A Fundraising Barbecue
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Do not be deceived by appearances. I am a fairly normal, petite brunette. In most situations I am shy and reserved. You will not see me drawing the attention of crowds to feed my ego. Quiet conversation and close friends are my comfort blankets.
There are times this part of me disappears and I almost forget who I am. Blame my husband for that. The only way I can describe it is that I have a foreign life within me. Two, actually. They reside in my tits.
Calvin was the reason behind them. For years he said I should do it. A few friends advised against, most were supportive. Doctors assured me they are only silicone, but I am convinced they have a mind of their own.
When we go to bars now my tits ask for drinks from strangers. They push in front of people like the old me, who have waited longer to order. They thrive on attention and draw men to me as I try to walk by discreetly.
They are attention whores, not me. Calvin finds it all amusing. At home he loves them, even calls them "the twins." I know what to expect by what Calvin wants me to wear. If it shows the twins he wants guys to stare at me. He loves it. Maybe it is actually Calvin who is the attention whore. He just diverts that desire to me, his wife. In public, he spends more time watching the other guys that look at me than looking at me himself.
Sometimes it really pisses me off that guys talk to my tits instead of me. There are times I like to get revenge in a provocative way. When a guy is completely focused on my tits I sometimes mime something as a test like, “If you can read my lips you can fuck my tits.” It may seem shallow, but I feel a small victory for doing it without them noticing. If a guy did catch it, I’m not sure what I would do aside from all the blood in my body instantly rushing to my face.
My best friend, Lisa, has always been supportive. She said I had to go to a double-D to match her size. Hers are natural though, and she says she wished hers were as perky as mine. The silicone holds its shape pretty well and I enjoy being able to wear revealing clothes without a bra. Lisa encourages this behavior and joins me.
This weekend our husbands entered a local half marathon to raise money for charity. After the race there was a party at Lisa and Tim’s. It was a perfect day with a clear sky and warm sun. Along with a couple other friends, we got everything ready at Lisa’s and got back to the finish in time to see our men cross the line.
The guys raised more than five hundred between them, largely thanks to the help of online donations. Lisa had a crazy idea that we could still raise more money and had an acrylic box with a padlock and a slot for people to put in money. I told her it would be rude to tell everyone to come for a barbecue and then charge them to eat it.
My best friend in the whole wide world sprang a surprise on me. She got everyone’s attention and pulled me over next to her. She raised her voice so everyone could hear. “Thanks for coming everyone. We all know a lot has changed this year.” She mentioned a few key things, people who were new, a few who moved away or got married, one divorce. She moved a few to tears and got a few laughs, not at the same time, luckily. Then she got to her new task. “I want to raise even more money and I have a proposal to make. My good friend Stacy here has no idea what I am about to say.”
I muttered softly to her, “What the hell are you doing?”
She only smiled as she continued. “Stacy underwent a major change herself. Don’t deny it, men, some of you have got yourselves in trouble for the way you stare at what Calvin likes to call The Twins.” There were laughs and cheers and a few raised eyebrows from a couple of wives. “So, I would like to put you out of your misery if at all possible and propose that if we collect another two hundred in this beautiful donation box then Stacy will go topless for the rest of the afternoon.”
There were more cheers. This was an entirely different matter. Lisa kept talking, this time appealing to the women to cut their men some slack for the sake of charity just for this afternoon. Seeing the look on my face she added, “And because I love my dear friend I will join her if we reach the target.”
“You’ll both go topless?” someone shouted over the noise.
“Me too!” Janet came to stand beside me. “This is a great idea. Why have we never done this before?” She lowered her voice, “I might be able to get Dave to donate more for a blowjob later instead of doing it for nothing.” Seeing the excitement on everyone’s face and having Lisa and Janet in the same boat there seemed no way out of it. Lisa would owe me big time for this.
It only took twenty minutes to reach the target. We should have asked for more. As promised, the three of us took off our tops while everyone watched and encouraged us. Impatient guys shouted for us to take off our bras before my shirt was off my head. The intensity of their gaze was intimidating. I made sure Lisa and Janet were still with me before I reached behind my back to unclasp my bra. Released, I put my hands over the cups and wiggled my shoulders to get the straps off. Janet’s husband objected right away saying I was delaying. I yanked away my bra in a swift movement to enthusiastic applause.
