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Hotel chains work very hard to build brand loyalty with their customers. After reading about my hotel adventure you will understand why I am a very loyal and devoted customer for one particular hotel brand. I seek them out whenever I travel.
This experience happened about two years ago. I was traveling alone and I was staying at a large suburban hotel. Most of these hotels are multi story with all of the rooms surrounding an enclosed central atrium area. Most rooms have large picture windows that look out at the hallway and atrium.
I had been in the hotel hot tub until they closed at midnight and then went back to my room to shower before bed. I love hot tub time, especially naked hot tub time. This hotel allows only adults in the hot tub and pool between 11 PM and midnight. I had the hot tub to myself so I was able to get rid of my bathing suit for some very nice naked hot tub time. Anyway, I had enjoyed my hot tub and my shower and I had put my robe on.
I mixed a nightcap and walked over to the window and opened the curtains so there was a gap of about three feet. I could see the glass elevators going up and down although not often at this late hour.
The bar downstairs had just closed and as I watched I could see three women leave the bar and get on the elevator. The elevator started moving up and I wondered if they would be getting off on my floor. I was having fun thinking about where the elevator would stop and watched as it stopped on my floor.
The women were laughing and having fun and I realized that they were walking in the direction of my room. I didn't know if they would come to their room first before they reached my room but I began getting very turned on thinking they might be walking by my window with the curtains open.
I hadn't bothered to tie my robe after my shower so it was open and I was exposed. I had all of the lights on and I was standing by the desk with a very bright desk lamp turned on the brightest setting. My room was probably the only room with the lights on and certainly the only room with the curtains open. I felt sure that they would notice.
I picked up a newspaper and pretended to read. I didn't feel that I could get in any trouble if they happened to look in and see me because it was late at night and they were adults and they were looking into my room. And they were coming from the bar so I thought they were probably in a party mood. It was thrilling hearing them approach and they did walk past my window.
I could tell that someone had seen me standing there because I could hear some excited giggling. I could see them as they reached their room and I thought about how much fun that very brief encounter had been.
I was getting ready to go to bed when I looked out of the window a few minutes later and I saw the door to their room open. All three of them came out carrying their one empty ice bucket. It doesn't take three women to carry one ice bucket. It was exciting to think that maybe they had another reason that all three of them decided to go on this errand!
I realized that their route to the ice machine would take them past my window again and the thought was really getting me turned on. I picked up my newspaper and made sure my robe was open to give them the view they wanted as they walked past. As I pretended to read I could see them as they went by my window. They went by very slowly and they were all looking into my room. I couldn't believe that they were staring at me! And I knew that they would go past my window again on their way back to their room.
I guess my cock knew too that they would be looking in again because I began to get hard. I didn't want to stroke my cock and get a major erection but I was already hard enough for them to see and appreciate a horny guy with a big cock. I pretended to read again and was trembling with excitement.
This time the three women and their one ice bucket stopped outside my window and watched. I knew they were watching and they probably knew that I had seen them. I reached down and slowly rubbed my cock just enough to make my cock semi hard but not enough to give me a very hard erection. I didn't want to let them know that I knew they were there looking at me but they took care of that when one of them knocked on my window. I looked up to see them having fun watching a nearly naked man. I put my paper down and pretended to be surprised to see them and after that I closed my robe. They walked away giggling again and I knew it had been fun for all of us.
I was ready for bed and I took my robe off and picked up the newspaper. I was standing in the same place as I had been when they had seen me and I now began to actually read the sports page that I had been pretending to read. About ten minutes went by and I glanced up and saw their door open again. One of the women came out this time without the pretense of carrying an ice bucket.
She was walking toward my room and I didn't have a clue about what I should do. I was standing there naked and I knew that she was coming back because she wanted another look at me. Now my cock began to get a lot harder and I wasn't sure if my newspaper ploy would work again but I pretended to read.
When she got to my room she stopped in front of the window and stood there looking at me. I was frozen and my cock was beginning to get very hard. I still played the game and didn't let her know that I knew she was watching. I reached down and gently squeezed and slowly rubbed my cock. My cock was dripping precum and I rubbed it around the head of my cock. My cock was now very hard and shining with precum. I didn't want it to look like I was masturbating but it was a thrill to touch myself when I knew she was watching. I couldn't tell if she was touching herself but I hoped so.
After a couple of minutes I didn't know what to do so I put the paper down and went into the bathroom. I thought I should try to calm down a little so I didn't have such a major erection and make it very obvious that I knew she was there. My cock wouldn't cooperate and when I went back into the living room area she was still standing there and my cock was still loving the attention. I would have been patient too if I were her and was watching a woman put on a show for me!
When I went back into the living room area this time I looked directly at her and smiled. I was loving having her see me and my very hard cock. It was obvious that she was content watching me and just wanted some innocent sexual play. I felt a little awkward standing there naked in front of her with my erection. But she smiled back and I knew it was what she was hoping to see.
I took my cock in my hand and slowly began to stroke it. When I looked up at her again she was smiling. We made eye contact and she could tell I was wondering about going any further. She smiled again and nodded her head to show me that it is what she wanted to see. I couldn't believe that this was happening. She didn't want to come in, she just wanted to watch a guy masturbating.
There was a recliner type chair almost directly below the window where she was standing. I walked over toward her with my very hard cock leading the way and sat down so she had a perfect view. It was amazing when I looked up at her and saw that she had pulled her shirt up to show me her breasts. I couldn't see her other hand but I was hoping that she was rubbing herself.
This quickly pushed me over the edge. I was spreading my precum around the head of my cock and I was rubbing myself faster and faster. Finally when I was moments from cumming I pushed down on the base of my cock and I began to spurt my cum everywhere with her watching. I looked up and she was staring at my cock and my cum. Then her eyes closed for a moment and her head rolled back and I knew that she was cumming and that we had cum together. She looked back at me and I could see she was smiling and saying thanks. I thanked her too!
She walked off back to her room and I went to take another shower. I wonder if she told her other friends about what had just happened?
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