Susan and her Son's Friend
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Jeff was bored. Home for the summer after his sophomore year of college, he was working early-shift maintenance at a warehouse. As he got done by 2pm he had the whole afternoon and evening to entertain himself. It was now 3 o’clock and he had showered and eaten lunch and was wondering what to do until supper time.
He called his friend Ryan to see if he wanted to get together and play video games. Ryan didn’t answer so Jeff decided to head to his house to find out what he was up to. As he walked the one block to his friend’s house his mind went to thinking about his friend’s mother, Mrs. Jenkins. He had thought Ryan’s mother was sexy ever since he could remember, and had gawked at her body when she was his 10 th grade English teacher. He hoped she was home so he could check her out.
Susan Jenkins was indeed at home. She had been working at summer school as a teacher. She needed the extra money since her husband had walked out on her a few months before. Getting home, she had changed into shorts and tank top and worked out in the yard for an hour or so. Susan was a very conservative woman, and didn’t wear such skimpy clothes in public, but the back of the house was private and nobody would see her. It was so hot and humid that day she had even taken off her bra before donning the top, something she almost never did.
The yard was large and was a lot of work, especially as her son Ryan had gone to visit his father for a couple of weeks and she had no help. She had just stepped into the kitchen to get a cold drink when she heard a knock, and she headed for front door, grimy and sweaty from the work. She opened the door.
“Oh hi Jeff, how are you?” Excuse the dirt and sweat, I was working in the yard and was just about to take a shower.”
“Hi Mrs. Jenkins,” Jeff replied. “I was looking to hang out with Ryan.” As he spoke, Jeff furtively eyed Mrs. Jenkins body.
Over his years of friendship with her son, he had had many opportunities to see her and lust after her. He especially liked the summer when he came over to swim in their pool and Mrs. Jenkins was sunbathing. Although she did not wear a bikini, being so prim and proper, her swimsuit sometimes betrayed her. Many were the times Jeff had seen her sunbathing on her stomach, her ass cheeks exposed a little as she got a wedgie. She also tended to doze off when laying in the sun and he could take a good look down her front, almost to her nipples. He often would go home and jerk off, thinking about Mrs. Jenkins body.
Now, as a young man of 20, his eyes devoured her naked shoulders and low cut tank top. Her sweat made the top cling to her beasts and Jeff thought he could make out the shape of her nipples underneath. “Was Mrs. Jenkins not wearing a bra?” he thought. His young cock stirred in his shorts.
“I’m sorry, Jeff. Ryan is away with his father for a couple of weeks.” Susan felt Jeff’s gaze and became acutely aware that she didn’t have a bra on. She crossed her arms in front of her breasts demurely.
“Excuse the dirt and sweat on me Jeff. I was working in the yard – it takes so much of my time yet I still can’t seem to keep up. Anyway, I’m done for now and was just about to take a shower when you knocked.”
Jeff thought quickly. He was so aroused by Mrs. Jenkins and wanted to see more of her. “I could help out,” he suggested. ”I get done with work early and don’t have anything to do in the afternoon.”
“Are you sure Jeff? It would help me tremendously. I have school work I have to do in the evening too.”
“Sure Mrs. Jenkins, I’ll stop around about 3 o’clock tomorrow, if that’s OK.”
“Thanks Jeff. I get home from school around 2:30 so I’ll be home.”
“See you then.” Jeff turned to walk away as Susan closed the door. When he got to the sidewalk he hesitated. “Did I hear her right,” he thought. “She was just about to take a shower?”
The young man shivered as he looked back towards the house – the house he knew so well having been Ryan’s friend for so long. He knew that the master bedroom was on the ground floor with French doors opening onto a deck. He knew it was wrong, he felt a little ashamed. He knew he shouldn’t invade Mrs. Jenkins privacy… but he took a deep breath and snuck around the side of the house to the back. Creeping softly up onto the deck he peered around the edge of the French doors and saw Mrs. Jenkins walk into her bedroom.
Susan didn’t bother to close the drapes as her backyard was private – little did she know she had a horny young observer as she began removing her sweaty clothes. Jeff gasped as his former teacher pulled off her tank top, revealing her small firm breasts to his lustful gaze. His big young cock grew to full hardness as he stared at his former teacher’s naked tits. He continued watching as she dropped her shorts to the floor, before throwing them in the laundry hamper. Her panties were red cotton and looked damp with her sweat.
