My Wife On The Porch - Part Eleven
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Almost eight months have now passed since I have been allowed to see her body. Almost eight months since she imposed the sex ban on me as she moved her lover into our house and more importantly, her bed!
A couple of days had passed since her naked adventure in the log cabin and as we were just finishing up eating supper. Robert said that he had better get going to his late meeting with a prospective client. He kissed my wife passionately on her lips and hurried out of the house saying that he would be back as quickly as he can.
My wife and I cleared the supper dishes and retreated to the living room to watch television. She was wearing a short jean skirt and a white turtle neck sweater and looked gorgeous. I settled on the couch and to my surprise she came and joined me.
She laid her head on my chest and I kissed her head. She smelled delicious and I was already getting an erection. My arm was draped over her shoulder and I started massaging her upper arm. I started to move my hand to her shoulder and continued massaging as she repositioned herself to allow me access to both shoulders.
I could feel her bra straps through the cotton material of her turtle neck sweater and soon found myself massaging deep into her shoulders and neck as she said to me.
“I have always loved how deep your massages are.”
“You mean that I am better at this than Robert?” I asked.
“I never said that,” she replied, “Robert’s massages are amazing and they always lead to a great love making session afterwards.”
I quickly replied with. “Mine can as well baby, I would love to give you a sensual massage and make love to you afterwards.”
She sternly replied. “You know that will never happen!
I love it when she uses that tone of voice with me and she carried on. “How many times have I got to tell you…? You will never ever see or touch my body!”
I kissed the back of her head and eased her forward to enable me to massage her back and could feel the back of her bra through her sweater. Soon I was massaging the whole of her back and moved my hands to the bottom of her sweater. My goal was to move my hands to go under her sweater and touch her bare skin.
The moment my hand touched the naked skin of her back she pulled forward and turned her head to me and said, “What are you trying to do?”
I replied, “I’m just trying to massage your back baby.”
I smiled as I continued. “It is difficult massaging through your sweater; I was just going to put my hands up the back of your sweater to massage your back.”
She sat upright and turned to me as she said, “Don’t!”
I replied, “It’s only your back, it’s not like I am undressing you, I will only be touching your back and the back of your bra.”
She held my hand and said, “I appreciate it but I don’t want you to do that, I don’t want you to put your hands up my sweater.”
Shit, I thought, I have upset her. I squeezed her hand and offered my apologies and she gently kissed me on the lips. “I know that you were just trying to massage me baby,” she said, ‘But please understand how I feel about you touching me, I don’t like it and I don’t want it.”
I smiled and told her that I understood and she asked, “Baby, are you happy? I mean really happy? Are you really happy with our life?”
I hugged her as I replied, “Of course I am baby, I love our life.”
She had tears in her eyes as she went on. “Do you mean that? I know that you put up with a lot, but I need to know that you really mean that.”
I was also feeling very emotional at her questions and quickly reassured her. “Baby, you know I love you more than life itself, your happiness means everything to me, yes I miss your body but I really do love everything in our life.”
She replied, “I know that you miss my body and having sex with me, I know it must be difficult for you knowing that you will never ever see my naked body again or touch me,” she continued, “I understand how you must feel when I allow other guys to see my naked body and yet forbid you to.”
I wiped her tears and told her that I did understand.
“It’s just that the mere thought of you touching me or seeing me, even in my under wear really does make me cringe,” she told me, “I love you with all my heart but I also love Robert and how he makes me feel sexually, I’m just not attracted to you, that’s why I say that even if Robert and I split, you would still never have my body or see me undress, ever again.”
Again I reassured her. “I understand baby, I really do,” I continued, “You know that I love the humiliation and the denial, and that helps me cope with how things are.”
She smiled and said, “I know that at the beginning it started out as a game, but the more it progressed the more I realized that I was actually enjoying the “no sex with you part” now I’m totally comfortable in telling you no!”
I smiled as she continued. “When you officially gave my body to Robert at my sisters I felt so happy,” she went on, “I no longer felt guilty about fucking Robert and above all, at that moment I no longer felt guilty about the humiliation that our lives may be inflicting on you, I realized that the humiliation actually turned you on.”
I told her that I did love the humiliation and I love how she kind of degrades me when I would ask things like “Can I see your bra” or things like that. I told her that when she tell’s me things like “No way in hell will I undress in front of you” or things like “Dream on baby, cos you will never see or touch me again” How those things actually turn me on.
She started to smile again and said, “That’s good baby because... you will never see me undress or touch me ever again.”
I gently kissed her on the lips and said, “I love it when you torture me like that!”
She then said something that took me completely by surprise. “Baby, do you think that you are a cuckold husband?”
I asked, “Why did you ask that baby, do you think that I am?”
