest. I gave her a deep and passionate kiss while she held her legs high at my side.
“Jesus, your cock feels so good. Oh God!”
I liked hearing her talk while I fucked her good and hard. I could have fucked her all night, however, I needed to turn my computer on and have my Skype date. I pushed in and out of her pussy. I was groping at her perky breasts.
“I need to come. Where do you want it?”
“Just come on my tits.”
I pulled out of her sweet cunt and blew my load all over her breasts. My hot sticky come was all over her. Angel rubbed the come all over her breasts. She looked so hot when she did that.
“That was really hot!"
“You’re a very sexy girl. My wife and I have computer dates. I need to get on the computer now and watch her and her lesbian friend have sex. I would really love it, if you went on the floor and sucked my cock while I watch my wife and her friend make love. Once, they're done, we could have some more fun.”
“That does sound very kinky. Sure. I could do that.”
“I’m going to set my lap top over there and you can sit under the desk and suck me off.”
I got my laptop out of my bag and set it up on the desk. Angel got under the desk and got to work on my creamed cock. I turned on my computer and my wife was waiting to start.
“You’re late. I’ve been waiting for like thirty minutes.”
“Sorry. I ate dinner and couldn’t find a motel on the interstate. I’m all ready darling.”
“Sasha is here tonight."
“Why don't you ladies start. I'm already hard for you both."
My wife was standing in front of the monitor with Sasha. They were both wearing sheer teddies and dancing together in front of the computer. Angel was sucking my dick nice and slow. My cock felt incredible in her mouth. I was playing with her hair while she gave me head. This was probably the most fucked up thing I ever had done. My wife would be mortified to know that I had a little honey sucking on my dick. I really didn’t care, because she was going to have Sasha licking her pussy soon.
“You ladies are so hot. Fuck! Undress each other.”
Both ladies removed their teddies and shared a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouth.
“How am I doing?" 
Angel worked her mouth up and down my shaft. She was sucking on both my balls and taking as much of my seven inch cock down her throat. I was really turned on, but wanted to fuck her again. I kept watching my wife and Sasha, but really wanted to get my cock back up inside of Angel.
My wife put her leg over the couch and Sasha grabbed her toy and slipped it into her pussy. She fucked my wife with her toy. My wife was moaning and groaning. Her juices were dripping down her legs while Sasha fucked her. Sasha removed the toy and knelt under my wife. She licked and sucked on my wife’s pussy while Darla stood their playing with her breasts.
“Babe, I have to pee. I’ll be right back. Carry on girls.”
I turned off the computer monitor and pulled Angel out from under the desk. I threw her on the bed and slid my cock back into her tight cunt. I fucked her hard and fast. We were kissing deep and passionately.
I pushed hard into the young teenager. Her legs were at her sides. I was giving her the fucking of a lifetime.
“I want you to ride me. I want to see how you fuck.”
I got on my back and Angel climbed on top of me. She eased down on my cock and moved her young hips up and down over my hard cock. I sat up and played with her firm breasts. We were kissing deep and passionately. I knew I had to get back to my wife, but her pussy felt so nice on my cock.
“You’re cock feel so good. I’m going to come."
I started to buck up hard inside of Angel’s pussy.
“I’m coming. Fuck!”
Angel had an orgasm on my cock. Her pussy juices soaked my cock and balls. I needed to blow my load. I had to get back to Sasha and my wife. This was completely fucked up that I was doing this.
“I have to come. Where do you want it?”
“Lets go back to the desk and you can come in my throat.”
Angel then got under the desk and put my cock back into her throat. I turned on the monitor and my wife and Sasha were now on the bed scissoring. My wife was on the bottom and Sasha was rubbing her pussy up against my wife’s pussy.
“Darla, this is hot as shit. I’m going to come. Holy hell.”
I pumped Angel’s mouth with a pile of cream while I watched my wife and her friend scissoring on our bed. Angel drank my come down her throat.
Sasha was holding my wife’s legs while she moved her pussy all over my wife’s cunt. They were both moaning and groaning. Then Sasha stood up and put on a strap on cock. My wife was on the bed and Sasha got on top of her and slid her cock into my wife’s pussy.
“I’ll be right back, ladies.”
I turned off the computer and grabbed Angel from under the desk. I threw her on the bed and dove into her pussy. I licked and sucked on her flimsy pussy lips and pushed my tongue right up inside of her pussy.
“Fucking hell. Shit!”
I was tongue fucking Angel faster and faster and then she came on my tongue. Angel was thrashing and moaning while she came on my face. Angel then came over to me and we shared passionate kisses.
“I really have to go. Thank you for an amazing time.”
“Thank you. You were amazing. I’ve got to get back to watching my wife and her lover." 
Angel got dressed and left my room. I went back and turned my computer on. Sasha was fucking my wife deeper and harder with her strap-on cock. They were kissing and loving each other.
“You ladies are hot as fuck. I’ve come about five times watching you guys.”
My wife was moaning and groaning while Sasha fucked her. I couldn’t believe all the wild sex I had just had with that sweet girl. My wife didn’t even know what I was doing while I watched her. It was a crazy night.
“Ladies, I’m exhausted. Thank you both for an amazing night. I’ve got to catch some sleep. I’ll call you tomorrow, Darla.”
“Sleep well babe," Darla said.
I turned off the computer and hopped into the shower.
“What a fucking night. Shit!”
I was absolutely exhausted from fucking Angel and watching my wife and her lesbian lover have sex. I stayed in the shower for a while. I got out and then went to bed. It was a night I would never forget.
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