Jeff gawked at her ass cheeks showing around her panties and just had to reach down to rub himself as he watched her tits sway back and forth a little. Thinking how gorgeous they looked, Jeff pulled out his cell phone and began taking pictures of his friend’s half-naked mother.
Oblivious to her secret admirer, Susan admired herself in the mirror. Jeff watched as she cupped her breasts, examining them. At 45 years old, her tits didn’t sag at all. He had to unzip and pull out his big hard cock as she slipped her underwear off and bent over to pick them up. This gave him a fantastic view of her lily-white ass cheeks, spread apart as she bent over, revealing both her anus and a glimpse of her pink pussy. He made sure to get a good picture of that, thinking of all the hours he would be able to jerk off looking at his naked ex-teacher!
Again Susan stopped to look at herself. She was 5' 8" and still kept her figure at 130 pounds. Long brown hair and green eyes. She had not dated since her husband had left her and was nervous about doing so. She had not been out with another man since she was married at 22. Yet she couldn’t help getting horny sometimes. Jeff saw her briefly rub her pussy as she went back into the bathroom to shower.
Jeff jerked his cock frantically, and he was so aroused over seeing Mrs. Jenkins naked it only took a couple of minutes before he spurted over the glass door in front of him. He quickly used the bottom of his T Shirt to clean it off. He wondered what he should do next.
He tried the French door and found it unlocked. He quietly opened it and listened from outside, He heard the water go on, then after a minute or so the shower door closed. Slipping quietly into Susan’s bedroom and he went straight to the laundry basket and opened it. He pulled out Susan’s bra that she had taken off earlier and looked at the tag – 34B. “They look bigger than that,” he thought. He dropped it back in and found her sweaty panties. Bringing the silky material to his nose he inhaled, smelling Susan’s pussy and sighing at the fragrance. Thinking about using them around his cock to jerk off later, he slipped them quickly into his shorts pocket.
As Susan was luxuriating in a nice hot shower she was feeling a little horny. She thought of Jeff and wondered what his cock looked like. He was a well-built young man with nice muscles and a tight butt. “What am I thinking about,” she berated herself. “He is 20 years younger than me!” Yet she couldn’t stop thinking about him. After washing her hair she soaped up her firm little breasts, taking her time, rubbing them, caressing them. Her nipples got hard thinking about Jeff playing with them.
She continued soaping herself working down to her pussy, rubbing it, making herself feel good. She continued with the soap, around to her ass, pushing her round white cheeks apart to soap up her anus. Her ex-husband had wanted to "play" with her back there but she had refused, thinking it was “dirty”. But it intrigued her. She took a soapy finger and pushed it in there a little – it was really tight, but it didn't feel bad at all to her.
She pulled out her finger, wondering what she had been thinking about! Nice girls didn’t do that sort of thing! She rinsed herself off, shut off the water and got out of the shower to dry herself off.
Jeff heard the water shut off and the shower door open. He quickly and quietly went back out on the deck, closing the door behind. He practically ran back to his house and straight up to his bedroom. Transferring the files from his phone to his laptop, he eagerly stared at the pictures of Ryan’s Mom naked. He couldn’t believe his luck, particularly liking the ones where her face was in view – muttering to himself as his shorts and underwear came off, freeing his cock which was once again fully erect.
“Oh Mrs. Jenkins. You are so beautiful. I want to suck on your tits. I want to feel your naked ass cheeks in my hands. I want to fuck you Mrs. Jenkins!” he mumbled as he pulled her panties out of his pocket and wrapped them around his young cock. The material felt so smooth on him as he used them to masturbate.
The picture of her bending over to pick up those same panties came up next. He reached forward and zoomed in – between the hairs of her cunt he could see a pink juiciness. “Oh Mrs. Jenkins – feel my hard cock penetrating you, fucking your mature cunt,” he thought. Moving the picture a little he could clearly see the pink puckered rosebud of her ass and wondered if she had let her husband use it. “Maybe I will take your anal virginity,” he fantasized. The thought of his cock in his former teacher’s tight asshole set him off and he spurted his virile hot cum into her panties.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Later that evening Susan was trying to get some schoolwork done, but her mind was not on it. She was thinking of her son’s friend Jeff. He had grown up into a strong, good looking young man. She was sure he had been staring at her breasts, and the thought of that made her feel good, despite herself. That a man so much younger than her would be interested in her body at age 45 pleased her. Yet he was so young, and her son’s friend. She felt her face flush as she thought about what might be in his shorts and scolded herself – that would be taboo… wouldn’t it?
