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There was a birthday coming up and Annette Bishop wanted it to be special. Normally, a birthday celebration might involve a special dinner, a trip to a club, or some other festive activities but this year, she was on the road in Paris. She would have to come up with a new way to celebrate.
The moment she saw him in the hotel fitness center, her mind began spinning a plan. His name, she found out through casual conversation, was Sebastian. He was in town for a few days to engage a new client in some business dealings. This was his first assignment where he was the lead representative for his firm. He was excited and nervous all at the same time. He was young and seemed sweet and respectful. Sebastian wasn’t exceptionally handsome, but he was tall and toned, and Annette set herself to the task of making the seduction of this young man part of the birthday activities.
“Sebastian, I don’t know if you have other plans, but I’m not really fond of dining alone,” said Annette. “It would be very chivalrous if you would consider being my dinner companion.”
Sebastian was flattered at the invitation and replied he would be happy to join Annette, that he would appreciate the company. Annette smiled broadly and told him she would make a reservation for 7 PM in the hotel restaurant.
Dinner was enjoyable and Annette was able to lead the conversation where and as she pleased. Sebastian was shy and not overly worldly. He had not traveled much and was curious about the protocols of business in France. Annette answered as many of his questions as she could and Sebastian was genuinely thankful for her assistance. After dessert and coffee, Annette thanked Sebastian for being her dinner companion, said she would love to have joined him for an after-dinner drink, but excused herself on the grounds she had work that needed her attention before the next morning. As she left, she placed a hand on his chest and kissed his cheek and told him she hoped very much he would join her for dinner again.
Sebastian just stared as Annette made her way to the elevators. He was mystified and thankful and curious and excited about seeing his new friend again. He had the feeling this week would be a memorable one!
Annette made her way to her room. She was sure that Sebastian would fit nicely into her plan. Strategy and details filled her thoughts as she filled the tub for a long soak before bed. 'This might end up being one of the best birthdays ever,' she thought.
The next day, Annette went to the fitness center and arrived before Sebastian. She started one of the treadmills, slowly peeled off the sweatshirt she was wearing, and began to run. By design, she was not wearing a bra and her firm nipples pressed against the fabric of her thin t-shirt. Sebastian arrived several minutes later and stopped dead in his tracks. Annette turned her head to smile and caught him staring at her body.
“Hello, Sebastian,” she said. “How was your day?”
The resultant silence amused Annette.
Finally, Sebastian snapped to attention and became very embarrassed when he realized she was looking at him. He turned a deep shade of red and stammered a greeting. He locked eyes with Annette’s and desperately hoped he had not appeared as foolish as he felt.
Annette, for her part, was very gracious. She pretended to have a normal conversation with Sebastian about business and the weather. Sebastian’s embarrassment faded and he made his way to the weight machine to start his workout. Annette finished her run, pulled her sweatshirt back on, and asked Sebastian if they were still on for dinner. He told her they had a reservation for 7 PM and that he was looking forward to it.
When Annette arrived back in her room, she took a quick shower and dressed for dinner. She had done a little shopping after work and was anxious to show off some of her new things for Sebastian. She was positive he would approve.
Annette was waiting at the bar sipping her Absolut Peppar when Sebastian walked into the restaurant. She slid off the bar stool to greet him and he was treated to a glimpse of Annette’s lovely leg clad in a thigh-high stocking. Instantly, Sebastian was aroused and tongue-tied and stammered an apology for having left his dinner partner waiting. He had never thought of himself as being easily disconcerted but this woman seemed to find ways to fluster him. It never occurred to him that any of it was being done on purpose.
Dinner went smoothly and the conversation flowed easily. After coffee, Annette invited Sebastian to join her at the bar for drinks. He had work to do but couldn’t pass up an opportunity to spend more time with this fascinating woman.
The bar was crowded and Annette was sitting what Sebastian felt was dangerously close. Annette was very ‘hands-on’ with Sebastian, touching his arms or thighs as they spoke. She knew exactly what she was doing and watched bemusedly as he shifted in his seat, trying to hide his arousal from her. At one point, she needed to powder her nose and as she stood she balanced herself by placing her hand on Sebastian’s leg, her fingers brushing lightly against his growing erection. While she was gone, he tried to think of baseball or work or calculus or anything but the sexy woman he was drinking with, to little avail.
When she returned to the bar, Annette feigned fatigue and said she needed to get to bed. Sebastian thought she seemed to emphasize the word ‘bed’ but assumed that was just his imagination getting the best of him. Sebastian rose awkwardly from his chair to escort Annette to the elevators, trying as he might to disguise his excited state. She took his arm and clung tightly to him. He was convinced she had no idea what effect she was having on him.
