Hello College Part 2
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As Aidan kissed his way back up my body he made sure to stop and pay special attention to my neck. Slight breaths escaped from me as I continually felt pleasure from him. All I wanted to do was return the favor. I pulled his face to mine and as our tongues met, I began to spread my hands over his body. I could feel his tense muscles, not only on my fingertips but also on top of my body. I reached towards his member, slowly stroking his erect shaft. In order to fully take control, I decided to roll myself on top of him, straddling over his erection.
A pulsating urge washed over me, enticing me to ride Aidan right this moment, to feel him inside me. I had to push that thought out of my mind because I knew I had to return the favor first. Similar to what he had done, I began by slowly kissing his jawline, working my way up towards his earlobe. When I nibbled his earlobe, I heard a quiet moan escape from him, turning me on even more. Kissing down his neck, I made sure to grind myself against his shaft, feeling the full girth of his member. Tracing my hands over his body, I slowly lifted myself from his body, moving lower until I was faced with his package.
Pulling his boxers down, his seven inch erection sprung out. I eagerly reached for the shaft, running my hand up and down as I slowly placed the tip into my hot mouth. I swirled my tongue over the tip, tasting him and loving every second of it. Slowly, I began to work my way down his shaft with my mouth, unfortunately I could only fit six inches of him into my mouth but I made sure to pay attention to his balls to make up for it. I began by kissing and licking around his balls as I pumped his shaft, until finally I took them into my mouth lubricating them with my saliva. Aidan's grunts only provoked me to work harder at pleasing him.
When I went back to moving up and down his shaft with my mouth, I felt a tug on my hair. Aidan gathered my hair into a ponytail and tugged onto it whenever I had six inches of him inside me. Soon he began to move my head in a faster rhythm so I knew what to do. As I worked him over, his grunts turned into hard breaths and he told me he was about to cum. It surprised me that a large part of me couldn't wait to taste him, soon my wish, and my mouth was fulfilled. Feeling his hot cum in my mouth I swallowed as best as I could, though some leaked out of my mouth. Instead of wiping it back into my mouth, I chose to wipe the rest of him onto my breast, circling around my hard nipples.
Moving myself back up towards his face I could feel how wet I was. All I wanted was to feel him inside me. As we kissed, Aidan suddenly gripped my waist, pulling me off him and climbed on top of me. First he began kissing over my breasts again and with his fingers, he teased my clit. To my surprise, he then turned me over so that my back and ass were exposed to him. He ran his hands down my back, gently massaging me before stopping at the base of my back. He asked me to get on all fours as he climbed on top of me. I quickly obliged. Doggy style had always been a favorite position of mine but my ex, Alex, rarely changed it up when it came to sex. Something about being dominated by someone else, them having full control and access to all areas of my body turned me on.
On all fours, I could feel Aidan teasing me by rubbing himself against my entrance and slapping against my clit. I couldn't take it anymore, I needed him to fuck me right now.
Until Part 3....
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