It being a hot summer evening Susan was wearing just a t-shirt and underwear. She felt her hand wander down to her crotch as she imagined what Jeff’s cock was like. She had not had many boyfriends in high school and college, and had been a virgin on her wedding day. She had allowed a couple of the boys to play with her breasts, and had jerked them off, but had never allowed penetration before marriage – even for her ex-husband. Some of them had wanted her to suck their cocks, but she thought that was plain dirty and refused.
But she was aroused from the sight of Jeff’s muscular body and her fingers insinuated themselves under her panties. Looking around to make sure the drapes were closed she moved over to the sofa and pulled off her underwear. Just clothed in a t-shirt she sat down and pulled her feet up onto the sofa, spreading her pussy lewdly. She lay back and closed her eyes as she fingered herself, alternately rubbing her clit and inserting a couple of fingers deeper inside.
Susan’s body responded, her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet. She imagined what Jeff would do if he saw her like this – thought about him nibbling on her nipples and his fingers replacing hers. She imagined his hard naked body against hers as her other hand slipped beneath her shirt and played with a nipple. Her hips began moving of their own accord as she pressed her dripping pussy harder against her hand. Soon she felt her orgasm building – the first in many months. Her body shook with emotion as she cried out “JEFF!” and let go, spurting all over her hand and onto the sofa.
Susan sat there panting as her body calmed down. Again she admonished herself for thinking about her son’s friend that way. “No, this won’t do,” she thought to herself. “He is too young for me and he will be more interested in girls his own age.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The next day Jeff arrived at Mrs. Jenkins’ house at precisely 3pm and knocked on the door. He was hoping she would be dressed like yesterday, especially without a bra. He was disappointed. Susan, knowing she would not be alone, was dressed in shorts and a dark t-shirt. Jeff was pretty sure she had a bra on today.
Susan smiled at Jeff and told him to come through the house to the back yard. Jeff couldn’t help but look at her ass, tightly encased in the shorts, knowing what it looked like under there. His cock stirred a little at the thought.
In the yard, Susan showed him all the shrubbery that needed cutting back and where the hedge trimmer was, then went back in the house to start on her schoolwork. Jeff got to work and was soon sweating in the torrid heat. He stopped and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and torso, then continued on trimming and picking up the debris. After about an hour Susan decided to give him a break and took out some cold lemonade. Walking around the corner following the sound of the trimmer she stopped dead in her tracks – the sight of Jeff stripped to the waist instantly making her nipples stiffen. Gulping, she walked up behind Jeff and yelled over the noise of the trimmer.
“Hey Jeff! Looks like you could use a cold drink.” Jeff stopped and turned around, the sweat running down his chest. Susan couldn’t bring her gaze away from him and felt her pussy get damp.
“Thanks Mrs. Jenkins. It’s really hot out here.”
“It sure is, Jeff. Let’s go over and sit in the shade by the pool for a few minutes.”
Jeff readily agreed. He was certainly hot, but he also couldn’t get enough of looking at his former teacher. She was beautiful! With her hair pulled back in a pony tail to keep her a little cooler, she looked much younger than her age. They chatted for a while about what Ryan had been up to, and how Jeff was doing in school as they drank the nice cool lemonade.
Still sweating, the pool looked very inviting to Jeff. Susan saw him looking at it. “Why don’t you take a dip before going back to work, Jeff,” she suggested.
“Well Mrs. Jenkins, it looks very inviting but I don’t have my bathing suit with me.”
“Well just jump in with your shorts on…. Or just your underwear. Don’t worry – I’ll go back in the house.” With that, Susan picked up the empty glasses and went back inside.
Jeff really was hot and as soon as his friend’s mother was back into the house he shrugged off his shorts leaving him in just his tight jockey underwear. The water felt wonderful as he dove in and swam a couple of laps, then floated on his back. As he daydreamed his thoughts once again went to the views he had seen of Mrs. Jenkins naked body and he felt his cock grow. He reached one hand down and rubbed it.
Susan felt very naughty as she ran upstairs to Ryan’s bedroom which had a clear view of the pool. She noticed her son’s binoculars sitting on his dresser and grabbed them as she went to the window. Peering out she saw Jeff floating on his back. She raised the binoculars to her eyes and gazed at a close up of his chest then down to his crotch. She a gasped as she realized the water made the underwear cling to him, and she could see a clear outline of his cock. It looked big.