Being topless in a social setting was intoxicating. My body tingled just from seeing people checking out my body. Sure, they checked out Janet and Lisa, too, but there was a definite bias drawing eyes to my new fake boobs. Before I knew it I was playing up to it, turning quickly and walking with a little extra bounce in my step.
When I think about it, the guys were well behaved. Nobody grabbed me inappropriately. I was talking to Theresa who asked me what they were like. She has a similar shape to me before the twins and asked if she could feel them. Jeff was obviously turned on by watching his wife feel my tits. It was fine with me. She felt the shape of the implants and how big they are inside and even lifted them to test their weight. “I think Jeff is jealous,” she said.
“Sorry, Jeff, if I let one guy touch them everyone will want to grope me.” I moved on and thought nothing of it as the twins and I mingled with the rest of the group.
About an hour later I was cleaning a few glasses to help keep the kitchen in order when Theresa sidled over. “Hey,” her tone was subdued, secretive. “Jeff is really trying to convince me to get my boobs done. Is there any chance he could check them out? It doesn’t have to be today. Anytime would be fine.” She was backing out before I could even respond.
Lisa was just outside the kitchen, so I called her over. “Jeff wants Theresa to get a boob job. Should I let him play with them to see what he thinks?”
Lisa laughed at me. “I love that you asked for my permission. Given how things are going, I say we up the ante. Another twenty five for two minutes to fondle your tits.” She walked away and said, “I’ll announce it now.”
I nearly shit myself. The time it took to decide I should stop her was enough for her to leave the kitchen. Theresa grabbed my arm and begged me, "Please don't stop her."
"You sound desperate. Are you sure everything is okay?" I was getting worried.
Theresa admitted she was scared of having something inside her. "I want to be sure it will be worth it, for us." The last bit she added after catching my eye.
I tried to assure her that it will be worth it. All she has to do is embrace it. Another outburst followed Lisa's announcement. Men were already gravitating toward the collection box.
Men can be so juvenile. The next twenty minutes I had one guy after another fondling my tits. Gary tried desperately to do some kind of puppet act with my boobs as his characters. Stan is a pincher and kept trying to get my nipples erect. It depressed me slightly when he succeeded. I did not like feeling aroused and humiliated at the same time.
When Theresa put in money for Jeff's turn I asked them to go inside and sit down. Jeff sat on the couch and I lay across his lap. He made an exploratory tour of my chest, feeling and squeezing, but not uncomfortable or intending to arouse. Theresa watched with an apprehensive look.
A couple minutes had passed. Jeff clearly enjoyed touching me. "Jeff, would you like Theresa to have boobs like this?" He nodded with a smile. It might be the only time I could do it so I decided to give more than the agreed deal. I got up. Jeff's disappointment was short lived as I faced him and straddled his legs.
Sitting on his lap I pulled his face to my chest. I pushed my arms forward, squishing my breasts on the sides of his face. I felt him kiss me. I held him there a while and then leaned slowly to the left. He accepted my offer and took my nipple in his mouth. Jeff pressed himself into my breast and sucked my nipple hard. Soon he had me panting which I took as a sign it was time to stop.
"Yes, Theresa, you will definitely benefit from bigger tits." I smiled sheepishly. "Sorry if I went to far."
"You were great," she leaned forward putting a hand in Jeff's lap. "Look what you did to him." It was clear when Theresa pressed his pants down that Jeff was erect. "Do you think Lisa would mind us using her guest room?"
"I'll let her know." I left them to it and went back outside with a lingering arousal. All this sexual attention was growing on me. Being topless in a group where most are fully clothed is invigorating. My shorts started to feel cumbersome. More daring ideas popped up in my mind. It was too much to resist.
I pulled Lisa aside for a quiet word. “I keep having ideas about going a step further. What do you think? Am I just being crazy?”
Lisa gave me a funny look. She turned serious, “How much further?” The arched eyebrow normally accompanied something devious, but that was not what it meant this time.
“What is it?” I asked, worried.
She began slowly, making me impatient. “Well, I already turned down a more serious offer on your behalf.” I had to nag her to spit it out. “You know Ben from my office?” Of course I did. Ben is about ten years younger than me and not bad looking. He likes to flirt, which is always fun. “A while ago he asked me if a donation of a hundred would be enough to fuck your tits.”
