My wife on the porch part ten
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It has been six months since she ceased all sexual activity with me and six months since I have seen her beautiful body. Although I do miss her body, I love our lives and get such a buzz from the denial and humiliation side of things.
We had all planned on driving to Waco, Texas again this Christmas. We usually go there every year to finish our Christmas shopping and enjoy the lights and festivities. This year, however, there would be the three of us going; as usual we would spend the whole weekend there, driving up on Friday evening and coming home on Sunday evening.
We had booked two rooms at our favorite hotel that we use every year. We know the staff quite well and are very familiar with everyone who works there. I was wondering if they would question why I would be in one room by myself and my wife and Robert in the other, and I was quite excited at this thought.
We arrived at our hotel around 2pm and Marcus, the desk clerk greeted us like old friends. He hugged us as Carole introduced Robert to him. He checked us in and handed my wife and I two room cards, explaining that me and my wife were in room 203 and handed Robert the key card to room 209. Carole immediately took Robert’s key from him and handed it to me; she took my key card and gave it to Robert.
Marcus, the clerk looked confused and said, “Miss Carole, I gave Mr. Malcolm the correct card. You have given Malcolm Mr. Robert’s card.”
My wife smiled as she replied, “I know I have. Mr. Robert and I will be sharing room 203 and Mr. Malcolm will be sleeping on room 209,” she continued. “Mr. Malcolm does no longer share my bed, I share my bed and body with Mr. Robert now.”
“Oh, I see,” Marcus choked out. “So room service will go to you and Mr. Robert now, will it?”
“Yes, it will,” she replied with that sexy smile of hers. “Marcus, I will need a whiskey glass delivered to our room please.”
I knew what the whiskey glass was for but didn’t say anything. Instead, I just looked embarrassed and highly turned on; she had told Marcus of our lifestyle and I was loving it!
“I hope we have a nice king bed, Marcus?” she asked. “Mr. Robert and I do a lot of moving when we are in bed together.”
Marcus smiled as we left the lobby and went to our rooms; I lay on my bed jerking myself off as I imagined my wife and Robert fucking in their room just a little way down the hall. Two hours later, I got a call from my wife telling me that they were ready to hit the town and off we went. My wife spent the entire evening holding Robert’s hand and cuddling him as we enjoyed the town’s Christmas light displays.
The rest of the weekend went like that, with the exception of Marcus asking me why I had given up my beautiful wife’s body.
“She explained it all to you then?” I asked Marcus.
“Yes, she did,” he replied, I am sure that you miss that beautiful body. I know I would.”
The drive home was full of the weekend, and how much fun it was, when my wife suddenly said, “Did you see Marcus’s hands holding my ass as we hugged goodbye?”
Robert laughed as he said, “Yes, I did. I thought that was cute. He must have felt at ease, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it. Maybe it was because he saw you in your bra and thong just after we checked in.”
Carole smiled as she replied, “That was your fault; you let him in.”
“You asked for the whiskey glass.” Robert chuckled.
“But I didn’t know that Marcus would bring it, nor that you would ask him in to our room, especially as I was undressing,” she replied.
‘I’m glad that you didn’t try to cover yourself up, baby,” Robert said, “I’m glad you stayed in your bra and thong while we explained to him about our love life.”
I was shocked and asked, “You stayed in your bra and thong while you explained things to Marcus?”
“Yes, baby, I was about to get in the shower when Marcus brought the whiskey glass to us and I stayed in my bra and thong while we explained everything to him.”
“And he saw your tits as he left the room, don’t forget that,” Robert shouted.
Robert explained that Carole had gone into the bathroom to turn the shower on as Marcus was leaving. She had left the door half open and had just taken her bra off, when Marcus popped his head in to say goodbye to her. She was standing topless in full view of him, and she blew him a kiss goodbye.
I felt so jealous that Marcus had seen her but I can’t, but my dick was hard as ever hearing of their exploits. The next couple of days were like any other, the usual sounds of them fucking in their bedroom and me jerking myself off as I fell asleep.