Out of the corner of his eye Jeff caught a glimpse of some movement in Ryan’s bedroom window. He slowly rolled his head a little towards it and realized that Mrs. prim and proper Susan Jenkins was spying on him. He thought he had noticed her eying him before and now he was certain. She was checking him out. “Well,” he thought, “Let’s just see how she likes this.” He put one hand down to his crotch and began rubbing it.”
Susan watched in fascination she saw Jeff’s hand rubbed on his cock and it grew perceptively bigger – in fact so big she saw the tip of it appear over the top of the underwear.
Her knees went a little weak. He was much bigger than her former husband, the only man who had ever fucked her. She couldn’t take her eyes off it – the first new cock she had seen in over 20 years. She was actually disappointed when, after only a few minutes, Jeff seemed to come to his senses, got out of the pool and pulled his shorts back on. Slipping on his sandals he went back to work.
Susan recovered herself and tried to concentrate on the papers in front of her, but that was impossible. After about a half hour she decided to go outside and help a little. She settled down to do some weeding in the flower garden. Her appearance was not lost on Jeff. He took every opportunity to look over at her, admiring her tight ass as she bent over.
Eventually Jeff was done and put away the trimmer. Mrs. Jenkins was effusive with her thanks. “I never could have got all that done Jeff. Thank you so much. Let me pay you for your time.”
“That’s not necessary Mrs. Jenkins,” I am only glad to help out. In fact he was thinking that there were definitely other ways she could reward him. “I’ll come over tomorrow and mow the lawn for you. Right now I am going home to take a nice cool shower before supper.”
“That sounds good Jeff. I need to take one too. I will see you tomorrow.”
Needless to say, after leaving the house Jeff doubled back to the house. Sure enough, wasn’t long before Mrs. Jenkins went to her bedroom to strip off her sweaty clothes. Once again Jeff watched as his friend’s Mom stripped off her t-shirt and shorts, leaving her in just bra and panties. Those soon followed, and Susan stood naked as she threw them in the hamper.
Repeating his plan from yesterday, Jeff snuck into her room as he heard her get into the shower. He had brought back the panties he had stolen, now stained with his cum, and put them into the bottom of the hamper. Then he carefully rummaged through her dresser, finding her panty drawer. He took the ones from the top, took out his had cock and wrapped them around it, masturbating himself.
He got bolder and crept into the bathroom, peering around the corner and seeing Mrs. Jenkins naked behind the steamed-up glass doors. He watched for a while, stroking his cock with her panties. He was so aroused that before he could stop he came hard into the crotch of Mrs. Jenkins underwear as he gazed at her naked body.
Quickly, he wiped the panties on his shorts as best he could, folded them neatly and put them back in the drawer. He quietly left the house and took up his spying position on the deck.
As she got out of the shower Susan thought she heard something – a squeaky kind of sound. Wrapping the towel around her she walked out of the bathroom into her bedroom. Looking around she shrugged – she must have been mistaken.
Jeff watched avidly as Mrs. Jenkins let the towel drop from her body and finished drying herself off in the bedroom. He was feeling very horny yet again, and used his cell phone to video her drying every inch of her naked body, from her face, around her shoulders and down her back. Between her cheeks, through to her pussy then up her stomach to her tits.
Susan felt alive and glowing after her shower. Maybe it was the water, maybe it was her illicit thoughts of her son’s friend. She walked over to her underwear drawer, pulled out a pair of panties and slipped them up her legs and over her ass and pussy. She though they felt a little damp, but then shrugged and realized it was just her damp body from the shower.
Outside Jeff smiled. His cum was now nestling up against Mrs. Jenkins cunt.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The next day was somewhat a repetition of the previous. Jeff got to work mowing the grass and Susan came out to give him a cold drink. Jeff was again stripped to the waist and he surreptitiously flexed his muscles as Mrs. Jenkins eyed him when she thought he wasn’t looking.
He almost smiled when she suggested that he take another swim while she was inside. This time, as she shut the back door on the way into the house, Jeff stripped off everything and jumped into the pool naked. When he was sure she was looking from up I the bedroom he floated on his back, his stiff cock pointing up at the sky.
