New Year's and a New Experience
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9:37 PM (2 hours and 23 minutes Until Midnight)
Walking into the crowded party and seeing all of the excitement, raised my spirits slightly. Instead of sitting at home alone, I had decided to come out to a party a friend had invited me to a week before. I began to push my way through the mass of dancing, and grinding, young people. I briefly saw their faces and assumed that they were around my age of 25 years old. I looked over everyone’s heads, which was hard to do even though I had four inch heels on, and saw where they had the drinks. I smiled and tried to weave between and around everyone. As I got deeper in, the temperature rose and soon I wanted that bottle of water even more.
Finally, I got out of the mass and I took a deep breath. I smoothed down the front my strapless LBD while taking a few steps to get to the last bottle of water. At the same time as I reached for it, another hand picked it. I looked up and met the eyes of a stunning brunette and for a moment, my breath caught in my suddenly even drier throat.
“I’m so sorry. You wanted this didn’t you?” she asked. Her hazel eyes showed concern and I realized that she was actually worried.
I waved a hand and shook my head. “It’s fine. I’ll just find another one,” I said after a moment. I looked over the table and didn’t see anymore. Apparently she didn’t as well because I heard her sigh.
“We can share it if you want. I mean you don’t have to but since we both need some water and it is the last one,” she began to ramble before cutting herself off.
I smiled and nodded. “Sure, that would be great,” I said.
Her face lit up when she smiled and her eyes sparkled. I couldn’t help but stare at her and how beautiful she was. Her heart shaped face was framed by dark brown wavy hair down to just past her shoulders. Her lightly tanned skin glowed underneath the natural looking makeup and her rosy lips shined with gloss.
I pulled my gaze off from her face seeing her holding an opened and less than full water bottle. I brought it to my lips and took a sip, careful not to drink too much. I swallowed the water and felt it cool my warm body. I handed her back the bottle and she capped it.
Suddenly she reached out and brushed the pad of her thumb against my lower lip. I gasped quietly and her thumb lingered on my parted lips before resting back down at her side.
“There was water on your lip,” she whispered as a blush spread across her cheeks.
I smiled even though my body was still shivering. I could also feel my pussy and nipples react to her touch. I silently hoped that she couldn’t see my nipples since I went sans bra for the night. My attraction was a little surprising since she was a stranger as well as another girl.
“I’m Rose, by the way,” I said awkwardly realizing that we didn’t even know each other's names.
“I’m Angela, but you can call me Angie,” she said with a smile. Angie held her hand out to me and I shook it lightly.
“Would you like to dance?” I asked still holding onto her hand. Apparently my lust for this beautiful girl made me more confident and I knew that I wanted to stay with her tonight.
10:02 PM (1 hour and 58 minutes Until Midnight)
Angie and I were dancing but it was difficult to maintain some space between us as there were so many other people dancing around us. Finally, someone bumped into me and I was pressed into the front of Angie. She caught me and her arms went around my waist. I was a little shorter than her so I looked up and saw her eyes were caught on my lips. I licked my lips quickly and I felt her suck in a breath. Her eyes, now a little darker, lifted up to mine and she slightly tightened her hold on my waist. I smile a little and I wrapped my arms around her too.
Now our chests were against each others and I knew that she had to feel my hardened nipples since I could feel hers on mine. I swallowed the moan that threatened to come out when I first felt them. All this did was make my pussy wetter and my hands lowered so that they were around her trim waist. My fingers felt a string underneath her dress and I knew that she was wearing a thong. I sighed quietly imagining what this woman would look like just in a thong.
“Rose, what are you thinking about? You have a funny face on,” Angie said with a small laugh. I look up caught and I feel my face heat.
“Seeing you just in the thong that I know you’re wearing,” I said looking at her eyes. I bite my lip immediately after saying that. Why did I just say that out loud? I thought.
Angie stared at me with her lips parted before leaning forward until her cheek was against mine.
“Do you know what I’m imagining? Seeing you without a bra on like I know you are now,” she whispered. Her hot breath blew against my ear and I couldn’t help but shiver, especially when she moved her hands to the side of my breasts under my dress.
She pulled back with another lustful look and this time, she kept brushing her hands on the outside of my breasts. I moaned under her touch and she smiled down at me.
“Would you like to see me only in my lacy thong, Rose?” she asked in a low voice. Her darkened eyes were locked on me and I immediately knew the answer.
“Yes,” I whispered back unable to say anything else.
10:49 PM (1 hour and 11 minutes Until Midnight)
Angie and I climbed into the cab. Angie put her hand on my thigh and she moved closer to me. I looked over at her before we both met halfway in a kiss. It got deep pretty quickly and our tongues were pressing and moving against each other. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and I moaned loudly. I put my hands into her dark brown hair and held her against me. I almost moved into her lap but I felt that the cab had stopped. I got back onto my seat while Angie paid the wide eyed cab driver. Angie and I mumbled our thanks quickly before getting out of the car and running to the building.
10:58 PM (1 hour and 2 minutes Until Midnight)
Angie and I ran up the 2 flights of stairs to get her apartment and Angie found her keys in her clutch bag. Once she unlocked the door, we went into the house and she pushed me against the door. Angie ran her hands over my exposed shoulders and then down my sides over the dress which at this point is just annoying, not sexy.
“Take it off,” I whisper referencing to my dress. Angie smiled widely before reaching around me to unzip my dress. It collected around my heeled feet before I kicked it away. I looked up and Angie was staring at my 34C breasts. I put my hands at my sides out of the way and Angie hesitantly reached out to take them in her hands. She squeezed them lightly and I moaned. She did it again a little harder and then pinched my hard nipples.
“Yes, Angie,” I whispered quietly with a moan. My pussy got wetter and when I reached down with one hand, I felt my wetness through my thin white panties.
