Happy Birthday/Halloween, whore.
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Midnight, Halloween, 2015.
I clipped the studded, leather lead to my whore's collar and walked her out my apartment door.
She was dressed in a bed sheet, not a stitch of clothing underneath. Three holes were cut out of the sheet. Two for holes for her eyes, and a larger hole for her mouth. She wanted to go 'sex' trick or treating as a naughty ghost. I obliged her. Halloween is her favorite day of the year. It’s also her birthday. She turned twenty-one. I had something special in store for her.
“I want to be covered in cum from head to toe,” she had replied when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday.
The building I live in is a magnet for deviants and perverts. I am proud to call all of them all my friends.
My whore is insatiable. Nothing is off limits, or too dirty for her. She recently embraced, and decided to explore her pansexuality. She is young and beautiful. She is the perfect whore.
I had asked seven of my neighbors if they would be interested in using my whore on Hallow’s Eve, and giving her a dirty birthday present. They all eagerly agreed and promised they would prepare something special for her.
First stop, the Gay Transvestite Couple. Bill and Andrew live four doors down from me. They were one of the first gay couples to get married, when same sex marriages were recognized by the province. My whore ghost excitedly knocked on their door. Bill was dressed as the bride of Frankenstein; Andrew was dressed as Frankenstein's monster.
"Trick or Treat!" my whore excitedly exclaimed.
"What do we have here? A ghost?" Andrew asked while he stroked his thick, hard cock.
"A very naughty ghost!" my whore replied with a giggle.
Bill lifted his dress over his hips, bent over and spread his cheeks for Andrew's cock. Andrew slapped Bill's ass and asked my whore, "Does the naughty ghost like cum?"
My whore jumped up and down, clapped her hands and replied, "Yes! Yes, I love cum! Lots and lots of cum, please!"
"Well then. Get on your knees and suck Bill's cock, while I fuck his tight ass. We'll give the naughty little ghost two treats," Andrew winked at my whore.
"Yummy!" she replied and got on her knees to suck Bill's thick cock to full hardness, as Andrew began to fuck Bill's ass.
Bill moaned and gasped and his body intermittently jerked, as he was getting fucked and sucked at the same time. He came first. My whore kept his cum in her mouth and waited for Andrew to pull out of Bill's ass, and shoot his load into her open mouth. She swallowed the cum and thanked Bill and Andrew for the yummy treat.
Second stop, the strict Lesbian School Teacher. We took the elevator up one floor. My whore knocked on Alexa's door. She was dressed in an 1800's school teacher costume. She had an apple in one hand, and a wooden yard stick in her other hand.
"Trick or Treat!" my whore exclaimed.
Alexa grinned as she stared at my whore's erect nipples poking through the bed sheet. "I am a very strict teacher. Are you sure you want what I have for you?" Alexa purred and teased.
"Oh yes, please! The stricter the better! I am a very naughty ghost. Look at how wet my kitty is!" my whore quickly replied and lifted her costume to expose her slick, glistening pussy to Alexa.
"Unacceptable, young lady! Get in here!" Alexa scolded, grabbed my whore's arm and dragged her inside. "Bend over my desk!"
My whore giggled and bent over the old, wooden school desk in the middle of Alexa’s living room. Alexa lifted the bed sheet over my whore's hips and squeezed her tight, pale, firm ass.
"Where should I put my apple, while I spank your slutty ass with my yardstick?" Alexa teased as she slid two fingers in my whore's waiting pussy.
My whore moaned and wiggled her hips till she felt Alexa's knuckles penetrate her. Alexa worked four fingers and thumb into her. When she was satisfied that my whore's pussy was warmed up, she pushed the apple into my whore's slick slit. My whore gasped and quivered as the apple was forced inside her pussy. My cock twitched as I watched the apple being sucked into the tight, pink, dripping hole.
Alexa walked around the desk, lifted her frilly dress, and placed one foot on the desk. Her hairy pussy was directly in front of my whore’s mouth. The naughty ghost stuck her tongue out of the hole in bed sheet and lapped at the bush in front of her. Alexa moaned and brought the yardstick down across my whore's tight, pale ass cheeks. My whore yelped and squirmed after each blow, as she sucked on the strict school teacher's pussy and clit. Twenty strikes of the yardstick reddened my whore's ass till it glowed. When Alexa was close to cumming, she grabbed the hooded head and thrust her hips into my whore's face. A long, satisfying moan left Alexa's throat as she threw her head back, came and squirted into my whore's mouth.