As Susan watched from the bedroom Jeff slid his fist up and down his long, young member, wanting Mrs. Jenkins to see how big he was. Susan’s hand went to her crotch, so wet that she could feel her juices running down her thighs. She was so horny… she wanted that cock but didn’t dare make a move. She had a reputation as a conservative teacher and couldn’t afford to lose that. She was hoping Jeff was thinking of her.
She wanted to see if Jeff really was ogling her and decided to risk a little flirting. As Jeff got out of the pool and put his underwear and shorts back on she thought she would be daring and change into a small tank top she had kept for years but never worn – it was too risqué for her to wear in public. She went down to her bedroom and looked under her other tops and found it at the bottom of the drawer. It was bright yellow, cut off at the midriff and low cut at the neckline. She realized she couldn’t wear a bra with it and pulled it on without one. She looked at herself in the mirror. It was quite tight and she thought her nipples showed a little. Still, her breasts were small enough to carry it off and her stomach was in great shape for her age.
She hesitated before going outside, very self-conscious in what she was wearing. But she took a deep breath and went out to see how Jeff was doing. Jeff was just finishing up the lawn and putting away the mower. He looked up as he heard Mrs. Jenkins coming and almost whistled out loud. She was stunning! As they talked, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her heaving chest. He knew she couldn’t have a bra on. And he was pretty sure she had put the top on to impress him. Well it had certainly done that!
Susan on her part knew now that he was looking at her body and it pleased her. A quick glance down assured her that Jeff had a hard on, and she was ecstatic that she turned him on, But she still couldn’t make any move and soon bid Jeff goodbye.
“I’ll give you a call next week, Mrs. Jenkins, to see if you need any more help.”
“Thanks so much Jeff, you are so sweet.”
Jeff waited a few minutes after leaving before returning to the deck. He knew Mrs. Jenkins routine now and was rewarded when she entered the bedroom to take her shower. He took his hardness out of his shorts to stroke it as he watched her undress. He was right – she had no bra on.
As she got in the shower he entered her bedroom and pulled out the top pair of panties again, It had really turned him on knowing that she had worn some with his cum in them.
He watched and jerked off in them as he watched his friend’s Mom naked in the shower. Susan was taking her time, luxuriating in the warm water as it cascaded down her breasts, onto her stomach and down to her pussy. She looked down – the hairs down there looked a little ragged – she would need to trim them so they wouldn’t show from her bathing suit or her tight shorts.
With Jeff back out on the deck she dried herself off in the bedroom. Still naked, she got some scissors from her bedside table and sat on the bed. She began trimming her pussy hairs, pulling her lips back and forth to get everywhere. As she was doing this she thought she caught a movement from the corner of her eye. Looking outside she saw nothing was there. It was a private backyard so she wasn't really concerned.
As the mature teacher continued trimming her hairs she kept brushing her pussy and that was making her horny again. She had not had sex in such a long time… she slipped a finger up inside her... it felt so good but she really craved the real thing… a man’s cock.
Jeff was curious when he saw her walk over to her closet and kneel down, searching around the bottom. The sight of that drove him to distraction – she was on her hands and knees with her ass facing him. But then he was shocked when conservative, prim and proper Mrs. Jenkins reached into the closet and pulled out a box, then took out a big pink dildo!
Susan had remembered that her ex-husband had bought that to use on her, but she had refused – that was perverted! But now she had to have something inside her pussy – she was soooo horny. Jeff watched in fascination as she lay on the bed, positioned it between her legs and arched her back as she plunged it deep into her well-lubricated cunt. He could hear her grunt through a half open window as she turned on the switch to provide the vibration.
Susan closed her eyes as she felt the artificial cock stretch her pussy as she pushed it in and out. She imagined she was being fucked… She thought of her son’s friend Jeff fucking her and her hips began to buck, trying to get it deeper inside her. As she got into a rhythm she moved it faster and faster, imagining Jeff was on top of her, ravishing her. As her orgasm began to build deep inside her she began to moan, and, in her fantasy, to speak out loud.
“Oh yes Jeff! Fuck me. Fuck your teacher hard and deep – I want your cock in my cunt so bad! Fuck me Jeff,” she screamed as she orgasmed hard.
Jeff couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. Mrs. Jenkins was obviously fantasizing about him fucking her. And her language! He was stroking his big hard cock as she orgasmed and yelled his name. He stepped back and tripped over a flower pot, falling back on his head and dazing himself. Susan definitely heard something this time and jumped off the bed and threw a robe around herself.