On Wednesday night, however, things were quite different. They had gone to bed around ten o’clock and I followed shortly after. It was around midnight that my wife came into my room. She was wearing a white bathrobe and asked if I was naked.
I told her that I was naked and she turned to leave my room and asked me to put a pair of boxer shorts on, which I did. She came back in and sat on my bed; she looked upset and told me that she and Robert had just had an argument, and would I mind if she slept in my bed tonight!
“With me?” I asked.
“Yes,” she replied, “That’s why I asked you to put something on. I wouldn’t ask you to leave your bed; I will share, just for tonight, if you don’t mind.”
“Hell, I don’t mind,” I shouted.
She quickly replied with, “Don’t think that we will be doing anything, baby. It will be purely to sleep; don’t you even try to touch me in the night, or I will be so pissed with you.”
“I understand, baby,” I smiled.
“Promise me that you won’t try anything?” she asked. “I will feel your hand touching me if you do, and I will be so pissed.”
“I swear,” I answered, “I will be happy that I am sharing a bed with you.”
She got into bed with me, and although she was wearing her bath robe and I had to wear my boxer shorts, it felt so good. I was sharing a bed with her, albeit only for one night, but it did feel amazing. She kissed me and laid with her back towards me.
I asked, “Baby, is it okay if I snuggle up to you and have my arm around your waist?”
“Okay,” she replied, “But if your hand moves up to my tits or down to my ass or pussy, I will never ever let you hug or kiss me again. I mean it baby, no touching apart from my waist!”
“I promise,” I answered and snuggled up to her, thinking how amazing it was to have her in my bed and trying to stop the huge erection that was happening inside my boxer shorts.
I had my arm around her waist and slid my hand under the knot of her tied bathrobe. My now fully erect dick was up against her ass and I was enjoying the knowledge that there was just the thin cotton material of my boxer shorts and the thick cotton of her bathrobe separating my dick from her naked ass!
I knew that I would get no sleep at all; I just wanted to savor this night for as long as possible. We stayed snuggled for about an hour, when she stirred and turned to lay on her back. My hand was still trapped under the belt of her bathrobe; I slid it across her as she turned, feeling her slim, slender tummy, albeit through her robe. It felt amazing.
I suddenly realized that, as she had turned over, her hand had come to rest on my dick. My heart was racing, it had been almost seven months since her hand had touched my dick, and it felt so incredible that I hadn’t noticed her bath robe was open a little. This must have happened as she turned to lay on her back, separating the robe a little.
The covers were down to just under her tits and even with just the dim nightlight that was illuminating my bedroom I could still see some naked flesh of her cleavage. I was so horny at this point and again she stirred and started to turn to face me; the hand resting on my dick forced its way over my now soaking wet dick and rested on the mattress. My heart was racing as she finally settled into a comfortable position.
I lay motionless for over five minutes to make sure that she was still sleeping. My dick was oozing pre cum, I could feel it running down and dripping onto the bed.
Her movements had pulled the covers down just enough to show a lot of cleavage and as I looked closer, I could actually see a large amount of naked tit. My eyes were glued to her tit, struggling to see in the dim nightlight when suddenly my eyes focused and I could actually see a small part of her nipple. I moved my head back a little more to enable me to see more clearly and yes… I could see some of her nipple!
I looked and it appeared that something was stuck on her nipple; it was shiny and very small but it definitely glistened. What could it be? I wondered as I tried focusing, moving back another inch and slowly reached for my cell phone.
With the light from my cell phone I could just make out what the shiny thing was. It was a nipple bar; yes, she had had her nipple pierced! My wife now had her nipple pierced and I had no clue as to when or who did it for her. All I knew was that what I could see was amazing!
I came in my boxer shorts at that moment. This was the first time ever that I had cum without even touching my dick. That tells you just how erotic this experience was for me. The worst part was that I could not ask her any questions regarding her nipple piercing or it would let her know that I had seen it. Well, a small piece of it.
I laid there just looking at her all night and at some point I must have fallen asleep for when I woke she was facing away from me. It was daylight and I checked my alarm clock to see that it was six thirty seven. Her phone received a text and this woke her, she read the text and gently slid from my bed and out of my bedroom without saying a word. I pretended to be sleeping as she made her exit.
