Study Buddies Part 1
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Annie’s phone buzzed from underneath her as she sat on her family’s couch surfing through the monotony that is daytime television. Honestly, she thought as she fished her phone from the pockets of her denim shorts, you’d think they’d play one good thing on television in the summer! Then, shaking herself from her thoughts, she skimmed the message from her friend Jace.
I’m so bored. Want to come over and hang?
Annie sat and contemplated the offer for only a moment, taking stock of her own boredom, before replying with a message of her own.
Sure! I’m SUPER bored too! See ya in a few. J
Then she stood, slipped into her flip-flops and grabbed her keys, appraising herself in a nearby mirror as she did so. Her mascara was a bit smudgy around her sapphire eyes, but that only served them seem smoky and bright, her tank and short jean shorts were simple, cute, and all together necessary in the Texas heat. Her hair on the other hand needed serious attention, so she quickly wrestled her wild ash-blonde ringlets into a thick side-braid that ended at her right collarbone. Then she stepped out the door just as her phone buzzed with another message.
Bring food J
A few minutes later, Annie pulled her car to a stop in front of a modest, one story brick home. She retrieved a pizza and bread sticks, as well as two pints of Ben and Jerry's from her passenger seat before starting up the front walk. The two had shared this meal many times during the last year during study session where she tutored the class of 2015 valedictorian in English and he had dragged her ass through math. What had started as an alliance for survival eventually blossomed into a friendship.
When she reached the front door, Annie balanced the pile of food on one arm and rang the doorbell. Seconds later, she could see Jace’s fractured form approaching her through the ornate glass work of the door. It opened and there stood Jace, Annie had to tilted her head up to meet his deep brown eyes not failing to notice that he had neglected a shirt.
“Did you bring the food?” he asked, a grin playing across his face.
“I’m great. Thanks for asking, derp,” quipped Annie, trying to slip past him out of the oppressive heat. However, he blocked most of the doorway forcing her arm up against his tanned abs. Both shivered at the skin contact, but shook it off as being a result of their varied temperatures.
Once inside, Annie slipped off her shoes and padded into the kitchen to set down her cargo. Jace sidled along behind her.
“How about the BJ, did you get that?”
“No. I don’t have the proper equipment to get one of those,” said Annie, her eyes glittering with laughter “but I did get Ben and Jerry’s.”
Jace laughed, a full warm sound that came from his well-muscled chest, and Annie couldn’t help but laugh along as she searched for paper plates and utensils for their food. Finally, just as Annie had located everything, Jace spoke.
“That was a good one.”
Annie handed him a plate with a smile and headed into the den where they had done most of their studying. Now they were heading off to college, her to UC Berkeley and Jace to Stanford. She remembered how they both opened their acceptance letters together not long ago, how both were so excited for the other and how they had shared an uncharacteristic hug, Jace crushing her into him as she looped her arms around his waist.
“Annie. Earth to Annie,” Jace called out to her snapping his fingers in front of her face and drawing her back out of her head. Annie looked at him shaking her head as she plopped down onto the plush sofa next to him. “What were you thinking about?”
“College,” she replied, which was not in itself a lie.
“What about college?” he asked muting the trashy reality televison show that Annie had been watching before she came here.
“Everything; Fears, hopes, things I’d like to do before I go,” she replied wistfully
“Like what?” prodded Jace.
“OK. Biggest fear, not turning out to be the person I’ve always thought I would be. You?”
“Not being the smartest one. Or I guess struggling.”
“You’ll be fine” Annie assured him “but you’re gonna have to get over that god complex of yours.” She punched his arm lightly and her fingers lingered a beat on his bicep.
“And you,” he said, “need to be flexible. You’re going to do amazing and you have to mention me somewhere in your first novel OK?”
“OK. Thank you the dip-wad who raised me from math perdition in the twelfth grade. How does that sound?” she asked.
“Needs work.”
“I think it has a nice ring to it,” she giggled just as Jace bumped against her, pressing his whole right side into her body. “What things do you want to do before?”
He sat thoughtfully for a moment,
“Drink.” he answered “I just want to know how alcohol affects me you feel me?”
“Yeah, totally,” Annie nodded “I’m in the same boat.”
At this admission, Jace perked up. Then he stood and left the room.
“What are you doing?” Annie called out, confused.
“Just keep your pants on,” was the muffled reply from the garage. Jace appeared a moment later with a six-pack of light beer and a very dusty blonde mop of hair, slumping back into his spot next to Annie.
“It’s been in the garage since mom left.” He shrugged and popped a can out of the plastic ring handing it to Annie “Dad won’t even notice it’s gone. And I’m here alone tonight so were safe on the parental front too.”
Annie turned the can thoughtfully in her hand and set it down on the coffee table in front of her.
“Oh,” Jace said as his face fell, “You don’t have to. It’s just I trust you and you trust me and I thought this would be a safe place to try it.”
“Jace” Annie said, “One, don’t act like such a pansy. And two, I’m just texting my mom that I’m staying over at Jenna’s then I will drink with you.”
“Sweet” he replied with his million-watt smile.
“Done,” Annie announced as she tapped the send key. With that, both popped the tops and raised their cans to clink them against each other before taking a swig.
A few beers later Annie and Jace sat leaning against each other not drunk, but buzzed, and laughing hysterically at a rerun of AFV. As it went to commercial, Annie turned to Jace and he became very aware, as any teenage boy would, of the fact that her C-cups were nestled firmly against his arm. Something stirred in his stomach and a bit farther south. She leaned in close enough for him to smell the beer on her warm breath.