"Thank you Miss Alexa," my whore giggled as we made our way out the door.
Third stop, the Naughty Bi-Sexual Nurse. Doris answered the knock on her door dressed in a white, rubber, slutty nurse outfit. It had a Red Cross, across her massive breasts. The tight, smooth latex hugged, and barely covered her tight, curvy body. Much to the delight of my whore, and my cock.
"Trick or Treat!" my whore excitedly greeted the slut nurse.
"Come in, my pretty little ghost. I hear there is something inside you that I have to remove," Doris grinned and winked at my whore.
"Yes, a mean teacher shoved an apple in my poor, little kitty," my whore sobbed and pouted.
"Does it hurt?" Doris asked with a pout of her own.
"No. Not at all. It does feel funny when I walk," my whore grinned.
The nurse led my whore to the obstetricians chair in the middle of her living room, and strapped her legs in tight.
Doris slapped her swollen clit and told her to be still and quiet. My whore moaned at the sting on her clit. "More please," she begged.
Doris grinned and slapped her clit harder, and purred, "You dirty, little, whore ghost."And shoved two fingers in my whore's ass.
She could feel the apple in my whore's pussy through her ass. She twirled her fingers and played with it. Pushing it towards the slick opening of my whore's pussy, till it spread her pussy lips open and was visible. Doris began to fuck the ghost whore's ass faster, as she clamped her mouth onto my whore's pussy. A few minutes of biting, licking, sucking, and fingering her tight ass, was all it took to make my whore cum. When her orgasm hit, her pussy clamped tight and the apple flew out of my whore's pussy. Doris caught it in midair, brought it to her mouth, and took a bite out of it.
"An apple a day..." Doris winked.
My whore thanked Doris, and we were off to the next door.  Fourth stop, the Transsexual Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde. Jack/Jackie lived three floors above me. He/she had a tuxedo painted on the left side of his/her hairless body, and a disfigured face and ragged clothes, on the right side of his/her body. The sight of tits and a massive, fully erect, ten inch cock, on the same body, made my whore moan.
"Trick and Treat!" she cooed as she glared at the perfect tits and huge, erect cock.
"Very well, come in my naughty little ghost," they smiled.
As soon as my whore was inside, she was grabbed and carried to the bedroom. Jack/Jackie tossed her on the bed and turned my whore on to her stomach. He/she tied my whore's ankles and wrists to the bedposts and lifted the bed sheet over my whore's back. They picked up a cat-o-nine-tails and dragged it across my whore's ass cheeks.
"Your ass cheeks are still red from the school teacher. Allow me to make your slender back and legs the same shade," they said in a menacing tone and brought the whip down across her back.
My whore winced and screamed. They struck again, across the middle of her shoulder blades. Welts appeared on her pale flesh.
"Yes, scream for me, you dirty, little, ghost slut!" they snarled and struck the back of her legs.
My whore strained against the leather restraints and moaned as the sting on her flesh turned to heat. Her pussy clamped down tight on itself. The heat in her belly was building and traveling slowly to her clit.
After twenty strikes, Jack/Jackie dropped the whip and straddled my whore. "You like my tits, don't you? Now that your back is red and hot, I'm going to rub my tits against it," they snarled in her ear, “and fuck the shit out of your slutty, ghost ass with my big cock!"
My whore moaned and nodded in anticipation of having her ass filled and pumped. She relaxed her ass to accommodate the thick, ten inch monster cock. Jack/Jackie aimed their cock at the tight puckered hole, and pushed hard, till he/she was balls deep inside the tight ass. My whore shivered and screamed as a burning pain invaded her insides.
Jack/Jackie moaned each time their cock bottomed out in my whore's tight ass. They began to pound in and out, harder and faster. My whore struggled and gasped out loud at each thrust. She could feel the massive cock reach up in her throat, each time it was thrust balls deep inside her. Jack/Jackie screamed out loud, and pumped her ass full of cum. They pulled out of her ass and replaced their cock with their mouth. They lapped and sucked their own cum out of the ass they had just fucked. My whore came again, as she thrust her ass hard against the invading mouth and tongue.
Fifth stop, the Lesbian Vampires. Two more floors up, lived Linda and Sandra. They were both business professionals in their early thirties. My whore knocked on their door.
"Double Trick or Double Treat!" she greeted them with a mischievous grin.
They were dressed identical. Both donned, Vampirella costumes, and they looked smoking hot. My whore moaned when she saw the two slender ladies so scantily dressed.
"Come in, naughty little ghost," Linda seductively cooed to my whore.