I got up around seven fifteen and made my way downstairs to make coffee. I could hear the familiar sounds of her and Robert fucking as I made my way down the stairs. I guess they had resolved their little tiff now.
I took their coffee up to their room and knocked and waited to be allowed in. She was half laying and half sitting in bed with the sheet only just covering her nipples. She looked so hot and sexy and as I placed their coffee on the night stand she thanked me for last night. I bent down to kiss her and I could taste cum from her lips, her hand was holding the sheet to her chest but I could still see a lot of naked breast.
I waited downstairs drinking my coffee and soon heard Robert coming down the stairs to leave for work. I had decided that I was going to take the day off as I had hardly slept at all. This would give me time to spend with her and maybe find out about their little argument last night.
She came down about an hour later wearing her bathrobe and asked me why I didn’t go to work, I told her that I was tired and had a headache.
She said, “I didn’t realize that you would be here, I will go and put some clothes on.”
I replied, “No you don’t need to do that, you look wonderful in your bathrobe.”
She smiled and said. “I’m not here to look sexy for you, you know that. I appreciate you sharing your bed with me last night, and for not trying anything, but that is all it was, me sharing your bed and nothing else,” she continued, “I will go and get dressed.”
“Please don’t,” I asked, “I never get to see you like this, it’s not like you are showing anything is it?”
Her smile turned into a stare as she said. "I’m not going to sit here wearing just my bathrobe with you.” And made her way to the stairs.
“I’m sorry,” she said, “I just don’t want to walk around like this in front of you.”
She came down a few minutes later wearing jeans and a sweater and said. “There, this feels better, I know you wanted me to stay in my robe, but, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing just that in front of you.”
“I understand baby,” I reluctantly said, “Is everything okay now with you and Robert?”
“Yes, all is fine now,” she replied, “It was a silly argument, but it’s all sorted now.” 
“If you keep it a secret, I will tell you about it,” she said.
“I promise, I won’t tell a soul baby,” I replied.
“Well,” she started, “Robert wants us to have a photo shoot done for a Christmas present.”
“And,” I asked, “You don’t want to?”
“I do,” she replied, “I think it is a great idea.”
“So what’s the problem?” I asked.
“He wants’ an erotic photo shoot, with us making love,” she told me, “He wants’ it to be a very intimate photo shoot where nothing is hidden.”
“How intimate?” I asked.
“Very intimate,” she replied, “With lots of very close up shots of Robert licking and fucking my pussy, it will be very, very intimate,” she continued, "A friend who Robert works with is an armature photographer and he will be taking the pictures."
“Oh, I see,” I replied, “And you don’t want to do it?”
“Oh no that’s not it,” she said, “I have no problems in doing the photo shoot, I don’t mind stripping naked in front of his friend or having the close up shots of my pussy and us fucking being taken, I think it is a great idea.”
“His friend will see you intimately then?” I asked.
“Yes baby,” she replied, “Very intimately, he will see everything, I don’t mind that, you know I have never been shy about a guy seeing me naked.”
“Then what’s the problem?” I asked her.
“Well, “she replied, “Robert wants me to shave my pussy for the shoot, and, after the last time I shaved it for him I found it very uncomfortable and I didn’t like it, that’s what the argument was about, I told Robert that I didn’t want to shave my pussy.”
I laughed as I said. “Oh I see, so are you going to shave again?”
“No,” she smiled, Robert finally agreed for me to keep my pubic hairs for the shoot.”
I hugged her and said.” Well done you for not giving in, when is the photo shoot?”
“On Saturday, so we will be out all day baby, I hope you don’t mind being by yourself all day.”
We spent the day shopping for groceries and she bought some new underwear for the photo shoot, had lunch out and had a fun day together. When Robert arrived home she took him upstairs to model the new underwear that she bought.
They left for the photo shoot around ten thirty on Saturday and were gone all day, finally arriving home around eight thirty at night. Robert was holding a large folder, obviously this had the photographs in and told Carole that he was going to take a shower.