“You know what else I want to do before college?” she whispered, “Not be a virgin.”
As her last comment registered, they instantly forgot the TV and food. Annie knew that she wanted this, and judging by his reaction, the feeling was mutual. He cupped her face with his hands and pulled her into a deep kiss, his mouth pressing hard and earnestly against her own. She let her hand drift to his knee as the other snaked up into the hair at the base of his neck and gave it a gentle tug.
Jace gave a small huff and gently prodded his tongue at the opening of Annie’s mouth, she allowed him access and the kiss grew hungrier. His hand slid from her face and down her sides grazing her ribs and the side of her breasts, driving her wild, before groping her tight ass and repositioning her on his lap.
Annie began to grind her hips against his leg and enjoyed the feel of the friction against her womanhood. She reached down with one hand and began to massage the bulge growing in Jace’s basketball shorts eliciting a moan from him. He now leaned over shifting so that Annie was beneath him and broke the kiss to gaze into her blue eyes.
“You’re sure about this?” he asked.
“Positive.” she said, with a flinty glint in her eye, “Take me.”
Those words stirred something deep within Jace’s core, something raw and primal. He growled and began to kiss down her neck and tugging at the hem of her tank. Annie sat up and slowly removed her top, peeling it up to expose her flat mid-section and lacy blue bra, before dropping it lightly on the floor and leaning back to allow Jace to continue his ministrations. He kissed downward from her neck, each connection like fire on her skin. She squirmed as he lingered on her collarbone then moved downward into the valley of her breasts.
He propped himself on his elbow and reached to undo the front clasp of her bra, popping the snaps and moving the cups to the side to expose two quarter-sized nipples of a deep pink shade. He took one into his mouth and began to suckle as he raised his other hand to massage the neglected breast. Annie arched into him and moaned as pleasure coursed through her veins.
Jace switched sides and tweaked the nipple on which he had just been sucking before snaking his hand down her midsection and stopping at the waist of her shorts. He fumbled with the button shortly before finally exposing her underwear. Annie lifted her hips and he whipped both garments off in a leaving her completely exposed. He broke away from her body and drank her in with an intense stare before standing up and sweeping her off the couch in one smooth motion.
Annie wrapped her naked legs around his waist and felt his hands holding her ass tightly as his erection, still covered by basketball shorts, bumped against her sex. They kissed passionately, tongues battling against each other, before Annie was playfully tossed onto the bed. She scooted back until she was nestled comfortably against a pillow, which smelled faintly of Jace’s fresh cologne and sweat. It was intoxicating.
As Jace went to crawl up onto the bed, Annie stopped him by placing one well-manicured toe against his chest. “I feel that you are a little over dressed to be coming to bed. Don’t you?” she asked in a sultry tone, motioning for him to walk to the side of the bed where she sat. He made his way over to her and stood over her small sexy frame, admiring her.
His cock lurched inside his pants and grew harder aching to for release. Annie smiled up at Jace grazing her fingers across his hipbones as she slid them under his waistband. Pulling down careful to stretch the garments around his member, she removed his shorts and underwear to expose his hard cock, which sprang to attention once free of its confines.
Annie looked at it not entirely sure of what to do next then reached out and wrapped her hand around it. Jace leaned his head back with a satisfied sigh and began rocking his hips, moving his member in her hand. She took the hint and began stroking the silky hardness, watching with fascination as a bead of precum formed on the purplish head.
She leaned her head down and licked away the liquid, surprised by the fact that she liked the salty taste. Jace moaned. Annie began taking him farther into her mouth swirling her tongue around the head and underneath of his cock. She pumped the base with her other hand while her other hand played with his balls. Suddenly they tightened.
“Annie,” Jace grunted, “I’m going to c---” Annie felt him shoot off his load into her mouth. The warm sticky substance pooled and some ran from the corners of her lips as she swallowed it, opening her mouth wide for Jace to see when she finished. He groaned, and then pounced on Annie, his cock already coming back to life. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he whispered into her ear as he bit her earlobe, “let me return the favor.”
He sucked her ear for a moment longer then trailed his tongue down her naked frame as she squirmed beneath his weight. Finally, his tongue landed on her warm, wet pussy, causing Annie to gasp. He sucked on her swollen lips, lightly nipping here and there, and slowly dragged his tongue up the warm center of her vagina as Annie writhed beneath him. He ended at her clit and flicked it with his tongue repeatedly. Annie, who had never felt anything like it before, let out a strangled moan.
Jace licked a finger and inserted it into her waiting slit in one smooth motion, causing her body to buck against him. He used his free arm to hold her hips down and added a second finger to her slit. Each movement of Jace’s hand made Annie’s stomach flutter and her body shiver. Deep in her core, she felt something building.
“Jace,” she moaned out, grabbing frantically at the rumpled sheets beside her, "Ohh! Oh, I'm.... I'm going to cum!"
“Yeah baby. Cum for me.”
Annie’s head flopped back on to Jace’s pillow as her orgasm washed over her, letting out a moaning sigh as she filled Jace’s mouth with her warm liquid. Licking his lips he traveled back up her body and kissed her deeply. Annie tasted herself on his lips and felt his cock bump against her stomach as he held himself over her. She pulled back and whispered into his ear “I’m all yours hot shot.”
Jace didn't need to hear anything else. Placing another quick kiss on her lips, he slid back to align himself as Annie waited expectantly....
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