Summer I Won't Forget
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Big Valley Jamboree is the highlight of my summer. This one was just better because I met you. We were at the campsite drinking and having a good time with friends. BVJ means playing drinking games, listening to music and singing along terribly.
I sat next to you, constantly finding little ways to tease you and keep you on edge. I whispered in your ear, asking if we could go for a walk. We left, taking a couple beers each, and took a leisurely stroll around the campground. For some reason the campground was quiet today.
We ended up walking through the trails the campground had cleared. We sat at a picnic table and had a pleasant conversation about our hobbies, goals, and generally getting to know each other. You leaned towards me and before I knew what was happening your hand was on the back of my head and you were kissing me. You’re actually a really good kisser.
You picked me up and sat me on the table, opened my legs and pushed my bikini bottoms aside and slid a finger inside me. We were kissing deeply as your finger pumped in and out of me. You stopped for a brief moment to take off my bottoms but then continued to probe my pussy with your fingers. I was arching my back, pushing myself towards your hand, trying to get you deeper.
You reached down and released your cock as you pulled me to the edge of the table. You wedged yourself in between my legs and I felt your cock nudge against my opening. As you pushed in slowly and steadily your hands stroked at my tits and you groaned my name. The pulling and pinching of my nipples really lit the fire between my legs. 
I groaned in pleasure as your cock stretched the walls of my pussy. You pulled back and pushed in, getting a steady rhythm going. I wrapped my legs around your waist, so you could go deep. I threw my head back and moaned your name. Soon you were plunging into me over and over, faster and faster. I could feel your balls slapping against my ass with each stroke.
The wet slapping of flesh on flesh soon filled the trail. Unknown to us, someone was watching. She was headed to the showers after going for a swim. She stood a little down the trail, biting her lower lip, frozen, and unable to move. The showers were at the end of the trail but she would have to pass right behind us to get to them.
She could hear your groans and my moans. She held on to a post, steadying her weak knees. Her fingers worked themselves into her bottoms and she found herself wet and wanting. As she watched our bodies, her fingers went to work.
Without missing a beat, you quickly flipped me over, face down on the picnic table and drove your shaft back into me. The rough wood stung my sensitive nipples, giving me a strange new pleasure. The cock inside me expanded, throbbing and pulsing. You grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, raising my breasts from the table. Leaning into me, you said, "I'm going to cum Kali. I’m going to coat the inside of you.”
“Holy fuck," I moaned. My pussy exploded in climax as your rock hard cock rammed in and out of me. I could feel your cock jerk, swelling as you squirted your thick hot cum into my soaking pussy.
Our spectator was cumming too, her hips twitching as her sex clinched at her fingers. Hearing her moans, our eyes darted up in surprise. She jumped, pulled her hand from her bottoms and, quickly grabbing up her towel, ran. In a flash she was gone.
The sight left us looking at each other wondering, 'Did that just happen?'
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