“Are you wet?” Angie asked seeing where my hand was. I nodded and she smiled. Her hand replaced mine and she rubbed my swollen clit through my panties. The fabric caused more friction and I moaned louder than before.
“Let’s go to my room,” Angie said with one more caress. She took my hand and led me into the room.
“Get on the bed on your back,” she said gently while going over to a drawer. I saw her get something out but I didn’t see what it is. Angie walked back over to me and my pussy ached seeing her ass wiggle and hips swaying gently. Her breasts filled her strapless bra and I thought I saw a brown nipple but it could have been a shadow. Finally she climbed on the bed in front of me by my legs.
“I want to see you naked, Rose,” Angie said looking up at me before pulling off my panties. I lifted my hips and then feet so she could get them off. I resisted the urge to cover my trimmed pussy but I wanted her to see how excited she had made me. I almost moaned when she smelled my panties where the fabric was darker.
She put them aside and spread my legs apart. Angie inhaled and even I could smell my wetness. She brought a hand up and separated my lips. I shivered when I felt the cold air on my pussy. Angie smiled seeing my reaction and then moved up so her face was close to my pussy. She blew on it lightly and I shivered again but I felt more juices drip down between my asscheeks. Angie stuck out a tongue and licked my lips and circled my clit. I moaned loudly and pressed my head back into the pillows. She swirled her tongue around a few more times before putting her tongue on my entrance. Angie waited a moment before pushing her tongue in me. I moaned loudly and I made fists into the sheets below me. She rubbed a wet finger against my clit and I lifted my hips into her face. My eyes were closed tight because of the intense pleasure Angie was giving me.
Soon her tongue wiggled around in me and found my G-spot. I quickly put a hand in her hair to hold her to me. Angie pressed against that special spot harder and rubbed my swollen clit faster. With my other available hand I pinched my nipples trying to increase the pleasure.
All of a sudden, I felt my pending orgasm. I pinched my nipples harder and and held Angie closer against me. She realized what was happening and she rubbed and licked faster.
“Yes, yes, yes…” I whispered as I got closer, then, “yes, Angie, I’m cumming!”
I yelled as I felt my Angie sucking the juices right out of my pussy as they came out of me. She prolonged my intense orgasm by licking and rubbing my clit. Finally I had to push her off as it was too intense.
She crawled up to me with a wide smile. I looked over and saw her face wet and glistening, especially around her mouth. I laughed weakly seeing it.
“You taste wonderful, Rose,” she said before leaning forward to kiss me. I kissed her back deeply tasting myself on her. I moaned into her mouth and rubbed my hands over her back and exposed ass cheeks. After a few moments, she pulled herself away gasping for breath and looked at me eagerly.
“It’s my turn to cum,” Angie whispered excitedly. She began to unclip her bra and lowered her thong. My eyes were snared on her bare pussy and long pussy lips. Then they moved up to her big brown nipples that were aching to be pulled and pinched.
I looked back up at her upset. “I’ve never done this before with a woman. I don’t know what to do,” I whispered ashamed of not being able to please her like she had done to me.
“Oh, Rose. Don’t worry, you’ll have some help,” Angie said before showing me the dildo that she had put on the side table. I realized that that was what she had gotten before. She handed it to me and I held it. I’d never had a toy before so it was a little strange to me but it looked like a cock. I looked back up to her and she smiled reassuringly.
I moved down the bed as she spread her long legs. I couldn’t help but run my hands over them and up her thighs. She moaned quietly as she was slowly pinching and rolling her nipples in her hands. I got closer to her pussy and smelled her excitement. I rubbed a hesitant finger on her lips before tasting it. It was sweeter than my juices which were still lingering in my mouth from our kiss moments before. I put a finger back at her pussy and pushed it into her wet pussy. It slid in easily and her wet lips encased my finger. I pushed my finger in all the way before pulling it out. Angie was moaning loudly so I slid in another finger and fucked her with them faster. Soon Angie was lifting her lips to meet my fingers and her pussy was stretched more. I pulled out my fingers and rubbed the dildo against her pussy to get it wet.
I spread her lips and put the dildo against her entrance. I looked up one last time to check if this was okay and Angie seemed to be half delirious. She nodded jerkily and looked down at her pussy. I pushed it in and it slid in so almost all 7 inches were in her pussy. Angie was gasping for breath and her chest heaved. I pulled it out almost all the way and saw that the didlo was coated in her juices. I thrust it back into her hot pussy and kept repeating the motion of pulling it out slowly and pushing it in faster. I moved my hand to try and get it to brush against where I thought her G-spot would be and her moan told me I was correct with my guess.
“Suck my clit, Rose, suck my clit. I’m so close,” Angie moaned out. I looked up and saw her breasts being pulled outward by her nipples which were redder and larger from her attention.
11:56 PM (4 minutes Until Midnight)
I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around her clit. I first rubbed my tongue on her clit before sucking it into my mouth. Her reaction was immediate. Her back arched up and off the bed. I struggled to keep fucking her and sucking her clit but I did. I put an arm on one of her legs and it seemed to help her shaking.
“Rose! I’m cumming!” Angie screamed. Her body quaked and shook harder. I sucked harder on her clit and fucked her even harder. Her moans and screams got louder and her juices squirted out of her pussy and onto my chest and face. I slowed how fast I was thrusting the dildo and only licked her clit. I climbed up her body as her body and pussy were still quivering.
She reached out with shaky arms and pulled me to her. As soon as our lips touched, the fireworks exploded and lit up the sky outside. The red, blues, and greens, went right past us as we were too involved in the kiss and each other to notice them right outside her windows.
“Happy New Year,” we whispered against each other’s swollen lips before continuing our kiss.
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