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You know what it's like when the sun is shining and the only place you want to be is in the pool.
But you also know what it's like when you're horny as hell and you need to check your messages to see if that special someone has replied.
This is the story about those two sweet feelings coming together in London earlier this year.
My name is Craig, and I'm happily engaged, but I often find myself wondering about the experiences out there I might have if I were single. Sexual experiences. Adventures, I guess.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for an affair. But I do want excitement, and that's why I signed up to a site this summer to try and find someone in a similar situation. For NSA sex, and something a little different.
My God, am I glad I did!
The first couple of people I was in touch with didn't really get me going. One was very intense, maybe she wasn't happy in life, I don't know. The other was super kinky, like she had a shopping list of fetishes and she just needed some man-shaped trolley to stuff them in.
Then I met Sylvia. I say met, but at first it was just online. Chatting, flirting, no pictures or anything. She lived in the same area and had similar interests. She also told me she had the most amazing 34C tits and a huge appetite for erotic tension and suspense.
As you can imagine, I was intrigued.
Since we both liked swimming, we decided to meet at the local lido, an outdoor pool in east London that gets a mix of healthy and horny folks all summer long. I suppose I had a foot in both camps as I like to stay in shape, and I love to feel passion coursing through my veins.
The best thing about this trip to the pool was that I'd get to meet Sylvia, in the flesh, for the very first time.
She only gave me a description, like this: "So I'll be wearing a candy stripe bikini, red and white, and a matching swimming cap. I'm going to dive in at the deep end, literally, at 3pm exactly. I hope you're there to watch me! And... I hope you're there to see me climb out, showing you all of my curvy, beautiful body."
Then here was the best bit: "If you like what you see, come over, I'll be lying on my baby blue towel. Ask me if I know how to find the sauna, then I'll know it's you. XX"
That was it. How could I resist?
I made sure I was ready. Trimmed my hair to look my best in my trunks. Did a few sit ups to give the suggestion of a six-pack-in-progress. and took the short walk to the lido. At 2.55 pm I saw an angel walk along the side of the pool; long brown hair, soft hips, graceful breasts, and a twinkle in her eyes. Oh yes, she was wearing a candy stripe bikini.
As she went to the far end of the pool I could see that she only had eyes on the sky. She didn't care who was watching, and that's what made it so sexy.
I watched as she bent her body to enter the cool water. Her straight arms, her bare back, and the smooth curve of her bum, followed by a flick in her toes as she went straight under. I couldn't control myself. I just had to be near her.
I got up, and dived in myself, pretending to swim laps but all the time turning my head to see her perfect body glide through the lane in front of me, to the side of me. God I wanted to see everything.
Soon enough she pulled herself out and walked to her baby blue towel. Now, she was looking. And I think Sylvia already new I was her man.
As I walked towards her she put a finger to her lips. Remember, we were complete strangers, had never seen each other before, but she obviously liked what she saw as much as I did.
"Are you looking for the sauna by any chance," she asked with a smile.
"Well, as it happens..." I didn't even have to finish my sentence before she got to her feet and said "Follow me."
I think what happens next deserves a story of its own. Let's just say we made our own heat for that sauna. And I've never had a blow job like that before or since. I've also never had so many looks when walking out of a changing cubicle by the side of a public pool.
Oh, Sylvia, you sure gave me an adventure.
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