I asked my wife, “How did the photo shoot go baby?”
“It went great,” she said, “it was so much fun.”
“Was it as intimate as you thought?” I asked.
“Yes it was,” she answered, “Even more intimate than I imagined, but he got some great photographs of us during every stage of love making.”
She explained to me that it started off with them posing with a glass of wine and then kissing. They then posed while very slowly undressing each other, then kissing each other’s bodies. Then touching each other and more kissing each other’s bodies, then her sucking his dick and him sucking her tits.
Then they posed with Robert licking her pussy and with his tongue inside her. She told me that they even posed while liking each other’s asses! Then came the penetration, and finally her taking Robert’s cum in her mouth.
She told me that Greg, the photographer had a bulge in his pants the whole time and even asked if he could keep a copy of the photographs to which she agreed after making him promise that they would be for his own personal pleasure and not to be shown to anyone else.
She finished off with. “Oh by the way baby, Robert wants to frame a couple of the photographs and hang them in his office at work.”
I looked stunned as I asked. “What…of you both fucking?”
“No baby,” she replied, “Just a couple of me in my underwear and a tasteful one of me naked, no porn shots, just me naked.”
I asked her. “Naked, as in showing your tits and pussy hair?”
She answered with. “Yes baby, I’m fine with that, I think it is sweet of him, he likes showing his colleagues how lucky he is to be with me.”
I said in reply. “But baby, all the guys at his work who go into his office will see a picture of you naked, full frontal naked!” I was shocked and carried on with. “I don’t particularly want all of his work colleagues seeing a photograph of my wife naked.”
She quickly replied. “Baby, you have no say in the matter, my body belongs to Robert." 
"You have no rights at all in regard to my body, if Robert doesn’t mind his work mates seeing me naked, then I have no objections either, so the pictures are going up in his office tomorrow.”
Pictures of my wife, semi naked and at least one full frontal naked were now proudly displayed in Robert’s office for all of his work collegues and clients to see.
I asked my wife, "How revealing are the photographs that Robert has in his office?”
She replied, “I think that he has four of me in my bra and thong, with two of them showing my front and two showing my ass,” she smiled as she continued, “In the one of me full frontal naked, I have my leg bent stratigically to hide my clit, but you can see all of my pubic hairs and my tits.”
I was hot and hard as she finished with. “He has had the one of me full frontal naked, enlarged to a three feet by two feet photograph and it clearly shows me in all of my naked glory and even clearly shows my nipple piercings.”
This was my cue to ask about her nipple piercings and I sternly asked. “Nipple piercings, when did you have your nipples pierced?’ I continued with, “Why was I not told of your nipple piercings?”
She looked sternly at me and said. “Robert wanted my nipples pierced as he likes my nipples errect all the time,” she continued with, “I love my nipple piercings, the piercings really do keep my nipples erect and makes them so sensitive.”
Her look was even more stern as she continued, “Even when I move my arm and my nipple brushes against my bra, I have tingles run down my spine, and as far as you being told about my nipple piercings baby, well you have no reason to be told, you have no claim or rights to my body, remember!”
She finished off with. "You have no claim on my body now, and you will never see my tit's again, so why should you be told that I had my nipples pierced?"
I was loving what she was telling me and asked if I could see them.
She shouted. “No chance baby, you will never see my nipples or piercings, you gave up all rights to my body when you gave me to Robert, remember!”
Robert is a partner in an advterising company who employs about twelve people, mostly male and he has a large office downtown where he meets with clients and so forth. One client of his has been trying for a number of weeks to get Robert to close a deal and has even taken Robert and my wife out fot the evening to wine and dine them.
Carole told me that Robert’s client, Trevor, was a single guy in his early thirties with an athletic build and he oozed confidence. He ownes a string of fitness studios and was trying to close a deal with Robert to help promote his studios.
She told me. “Trevor is very good looking baby,” He said that I am beautiful and asked me if I would be a part of his advertising campaign.”
She carried on. “Robert had gone to the mens room and Trevor said to me that I was even more beautiful in real life.”
