Streak of Grey - Part-2
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The kissing and smooching by Ali at the beach and at our entrance shook me up internally. What disturbed me more than what happened, was Arpi’s attempts to try to camouflage real happenings and attempts to reason with me to justify her and Ali’s actions. If indeed my wife was not happy with Ali, why did she let him kiss her as she was getting off the car? She did not resist or argue with him there. Rather, she was telling Ali to be careful, lest I saw them in action. This was a question that bugged me. It poked a hole in her defence and her posture of revulsion at Ali’s action.
It would be naive to think that she had not expected what was to happen at the beach. She was indeed game for it. However, when it did happen, she pretended as if she was not ready for it! If you play with fire, you got to get burns sooner or later.
I was hurt, not because of what happened. I was hurt because she lied to me. In spite of my hurt, I decided to play along. I tried to make her feel that I was game for it. Perhaps I was unable to completely conceal my emotions. She suspected that I was not completely ok with what happened. Perhaps all wives have that inherent instinct to detect husband’s inner thoughts, particularly when another male is involved. It could also be that her guilt drove her to look closely at my reactions.
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