Looking out on the deck, to her astonishment, she saw her son’s friend Jeff. He was lying on his side, obviously stunned. As Susan went out to help him he rolled over a little and she was shocked to see that he had his cock out of his shorts and it was very big and very hard.
"Jeff!" she yelled at him. "What have you been doing? Were you peeping in my bedroom at me? Tell me or I will tell your parents all about this!"
Jeff was still woozy as he stood up to his full 6’ 2”. He tried to hide his cock but its size and rigidity prevented him from stuffing it back inside his shorts.
"I... I was," he blushed. "It... It's just..." he stuttered, "You just are so good-looking and sexy, Mrs. Jenkins."
Although Susan was mad at Jeff, she was also secretly pleased that she could turn on such a young cub. She was still attractive to younger men, even at her age! She couldn't pull her eyes off his big hard cock and was acutely aware that she was naked under her robe.
"Jeff - tell me what you saw of me through the window. Did... did I make you that hard?" Susan wasn’t sure why she asked him that when she should be embarrassed at her former student seeing her naked.
"Huh..." Jeff found the question odd. Wasn’t Mrs. Jenkins mad at him? But… She had yelled his name as she used the dildo on herself. That emboldened him.
"Absolutely Mrs. Jenkins. You made me very hard. You have a beautiful body – I love your ass, your tits… your cunt!”
“Jeff – stop talking like that! You’d better be getting home.”
But Jeff was young, he was hard and he was horny. He now knew that Mrs. Jenkins wanted sex and her words had told him she desired him. He pushed her back inside her bedroom and closed the door.
“What are you doing, Jeff? Stop this!”
“Do you really want me to stop, Mrs. Jenkins?” Jeff asked as he caressed her face. “I know you want me – I heard you.” Before she could move he dropped his shorts and underwear, and pulled off his t-shirt. His long, thick, hard cock jutted out in front of him.
He took his former teacher’s hand and guided it to his hardness. Her fingers automatically wrapped around it, feeling its thickness, feeling a young man’s lust for her.
“You want it, don’t you Mrs. Jenkins!”
“No… no Jeff. We shouldn’t be doing this,” Susan wailed back.
His hands dropped to the belt of her robe and untied it. The robe fell apart, revealing Susan’s naked body underneath.
She tried to pull the robe back together but Jeff brushed her hands aside easily and pushed it off her shoulders to the floor. Jeff’s strong arms encircled her narrow waist, pulling her bare breasts against his muscular chest. He could feel her nipples, hard, against him. His friend’s mother struggled feebly to get loose, but he was too strong. His hands slid down to her round ass cheeks, feeling her hot cunt tight against his cock.
“I love your naked body, Mrs. Jenkins… you are so sexy… so hot. I have to have you. Tell me you don’t want me.”
With that, he scooped Susan’s slight body up into his muscular arms. He carried her body over to her own bed and lay her down. He climbed on above her, placing his knees on either side of her vulnerable body. He took each of her wrists in his hands and pinned her to the bed as she whimpered and struggled feebly.
Susan realized that Jeff was too strong for her, but still tried to pull away her hands. She turned her head as he leaned over to kiss her fully on the lips, but she couldn’t escape it and felt his tongue insinuating itself in her mouth. His head moved down and he suckled on her nipples – they were fully engorged and Jeff knew she was turned on. He nibbled on them, biting gently as Susan stopped struggling.
“Tell me you want me, Mrs. Jenkins. Tell me you want me to fuck you.”
“No Jeff, don’t! Please don’t do this,” she whimpered. But she could feel the juices flowing in her pussy.
“OK Mrs. Jenkins. I will leave now.” As Jeff let her wrists go and began to get off her, Susan heard herself whisper, “No Jeff… stay.”
Jeff knew he had her now. “What was that Mrs. Jenkins? What did you say.”
She whispered back a little louder. “Stay Jeff. I want you to stay.”
“And what do you want me to do?”
“I want you to make love to me...”
“Be more specific, Mrs. Jenkins. Tell me exactly what you want me to do.” Jeff wanted to hear her beg.
“Please Jeff… I want you to fuck me.”
“Spread your beautiful long legs and show me your cunt. Mmm yes – I can see how wet you are.” Jeff climbed between her legs and positioned his big hard cock at the lips of her cunt, teasing her.”
“What do you want Mrs. Jenkins?”
Susan was beside herself with lust. “Fuck me Jeff, FUCK ME! PUT YOUR HARD COCK DEEP IN MY CUNT!”