She asked him what he meant by the term real life and he informed her that he had seen her photographs in Robert’s office to which she blushed. He told her not to be embarrassed, beauty should be on display.
I asked her if she fancied Trevor to which she sternly replied. “No, I am Robert’s, Trevor is a hunk but I would never cheat on Robert.”
That evening when Robert came home from work, he told my wife that Trevor had offered him the keys to his cabin in the woods. The cabin is about a two hour drive and is totally secluded and Trevor had offered the cabin to Robert for the weekend.
“Let’s go this weekend,” Robert said. 
“Sounds great baby," my wife replied as she looked at me.
“You don’t mind do you baby?” Carole asked me.
I would have the whole weekend to search their bedroom and hopefully find their erotic photographs.
“You go and have fun baby,” I smiled.
“Great,” Robert said as he looked at me, “Would you be able to bring Carole there after work on Friday bud?”
I answered, “Sure I can.”
“Perfect, Robert smiled, “I have a meeting on Friday afternoon that is only one hour from Trevors cabin, it would be stupid to drive back her then drive all that way back.”
My wife hugged me and said, “Thanks baby.”
Robert went on to tell her that the cabin overlooks a lake and the nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away, he wrote a list of groceries and supplies for Carole to get and placed three, one hundred dollar bills on the table to pay for the supplies.
“I will get there around six,” Robert said, “I will have the log fire blazing for when you arrive honey.”
“It sounds wonderful,” my wife said as she kissed him.
I left work early on Friday to drive my wife to the cabin, she was waiting for me as I got home. She was wearing a turtle neck sweater, jeans and cowboy boots and looked gorgeous.
The drive to the cabin was full of talk about how lucky she is to have two men who love her and in particular about how lucky she is to have a husband who has accepted the fact that they will never have sex again.
“I know that it’s not easy for you baby,” she said, “knowing that you will never have my body again, but, I never have fancied you sexually, and Robert has only to look at me and I want to fuck him, that’s the chemistry we have.”
I asked her. “I understand that baby, but I don’t understand how, me seeing you naked would be a problem.”
She paused the cd that was playing and said. “Because I don’t want you to see me naked, you need to understand baby, this is not because of Robert, I don’t want you to see me undress, I don’t want you to ever touch me again, this is what I want, my body is Robert’s not yours, Robert’s.”
She squeezed my hand and finished with. “I love you baby, but I don’t fancy you, do you understand that?”
I smiled and confirmed that I understood.
It was just starting to get dark as we made it to the cabin. A long man made drive led us to Robert’s car that was parked at the side of the cabin. Smoke was billowing out of the chimney as I parked the car. Robert greeted us at the door and kissed my wife as we entered. I placed her overnight bag by the log fire and stood in amazement at this beautiful log cabin.
“Wow baby,” she cried, “It’s beautiful.”
Robert handed us a glass of wine as we made a tour of the cabin, two bedrooms and the lake right outside the door, it did look awesome. I finished my wine and kissed my wife goodbye and made my way to my car. I was just starting the engine when Robert came running out of the cabin and stopped me. He was carrying my wife’s overnight bag and said.
“Can you take this back home please bud, and hold on a second because I need you to take something else.” I looked confused as I said. “Sure, if you want me to.”
He hurried back into the cabin and shortly came out carrying my wife’s sweater, jeans, bra and thong.
I looked even more confused as he said. “She is going to spend the whole weekend naked.”
“I see.” I smiled, “But you have to drive home, what will she wear on the drive home?”
“I have a blanket in my car; she will wrap herself in that.” Robert replied as he placed her clothes on the passenger’s seat of my car.
I smiled to him as my wife popped her head out of the cabin and waved me goodbye. I could see her naked shoulders and she looked amazing.
“Come and give me a kiss,” I shouted with a smile on my face.
“I can’t, I’m naked,” she replied.
“So, I don’t mind,” I shouted back.
“But I do!” she replied.
I teased again. “Come on, come and give me a kiss.”
She smiled as she said, “I can’t, I’m naked, completely naked.”
“So, I don’t mind,” I shouted again.
“I am not going to let you see me naked,” she said as she blew me a kiss.