“Well, when we were at the cabin at the weekend, Trevor saw my wedding ring and thought that I was married to Robert,” she continued, “He said that he thought it was extremely erotic of Robert to make me stay naked, even in front of another guy and he was shocked when I told him that I am not married to Robert.”
I asked her to continue and she said, “I told him about you and how you have given my body to Robert and that I am sexually married to Robert.”
I had often thought that I was turning into a cuckold husband and asked her, “Do you think that I am?”
“I think that you are,” she continued, “After all, I do lock you in your bedroom when Robert and I want to be naked down here and deny you my body and humiliate you.”
She kissed me again and said, “It turns you on when I tell you of the things that I do and you love it when I humiliate and order you around.”
I agreed with her conclusions and said, “I thought that cuckolds were usually forced to watch as their wife was fucked and then subjected to degrading acts like licking the guys cum from her pussy and things like that.”
She smiled and said, “Well that will never happen as I would not let you see my naked pussy, but I can degrade you if you want me to.”
I was shaking inside and smiled as I said, “I would like to give that a try.”
She asked, “What would you really like to do to me baby.”
I thought for a moment and said. “I would love to see you naked and I would love to taste your cum baby.”
“Well unfortunately you will never see me naked,” she said, “Let me think about how I can spice up your pathetic sex life and humiliate you at the same time.”
Just then she received a text from her lover and she eagerly read it. “Robert is on his way home,” she told me, “You must go to your bedroom baby, he is bringing Trevor here and he wants’ me naked when they get here.”
I asked her, “Why is he bringing Trevor home and why does he want Trevor to see you naked again?”
She replied in a stern voice, “It is not your concern as to why he wants’ Trevor to see me naked again.” She continued, “But for the record, we told Trevor that I stay naked on Tuesday’s and as today is Tuesday I am to be naked.”
I went to the refrigerator and got myself a beer and she smiled as she said, “Robert signed the deal with Trevor tonight and Trevor still wants’ me to be on his posters for his fitness studios,” she continued. “Trevor wants’ to take a few photographs of me wearing his company tee shirt tonight.”
“So you won’t be naked in front of Trevor?” I asked.
“Yes I will,” she replied, “I will only be wearing the short tee shirt while Trevor takes the photographs, I will still be ass and pussy naked while the photographs are being taken, then I will remove the tee shirt and be completely naked again until Trevor leaves.”
Just then we heard Robert’s and Trevor’s cars pull into the driveway. “Fuck,” she shouted, “They’re here, get up stairs to your room, I have to get naked before they come in.”
I hurried upstairs to the prison of my bedroom, looking behind as I reached the top of the stairs to see her pulling her turtle neck sweater upwards. She saw me looking and shouted, “Fuck off! Get in your room!”
I got to my room and left the door ajar a few inches and heard Robert and Trevor come in. “Holy fuck,” Trevor shouted, “You really do stay naked on a Tuesday, where is your cuckold husband?”
My wife replied, “I told you that a stay naked on a Tuesday and Malcolm is locked in his bedroom.”
About twenty minutes later I heard Trevor ask if she would model his tee shirt. Then I heard Trevor say, “I will crop your pubic hairs from the photographs.”
She replied, “Why don’t you just take the photographs of the top of me in the tee shirt then you wouldn’t need to crop them.”
“But I want some photographs of your pussy and ass,” he smiled.
Robert quickly replied, “She will pose completely naked for a few photographs for you buddy, if you want some of her naked.”
“Will you?” I heard Trevor ask.
“Sure, if Robert wants’ me to then I will,” my wife replied.
I heard the camera clicking for almost ten minutes as I imagined her posing naked for Trevor. Suddenly I heard Robert say. “Why don’t you go and stand next to her Trevor and I will take a couple of shots of you both.”
More clicking of the camera, then I heard Robert say, “You can put your hands on her ass.”
More clicking. “Now a couple of you holding her tits,” Robert said.
More clicking. “How about a couple of you licking and sucking her nipples.”
More clicking and finally, “Okay, last few of you rubbing her clit and pubic hairs.”
Trevor left around eleven thirty and I heard my wife and her lover come upstairs to their bedroom.
As they reached the top of the stairs I heard Robert say, “That was fun wasn’t it, I almost suggested taking a few shots of you sucking Trevor’s dick but I didn’t know if you would be okay with that.”
To which she replied, “If you wanted me to then I would have baby, maybe next time we will.”
As they reached their bedroom I heard her say, “By the way, I had a good talk with Malcolm tonight.”
They had reached their bedroom and I could not hear any more of their conversation. It was almost an hour before I heard a knock on my bedroom door and my wife call out, “Are you naked baby?”
"Yes I am, why?” I replied.
She answered, “Can you put your shorts on; I need to speak with you.”
I hurried and put my shorts on and opened the door. She was wearing her pink bathrobe and came in.