With that, Jeff plunged his young hard cock deep into his friend’s mom’s cunt, reveling in its warmth, its tightness, the taboo of it all.
“AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” Susan screamed in pleasure as her son’s friend split her pussy lips and penetrated deep inside her. She was so wet it slid in easily, filling her more than her ex-husband ever had. His thickness stretched her and filled her as she wrapped her long, slim legs around him, trying to pull him in deeper yet.
Jeff started off slowly, with long firm strokes, almost pulling out of Susan before sliding his length deep inside her again. Her cunt was tight around his cock and he wanted to have Mrs. Jenkins orgasm before him – that would cement her need for his cock. The fact that he had cum outside already helped a lot. He didn’t have to wait long, however, until Susan’s hips began bucking wildly as she got close.
“I’m going cum Jeffrey!!! Pull out of me!”
“Just come on my cock, Mrs. Jenkins.”
“I can’t with you in me! Pull out!”
Mystified, Jeff pulled out. As soon as his cock left her cunt, Susan screamed as she jetted her hot orgasmic juices all over it and his lower stomach. Again and again she spasmed and squirted over her son’s friend.
Jeff was startled at first. He had never had a girl squirt on him like that, But it turned him on, knowing that this mature woman had indeed cum to an orgasm. He lowered his hips and once again placed the bulbous head of his cock between her pussy lips. He thrust strongly, piercing her depths, filling her to capacity as he felt his own orgasm begin to rise. Her tight mature cunt gripped his young cock as he pistoned in and out, faster and faster, fucking her mercilessly unto he could hold back no more. His cum blasted into her depths, the hot juices coating her womb, filling her with his virile semen.
As Jeff collapsed on top of Susan, she smiled and sighed in contentment. She had never been brought to this level of lust before and her orgasm had been the most intense she had ever experienced. She stroked Jeff’s back gently, cooing at him.
“Wow, Mrs.Jenkins, that was awesome! Your cunt is so tight!” Jeff panted, still winded after his effort.
“Jeff, you just fucked me. I think you can call me Susan.”
“Actually it turns me on more to call you Mrs. Jenkins… my teacher… my best friend’s mother. It is so taboo,” Jeff answered as his cock fell out of her wet pussy and he rolled off her to the side.
“Well my young student, teacher wants more. You are so big… I have never experienced anything like that and I want more.”
Jeff looked down at his wilted cock. “It might take a while… you can help by sucking me.”
“What? You mean suck your cock? That’s dirty… and it’s just been inside me!” Susan had never sucked a cock before and had refused her ex-husband’s begging for it.
“Well I guess I’ll just have to clean up and go home,” Jeff answered, confident that she was under his control now.
“No Jeff… I will try. Susan leaned over and wrapped her hand around Jeff’s soft cock. She leaned over and tentatively licked it. She immediately tasted the tang that she assumed was from her own juices. She licked up and down on his head and was rewarded by his cock beginning to stiffen. She continued to lick up and down his shaft as it grew.
“No Mrs. Jenkins. Take my cock inside your mouth.”
Susan really wanted to please him and put her lips around his head and moved up and down slightly. Jeff got impatient – he put both hands on top of her head and pushed down, causing his young cock to force its way into her mature mouth – the first cock to ever enter it.
Susan choked a little and did her best to please him – bobbing up and down and sucking his now fully hard cock.
Jeff pulled out. “You are a lousy cock-sucker Mrs, Jenkins.”
“I’ll learn,” Susan wailed. “I’ll get better!”
“But you are a good fuck!” He lay on his back with his cock sticking up. “Get on top of me and impale your cunt on my cock,” he ordered.
Susan had never made love except with her on her back, but she so wanted his cock, so wanted to please him that she climbed on top and lowered her pussy onto it. It felt so good as his cock once again violated her mature pussy. She continued down until he was fully inside her. It felt as though it penetrated all the way up to her breasts.
Jeff told her to move up and down. As she did her small breasts swayed to the rhythm, and Jeff reached up to play with her nipples. He pinched them a little and she squealed.
“Are you my cunt now?” he asked.
“Yes, Yes!” Susan gasped back.
“Tell me!”
“I am your cunt Jeff.”
“And you will let me do anything I want with you?”
“Yes… You can fuck me any time you want. I love it!”
“And you will do anything for me?”
“Of course Jeffrey – I have already let you fuck me, haven’t I?”
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