A Very Naughty Workplace: Part 1
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I've been working for her about two months now. I'm her secretary, she's my boss. That's all our relationship should ever be, but sadly she's the only thing on my mind.
She's the first female I have ever found attractive. I mean come on, she's fucking gorgeous with her flowing dark hair. She has green eyes, but not just any green, it is a green that reminds you of the sea. I watch her luscious, full lips, every time she has spoke to me and I could only wonder how it would feel to press my lips against hers. Seeing her flawless skin and curvaceous body, it was as if her body was masterfully carved out of stone. Every aspect of her makes me swoon. Wow, I can't believe I just used the word swoon.
The only bad thing about her is the fact that's she's married. So yeah, I'm a twenty-two year old female who is extremely – and I mean extremely – fond of a married forty-six year old female.
I never would have considered myself an lesbian. I never had any feelings for another female until now. I had boyfriends all throughout high school. I lost my virginity to a boy. I just don't know what to think anymore. I don't know how to feel about any of my emotions at this point. I thought I was pass this stage in life, I guess not.
“Alexandra,” I looked up startled. She was looking at me with a confused look on her face. "Is there any particular reason that you are staring at me like that?”
I didn't reason that I was staring at her like a lost puppy. “Ummm… well it just that you look very beautiful today,” as soon as the words left my mouth I regretted them.
“Thank you very much Alexandra, I appreciate that,” she said in a very flirtatious tone. I could feel myself blushing.
“Alexandra, do you have any plans for tonight?” she asked me. Why would she ask me this question?
“Well I was going to just sit at home eating ice cream and watching Netflix like I normally do,” she laughed at my response. “Why you ask that?”
She smiled at me, her smile made me think extremely naughty thoughts. “Well me and my husband had reservation tonight, but sadly he can't make it. I don't want the reservation to go to waste.” My heart was pounding, I can't believe this is happening. “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, Alexandra?”
I couldn't believe what was happening. My boss just asked me on a date. Okay maybe it's not an date, but still she ask me out for dinner. “Of course, I'll love to have dinner with you Mrs. Grace.”
She smiled at me and said, “That's great, I'll be at your house around nine o'clock to pick you up.”
Once I got home the only thing I could think about was that night. What if I say something stupid. What if I do something idiotic. What if she secretly hates me. I know I'm getting overly worry about tonight, but you can't blame me.
After hours of contemplating what dress I should wear. I decided on a red strapless dress. I loved how the dress hugged my curves. Oh, the fact that I loved wearing red due to the fact I'm a redhead.
The only thoughts I was having was about Mrs.Grace, and most of them were naughty thoughts. The thought of me caressing her warm body. While she kissed and licked my neck sending shivers through my body. The thought of her full luscious lips kissing mine. Her warm tongue intertwine with mines. The thought of her spreading her legs as I begin to smell her sweet aroma. The thought of me slowly licking her wet pussy to the sound of her moans and groans.
I looked at the time and it was a quarter till nine. I got up and hurried to get dress. I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it. As I reached to open the door my heart was pounding. I was thinking of all the dumb things I shouldn't say.
I opened the door and there she was, gorgeous as ever. She was wearing a white dress that showed a great deal of cleavage. Her long black hair was in a ponytail.
“I'll take the way you're staring at me as a compliment,” she said very flirtatious, I think.
I just realised that I was gawking at her. “Ummm… yeah I'm sorry about that.”
“No need to apologize Alexandra,” she smiled at me as she said this.
“It just that you look very beautiful Mrs.Grace,” I said very nervously.
She smiled at me and said, “Why thank you Alexandra, but call me Thalia. You also look very alluring tonight.”
The way she looked at me when she said the word alluring instantly made my pussy soaking wet.
“Well we should get going shouldn't we,” she said leading the way to her car.
We went to an extremely fancy Italian restaurant to eat. It was the fanciest restaurant I have ever been to; and probably the fanciest restaurant I'll ever go to.
We was at the restaurant for about two hours. We talked a lot and learned much more about one another.
“So Alexandra how was your night?” she asked as we walked to her car.
“Fantastic!” I said with an jubilant yell.
She smiled at me and said “That's good, I'm glad you was able to have dinner with me. It has been a while since the last time I went out with someone.”
“How about your husband, y'all don't go out?”
“Not recently, I've been trying to go out with him more. Tonight was originally supposed to be me and him, but he cancelled on me once again.”
“Oh well that sucks.”
“Not really, if he didn't cancel tonight I wouldn't be here with you,” she explained smiling at me.
Her saying that single phase was the highlight of my day.
“You're blushing,” she said with a smile on her face.
I was just staring at her thinking of all the naughty thoughts that I had earlier. I starting staring at her lips. Her beautifully full lips. Her amazingly seductive lips.
I leaned forward and kissed her. Yeah you read that right, I kissed her. I kissed her on her magnificent lips, It was an quick kiss. I backed away as soon as I realised what I was doing.
“I'm so sorry Thalia, I didn't mean to,” I said as I backed away from her even more.
“It's okay Alexandra,” she said as she closed the gap between us. “I enjoyed it.” she said smiling at me. I was completely shocked at her reaction.
She came closer and kiss me. This was a much more passionate kiss then the last. She backed away and smiled at me. “We should get going.”
The drive back to my house was silent and awkward. Neither one of us spoke to the other. There was a extremely awkward feeling between the both of us; I mean I just kissed her and to add on top of that she's married.
When we got to my house we just sat there in silence for about a minute. “Well I guess I'll see you at work.” I said as I got up to leave. Before I was able to step out the car she grabbed my arm. I looked back at her confused at what she was doing.
“Can I come up for a drink?” she asked. “If you don't mind me coming up.”
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