“I have been talking to Robert about our conversation earlier,” she said, “I told Robert that you love to be humiliated and degraded like a proper cuckold husband and that you would love to see me naked and taste my cum.”
“Yes,” I replied with a huge grin on my face.
“Don’t get your hopes up baby,” she went on, “You will never ever see me naked, but...”
“But!” I cried.
“But…We have worked out a way that you can be degraded, humiliated and taste my cum,” she smiled.
I was shaking as I replied, “I’ll do it!”
She smiled and said, “You don’t know what it is yet!”
My heart was racing as I shouted, “I don’t care what it is… I’ll do it! I want to taste your cum so badly that I will do anything!”
“Okay,” she replied, “come with me and wait outside our bedroom door, wait there until I call you in.”
I anxiously walked with her to their bedroom and again she said, “Are you sure that you want to do this?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” I replied.
“Are you sure? Because once I go into my room there will be no turning back, you will have to do it!” she again asked.
Again I assured her that no matter what it was, I would willingly do it.
“Wait there until I call you to come in,” she ordered and I waited, sweating and shaking. I could hear them fucking and about seven minutes later I heard her scream. “Here I cum baby…oh yes here I cum.”
It was a further two minutes before I heard the order, “Okay, you may come in now.”
I rushed into their bedroom and saw my wife standing by their bed; she was wearing her bathrobe and holding a camera. Robert was standing there naked and his huge monster dick was fully erect.
His dick was glistening and dripping with her love juice and she shouted, “You want to taste my cum…well get down on your knees and lick my cum from my lover’s dick!
I froze on the spot. “What?” I asked, “Are you serious?”
“Yes I am,” she screamed, “You asked to taste my cum, now get down on your knees and lick my cum from his dick!”
I said. “You are serious aren’t you?”
Her voice was sterner as she replied, “Yes I am, now get down on your knees and lick my cum from my lover’s dick before it dries!”
I got down onto my knees in front of Robert and looked at his monster dick. It was hard and erect and pointing towards the ceiling. He took hold of it and pulled it level to my mouth. My wife had the camera at the ready and again ordered me to lick.
I poked my tongue out and slowly moved my face forward. It touched his dick! My tongue was actually touching Robert’s dick. I felt totally degraded and humiliated but I could taste my wife’s cum so I was eager to continue. My wife was snapping away with the camera and shouted, “Take it in your mouth and suck my cum from it!”
Slowly I opened my mouth and Robert guided his monster deep into it. I felt it brush against my teeth and I opened wider.
My wife was still clicking with the camera and shouted, “Now suck! Suck my cum from his dick! You wanted to be humiliated and taste my cum well now you can!”
My lips slowly closed around his dick and he started to fuck my mouth. His thrusts were slow to begin with then they became faster as my wife cheered him on.
Robert had his hands holding my head as his dick was thrusting deep into my throat. My wife shouted, “I want to see your tongue licking every inch of my lover’s dick.”
I obeyed my command and licked and sucked hard. Suddenly Robert shouted, “I’m going to cum real soon.”
“Cum in his mouth baby,” My wife shouted, “I want to see him take you in his mouth; I want to see you fill his mouth like you fill mine!”
I tried to pull away but Robert held my head tightly to his pulsating dick when suddenly… Bam! His semen hit me at the back of my throat. He was cumming in my mouth and I was powerless to stop it. My wife had told me that it takes her three swallows to take all of his cum because he cums so much. Well it took me two to drink it all.
It took him over two minutes before he had emptied his salty mixture into my mouth. Finally he was done and he released his grip on my head and I pulled back but my wife pushed my head back to his dick and shouted. “Make sure you have taken it all,” she continued, “I don’t want to see a single drip come from it when you are done.”
I licked the end of his dick to make sure that I had got it all. Even when it was limp, his dick was three times the size of mine. Finally I had licked and swallowed every drop and I was free to stand up.
“Well done baby,” my wife said, “now you have tasted my cum and my lovers.”
She kissed me and said, “I have it on video as well, I hope you enjoyed that because we may do it again, did you enjoy it my cuckold?”
I told her, “I did enjoy tasting your cum!”
She smiled and said, “I think that we will make this a regular Tuesday night treat!”
My dick was limp because of what I had just done and she asked me. “Would you like to taste my cum every Tuesday evening?”
I replied, “Yes I would.”
She smiled and said, “Then you can, but you will have to lick it off of my lover’s dick just like tonight and take his cum in your mouth just like tonight.”
She continued, “So that is what will happen every Tuesday evening… okay?”
I reluctantly agreed and then was told to leave their bedroom. I ran to the bathroom and scrubbed my teeth and washed my mouth. I had just sucked my wife’s lover off!
But at least I got to taste her cum!
Part twelve coming soon.
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