“Oh!” It certainly was a step beyond. “I was thinking of just wearing a thong or maybe, just maybe naked, but sex? That’s another thing entirely.”
“Yeah, but he did have a great point. He asked why you got fake tits if not to fuck with them.” She grinned.
“We both know they are to get free perks all over the world. You don’t have to fuck to benefit from them.” We did not speak for a bit. Lisa was making more punch and I just stared into space. Something in me clicked. “It’s for charity, right?”
“Where can we do it? I don’t want everyone to know. Just me, you and Ben.”
I expected Lisa to call me crazy or tell me to go away and forget about it. “In the office. It’s the only room that locks.”
“Have you been planning this?” My voice was full of exaggerated offense.
“Yeah, probably at the same time you were stood there silently contemplating Ben’s cock sliding between your tits.”
She was completely right. “Bitch.”
We both laughed. “Come on,” she took me upstairs.
Their office has two desks, one with a computer which Lisa sometimes uses while Tim is working with his laptop at the other desk. We went in and Lisa locked the door. I was right beside her, slightly confused. “Why are you locking it?”
Lisa nodded toward Tim’s desk. There was Ben. “Oh, shit, Lisa. I thought we were just checking out the room.”
"You forget how well I know you, Stacy. You probably want a cock between your tits as much as Ben wants it to be his cock."
Lisa can be ruthless at times. A liar, she was not. "Fine. What's the plan since there is no bed."
"Stop pretending to be wholesome. Your favourite position should do just fine."
Rebuttals are not my strength. There was no point in arguing with her because I already had one knee on the floor before I thought of a retort. Then again, Lisa probably said it more for me than Ben anyway. The best part of being a slut, in my opinion, is when people have no idea how much of a slut I am and they think I am doing it just for them. Honestly, if Ben was really that keen I might have let him fuck my tits for nothing. Let him think I’m doing it for money and it makes me want him even more.
As if everything had gone according to plan I said, "Show me what you got." This had probably been Lisa's intention.
All that mattered now was that Ben dropped his pants and showed me a big beautiful cock. All he had to do was step closer. I wanted to get my hands on him. The way it hung was like it had its own personality, playing coy when I knew it lusted for my tits. Taking it in my hand I lifted it up and pulled Ben closer until it could rest on my chest.
A cock against my chest is a familiar sensation. Not needing to look at it I shifted my gaze up to Ben. Placing my hands on the sides of the twins I pushed my boobs together, wrapping Ben's cock with flesh and silicone. He was not hard yet, so I massaged it with my tits and it started to grow.
Ben was eager. Pelvic thrusts began slowly. Soon he was hard and he moved faster. Our flesh stuck together a bit, making me worry that it will leave me red and sore.
"You okay, Stace?"
"Fine." I answered. "Got any lube handy?"
"Oh, sorry, not in here. Want me to get some from my room?"
That would mean opening the door. A bit risky. "No thanks. I can sort it."
Looking down at my chest I watched that sexy man meat pushing between my tits all the way up and under my chin. I let go of my tits. The cock rested on me. I lifted it with my hand and took it in my mouth as far as I could.
"Geez, Stacy, you're only supposed to give him a titty fuck."
Yeah, well, I like cock. What can I say? “Sluts need to eat, too. And this looks better than any of the meat on the barbecue. No offence, Lisa.” I sucked him like I wanted him to cum right away. The truth is that was the last thing I wanted. I wanted Ben to hold out. He may want to fuck my tits but I want to suck his dick. And that's what I did.
Ben is nice and thick and a bit longer than I am used to sucking. It bothered me that I could not take his entire length easily. I told them both that I knew I could do it and just needed some time. Ben did not seem to mind. His cock hovered at the back of my mouth with a few moments of freedom between my attempts to go even deeper. Relaxing the far reaches of my tongue was difficult. A few times it made me gag. I persisted until I felt his balls on my chin. I held there, looking up at Ben and shot my fist up in a silent victory cheer. Ben could hardly believe my enthusiasm.
Drawing my head back, his slimy cock dragged down my chin. Hearing the combination of a thud with a saliva splat on my chest was music to my ears. I did better than holding my tits around his dick. I squashed them down hard. Ben responded with harder thrusts. “I want you to cum on my tits, Ben. Just don’t be in a hurry.” I winked at him.