It was not part of Annette’s plan, but the elevator was quite crowded. People squeezed in and Annette found herself standing with her back to Sebastian. As the elevator rose, she leaned back and squirmed her pert behind gently against Sebastian’s turgid member. He groaned, almost imperceptibly, but enough that Annette noticed and a smiled crossed her lips.
At her stop on the seventeenth floor, the doors of the elevator opened. Annette turned and kissed Sebastian gently on the lips. “Until tomorrow,” she said, “Don’t stay up too late.” And then she was gone.
Sebastian was convinced she had winked when she said ‘up’. But surely not. He was just some guy from the Midwest and no sultry and sophisticated woman was going to hit on him. Were they? Whatever the situation was, Sebastian had completely missed his floor; he still had work to do, and he was completely consumed with thoughts of Annette. He would have one more night in Paris before heading home. Maybe he could screw up enough courage to make a pass at her.
Meanwhile, Annette sank deeper into the tub full of bubbles. Tomorrow she would put the final phase of her seduction plan into action. It would be a memorable birthday. But for now, she needed some relief and she began to touch herself slowly and intimately. She began moving the soap around on her body with her hands, taking extra time to stroke and rub her breasts. She teased her nipples with gentle tugs until she felt a familiar urgency building within her.
The desire to stroke her pussy became stronger with each caress. Annette ran a hand down her stomach and slid two fingers between her lower lips. She massaged her clit, the sensation strong enough to cause her to moan out loud.
She arched her back against the end of the tub and continued to touch herself, until she felt her body rising toward release. The wave hit her full force as she imagined a firm cock urging her to climax. She pinched her nipple and bit her lip as she came hard, and then let out a relaxed sigh. She didn’t stay still long, knowing there was work to do in order to be ready, but the self-indulgence was what she had needed
After she toweled off, Annette began writing a list of directives. Her precise instructions and neat handwriting would be easy to follow. She had a particular scenario in mind and wanted to leave nothing to chance.
When Sebastian returned to the hotel the next day he had a message waiting for him at the front desk. It was a note from Annette telling him that she would meet him for dinner at 7 and that, if possible, he should wear a tie. She signed it ‘XO Annette’.
Sebastian spent a little time in his room trying to watch TV. He tried to read. In the end, all he could do was take a shower and then watch the hands of the clock crawl slowly towards 7:00 PM before making his way downstairs.
They arrived at the restaurant at the same time. Annette commented that Sebastian looked very nice in his suit and tie and how she was sure it would be a fun evening. She told him it was a special occasion and hoped he would indulge her. She didn’t go into further detail but silently he told himself he would help her move a body if it meant he got to spend the night with her.
Once again, dinner led to drinks. The bar was crowded and they had to stand. He was drinking Scotch and she had her Absolut Peppar. To this point, there was nothing different about their evening and Sebastian worried that perhaps this would be the last he got to see of Annette.
As if sensing his consternation, Annette put her hand on his, leaned close, and whispered, “I hope you’re feeling adventurous, Sebastian. As I mentioned, I’m trying to make this a memorable and pleasurable birthday. I want you to be part of it. A very key part of it. Do you think you would enjoy that?”
Sebastian stared at her, wide-eyed, and nodded his assent. He had fallen completely under her spell and she knew he would accommodate her wishes.
Casually, Annette made sure the people around them were immersed in their own conversations. She dropped her hand to the front of Sebastian’s pants and casually stroked his cock. In an instant, he was as hard as he could ever imagine.
“It is almost time for the next part of the adventure,” continued Annette. “I left an envelope for you with the concierge. It has some directions. There are some particular things I want you to do for me. I believe you will enjoy your part in this, but I want you to follow what I have outlined. Will you do that?”
Sebastian nodded again.
“Thank you,” said Annette, “I’m wet already just thinking about it.”
Sebastian took a long drink of his Scotch to steady himself.
Annette grinned and then slowly pulled aside the bra-less top of her outfit to expose her right breast to him. “Oh, and just so you know,” she whispered, “I am not wearing panties. I hope to see you shortly.” And then she was gone.
Sebastian sat in stunned silence for a few moments. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined a situation like this. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to let it pass him by! He controlled his urge to sprint to the concierge desk. He gave his name and the girl handed him an envelope. He ripped it open, took out a room key and some written notes, and began to read.
Sebastian stepped off the elevator and made his way to room 1715. As quietly as he could, he slid the key into the reader, opened the door and slipped inside.
Annette had heard the door and started towards it. She seemed startled to find Sebastian in her room. His eyes were alight with lust and desire. Annette started to ask him what he thought he was doing in her room but he forced her against the wall and covered her mouth to prevent her from shouting out. Annette squirmed and stared at him with frightened eyes but Sebastian seemed intent on having her. She would be his.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” said Sebastian, “and you will not scream. Do you understand?”