I drove home holding her tiny thong in my hand the whole way, my dick was oozing precum as I imagined her naked. As soon as I got home I ran to their bedroom to look for the photographs of their shoot. Their door was locked!
I looked everywhere for a key, but had no luck. Dissapointed, I resolved to jerk off while holding her thong in my hand. I slept with her bra and thong on my pillow, they smelled so sweet and sexy. My every thought was of her naked in the log cabin with Robert.
It was just after nine thirty when I heard Robert’s car pull in the driveway. I looked out of the window and saw my wife wrapped in a blanket and Robert carrying his overnight bag. They came in and she kissed me, she looked so radiant and sexy wearing only a blanket.
“I’m going for a quick shower, and get some clothes on,” she told us.
Robert poured a glass of wine and thanked me for the weekend with my wife. Carole came down fifteen minutes later, hair still wet and wearing a pair of pink jogging pants and a white tee shirt. Her nipples were protuding from the thin makerial of her tee shirt and you could see the outline of her nipple bars, she looked so sexy.
As she sat on the love seat, Robert handed her a glass of wine, kissed her and said that he was going to have a shower and get into bed. As he kissed her his hand fondled her left tit and he made a comment about how her nipples can be seen through her tee shirt.
“Oh, I didn’t realize,” she said, “I will go and put a bra on, I just grabbed a tee shirt and threw on.”
I immeaditly said, “You are okay like that, you can’t see your nipples, just the erectness of them.”
She smiled as she got out of the love seat and sternly said, “I’m putting a bra on,”
As she went upstairs to put her bra on Robert said to me. “Sorry bud, I didn’t mean to spoil your view.”
As he went up to shower my wife was just coming back down, now wearing a bra under her tee shirt and siad to him. “I will be up shortly, I just want to tell Malc about our weekend baby.”
They kissed and he replied, “Make sure you tell him everything.”
She smiled and asked, “Everything?” “Okay, I will.”
She sat on the love seat and told me of their weekend in the log cabin. Her eyes lit up as she told me that, although it was a little chilly, they went for a swim in the lake on Saturday morning before taking a shower and fixing breakfast.
While they were in the shower, Trevor had called Robert’s phone and left him a voicemail. Robert listened to it a short while later.
She told me that the message said that he had bought some steaks and asked if we would loke him to join us later that day and have a few drinks with a steak supper!
She said that Robert looked at her and asked if she would like that idea?
“I’m naked,” she told Robert, “I don’t have any clothes here at all, remember, I am naked.”
Robert said, “I know baby, that’s why I am asking you first before I call Trevor back.”
She continued, “I will be naked in front of him the whole time, you do realize that don’t you?”
Robert replied, “I know you will and if you would rather not, then I will put him off.”
She replied, “I don’t mind, if you don’t baby, I am just letting you know that I couldn’t put anything on even if I wanted to as I don’t have any clothes here.”
Robert told her that he didn’t mind her being naked in front of Trevor for the day, he actually liked the idea.
“If you want me to be naked in front of him, then naked in front of him I will be,” she replied to Robert.
She told me that Trevor arrived around noon, she was taking a swim in the lake and as she walked out of the lake naked that his eyes almost popped out of his head. He looked and looked again before saying something like. “Wow.”
She said that she continued to walk to the cabin and hugged him and said, “I have no clothes here so I will be naked the whole time, I hope you don’t mind.”
He replied, “Hell no, I don’t mind, I love the idea.”
So she spent the whole day naked in front of Trevor, who could not keep his eyes off her. He left around nine thirty and squeezed her ass as he hugged her goodbye.
She kissed and hugged me goodnight before heading up to Robert and I said to her. “I feel so envious of Trevor, he got to see you clit fucking naked and you would not sit and talk to me without a bra on because your nipples were poking your tee shirt out.”
She replied. “Baby, you do nothing for me sexually and I have told you a dozen times, I don’t want you to see me or look at me sexually, goodnight.”
I worked myself off in my bed as usual imagining her exploits and more importantly, the continued denial to me.
Part Eleven coming soon.
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