"We’re vampires. Do you know what vampires like to do?" Sandra coyly asked, as she locked my whore's ankles in a spreader bar.
"Suck?" my whore gasped.
"Yes. Suck and bite!" Sandra replied as she laid my whore onto her back and pulled the chain attached to the spreader bar, which was attached to a pulley in the ceiling. My whore was hung upside down, with her legs spread wide. Only her head was covered by the bed sheet that was held in place by the collar.
The two lesbian vampires raked their nails all across my whore's body. They were especially rough on the young, perky tits, and marked them with deep, red streaks. Linda stood in front of my whore and Sandra stood behind my whore. They raked their long, painted nails along the insides of her thighs. My whore moaned and twisted her dangling body.Linda and Sandra began to bite the milk white thighs, slowly working their way up and down my whore's body.
Linda placed her tongue on my whore's pussy and Sandra placed her tongue between my whore's ass. They licked slowly, till their mouths and tongues met. They moaned as they kissed and dug their nails in the suspended body. They shrieked as they bit into her pussy and asshole at the same time. They sucked hard on both holes. My whore screamed, quivered, and came again.
Linda and Sandra slithered onto their backs and scissored their legs. They began to grind their pussies together, and held my whore's mouth over their grinding flesh. My whore licked at whatever flesh her tongue could reach. Linda and Sandra came, screaming as their bodies shook.
"We have a special surprise for you, ghost whore," they grinned at the same time.
"I love surprises!" my whore exclaimed.
Linda and Sandra began to piss, aiming their pee holes at my whore's head. When they had relieved themselves, they set my whore free.
"Thank you! I loved my surprise!" my whore giggled.
Sixth stop, the Bi-Sexual Cuckold Couple. Gary and Alice lived four doors down from Linda and Sandra. My whore knocked on their door. The door was ajar, my whore knocking on it made it swing open.
“Trick or Treat!” she excitedly greeted them.
Alice was on her back, legs in the air, with a young, muscular stud in-between her legs. He was fucking her hard, punching the breath out of her with each thrust. Her husband was on his knees, with his face buried in the stud’s ass, licking and sucking on his ass and balls, as the bull pounded his wife’s pussy. The room was filled with a loud, wet, smacking sound of hips colliding. The stud growled, reached around and pushed Gary's mouth harder against his own ass, as he emptied his balls in Alice.
“Fuck!” Alice moaned as the stud pulled his cock out of her. “Both of you suck and lick my pussy clean!” Alice ordered her husband and my whore.
They quickly obeyed. They took turns at sucking and licking Alice’s pussy.
“Chew on my clit, you filthy little ghost!” Alice snarled.
Gary moved his mouth to his wife's ass and my whore immediately sunk her pearl white teeth into Alice's reddened and swollen clit. Alice gasped and pushed her pussy into my whore's face. She pinched her nipples and rolled them between her fingers.
"Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Just like that! Bite my clit you filthy, fucking, slutty ghost whore! Don't fucking stop! I'm going to cum!" Alice shrieked out, and a long, intense orgasm shot through her.
Gary and my whore lapped Alice’s pussy clean of the stud's, and her own cum.
"Thank you, Alice! Your pussy is a very special treat!" my whore giggled as we left.
Seventh stop, The Witches Cauldron.
We headed up to the penthouse apartment of my building. I made my whore take off her, cum, sweat and piss covered bed sheet in the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, the penthouse was pitch black. My whore tried to adjust her eyes to the dark. She jumped with a start, when the lights came on and everyone shouted out, “Happy Birthday, whore!”
My whore caught her breath and hugged me. “This is the best birthday ever! Thank you, Master!” she excitedly thanked me.
“We’re not done yet, whore. I have one more surprise for you,” I grinned down at her.
Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde scooped up my whore in their arms, and carried her to a cauldron in the middle of the room.
I followed them and asked, “What was your birthday wish, whore?”
“I want to be covered in cum from head to toe,” she quickly replied.
The cauldron was filled with warm water and flour. It had been stirred into a thick, warm mixture. Its consistency and temperature was as close to cum as possible. Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde place my whore into the cauldron filled with the pseudo-cum concoction.
“Ohhh fuck yes!” my whore exclaimed, “It feels just like cum! Thank you all for all the beautiful birthday presents!”
“We’re not done with you yet, whore. You get to eat your cake in the cauldron, after everyone cums on your piece. When you’ve had your fill of soaking in cum. We’re going to gang-bang you, pansexual style,” I winked at her.
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