Annette slowly nodded.
Still covering her mouth with his left hand, Sebastian grabbed Annette’s blouse with his right, and tore it from her, baring her breasts. Annette struggled and squealed but Sebastian held her tightly, controlling her. His free hand was all over her exposed flesh, pinching, squeezing, and groping Annette’s breasts. He dropped his head and sucked first one, then the other nipple into his mouth. Her arousal was very evident as he licked and sucked and bit every inch of her flesh he could reach. Annette whimpered and moaned and squirmed but her body betrayed her and she came.
Sebastian was consumed by lust. He released Annette long enough to spin her around until she was pressed face first against the wall. With a few quick motions he removed his tie from around his neck and bound Annette’s hands behind her. She was under his control and he was determined to have her.
With a fistful of her hair to help guide her, Sebastian moved Annette to the foot of the bed. “No screaming,” he reminded her. Annette was forced face-down over the end of the bed. Sebastian pulled her skirt up by the hem, exposing her to him. She struggled impotently against his advances bound by his tie and her own desire. Her pussy lips were swollen and she was wet. There was a sudden ‘smack’ sound as Sebastian spanked Annette’s bottom. As if unable to help herself, Annette moaned.
“I’m going to fuck you,” said Sebastian quietly.
Annette squirmed and wriggled but she was not in a position to prevent it. Her gasp filled the room as he impaled her as deeply as he could on the first stroke. After a few hard strokes, Annette moaned, “Oh, God”, and came again.
Sebastian felt her pussy contract and spasm around his cock and it seemed to enflame him further. He fucked her like a man possessed, hard and fast. Annette whimpered as Sebastian continued his onslaught, driving into her like an animal in heat. Finally, Sebastian reached his threshold. After two final thrusts he pulled his engorged member from Annette’s pussy as the first spasms of his orgasm rocked his body. He shuddered as thick threads of semen shot from his cock and landed on Annette’s back and bottom. Annette, too, had reached her limit she moaned deeply as she climaxed one last time.
Sebastian untied Annette’s hands and pulled up his pants. He thought he might say something but knew he should not. He turned and fled the room, leaving Annette face-down on the bed.
It took Annette several moments to collect herself and she was unsure of exactly what she should do next. Finally, she grabbed the Bluetooth earpiece sitting beside the bed and sat in front of the HD camera she had set up earlier in the day.
“Oh. My. God!” she said, “Happy Birthday, Baby! Was that good for you?”
Her husband, on the other end of the connection, was dumbstruck. Finally, he managed, “Baby, that was the hottest thing you have ever done. I recorded the whole thing. You were magnificent. Who was he?”
“Thank you, honey,” responded Annette. “He was just a young man who caught my eye. I wanted to do something special for you and he seemed like the man for the job. I thought he played his part really well. I came three times!”
“Counselor, you never cease to amaze me,” said her husband. “I can’t wait for you to get home so we can watch this together!”
The next morning, the chambermaid cleaning room 1227 found a discarded note. It read:
Please read everything.
If you think you can do this for me, do as I ask, I look forward to seeing you soon. I will be waiting.
However, if you have doubts about my expectations, I wish you safe travels.
This is my fantasy. And yes, I am very serious about it. I want to have a special, mysterious sexual encounter.
The key in your possession opens room 1715.
Don’t bother knocking.
Pretend you are an intruder.
I will meet you as if to protest your invasion.
Control me! Silence me. Keep me from screaming for help.
I want you to tear off my blouse. Do not try and be gentle. You must be forceful. Rip my clothes from my body.
I may struggle, but be firm.
I need you to grope and fondle and squeeze and pinch my breasts. I ache for you to lick and suck bite my nipples. I want you to be rough but I don’t want you to hurt me. Ravage me! Make me yours for this night.
Next, the reason I wanted you to wear a tie. I want you to bind my hands behind my back. I want you to control me. Being bound is a huge turn-on for me! Please do this for me.
Finally, I want you to bend me over the end of the bed and fuck me. All you need to do is push up my dress and FUCK me. Fuck me as hard as you can for as long as you can. It may not make sense to you, but my pussy is yours to take. I want to feel you inside me.
You cannot cum inside me. You will pull out and cum ON me. This is part of the fantasy. Please do not deviate.
My fantasy is not about love and tenderness. This is about being dominated with pure desire. I want you to TAKE me. CONTROL me. FUCK me.
You will dominate me. You will take me with no other consideration. You will possess me. This MUST be a birthday to remember. Please!
When you are finished, there will be no cuddling. No tender goodbyes.
You will take me. And you will leave me.
Know, that if you do this, you will stay in my memory forever.
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