My sick and twisted mind went on a tangent. As a woman in my thirties with no children I sometimes wonder what that bond is like. As I looked up at Ben’s young face I wondered if I was old enough to be his mother. If I had a son and Ben was his friend, what would my son think if he caught us doing this? There is nothing to be gained from that line of thought, so I turned it around. Who is Ben’s mother? Have I met her? It is worth considering what would happen if his mother caught us doing this. That would be exciting. What a way to meet someone. Would she be older than me? It would be better if she was younger than me. Seeing your son with an older woman must send your head spinning.
Lisa brought me back to the present. “Are you sure you want cum on your tits? The other guys might not be so keen to pay to fondle you like that.”
She had a point. Ben kept fucking my tits while we discussed the problem. “Okay, Ben, I want your cum on me and don't want to wash it off, so it looks like tits are not an option. What’s your preference?” For the first time, he looked very young, almost like a teenager unable to believe he's actually having sex. I threw out suggestions, “Face? Ass? Legs? Pussy?”
Lisa recommended not my face. “Damn, Lisa. Stop throwing out all my great ideas.”
“Okay, fine. I just think you should hide it, so why not take off your shorts and let him cum on your pussy. You can rub it all in and no one will know but us.”
It was a great idea, not because of having his cum on me and no one knowing. Part of me wanted it on my tits precisely so they would find out. What I liked about her idea was that it meant taking more clothes off in front of Ben. I wanted to show him my pussy. I wanted him to want my pussy.
“Timeout, stud,” I stood up when Ben stopped. I rushed to take off my shorts, letting them drop to the floor around my ankles. The way Ben was staring I realized I was missing out on a treat. I turned my back to Ben to show him my ass and slowly pulled my panties down. I took my time and bent over slowly for his enjoyment. He put a hand on my ass and part of me wanted to let him leave it there but we had a task to accomplish. I turned to face him again. Ben seemed distracted by the fact that my pussy was smooth. “So, ass or pussy, just let me know before you cum.”
I returned to my favorite position. Lisa did not make it up, I love being on my knees in front of a guy. Ben needed more lube or I just needed to give him some, so I took his cock in my mouth again. My lips hugged his shaft, my tongue slurped all over it and my hand gently rubbed his balls. Ben was back, as hard as a rock. I held his cock and smacked it on each of my tits several times before putting it back between them. “Fuck my tits!” It sounded a little on the desperate side. I hoped Ben either appreciated it or did not notice.
Taking him in my mouth when he popped up above my tits, Ben was soon grunting like he might cum. Lisa reminded him to let me know before he did. His voice was strained, “Nearly there.”
I love how guys cannot even talk normally while they fuck, like every part of their being is focused on their dick. Before I got up I gave him another quick suck and then left him to finish on his own. The desk was the perfect spot. My ass was right on the edge and I leaned back on my elbows. Lifting my legs up first, I let them open and did the best splits I could manage without any support.
It felt like an eternity. Truthfully, it might have been thirty seconds that Ben stood there with his dick in his hand. Still, I am not a gymnast and holding my legs out is not that easy, but I wanted to maintain the right image for Ben. He stepped closer, holding the head right over me. Shots fired across my pussy. My kind of modern art: cum spray on pussy. When Ben finished I started rubbing his cum into my skin, spreading it all around my pussy.
Ben rubbed his cock on my pussy. I smiled and winked when he met my eye. Perhaps he saw into me, or maybe he just had his own needs, but Ben stepped forward. He was still hard enough to penetrate. In one smooth stroke he buried his dick in my pussy. He felt great. His size was more impressive inside me than it had been visually. My moan was immediate and completely natural. My body was impressed.
Lisa was there in a flash, pushing Ben away with both hands on his chest. “You can’t do that.” To be honest, it saddened me to feel his cock slip out.
“Sorry,” Ben looked and sounded ashamed, “I thought you wanted it.” He put his clothes back on quickly and moved to the door.
“Wait!” I was still naked. Once more, I gave Ben a nice view as I bent over to pick my clothes up off the floor. As I pulled up my shorts I had to tell him, “Ben, I do want to fuck you.” His smile encouraged me, “We’ll find another time, if you still want to?”
“Hell, yeah!”
Nothing beats hearing a man’s enthusiasm to fuck you. As I watched his ass leave the room I could not stop my desire to get caught fucking Ben by his mother.
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